Joran van der Sloot Horoscope

Joran van der Sloot Horoscope

Joran van der Sloot

Joran van der Sloot was arrested on 03 June 2010 for the murders of Natalee Holloway and Stephany Ramírez. The astrology can tell us what sort of character he is. By looking at his horoscope we can see what was activated in his chart during these murders, and get a clue to his fate. The time of birth is from a Vedic astrology interpretation by Gurmeet Singh.

Joran has Ascendant trine Mercury by less than on degree. This should give him great communication skills and the ability to initiate conversation very well. Robert Hand begins his interpretation of this aspect by saying, “You like to play games that involve thinking and planning your moves” [Planets in Youth, p. 174].

His Ascendant is conjunct the fixed star Kerb, “Danger of being jilted by a lover.” It appears that this fortunate aspect has turned sour. The gift of the gab worked against his favour, as he was jilted by his teenage girlfriend because of his “problem with lying.” Wiki. Mercury square Jupiter would have influenced his dishonesty. Jupiter conjunct Mirach gives “danger of scandal, much travel, legal or ecclesiastical difficulties.”

Another important tight aspect in the chart is Sun trine Saturn which suggests a serious character and having extra responsibility placed upon him. This was the case, and as Sun and Saturn both represent the father, it was financial backing from his father that allowed his business ventures and financial freedom to act the international playboy.

Joran van der Sloot HoroscopeHe has Sun conjunct Acubens , “gives activity, malevolence and poison, making its natives liars and criminals.” Sun conjunct Mars helps explain his aggression, “passionate about asserting their identity. These are people who fight at all costs to be themselves. They will always look after number one…Highly sexed, they enjoy the conquest.” Adding fire to this is the fixed star on his Mars, Ras Elased Australis, “a bold, bombastic, cruel, heartless, brutish and destructive nature”.

The agression of Sun with Mars on that brutish star has overpowered the normally pleasant Sun conjunct Venus, and it has intensified the “tendency to sugar coat unpleasant realities and behave with indolence. They could also get sucked into indulgence, overspending on luxury goods.”

The aggression, sensitivity to rejection, and excessive pleasure seeking are further strengthened Venus conjunct Asellus Australis “an aggressive nature and will not take insults easily. They may, by their own lack of caution, or by being dare-devils, put their life in danger and they will not hesitate to use brutal and violent means…With Venus: Trouble through friends, unfavorable for love and marriage, enmity of women, too fond of pleasure and society.”

Moon sextile Pluto is the tightest aspect in the chart at just 3 minutes. An intensely emotional person making him very sensitive to rejection as indicated by the rising star. Robert Hand says of Moon sextile Pluto, “You get quite involved with your emotions, playing out dramas in your head in which you are the villain, the hero or whatever role you prefer”. [Planets in Youth, p.135]. Moon conjunct Neptune has increased the imagination of the Moon sextile Pluto aspect, and further intensified and confused the emotions.

Two more stellar conjunctions finish off the sorry tale. Midheaven conjunct Sinistra “gives an immoral, mean and slovenly nature. Associated with depravity.” Uranus conjunct Ras Alhague “misfortune through women, perverted tastes and mental depravity… easy going in the use of medical drugs, hallucinatory drugs stimulating foodstuffs, too much good living and overindulgence in tobacco and alcohol…With Uranus: Strong passions, strong nature but changeable, ambitious, occult interests, seeks popularity, easily swayed though outwardly aggressive, reverence for ancestry, benefits through elderly and influential people and public affairs, unfavorable for marriage and children, if any, trouble through opposite sex, sudden death.”

The Transits

When Natalee Holloway was murdered on 30 May 2005, Joran had transiting Pluto conjunct his Uranus. When Stephany Tatiana Flores Ramírez was murdered on 30 May 2010, the preceding New Moon was trine his Uranus on that aggressive and perverted star. There were other transits but these ones both link in Uranus. The other obvious one is the transit of the Sun, as these murders occured on the same day, five years apart. The Sun on both occasion was at 8 degrees Gemini, not making any obvious aspects unless you consider quincunxes. The Sun was at the midpoint of his intensely passionate Moon sextile Pluto. The Sun on both occasions formed a transiting Yod to this natal sextile.

The star on his natal Moon suggest a unpleasant ending to his life. Facies gives “accidents and a violent death.” I think it will be no accident though. Natal Uranus on Ras Alhague gives “sudden death”. Transiting Uranus rules sudden events and this year it is on his Ascendant which rules the physical body. In December this year there is a solar eclipse on his IC, the Nadir is where he came from, violence and murder. The solar eclipse and his IC are on the fixed star Menkalinan “It causes ruin, disgrace, and frequently violent death.” Joran is currently residing “in a cell near the prison director’s office for his own safety” [Wiki], but with those transits and stars, once they get the conviction, his days are numbered.

