Black Moon Lilith

Black Moon Lilith Astrology

Chiron conjunct Black Moon Lilith on 3 July 2010 has a religious feel as it it conjunct Neptune. In Christian astrology, from the Bible, Lilith is Mary Magdalene and Chiron is Jesus Christ.

They were astrologers and partners, their work within the Essene community led to the religion of Christianity, represented today most by the powerful Catholic Church. The message of Mary and Jesus is not well represented by the Bible of this Church however.

Mary Magdalene, the most beloved of Jesus Christ has been defiled by the Church of Rome. Her works in The Gospel of Mary were destroyed but for one copy, and are not mentioned in any Bible. The Roman Catholic Church called her a “adulteress and repentant prostitute” from the 6th century, and it was only quietly recanted in 1969. [wiki – Mary Magdalene]

Now Lilith and Chiron are together in the sky (see chart on the right), and the Church in Rome is falling apart. The transits tell us why. Transiting Pluto is conjunct Vatican Lilith by 60′ and heading back to hit it exactly on 22 August , then direct on 07 October 2010. Transiting Neptune is opposing the Vatican Neptune, a crisis in spirituality. This transit will be exact a few times next year. It will then also square the Jupiter Midheaven of the Vatican.

In the Vatican horoscope, the Lilith Chiron Conjunction is square the Vatican Jupiter by 22′ and square the Vatican Midheaven by 30′. The Midheaven in mundane astrology is the head of state, in the case the Pope. It is also prestige, how the world views and respects the Vatican. The Midheaven is also the government: “The politics of Vatican City takes place in an absolute elective monarchy, in which the head of the Roman Catholic Church takes power.” [wiki – Vatican City]. The square aspect brings tests and challenges from the occult priestess and priest.

The Vatican Jupiter and Midheaven are conjunct a major star in the Pleiades Star Cluster of constellation Taurus called  Alcyone “Not a good omen with regard to relationships to the opposite sex.” That means homosexuality. “The Pleiades causes bereavement, mourning, sorrows and tragedies.” Very sorrow now, but for whom? “Pope deplores abuse raid on Belgian church HQ” CNN.

The Pleiades with Jupiter “Deceit, hypocrisy, legal and ecclesiastical troubles, loss through relatives, banishment or imprisonment”, and with the Midheaven “Disgrace, ruin, violent death.”

In the chart for Lilith conjunct Chiron, the Moon is opposite Saturn. The Moon and Saturn both represent the past, Saturn in particular is lord of karma. This Moon Saturn opposition is square the Vatican Saturn, on the fixed star Sinistra “It gives an immoral, mean and slovenly nature. Associated with depravity.”

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  1. Jamie / Marina

    Why if the two, Lilith & Chiron are together is this not a sort of “healing” aspect? I know they called Chiron the “Wounded Healer” but had no idea it represented Jesus. WoW – facinating stuff for sure!!

    Jaime D.

  2. I didn’t write this one but I definately see Chiron as a Guru, so that fits with Jesus in my book. Also the “wounded”(Crucified) and obviously the healer with his miracles.

    Together they are both renegades and mavericks. They both share a common pagan/herbalist vibe also.

    Chiron was discovered when the so called “New Age” movement became popular, filling a need for a new kind of religion.

  3. I had the understanding the Chiron had a healing aspect, so I was curious why this particular astrological aspect did not have that sort of vibe >?<

    Women have been petioning the Catholic Church to ordain them as priests and also to allow for priests to be married. It will be intersting to keep a watch on the Catholic Church to see what else develops.

  4. Hi Jaime, Chiron does have a healing side, but like yin yang, it’s a balance with hurting. Like Marina mentioned, Lilith and Chiron are mavericks, in the Christian story they were rebels. For example the story of Jesus overturning the money lenders tables in the temple. That was extremely rebellious, upset the traditional status quo.

    Like anythinig in astrology, these two have dark and light sides. The rebellious nature and frank outspokeness will cause pain to traditionalists, but the long term results of the actions will be healing.

    In this example with the Catholic Church, the rebellion has manifested from abuse victims, their parents, and now the police. Because the Chiron Lilith conjunction is squaring the Vatican Midheaven, it is now causing pain to the Church. Without that pain the status quo would remain, but now because it hurts them, they will be forced to ease the pain by taking steps to right the wrongs. If they don’t properly address the problems of covering up abuse and protecting their priests, then the pain will intensify.

