Uranus Square Sun Transit

Uranus Square SunUranus square Sun transit is likely to be a time of disruption as Uranus tests you with unexpected changes that affect your routine and life in general. The changes may come from within you especially if you feel you have not been able to live as you truly wish, being constrained by others or circumstances.

Under this stress, you will want to break free which may upset others as you are likely to act more impulsively than usual, more erratic and odd, but you are finding your own unique self-expression which in the long run is very beneficial.

A strong rebellious instinct means if you do buck the system you can probably expect some tough times and ego conflicts with bosses and others who want you to stay the same. This is a tricky transit to deal with because you are being forced to change in some way but in the process, this causes stress and upsets, the buildup of tension can lead to rash and unpredictable actions.

It can be a difficult time to settle down or maintain any stable continuity in your life, whether that be relationships, work or studies. The key to handling this period is to think outside the box, be flexible and be prepared to move on if you get signals that you are on the wrong path. Don’t stubbornly hold onto anything old that is breaking down just because it used to be so important to you. New opportunities will be presenting themselves, things you would not have expected.

Uranus Square Sun Transit Dates

Sign and DecanFromTo
Leo & Aquarius Decan 1May 2018April 2021
Leo & Aquarius Decan 2July 2020March 2022
Leo & Aquarius Decan 3May 2023April 2026
Virgo & Pisces Decan 1July 2025May 2028
Virgo & Pisces Decan 2May 2028April 2031
Virgo & Pisces Decan 3July 2030May 2033
Aries & Libra Decan1August 2032June 2035
Aries & Libra Decan 2September 2034July 2037
Aries & Libra Decan 3July 2037May 2040

59 thoughts on “Uranus Square Sun Transit

  1. Hi i have a question. Would uranus squaring other planets that i have in cap or cancer in my chart taken seriously? For instance: i have cap at 4 d in my fifth house as well as my moon at 18 d

    • Definitely, especially the inner, or personal planets and the Ascendant and Midheaven. What is at 4 degrees Capricorn? You will feel that one from March 2012. For Uranus square Moon you won’t get that till 2015.

      • I’m feeling Uranus squaring my Moon right now (1 degree Cancer). I’ve noticed erratic and sometimes bizarre behavior from the women in my life.

    • I’dd add this to the post as well Kim.

      Decan 3 Cancer and Capricorn – April 2016 to March 2019

      • Jamie, your post says it lasts a year but the time frame given at the bottom makes it look like three years! How do I know when it will be at maximum strength? And is this transit as restrictive as Sun square Saturn? Thanks for all you do!

        • 3 years for Uranus to go through a decan (10 degrees) but it will only affect the one degree where your Sun is for about a year. Need to find the exact degree of your Sun and work out where Uranus is (now 7 degrees Aries). Do your chart up here: http://www.astro.com/cgi/ade.cgi?

          • Sun is at 12 degrees 12 minutes in Cancer. I also have Aries rising at 11 degrees 4 minutes. Thanks in advance for the information you share — I don’t expect you to spend a lot of time on this.

      • I just discovered that I have this natally! What do you mean by “People with Sun square Uranus in their natal charts do well achieving brilliance in creative self expression…of a different kind” ?

  2. Hi, I have cancer at 10 degrees oppose Uranus 16 degrees, in natal chart, and was wondering if the upcoming square will have any additional importance. Dose this make the transit easier or harder?

    • Hi Joshua, I don’t think that it will be any harder because Uranus at 16 Capricorn does not really factor into this transit. Uranus will not square your Uranus till 2014 and Pluto will not conjunct it till 2016.

