Uranus Square Sun Transit

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Uranus Square SunUranus square Sun transit will last about a year or so and this is likely to be a time of disruption as Uranus tests you with unexpected changes which affect your routine and life in general.

The change may come from within you especially if you feel you have not been able to live as you truly wish, being constrained by others or circumstance. Under this stress you will want to break free which may upset others as you are likely to act more impulsively than usually, more erratic and odd, but you are finding your own unique self-expression which in the long run is very beneficial.

The rebellious nature of Uranus comes through strong with the square, and if you do buck the system you can probably expect some tough times and ego conflicts with bosses and others who want you to stay the same. This is a tricky transit to deal with because you are being forced to change in some way but in the process this causes stress and upsets, the buildup of tension can lead to rash and unpredictable actions.

It can be a difficult time to settle down or maintain any stable continuity in your life, whether that be relationships, work or studies. The key to handling this period is to think outside the box, be flexible and be prepared to move on if you get signals that you are on the wrong path. Don’t stubbornly hold onto anything old that is breaking down just because it used to be so important to you. New opportunities will be presenting themselves, things you would not have expected.

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57 thoughts on “Uranus Square Sun Transit

  1. ugh pluto conjunct sun 19 degree 8th house (19 degreees too) ! natal moon aries 7 degrees 11th house lost my mother/father and my adult son is now estranged..last 8 years have been very hard. my son is going into satrun return in the 3rd house/sag. Pluto is in his 4th by transit. and he has upcoming saturn inconjcunt venus in 10th/. and uranus square sun in 10th house also He is married …..and has children. his wife was very influential over me not seeing him or his children and they have completey cut my entire family off. will it reconcile? he was also very close to my mom and dad…

    • Don’t worry too much about quincunxes in transit and I usually stick to a one degree orb for transit. This makes Pluto transits last about 18 months as it is. Any more than that you will always be worrying about something coming up that is not actually affecting you yet.

  2. Hi Jamie, wondering if this transit will bring about misfortune? Sounds like a trying period in time. Worried it will cause loss of some sort as I have suffered enough in my life and have only very recently seen a glimmer of hope in the new job that I have secured.

    • Yes this transit can bring unexpected losses but usually the type that hurts your ego more than anything else.

      • Thanks for the reply Jamie. What do you mean by the type that hurts the ego? What sort of loss would that usually be? Sorry to ask, just very worried about losing the new job.

        • Embarrassing, loss of face. Things that take you down a notch so you are not so proud or vain. It is a type of personal development, or spiritual development called sublimation of the ego.

  3. Okay..I’m getting pretty nervous about upcoming transits Uranus will square my sun in the 12th house (sun 29 degrees Cancer) while it conjuncts Mars (Taurus) at 0 degrees in the ninth. It will also sextile Venus at 0 degrees Cancer (11th house) It will come to oppose Neptune at 2 degrees Scorpio also in the third house. Will my entire life be disrupted?

    • Uranus will also trine Pluto at 0 degrees Virgo in my first house (in addition to the transits above). How can I deal with all these energies activated at the same time?

    • Hello Kate, I too am nervous about the Uranus square sun transit….I also have Cancer sun 29 degrees in the 12th house affected by the up coming square by Uranus in the 9th. In my chart it will be exact May 6th 2018. Uranus was squaring my natal saturn in the 6th all last year,(still in 3 degree orb now)but when it was exact it affected my 7th house relationship! 🙁 I can see some effect of the 6th house as my dog had health challenges while it was within 1-2 degree orb.
      Hope you can stay in touch and post here if you can and let’s see how it goes for both of us

      • Hi Ann, Yes, let’s stay in touch regarding these transits. I’m trying to think of ways to use the energies in a positive, pro-active manner that will off-set any negative expression but with Uranus it’s hard to predict outcomes. I think it will conjunct my Mars on May 15th. Good luck to you!

  4. I’m curious how transit Uranus will affect the Sun in early degree of Aquarius, especially now, when Uranus enters Taurus?

  5. Hey Jamie,
    I’m going through this transit now along with my midlife Neptune square Neptune. I was wondering, could Uranus square my Sun bring issues with my nerves/spine and with the Neptune square, make it difficult for doctors to diagnose and therefore treat?

  6. Right now I am going through: Pluto/Saturn/ South Node conjunct my Moon (conjunct Neptune), Uranus square natal Uranus and Sun; Jupiter opposite Venus. Pray for me lol

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