Three Mile Island Accident

Three Mile Island Accident

Three Mile Island Accident

This is a quick look at the astrology of the Three Mile Island Accident in comparison to the Fukushima Explosion and meltdown 2011. The transits below are from the Fukushima chart to the Three Mile Island Accident horoscope.

Three Mile Island Accident Transits

Three Mile Island Accident

Three Mile Island Accident

Solar Eclipse sextile Ceres 15′
Lunar Eclipse trine Venus 09′
New Moon conjunct Ceres 18′
North Node Sextile Venus 57′
Sedna conjunct Uranus 37′
Pluto square Sun 14′
Neptune conjunct Venus 18′
Uranus conjunct Mercury 30′
Jupiter conjunct Moon 34′
Mars conjunct Ceres 40′
Sun trine Uranus 24′
Moon square Vertex 37′
IC conjunct Uranus 24′
Part of Fortune square AC 18′
Vertex square Ceres 32′

Three Mile Island Accident Stars

Mercury conjunct Kerb, 42′
Mars conjunct Markab, 44′
Jupiter conjunct Aludra, 15′
Saturn conjunct Alioth, 06′
Neptune conjunct Atria, 07′
Chiron conjunct Hamal, 00′

Chernobyl Disaster

Source for chart data: Three Mile Island Accident – Wikipedia “The accident began at 4 a.m. on Wednesday, March 28, 1979”.

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2 thoughts on “Three Mile Island Accident

  1. wow – Chiron conjunct Sedna?! and all those aspects to Saturn next the Vertex – a few unmarked aspects in there too grand trine with Mars Uranus and Jupiter, and Jupiter quinx Neptune – also Mars sesquiquad vertex+Saturn- fascinating!

    • Yeah these charts are set up with pretty tight orbs so I miss out on that grand trine. It should be showing Mars trine Uranus though, I thought I set trines at 3 degrees. Will have to check the settings.

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