Virgo Horoscope September 2015

Virgo HoroscopeSeptember 2015 Virgo horoscope with decans for a more accurate forecast. If you are on a cusp, use the free horoscope to find your decan.

   Virgo Decan 1 – born Aug 23 to Sep 2.
   Virgo Decan 2 – born Sep 3 to 12.
   Virgo Decan 3 – born Sep 13 to 22.

Decan 1 Virgo September 2015 Horoscope

Confidence and pride continues with the Sun in your decan from August 22 to September 3. While last month your outer world and profession was the focus, the August 29 full moon means that relationships and your inner world is of more importance early this month. You will feel more emotionally sensitive right up to the September 13 solar eclipse.

The full moon lined up with, and is greatly influenced by Jupiter opposite Neptune. This challenging aspect lasts all month and climaxes on September 17. It sends you on a spiritual journey to understand the truth, and tension may rise as result of going to extremes in behavior and belief.

This opposition impacts directly on your decan with Jupiter in your decan from August 8 to September 30, and Neptune opposite your decan until January 2017. This combined influence is not too difficult to manage because you do have good luck with the Jupiter transit. You will be wanting to chance your luck and experience bigger and better things.

However, Neptune is having a strange and deceptive influence. You are now more likely to get involved in odd schemes and conspiracy theories. You are more open to deception and scandal, so must learn to moderate the Jupiter exuberance and tendency toward excessive or compulsive behaviors. Fortunately for you, conjunctions are stronger than oppositions, meaning Jupiter good fortune and growth should prevail. It is in your interest however, to take a more conservative approach so you don’t get tangled up in a scandal or put your money into risky schemes.

The urge to grow and expand will be strengthened by Mars in your decan from September 24 to October 12. This should be a successful time where you can compete to win. There will be less chance of going to extremes now the full moon phase has ended and the Jupiter Neptune influence in waning. Increased passions and sexual attractiveness are good omens for your love life.

   Virgo Horoscope 2015 Decan 1
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Decan 2 Virgo September 2015 Horoscope

A relatively dull August horoscope gives way to some exceptional astrology this month. A happy birthday to you with the Sun in your decan from September 2 to 13. This brings extra energy and vitality which can be put to use by expressing what you want, define what your goals are, and get the ball rolling.

Pluto trine your decan this year is enabling you to make profound and positive transformation in your life. Sun trine Pluto from September 4 to 6 brings extreme confidence, power and influence to enable an evolutionary leap. These are very dynamic days when you can assert yourself and remove unwanted and outdated life obstacles.

As mentioned in your yearly horoscope, the September 13 solar eclipse falling around the time of your birthday is an excellent omen. You can expect an energy boost and increased vitality. This productive phase of life will last at least until the March 2016 solar eclipse, and possibly longer as it remains active in your solar return chart.

The outlook is even brighter with Jupiter in your decan from September 23 to November 26. This is an extremely fortunate influence bringing personal, professional and spiritual growth. There will be many opportunities ahead to increase your wealth, for travel and for study. This is a lucky streak which brings increasing happiness and satisfaction. These months ahead will be the most productive and most fortunate of an already promising eclipse cycle.

   Virgo Horoscope 2015 Decan 2
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Decan 3 Virgo September 2015 Horoscope

You may have been struggling to shine and achieve your goals since the March 2015 solar eclipse. Your birthday marks a major change in fortunes and direction. The Sun in your decan from September 12 to 23 restores confidence and harmony. As mentioned in your yearly horoscope, this is now the right time for asserting yourself and taking positive action.

The September 13 solar eclipse ignites this beginning of a powerful phase of life. It will last at least until the March 2016 solar eclipse, but more likely until your next birthday as it remains active in your 2015 solar return chart. Your positive attitude and increased power make this an excellent time for self promotion and making good impressions. Long term goals will be more easily achieved, and you can expect assistance from those with the power to make a difference.

Long term goal achievement is the theme of Saturn sextile your decan. This stabilizing influence ends by September 25, but not before one final activation. The Sun sextile Saturn from September 22 to 24 is ideal for making ground on your solar eclipse goals. A strong work ethic, patience and persistence, mean you can make solid achievements and earn the respect and recognition you deserve. Professional advancement in your career is possible, or you may take on more responsibility or a leadership role.

   Virgo Horoscope 2015 Decan 3
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165 thoughts on “Virgo Horoscope September 2015

  1. I am another 9/21 birthday baby! We are super resilient & always reinventing ourselves. Have a great year ALL Virgos!

  2. dear JAMIE.I live in japan jupiter&sun in my side ?also solar eclips epected birhday 8ー27 i dont undertant.

  3. Dear JAMIE, My b.d. is 9/11/54. Natal charts show me as having 15-18 squares in my chart. No wonder I’ve felt like I’ve been dealing with a huge cosmic poltergeist all my life. Any advice for this kind of chart?Also, after this Venus retrograde and she moves out of the 12th, will I be able to paint/draw and write again? Do you see a time frame and any success for that? Thank you for all your wonderful insights and positivity. Much Blessings and Light to you, Char

    • I don’t use such wide orbs for squares, it gets too confusing. You should focus on Venus Saturn and any transits to that point for freeing up your creativity.

    • You sound Just like me with your poltergeists & wishing for creative endeavors! I have a pretty hard, hate-filled chart! Every positive planet in my chart is afflicted; no wonder I’m always broke & find myself alone no matter what route I take to change those 2 things! I hope my poltergeists will leave me alone soon too so I can work & get some success with music & maybe have some trustworthy friends in my life. Good luck to Us, we Deserve it!

  4. My birth is 9/7th, will I find a job by then? Also will I able to be reconnect with someone I love? I hope it will getting easier by then, I’m look for to Jupiter that I’ve been hear about it that it is suppose to be good karma and positive change! Happy birth to all Virgo!

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