Sun Square Uranus Natal

Sun Square Uranus

Sun square Uranus in the natal chart encourage people to do things their own way. Always very complex people, and often extremely intelligent and independent. They stand out from the crowd in an obvious way. Their need to express their distinctive ego through their personality and career can often cause conflict with others because it can come across as abrupt, rebellious or just weird. There is no doubt however, that the tension of the square aspects pushes these people to achieve brilliance in creative self expression…of a different kind.

Sun Square Uranus Celebrities

Sir Thomas More (97′) was a religious fanatic yet a complex and highly intelligent man. “He believed that the church needed to be reformed,…… For in the inverted island world of Utopia, divorce is permissible, and the inhabitants can follow any religion they like.” Dennis Rodman (25′), the flamboyant basketball star loved showing off his over the top personality and freaking fans out with weird hairstyles and body piercings. He experimented with alternative sexuality and wrote a book called “Walk on the Wild Side.” Brook Shields (44′) parents separated when she was a baby, and her autobiography was titled “On Your Own.”

Oliver Stone (23′) is one of the best known movie makers of our time. He specializes in contemporary and controversial topics aimed at making us question the traditional or mainstream. Even his methods are original, using different camera types and film formats in the same movie, sometimes even in the same scene. Orson Wells (40′) certainly shocked the world with his radio drama “War Of The Worlds”. He was noted for his innovation in film, and for his very distinctive voice and personality. Again, like Oliver Stone, he used many and new techniques. He had to fight for his creative independence against the pressure from the studios.

20 thoughts on “Sun Square Uranus

  1. Dear Jamie,
    Uranus square Mercury from the 1st house to the 9th. Would that manifest in the same way as Uranus square Sun?

  2. Jamie have you come across Alex Higgins? A Northern Irish snooker player, he died recently – a total maverick, an alcoholic, and a genius at his sport. Spent his entire playing life – his entire life I think – against the establishment. I remember his refusing to wear a bow tie to play, and at the time that was just “not done”. But he did it anyway.

    Sun tight conjunct Mars in Pisces, and both tight square Uranus in Gemini – a placement that utterly describes his sporting genius and speed of reaction.

  3. Similar but not the same. While the Sun represents the whole life, the identity, Mercury is just the basic thought processes, thinking and communication. So with Mercury square Uranus it’s words and thoughts that are going to be original and creative in a challenging or confronting way.

  4. Me too !!!!

    Sun squares Uranus this year on December 18th when it will be smack on the Galactic Center and quincunx Moon (which will be smack on my DC – erm….) which itself will be square Neptune – so, 3 days later, Full Moon/Sun will square Jupiter conj Uranus + Mercury exact square Uranus, and Venus conj Pluto – anyone care to do a forecast?!

    • That sounds like a fun job…NOT! I’ll tackle that one when I do the December forecast I think. Thanks for pointing it out though Rob.

    • “Band of angels coming after me, coming for to carry me home.” comes to mind.
      I know of someone who has venus coming conj. pluto in Leo. They dreamt of coming upon a jar of those icicle crystals that poured into water take forms.
      They poured out the mass and were left with pink castles on a ledge.
      Squares in my mind have always been the creativity within/or challenge to. I hope your a person who does inner work. Sounds like a great opportunity arriving. Perhaps Pluto will be that leap into darkness that then casts you out reborn anew. Good luck.

      • Always have been a bit of a leaper in the dark……and, last night I dreamt that, after everyone else had beamed up to the Enterprise successfully, Captain Kirk was left bouncing off the outside, adrift in space……………….. …. .. . ….. … . . . .

        If you were meaning m’self (inner work etc) Charyl then yeh, plenty of that, if only you knew…..however, the positions of the luminaries given above (apart from the DC) are what we will all find in the sky on and preceding the New Moon. So, your poetic interp applies to ALL, to be used as desired……thanks tho!

  5. I have this aspect.

    I’ve always wondered why I walked the halls alone in high school without problems; standing out from everyone. “My own family are like strangers; who can I really trust?”

    I agree with Brooke Shields when she named her autobiography..“On Your Own” because life is exactly like that for us; standing on our own 2 feet since birth.

    Thanks for writing this article. I enjoyed it.

    • Hi Michelle. We are having a break at the moment from our aspects research but will be getting back into it in the new year. I’ll do the quincunx next then the opposition. I’m very interesting in the opposition too because my son has it less than one degree, a very unique individual!

  6. Yeah!

    Unique, we are. But now my heart kind of hurts! I have this square also with mercury (uncommon way to communicate, but I get rejections from others and many times feel scared). And an additional square with neptune (am I unique or just cheatting my self?).

    Mhhh! rather hard!

    Though, there are also three trines: Pallas, Juno and MH.

    I feel embarrased to write down my dates (you are all so young!). 17.04.1957, at 11:00 o´clock (morning), in Mexico City.

    As this is going to last for ever! some hints would be valuable!

    Thankyou very much!


    • Hi Rin, you touched on an important issue which I haven’t mentioned about hard Sun Uranus aspects, in that “but I get rejections from others and many times feel scared”. And I think this is because these other people are scared by our different or seemingly abrupt or disjointed nature.

      You have the benefit of Sun conjunct Uranus and Sun trine Pluto which look to be more influential than the Sun square Uranus. No need to be embarrased! Your generation makes up our biggest proportion of readers and also clients.

  7. Yes, Jamie!

    Here we are!

    I feel as home, here, really!


  8. Sometimes, Jamie, I feel so odd. Even now, where many are more like us! And is always good to remember that there is a whole bunch out there (I tend to think this uniqueness for real… and it is not so!).


    (the other day, one of the scientist googled my name, and I felt somehow strange, like been in big brother. Some of my sharings showed up! And you sure know what is to deal with beautiful/rigid scientifics, don ´t you, Jamie?! That´w why I don´t use Rín any more… brrrr).

  9. Dear Darkstar, I really enjoy your blog and insights. It’s one of favourite blogs. I wanted to ask a question about Sun square Uranus. Some astrologers have calculated my sun squaring my uranus. Others don’t, and this is due to how wide an orb they use. I feel that Sun square Uranus: Sagittarius sun (28 degrees) square Virgo Uranus (19 degrees/conjunct Pluto) explains a lot about me, but I also have venus in Aquarius, Jupiter (Gemini 25 degrees) square Uranus AND Pluto. I wondered if that may explain some of my eccentricity, or feeling a little different?

  10. … I keep seeming so odd to others… I don´t know if I should change or they, or what to do! I feel confused! (lonely, somehow…).


    Thanks, Jamie!


  11. I also find myself as an outsider and viewed as odd or different.
    I don’t (usually) mind it, and often feel the need to go in the opposite direction of whomever I’m relating to. I enjoy challenging the status quo at times. I think down, deep, I long for that symbiotic connection of a like-minded soul.
    I think that’s why I always loved astrology as it made me feel like I was this way for a reason.

    In addition to the sun square uranus aspect I also am a 12th house sun in cancer.

    • Thankyou Sara for bringing this 12th H. Cancer thing!

      My 12th H. is shared by Gemini and Cancer.

      I keep my thoughts for me AND my feelings too. I tend so much to avoid and neglect them. I had too many bros. and my sister was sick, so as the sandwich child I grew as I could.

      Nept. also opp. Sun?


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