Todd Akin Horoscope

Todd Akin Horoscope

Todd Akin

Todd Akin is a U.S. politician from the Republican Party. In a TV interview on August 19 2012, he got himself into trouble by making dumb comments about rape and pregnancy. Akin was arguing against allowing rape victims access to abortions, even suggesting that women who are really raped don’t get pregnant, “the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down” [wiki]. His opinion is not supported by the medical or scientific community. Todd Akin was born on July 5, 1947 in New York City. We have no time of birth for him but I have rectified his horoscope based on the position of the Moon and some current transits.

Todd Akin Horoscope

Todd Akin Horoscope

Even without the birth time, we see that his Mercury was triggered by Mars conjunct Saturn of August 15. Mercury rules the rational intellect and speech. To state the first sentence from Robert Hand (Planets in Transit, p.335) for the Saturn square Mercury transit, “This can be a time of difficulties in communicating with others and of problems arising from a serious conflict of viewpoints.” Mars also square his Mercury, exact on the day of his interview, August 19, inflamed the negative nature of the Saturn transit, causing him to speak before thinking and causing great anger and hurt to others.

Todd Akin’s Mercury is conjunct the fixed star Procyon. Ebertin said of Procyon, “Rise and success are found with it, but fall from high position later, is indicated.” Robson said that this star with Mercury gives “minor position of management under Government, trouble and scandal through opposite sex”. This scandal through women is exactly what has happened when his Mercury was under stress from the Mars Saturn conjunction.

The reason I rectified the chart for the morning was because it placed his Moon on a star giving the same problems. Robson’s interpretation for the Moon on the star Dabih is: “Successful in business but retires under a cloud, favorable for wealth, influential position but scarcely realizes ambitions, trouble through opposite sex, deserved criticism and censure.”

Further tweaking of the birth time puts the Ascendant with Mercury, also on the star Procyon. The preceding New Moon at 25 Leo fell between his Ascendant and Mercury. Transiting Uranus was also on his Midheaven, causing a major upset to his career and public profile.

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  1. Pitifully, Helen, I’m standing in the middle of North Carolina of the USA and I am only one of two human beings here who’ve been present at the same cup of coffee for a conversation about Akin’s comments since Thursday. Your presumption that America is in a state of “mass outrage” is based on your particular sociological experience. Most of the folks I know are hoping they have enough sheckles for the kids’ flashdrives by the time school starts on Monday. Bless their hearts, the big-bad macrocosm is whirling away without their attention ~ but that’s the way it is in microcosmic middle America.

    If some people do not scream for justice at the top of their lungs ~ others may never know there was a whisper to hear.

    And, by the way, everytime I turn around in America, the threat that abortion will be re-criminalized lurks in the election booth. You seem privileged to live in a microcosm of social enlightenment. Unfortunately, many of the rest of us have to keep moving the Sysiphian globe up the perpetual mountain of obliquity. This, to ensure personal freedom of choice is not incrementally curtailed by any white-laced curtain domain of politicos in the vast, random windows of America.

    Helen, in all respect, have you taken an astrological glance at Akin’s chart ? Akin doesn’t think his views about abortion are “radical political/religious ideology”. He thinks they’re mainstream. THAT’S what is so scary about his comments.


    • Moira, I noticed that you completely ignored my main point which was the use and misuse of the word misogyny. I wonder why that is the case?

      • I intentionally avoided it. I don’t accept your position that “misogyny” has been overly-exploited in this case. If anything, “misogyny” has been promoted by your post. I was attempting to address some particulars, and trying to stay on astrological tack. I don’t engage in this site’s commentary to engage in political debates ~ unless directly required to do so.

        There are other forums for political debates.

  2. personally I love scorpio/jupiter as it takes the depth of scorpio into scientifc realms, aquarius/moon another emotionally objective favorate and good-to-go party-wise…his problems stem from smartest-man-in-the-room syndrome, cancer/mercury is used to having penetrating charm, gemini/venus/uranius/cong is the wit, or witless?

    spain is clearly the least misogynist country in the world….dressing men up in flashy tights to be gored.

    • Yes – bull-fighting is vulgar and something I´ll never understand. Most of my younger students I´ve talked to about it find it repugnant. It´s no longer practiced in Catalonia, where I live, and many other Spanish states have outlawed it as well, but unfortunately it continues in parts of Spain, like Andulusia. Spanish culture is quite eclectic, and the image of Spain that many people have – flamenco, bull-fighting, machismo – is non existent in most parts of the country. Every culture has its positives and negatives, but I’ve always appreciated the sexual tolerance here, and the emphasis on supportive networks of friends and families. Spain has a family-oriented Cancer moon, but a lot of Scorpio too (including the North Node) and I think it´s going to be an intersting fall here as the current North Node hits Scorpio.

  3. ‘Radical feminist’ is the last term I´d use to identify myself with, or any of the women I know who are concerned and outraged by Akin´s comments.

    As somebody who became pregnant at age 16 as the result of a rape, his comments unfortunately hit an emotional hot-button in my life, and perhaps this bias renders me incapable of bringing up my views in a balanced way.

    I agree that misogyny is a loaded word, and has the capability of tarring men as a brutish hoard of horny pack animals (but isn´t ‘radical feminist’ just as reductive?). In any event, radicalism isn´t the sentiment I wanted to convey at all: I have a loving father, beautiful and sensitive male friends, and a boyfriend who makes me feel like a million bucks. My opinion of the men in my life couldn’t be higher.

