Full Moon June 2015 – Islamic State War Escalates

Full Moon June 2015Full Moon June 2015 occurs on Tuesday 2nd June 2014, just after midday New York time. I am looking at this full moon through mundane astrology eyes only. This full moon phase is the culmination of a series of moon phases which have been telling the story of an impending breaking point in Islamic State violence. The story actually began with the long series of Uranus Pluto squares. Writing about the final of the seven square, I summarized by saying:

Islamic State is the most important manifestation of Uranus square Pluto. Their influence will only grow given the April 4 lunar eclipse at 14 degrees Libra directly aspects Uranus and Pluto.

Next, in my April 4 lunar eclipse post, I made this prediction:

I have never used astrology to predict war but I do now… The lunar eclipse opposite Uranus will exacerbate the revolutionary and explosive nature of Algorab, and should lead to full-scale war in the Middle East.

The influence of Islamic certainly grew rapidly since the lunar eclipse, but there were immediate signs of a full-scale war. After looking at the chart for the May 18 new moon, I realized that the conjunction to the fixed star Algol meant my prediction was getting closer, and stated:

With Algol activated by this new moon we can expect war, brutality and disasters over the next 28 days.

So it was no surprise that only two days after the new moon on May 20, Islamic state captured the major city of Ramadi, just 70 miles from Baghdad. Getting closer again!

Full Moon June 2015 Astrology

Now we come to the June 2 full moon and we find that this moon is conjunct the fixed star Antares, the red colored rival of Mars, throughout history an indicator of war. But the story get so more intriguing when we take an in-depth look at this star. The cultural history associated with star makes direct links to the area around modern Baghdad, and is an omen of full-scale war when configured like it is in the June 2 full moon horoscope.

The most detailed information about the fixed star Antares relating to current war comes from Dr. Eric Morse. Being on of the four archangel stars, or horseman of the Apocalypse, Antares represents the archangel– Uriel:

Antares – Uriel. The City of Ur, where Abraham was born, is said to have been the first city to be built after the Great Disaster, and was given the name of Earth itself: Urs. That city stood close to the site of later Babylon itself, not too far from the modern Baghdad.

This links our current full moon geographically to the hot spot of the Islamic State war. The next quote links this stars theme of war to our current time. The essential ingredient to make this temporal link is the fixed star Aldebaran which is directly opposite Antares by longitude. Thus it is activated in the full moon chart by the Sun and Mercury. Interestingly, the Moon and Mercury were conjunct this star on May 18 when Mercury stationed retrograde.

all astrologers have noted it as an indicator of success in war, and high command therein, but not forgetting that one’s opponent may have the support of Aldebaran, the star opposite to this one, and star of Archangel Michael, commander of the Heavenly Host itself! What does tend to show up when these two stars are both engaged on the horoscope is a conflict, either the starting date of the war, or the natal charts of the leaders, is that peace rarely ensues before the total and crushing defeat of one side or the other. And it is a war that escalates to huge proportions, even to a world scale.

Full Moon June 2015 Astrology

Full Moon June 2015 Astrology Chart

12 thoughts on “Full Moon June 2015 – Islamic State War Escalates

  1. Jamie–

    Here in the US there have been some indicators that IS was a creation of our government (see Sen. John McCain’s claims) with the intent of fostering regime change in Syria. (Obama had not been able to start a war earlier because of political backlash.) The US government has had a hand in many doings like that in the past and did support Al Qaeda when Russia was at war in Afghanistan. It is possible that all those Toyota trucks seen in photos and what have been considered by some as movie effects (when filming beheadings) are something along the line of evidence of US support. Add to that Israel has been noted by its own press (Haaretz, I think) as giving medical aid to Syrian rebels connected to IS when they cross the border. I believe the area is in the Golan Heights, but I’d have to look at a map.

    What would happen if you were to include the US and / or Israel in this chart? Does it make more sense or less?

  2. Hi,

    I am confused here… I was just wondering if this full moon could be related with a culmination of a war instead. It might be that a beneficial luminary like moon on Antares against Mars plus Sun plus Mercury on Aldebaran could be an end of a war of words, or misplaced ideas and statements. With Neptune square this full moon, and Mercury retrograde I think this will put everyone on jake… but since there is a potential trine between Jupiter and Uranus..and there is also a yod with Pluto in the appex of the Jupiter and Mars sextile… I think its benefic as a whole. Something will be given for the good of everyone. Maybe the end of that potential war?

  3. Jamie, your statement “……..IS is the most important manifestation of Uranus square Pluto”, suggests causality. It would be more accurate to describe IS as “synchronous to” rather than “manifestation of” (Planets do not CAUSE anything to happen). Other than that oversight, it is good to read from an astrologer who keeps up with geo political events.

  4. One day you will get your war predictions happening, but perhaps this Full Moon had more to do with the ‘war’ within the football arena, and Sepp Blatter. Keeping feeding this IS machine and you will give them what they want. In reality, they;re just overfunded kids who need to be pulled back into line. Which will happen, when you have another element of this Full Moon in place, faith and positivity. Doom and gloom is just SO 00’s!

  5. Jamie, this is extremely well done. I had been putting together all my research from Uranus Square Pluto, but while discussing with a colleague last week… I said it pretty much word for word as you had written it about IS. I have to wonder if we’re witnessing the beginning of a new foundation similar to the previous Pluto through Cap where the US was born. There are clearly “structures” being built on the ashes of the old as actual governing methods are put into place.

    Always in research mode on this myself, but if IS isn’t that beginning, they are likely a big piece of an even larger entity that will continue to challenge the West’s financial house of cards and world influence. Astrologers have spoken of a rise of the East during this cycle… but was usually centered around China, perhaps Russia… the Eastern rise could come from the Middle East as in IS or perhaps IS through/leading into rise in Turkey/New Ottoman.

  6. Yes, Sean you have it! There is a connection between IS and the US. The only bombs and weapons being used in the middle east are made in the US. War is great for business. No need to speculate, just get the UN (controlled by the US) to ask the US companies to stop selling arms to terrorists, or it’s sanction time. And who’s to blame, Uranus square Pluto?.

    • Angel, I am speaking strictly from an astrology point of view. Political views, conspiracy theories tend to cloud judgement or readings if you’re an astrologer as you try to see the world as you like it to be rather than how it is.

  7. What??? You must be experiencing a very heavy Neptune Transit. How do you distinguish between reality and fantasy, or are these interchangeable, depending on how you choose to see the world? Sorry, but I need a reality check from time to time.

    • Yours is only a slight variation on the comments above, US government created IS and Israel drops neutron bomb on Yemen. If you want to rant about the US or UN go to news sites where everyone does this and believes they are making a difference.

      I’m not making excuses, assigning blame, or even taking a side… again as I’m dealing with things “as they are”, how does fantasy even become part of the conversation? … I get it, I didn’t play the “comment” game where you agitate/tweak readers so you have additional chances to push similar views. Try a genuine neutral stance long enough to realize how far your reply deviated from the original point of my comment… maybe then you can deal in that reality long enough to learn something about your inner self … no birth chart required.

      To put it simply, my personal feelings on IS matter very little if they are the next major global influence for, give or take, 250 years.

  8. Oh please, there’s no such thing as a neutral stance. We all depend on information fed to us by the media. I think you should stick to your astrological interpretations and be happy with what you imagine the world to be. This includes IS being the next major global influence for next 250 years!

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