Sun Square UranusSun square Uranus in the natal chart encourage people to do things their own way. Always very complex people, and often extremely intelligent and independent. They stand out from the crowd in an obvious way. Their need to express their distinctive ego through their personality and career can often cause conflict with others because it can come across as abrupt, rebellious or just weird. There is no doubt however, that the tension of the square aspects pushes these people to achieve brilliance in creative self expression…of a different kind.

Sun Square Uranus Celebrities

Sir Thomas More (97′) was a religious fanatic yet a complex and highly intelligent man. “He believed that the church needed to be reformed,…… For in the inverted island world of Utopia, divorce is permissible, and the inhabitants can follow any religion they like.” Dennis Rodman (25′), the flamboyant basketball star loved showing off his over the top personality and freaking fans out with weird hairstyles and body piercings. He experimented with alternative sexuality and wrote a book called “Walk on the Wild Side.” Brook Shields (44′) parents separated when she was a baby, and her autobiography was titled “On Your Own.”

Oliver Stone (23′) is one of the best known movie makers of our time. He specializes in contemporary and controversial topics aimed at making us question the traditional or mainstream. Even his methods are original, using different camera types and film formats in the same movie, sometimes even in the same scene. Orson Wells (40′) certainly shocked the world with his radio drama “War Of The Worlds”. He was noted for his innovation in film, and for his very distinctive voice and personality. Again, like Oliver Stone, he used many and new techniques. He had to fight for his creative independence against the pressure from the studios.

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  1. Sometimes, Jamie, I feel so odd. Even now, where many are more like us! And is always good to remember that there is a whole bunch out there (I tend to think this uniqueness for real… and it is not so!).


    (the other day, one of the scientist googled my name, and I felt somehow strange, like been in big brother. Some of my sharings showed up! And you sure know what is to deal with beautiful/rigid scientifics, don ´t you, Jamie?! That´w why I don´t use Rín any more… brrrr).

  2. Dear Darkstar, I really enjoy your blog and insights. It’s one of favourite blogs. I wanted to ask a question about Sun square Uranus. Some astrologers have calculated my sun squaring my uranus. Others don’t, and this is due to how wide an orb they use. I feel that Sun square Uranus: Sagittarius sun (28 degrees) square Virgo Uranus (19 degrees/conjunct Pluto) explains a lot about me, but I also have venus in Aquarius, Jupiter (Gemini 25 degrees) square Uranus AND Pluto. I wondered if that may explain some of my eccentricity, or feeling a little different?

  3. … I keep seeming so odd to others… I don´t know if I should change or they, or what to do! I feel confused! (lonely, somehow…).


    Thanks, Jamie!


  4. I also find myself as an outsider and viewed as odd or different.
    I don’t (usually) mind it, and often feel the need to go in the opposite direction of whomever I’m relating to. I enjoy challenging the status quo at times. I think down, deep, I long for that symbiotic connection of a like-minded soul.
    I think that’s why I always loved astrology as it made me feel like I was this way for a reason.

    In addition to the sun square uranus aspect I also am a 12th house sun in cancer.

    • Thankyou Sara for bringing this 12th H. Cancer thing!

      My 12th H. is shared by Gemini and Cancer.

      I keep my thoughts for me AND my feelings too. I tend so much to avoid and neglect them. I had too many bros. and my sister was sick, so as the sandwich child I grew as I could.

      Nept. also opp. Sun?


  5. Do take care if you have this in your chart. Don’t be paranoid but do not take risks. Carole Lombard comes to ,ind, although she assumed she was safe on that plane. JFK had Sun square Uranus too…………………..

  6. {repeat here to correct a typo} Do take care if you have this in your chart. Don’t be paranoid but do not take risks. Carole Lombard comes to mind, although she assumed she was safe on that plane. JFK had Sun square Uranus too…………………..

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