    Nevertheless, when people like Todd Akin who have enormous power to conflate their views with the mainstream, as Moria mentioned, speak such a load of misinformed trash, I feel compelled to speak out in anger, and feel alarmed at the greater implications in terms of women’s reproductive rights.

    The same debate cropped up a few months ago in Canada – a conservative MP wanted to put the idea of re-criminalizing abortion to the vote, and although our Prime Minister did not wish to bring that idea any further than verbal debate, the sentiment is alive and well in certain pockets of Canada – the bible belt in particular.

    Furthermore, from what I understand of sonogram laws in the USA, certain states, like Texas, have made it obligatory that women see or listen to a description of the sonogram, and the doctor must offer to play the audio of the foetal heartbeat. This is an insulting and intrusive law (literally, when you think of the penetration of the camera, which in itself is like a second rape) whose sole purpose seems to be to harass women and block them from exercising their constitutional right, at a time when they may be emotionally shattered.

    Again, It´s generally not my style to bring in such a personal angle when debating these issues, but I feel compelled to speak about my experience: when I finally managed to organize an abortion out of town, which was very difficult as a 16 year-old living in rural British Columbia, I enlisted the help of a friend with a car and we prepared to drive to the nearest city. As we were pulling out of the drive way, my friend’s boyfriend called her: he was screaming over the phone, threatening to walk over to my parent’s place (both of them are pro-life), tell them what was happening, and effectively shut that whole process down; he felt it was his duty as a Christian to save the child. Eventually, my friend managed to calm him down, and I went through with it, but it took years to get over the trauma of that altercation, not to mention everything else. Had something like the sonogram laws been in effect where I lived, I may have lost the force of my conviction against this ritualized shameing enacted by a man or a women in a position of authority, and my life would be very different now.

    Do I live my life feeling like a victim? Not at all. Do I hate the person who raped me or the boyfriend of my friend who tried to prevent me from getting the abortion? Again, not at all.

    Helen, I agree with you completely that a radical political/religious ideology poses the biggest threat in terms of a woman’s right to choose in the States (Canada, too), and Todd Akin is preaching to that choir; nevertheless, the ways in which this ideology is being translated into law, such as the sonogram law I mentioned, speak of both polarized religious views and a desire to shame women when they are their most vulnerable.

    Sorry about the lack of astrological content here, but I felt obliged to address some of what Helen Chiron mentioned.

    • SCR thank you very much for sharing such an vulnerable part of your experience and voicing your opinion. Great comment, really, many thanks!

      • Cheers, Kasey. Thanks for the support. These things are always better out than in, as I see it.

    • SCR, I apologize for any hurt I have caused you. Thank you for sharing your experience and I am very truly sorry to hear about your experience. I in no way mean to belittle rape. I also in no way defend Akins’s comments or his right wing radical politics/ ideology. We owe a great deal to Feminism for many of the profound rights and freedoms that women have gained and I realize that for this reason it is sacrosanct.

      I have a special interest in radical feminism and the comment I made was not to say that you are a radical feminist but to express a concern about radical feminist’s use of the term misogyny which I often notice and do not agree with. This word is proliferating into the mainstream which I find concerning too. My local university teaches a course on misogyny in the gender/women studies program which I find problematic in many ways but won’t go into here. I have an interest in understanding these Uranus Square Pluto years and how they may impact radicalism which I feel has flourished since the 1960s.

      • Helen, No worries at all, and thank you for clarifying your position (unfortunately, with online forums, it’s very difficult to get tone across). In any case, I wasn’t particularly hurt by your words, I just wanted to clarify why Todd Akin´s recent comments angered me so, and if I came across as hostile, I blame Mars square my decan this week! It’s been getting me in some hot water as of late.

        I agree that words like misogyny are problematic, and damning if you want to explore the complexity of an issue. My use of misogyny in the first comment was downright lazy, and I’m always glad to have the chance to reconsider the language I use in the ‘heat of the moment’, and why.

        On another note, I’m not sure if this was mentioned, but Todd Akin has radical feminist Eris conjunct his MC in a very tight orb. Transiting Uranus would have activated that conjunction in the past month, triggering the opposition to Neptune, sitting on his IC. This echoes what Moira mentioned about high ideals and obfuscation regarding motherhood and home and hearth, and how to balance these ideals with an increasingly complex and interconnected world, in which the old dichotomies simply don’t hold water.

        Perhaps he’s trying to reconcile his fantasy of the nuclear family that was torn up in Eris fashion during the Uranus-Pluto conjunction of the 60´s, with the wild and gritty side of the divine feminine that has become more mainstream since the rise of feminism. Nevertheless, instead of embracing her, he seems to want to wring all her darkness out, and keep her docile, in apron strings.

        Now he’s sublimating these childhood issues/wounds in a political career that addresses radical feminism, and the rupturing of the nuclear family. Neptune, thus activated by Uranus, has the potential now of disintegrating his career (and Mitt Romney´s by proxy?), and his self-identity too, with the natal Neptune square to his Sun. If his career survives the aforementioned comments, perhaps he’ll think twice before getting into fisty-cuffs again with the ‘queen of chaotic fate’ as Marina described her.


  4. Being from and living in Missouri, all I can say is that we are truly embarrassed with Todd Akin. My apologies to all.

    • Don’t apologize ~ energize! It’s provident to be able to identify your opponent’s traits and shadow zones. You and bummer in Missouri have been handed wings of steel, as far as I can glean !

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