  3. Not wanting to wish away my life, however i longing for a break and it will be a relief when the first of a few long term stressful transits ive been dealing with being the above, as i have sun at 0’cancer moves off. I have been on the voyage of re discovering who i really am since 1993 and this transit well, lets say i didnt hold onto anything that needed to go so pretty much everything went, sort of a metaphoric death really and im in chiron return territory, plus libra moon/asc so feel like ive been crucified and ready to be born anew….. so yep new life anytime now…..gratitude will be an understatement when i am through it all 🙂

    • Debbie, I had to add to this simply because I met my cosmic twin, same here Cancerian Sun & Libran moon. It’s hard dealing with Uranus but personally I’m loving it with all the shocks I’m giving to everyone around me. I love Uranus! I have all the gratitude in the world for this planet & life has been the same as you say ‘reincarnated’ in many ways. I’m not through with my saturn return yet but I can see a new being in process already, alot more stronger too! Good luck in your journey!

  4. Hi, I am Cancer, ascendant Leo (with Pluto conjunct my ascendant) and I have Uranus in my 11th house, at 5 degrees Cancer, trine with Jupiter, in my 7th house, at 7 degrees of Pisces. Now Uranus in transit is squaring my Uranus. What should I expect, please?
    Thank you and best regards,

    • Most people will go through their Uranus square feeling an urge to make changes in their life to allow more personal freedom. For you with Pluto rising, like everything else in your life you are going to experience this very deeply and it may involve intense interactions with others. My eldest girl has Pluto rising, everything is also so dramatic or intense for for.

      • Would this intensity hold true for Pluto applying to Asc (7.5 degrees) from the 11th? Your daughter is lucky she has a dad who understands all of this!

        • Not so much I wouldn’t think, do you mean transiting or natal Pluto?

          I sometimes think she understands me more than I understand her!

  5. How does mercury (capricorn) square uranus (aries) affect a college student? Does the student learn faster or is an issue of information overload?

    • Natal Mercury square Uranus means you have some problem with keeping an open and flexible mind when reading or learning. May have some difficulty with concentration. The square challenges you to work harder on these issues so that eventually you master them and they become a strength. Then you will excel at creative and intuitive thinking and pick things up very quickly. Original, inventive, genius.

  6. I have mars in aries 11 deg.in 11th house and sun in cap. 6 deg. in 7th house, therefore am going thru pluto conj. sun and uranus sq. sun transits. I know you can guess some of the things that are going on w me rt. now, so what is your best advice for me?

    • Remember that things will be OK and life will settle down soon enough. It may feel bad now but you are actually gaining wonderful life experience which adds character and strength for the future.

      I had this thought in the shower this morning, about life and karma. I’ve struggled this life, it’s not been easy. But now I’m enjoying life much more and seem to be making good progress, this astrology business is doing well, my kids are happy, I have a great marriage. I am starting to feel successful.

      Now compare this with someone who has been handed everything, born rich, the best education, cars, holidays. They may be highly successful but will they feel the great things I feel because it has been such a struggle? Fighting hard to achieve gives such self satisfaction and makes me feel so good about myself. I wonder if people who don’t have to struggle so hard miss out on this wonderful feeling later in life.

      • So Very true Jamie, I doubt any of us would actually consciously choose to go through such tough challenges and may e sometimes they dont need to be as tough as we make them, but with humility comes that added strength of seeing success so much bigger and joyfully, gratefully, than a lot, not all, of those who dont have the chance to learn humility and gratitude. All sounds very cliche new agey I know, but its true, the tough lessons really do have one counting blessings so tiny, that others simply dont see or take for granted, that we get to count more of them hahaha.

    • what are you ‘going through’.? my love is
      having these transits to his cap sun at
      9 degrees in the 8th house opposite moon-

  7. Hi,

    I am a capricorn sun, virgo moon, gemini ascendant with my mars in leo and venus in cappy. I have uranus
    square sun until 2014. I am not happy about this influence because it seems like an impulsive and chaotic influence. In addition it’s present for a year and a half in my life! What is the best way to harness the positivity of this influence and mitigate any negativity that it may cause?

    • I think an inner acceptance that there will be changes in your life you may not have too much control over. The worst of this transit comes when we try to resist the changes. Change may seem unwanted or a pain in the ass, but going with the flow will lead to much better outcomes.

      • I love the comment. Basically try to be not scared of the unknown. There is a cosmic reason for everything. In other words get out of my comfort zone! The universe is calling. =D

        • Exactly, well said. It is a bit harder to do this when you’re in the middle of it all though.