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  1. Wow – if you don’t think what is going on down here on earth is not reflected in the heavens – you need to rethink your viewpoint.


  2. And don’t forget that icey cold Moon in Capricorn. Very handy for committing the act itself while staying cool!

    Btw, Joran’s Sun is not conjunct Sirius (off by an exact sign) but conjunct Acubens – even worse an influence by medieval standards.

  3. @Dirk Glad you picked that up Dirk, I’ll edit it shortly. Not the first time my Mercury Saturn opposition has got the Cancer and Leo symbols mixed up. Even 20th century writings aren’t too favouravle for Acubens.

  4. Exactly what I have been thinking. Your content was fantastic. To get your lover back is not the hardest of the accomplishments But it for sure may cost some effort

  5. Joran van der Sloot.

    Fictive rectified birthtime 18h,57m42s5

    GMT 16h,57m43s

    Progressive aspects and transits.

    10-Aug-2017 029°,18’44 Capricorn Moon 90 mutual Jup
    13-Aug-2017 029°,26’48 Capricorn Moon 90 Jup
    16-Aug-2017 +16°,42’43 Mars // Sun transit
    18-Aug-2017 029°,39’40 Capricorn Moon 45 Sat
    19-Aug-2017 029°,40’33 Capricorn Moon 180 Merc
    21-Aug-2017 029°,45’11 Capricorn Moon 45 mutual Sat
    24-Aug-2017 029°,52’44 Capricorn Moon 45 C-12
    24-Aug-2017 022°,32’09 Leo Mars 90 Pars transit
    24-Aug-2017 +15°,04’41 Mars # C—2 transit
    27-Aug-2017 000°,00’00 Aquarius Moon Nw
    27-Aug-2017 +02°,31’18 Merc // mutual C—2
    29-Aug-2017 021°,34’03 Libra Jup 135 AR05 transit
    29-Aug-2017 +13°,58’37 Mars # MC transit
    29-Aug-2017 025°,56’00 Leo Mars 135 AR12 transit
    30-Aug-2017 000°,07’33 Aquarius Moon 135 mutual Ven
    30-Aug-2017 021°,47’48 Libra Jup 45 AR03 transit
    30-Aug-2017 026°,32’51 Leo Mars 60 Chiron transit
    2-Sep-2017 028°,09’51 Aries Ura 150 C-11 transit
    2-Sep-2017 028°,09’51 Leo Mars 90 C-11 transit
    3-Sep-2017 022°,32’09 Libra Jup 150 Pars transit
    6-Sep-2017 005°,16’18 Capricorn Nep 30 mutual Asc
    6-Sep-2017 022°,59’32 Libra Jup 60 Ura transit
    7-Sep-2017 -18°,57’02 Asc # Ven
    7-Sep-2017 001°,13’26 Virgo Mars 120 Asc transit
    7-Sep-2017 016°,57’47 Capricorn Plu 120 AR08 transit

  6. Interesting example of how fixed stars can completely mess up an otherwise nice horoscope. I also see the 8th house on 22nd degree, same for Uranus. Check out the 22nd degree theory of Nicola Stojanovic ( More interesting stuff on his site. I think you are right, at some point he will be killed. Same for Donald Trump. End of this year his sec Saturn on sec MC and Uranus closing in on AC in solar arc. Also his 8th house cusp in 22nd degree (yes it is) and ruler of AC on 22nd degree square C8.

  7. Joran van der Sloot.

    I rectified year sago his horoscope.

    Rectified birth time:

    G.M.T. : 16h,57m43s

    On 10 October 2023 Joran was tested by a lie detector.

    Progressive aspects.

    10-Oct-2023 005°,14’27 Capricorn Nep 135 mutual C–3
    22-Oct-2023 029°,26’48 Aries Moon 0 Jup
    22-Oct-2023 022°,45’19 Virgo Ven 90 mutual Ura
    28-Oct-2023 029°,39’40 Aries Moon 135 Sat
    28-Oct-2023 029°,40’33 Aries Moon 90 Merc


    9-Oct-2023 025°,43’27 Pisces Nep 135 Black Moon

  8. Fascinating! I always use your site by the way, excellent aspect descriptions! I also thought that Mercury inconjunct Neptune could lead to lying, I also met a liar who had Mercury Square Pluto, but this could be his dark thought patters, and thinking the worst of people too. What the teaandrosemary website said about moon square the nodes natal, was interesting – that there was a deep emotional wound from losing his family in past lives, particularly around the mother, and he has avoided facing it for many lives – the escape can be in drugs, alcohol and sudden huge overreactions.

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