    I expect they will address it as the pressure increases, they will have pay out more compensation and sack more priests, even hand them over to police. This will start the healing process. Healing for the victims alive now, and karmically healing for the millions of victims of the witchunts and inquisitions, many reincarnated and walking around today. The karmic aspect is shown by transits to Saturn. It’s payback time.

  5. Jamie

    That’s so deep and so absolutely fascinating. Incredible how pain and suffering is used as a “cleansing” Obviously true in our own lives as well. Unfortunately without it we can’t have healing and growth. Thanks for expanding on that further. This is a great topic.

    In my never to be humble opinion, What goes on in “organized” religion is all so superfluous – I believe the “church” is the world in which we live in and you can find God more in a tree!! I could go on and on about that subject, but will save my soap box speech for another forum!

    I will defintely be watching for further developments on this!

  6. Jaime, I’ve been thinking more on this. You’re right that we need the pain before we can heal and grow. In relation to Chiron, in the chart it shows where our wound is, that’s been written about in books and pretty well accepted. It shows what sort of wound, by aspect and placement. For example mine is quincunx Mars, so health and karmic issues from the quincunx, physical, cutting, aggresive, war from Mars. Mars rules iron in the blood, and I have a blood disorder called hemachromotosis, too much iron which makes me ill. Amazingly, I need to be wounded to get better by donating blood regularly. A cut (Mars) to to drain the blood.

    So Chiron shows our wound, but I also believe it shows how we wound others, sometimes to induce healing, even if we don’t realize it at the time.

  7. I’m speechless which is a real rarity for me! You have incredibly gifted insight. So enlighten me further…. Are you saying that in the same way that Chiron’s placement and aspects show where our wound is – is the same way in which we wound others?

    I would love to talk more about this, I am a survivor of a Narcissistic Father, the emotional abuse was insurmountable, not to mention the physical at times, but the emotional being the more traumatizing and painful – he was responsible for completely dismantling my family. It has taken years to heal this, and I am still working through it on many levels. I do believe that Saturn’s visit was conducive to bringing about the deep upheaval that I needed in my life to “purge” a lot of the bad childhood conditioning…

    I have since realized that in the same manner I was manipulated by my Father, I have in turn “mirrored” to others exactly what he “mirrored” to me. All be it I am so grateful that I was born with a very spiritualistic attitude and a healthy mind (for the most part) so I don’t have the personality disorder itself, but did exhibit certain characteristics of it.

    Anyways, I need to get my reading done. I’ve told Marina I would like the both of you to do an in depth Natal chart reading for me, but I am going to have to save the nickels and dimes first – right now I’m down to two pennies and some pocket fuzz!! LOL! Times is tough! But Saturn/Pluto have both taught me well in that it’s about the bigger picture and an attitude of gratitude.

    I will say, I have wasted good money on readings that weren’t worth a powder!! So this time I will do it right! Glad I’ve found the both of you to enlighten me and brighten my world.

    Love it!! It’s what I live for!! “There’s nothing if the Truth Don’t Survive!”

    ( I guess I wasn’t speechless after all!!) 🙂

  8. hi jamie,
    an important conjunct for many (even if little known or anticipated). these are two powerful images and symbols, very sexy, and with a “dark side” that’s all too human.

    you can’t draw too many parallels with Christ, as art says. the “church” has strayed far from its beginnings.

  9. Yes it is a sexy aspect Astro Girl, but I didn’t go with that angle in this post. Marina did explore that with Lilith conjunct Neptune though.

    I would think Lilith with Chiron may help explore the darker desires, more taboo sexuality, and also the more spiritual and magical side, eg tantric sex.

  10. Ok, now that throws things really out there for me. Just back from a Long Weekend, I had given this issue considerable thought. In terms of Chiron, being the “Wounded Healer” I see it more as meaning that we all have past karma/wounds that we suffer from that are in this life currently being worked our or “healing” so I believe that once we are able to work through those karmic wounds/events then we in tern can help others? Not necessarily through wounding them intentionally or unintentionally but that we are able to help them in a manner of speaking because of those things that we have suffered, i.e. The Wounded Healer….

    I don’t have a clue about the “sexual aspect” that never entered my mind – I was only focused on what Jamie had spoke to in terms of Chiron represpenting Jesus.