          • Yes, it is. My mantra will be “life’s a garden, dig it” if I feel things are out of my control. Love your website and thank you for replying so quickly!!

    • Be pliable in the wind Lex! Uranus is the bolt form the blue but bolts form the blue can be deadly! I’m married to a Capricorn and poor little soul, it digs its goat heels in against everything and is practically crippled from resistance! When I ws a child I used to go for walks on the beautiful but bleak Peak Distruct landscapes in England. It was mostly heathland but there were a few trees which were ancient and grew in the direction the wind blew them. That is perhaps how the legendary Capricorn resilience works best.

  8. Hi Jamie!

    My Uranus, I thought it was on Cancer, last decan. Cancer is my asc. But it is in 2° 53´Leo, on the 1st. house, in the cusp to jump into the 2nd.

    It squares my Sun! I am electrifying and changable, mainly because I don´t like how people do things. I get nervous and in order to avoid fights, I flee away. Others think that I am unstable (no kidding!). They only do not seem to watch their doings. I end up building strong unconfidence on others and that has hit my job, also.

    In the dawn, I felt this unconfortable feeling of being always unease. Maybe, because it is quadrate also with my Venus.

    Trines my moon and my MC.

    Thankyou very much for remind me!


  9. Hi I am a capricorn. Born dec 31 1955 at 2:23 p.m. Marshalltown, Iowa, U.S.A. can some one tell where Pleiades is in my chart? Also this year has been hell so far. Any relief in site? Or are we all in for a big change ?


    • http://www.astro.com/cgi/ade.cgi? Here is the link for a free chart. Yes Capricorn is getting hit hard. Uranus is at 7 degrees Aries, so square anything 0 – 15 degrees Capricorn, and then there is transiting Pluto in Cap as well. Read entire site for more info.

  10. I will be experiencing this aspect soon and I am quite concerned, because I read that it brings death. Especially if it is connected with the 1/4 axis of a person’s horoscope. And guess what, yep – that’s just my case. I’ve got sun in Capricorn and the sun is in my 1st, and Uranus in Sagittarius in my 1st as well. I also got Aries in 4th….

    So Jamie, what do you think, am I going to make it or not?

    • I spent a lot of time a few years ago looking at a collection of death horoscopes. There is no one aspect or set of aspects that relate to death. Predicting death is extremely difficult and only been achieved by a few expert astrologers, usually who are also psychic, eg. Nostradamus. It depends greatly on the natal horoscope.

      Vettius Valens gave a good run down of Nero’s death here: http://www.neroprediction.com/charts.htm

  11. Can you share any insights for Capricorn born 1-13-61@7:26 am. Been ‘literally being burned during last two years’ by government agents and wonder if/when this hell will end.

  12. I’ve got this transit going direct right now. I’m a Capricorn. Uranus in Aries wants you to have what you truly want, but not out of ego, which is hard for Capricorns. I’ve found myself trying really hard to stop caring about what others think and to do what I know Is necessary for me to be what I want to be. Especially at my job. I’m being humbled. Yet I’m working harder than ever. Uranus wants you to blow with the wind, which isn’t exactly Capricorns forte. Capricorn likes to hold on to things very much, its such an essential part of our nature. And Uranus will ruthlessly tear apart anything we hold on go that really isn’t helping us, despite how comfortable we’ve become with any false sense of security. I’ve got Uranus in the 8th house squaring sun in the 4th. I’m having to accept some really dark sides of myself and realize that this will make me more secure than any job or real estate. It’s very hard for me. But I am flowing with the u predictable, and it seems that my career is actually getting better. I am dealing with more conflicts, like seriously deep ones. But that may be Pluto conjunct sun too.

    • As a Capricorn I have to agree with most of what you said. I also have to add that for the last years Capricorns have experienced really hard times. I’ve been always a person whom people could rely on or look for compassion and support. Now that I am in need of those, nobody seems to care. Moreover people are getting even more persistent in their attention and compassion demands. Especially the Leos. It’s like I am obliged to “refill” their empty glass with mix of attention, positiveness and sympathy time after time.

  13. ugh pluto conjunct sun 19 degree 8th house (19 degreees too) ! natal moon aries 7 degrees 11th house lost my mother/father and my adult son is now estranged..last 8 years have been very hard. my son is going into satrun return in the 3rd house/sag. Pluto is in his 4th by transit. and he has upcoming saturn inconjcunt venus in 10th/. and uranus square sun in 10th house also He is married …..and has children. his wife was very influential over me not seeing him or his children and they have completey cut my entire family off. will it reconcile? he was also very close to my mom and dad…

    • Don’t worry too much about quincunxes in transit and I usually stick to a one degree orb for transit. This makes Pluto transits last about 18 months as it is. Any more than that you will always be worrying about something coming up that is not actually affecting you yet.

  14. Hi Jamie, wondering if this transit will bring about misfortune? Sounds like a trying period in time. Worried it will cause loss of some sort as I have suffered enough in my life and have only very recently seen a glimmer of hope in the new job that I have secured.

    • Yes this transit can bring unexpected losses but usually the type that hurts your ego more than anything else.

      • Thanks for the reply Jamie. What do you mean by the type that hurts the ego? What sort of loss would that usually be? Sorry to ask, just very worried about losing the new job.

        • Embarrassing, loss of face. Things that take you down a notch so you are not so proud or vain. It is a type of personal development, or spiritual development called sublimation of the ego.

  15. Okay..I’m getting pretty nervous about upcoming transits Uranus will square my sun in the 12th house (sun 29 degrees Cancer) while it conjuncts Mars (Taurus) at 0 degrees in the ninth. It will also sextile Venus at 0 degrees Cancer (11th house) It will come to oppose Neptune at 2 degrees Scorpio also in the third house. Will my entire life be disrupted?

    • Uranus will also trine Pluto at 0 degrees Virgo in my first house (in addition to the transits above). How can I deal with all these energies activated at the same time?

    • Hello Kate, I too am nervous about the Uranus square sun transit….I also have Cancer sun 29 degrees in the 12th house affected by the up coming square by Uranus in the 9th. In my chart it will be exact May 6th 2018. Uranus was squaring my natal saturn in the 6th all last year,(still in 3 degree orb now)but when it was exact it affected my 7th house relationship! 🙁 I can see some effect of the 6th house as my dog had health challenges while it was within 1-2 degree orb.
      Hope you can stay in touch and post here if you can and let’s see how it goes for both of us

      • Hi Ann, Yes, let’s stay in touch regarding these transits. I’m trying to think of ways to use the energies in a positive, pro-active manner that will off-set any negative expression but with Uranus it’s hard to predict outcomes. I think it will conjunct my Mars on May 15th. Good luck to you!

  16. I’m curious how transit Uranus will affect the Sun in early degree of Aquarius, especially now, when Uranus enters Taurus?

  17. Hey Jamie,
    I’m going through this transit now along with my midlife Neptune square Neptune. I was wondering, could Uranus square my Sun bring issues with my nerves/spine and with the Neptune square, make it difficult for doctors to diagnose and therefore treat?

  18. Right now I am going through: Pluto/Saturn/ South Node conjunct my Moon (conjunct Neptune), Uranus square natal Uranus and Sun; Jupiter opposite Venus. Pray for me lol

  19. Hey Kate, I have Uranus in Taurus transitting in my 9th house and will be squaring my sun in the 12th just wondering what your experiences were.

  20. Hi Chris, this transit, as well as Saturn opposing my Sun, has been pretty difficult and challenging for me. My living situation is far from ideal and I’ve had to move twice within a year’s time and the current place I’m at now may only be temporary. I live in CA and the forest fire we had here recently went right through our yard. It occurred with Uranus squaring my Sun. It has certainly been a disruptive and unstable time for me. The Covid situation only intensifies the instability. I hope you fare better than I have. Good luck to you.

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