    Learning astrology is as deep as the sea.

  11. @Jaime D.

    to expand that further in relation to the topic in that perhaps Lilith conjunt Chiron could possibly represent a healing for the church…

    Hmmm…maybe they will allow women to be priests >?<

  12. Jaime D. : Not necessarily through wounding them intentionally or unintentionally but that we are able to help them in a manner of speaking because of those things that we have suffered, i.e. The Wounded Healer…

    Yes, I think what I wrote before abut hurting others has to be viewed in combination with Mars in the chart. I was probably taking a personal perspective as I have Chiron and Mars in aspect.

    • The symbol I have in this post is the same one used in the astrology software I use, Solar Fire.

  13. Would be interested in reading about Black Moon Lilith in the 4th House (esp Neptune conjunct). I watched a video that mentioned that Hitler’s Ketu was in his 4th house which created an environment in which he felt his mother hated him. I don’t understand how that conclusion was derived, but am interested in what these types of alignments mean and if they are resolvable.

  14. Hi there, I’m looking everywhere for Lilith transits to my planets but there is no information on this. Can you please tell me, I have Lilith opposite my natal Sun and Lilith square to my natal Neptune in my transits chart. Can you please shed some light on this? Thank you so very much!

    Also, what does it mean when there is a consistent pattern in your transits chart? I’m constantly seeing my planets transit (on different days, different months) a constant distinct pattern: Uranus/Lilith/North Node (planets will transit this pattern). One time its my moon that transits these 3, next it will be Mercury or Venus, and always always for the last 3-6mons Uranus has stayed in transit to this pattern: Uranus/Lilith/North Node. Does it mean something when you always see this pattern being transited together in your transit chart? Thank you

  15. Actually, he wasn’t rebelling!! He was opposed to spiritual materialism! Money is not sacred- they were desecrating the temple!! Um… Jesus was about transcending materialism. So… yeah! He wasn’t rebelling. He was enforcing the no false idol worship and enforcing the supremacy of spirit in the temple, eg, house of the heavenly father. Which doesn’t mint coins. Money is not to be made on the backs of the faithful trying to connect with God. It was the money changers who were not in compliance with divine law – they were the rebels!!! they thought their will for money superior to divine love. and… isn’t that how he got cruified? power and money and empire insisting their will for matrialism win?? isn’t that still what we do to this day??? In almighty dollars we trust?? sorry!this theme is near and dear to my heart. read his words directly!!! you would be awed! he was an idealist -consciousness as the basis of wealth – MATTER-material tangible stuff is nondurable. TRUTH is durable. thus… money doesn’t save a soul from what ails. only spirit can. that’s chiron!! spirit without body – that’s the chiron myth and also the christian crucifixion. He didn’t rebel. he was setting the sin of arrogance and greed out to pasture. they don’t belong in holy places. that’s how his concurrent speaking clarifies why he did as he did, as I recall…open to any other viewpoints!!! Any thinking he was other than a consciousness-precedes-matter point of view has entirely missed out IMHO on the reason he had to incarnate – it was the status quo who had it backwards and were using people in love of money – the way sociopaths handle things. He didn’t want that kind of mentality going into temples. he called it hypocrisy. Hypocrisy is actually in secular humanism also deemed immoral. I happen to be an ethics enthusiast. It’s because hypocrisy lacks virtu – what we can consider ‘excellence of integrity – that is, an unwavering consistency in the mental sphere of human endeavor – where the person does not skew preference to their dishonor by letting shady behavior slide – as ‘ok for me to do’ and ‘not ok for others to do.’ The golden rule Christ also taught 1200 years later. First issued by Epictetus in BC era of greek philosophy.

  16. Maybe they were both rebelling. Jesus and the money lenders were two sides of the same coin. Both were part of the same organization/establishment. The temple.
    As an animalistic pagan 😇🔥with Chiron retrograde opposite Uranus in sag … I couldn’t care less. But I’ve been thinking about spiritual systems that originated in Mesopotamia. Christianity and astrology both pull many, many ideas from (even more ancient) Sumerian thought, philosophy, storytelling, and religion.
    I like this relation he made between Chiron and Jesus. That makes sense, even if it was the money lenders as the rebellion, rebellion is always kinda painful.

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