Lunar Eclipse 21 January 2019 – Change and Opportunity

Lunar Eclipse January 2019 AstrologyThe Full Moon on Monday January 21, 2019 in the first degree of Leo is a total lunar eclipse. The lunar eclipse January 2019 astrology is most affected by Uranus. A challenging square aspect to this planet of uncertainty and rebellion brings change but also opportunity. Unexpected events and news are likely to cause anxiety and uncertainty about the future. Life may seem more hectic and fast paced than before.

Lunar eclipse January 2019 falls in an area of the sky with only dim stars. However, brighter stars align with the Sun to give the confidence and courage to accept change. Patience, self-control, adaptability and an open mind will help you and take advantage of the new opportunities that arise from the changing conditions ahead.

Lunar Eclipse Meaning

Like a regular full moon only stronger, a lunar eclipse focuses attention on your emotions, intimate relationships, and your home and family. A total lunar eclipse has an even strong influence on your private life. Sun opposite Moon qualities of emotions and instincts reach their peak at a lunar eclipse. This lets you take an objective and balanced look at your close relationships. Because you will be in touch with your own needs and intentions, you will clearly see any relationship imbalances causing disharmony.

With a total lunar eclipse in particular, the blotting out of the Moon represents a resetting of your emotions, clearing away the emotional baggage of the previous six months. The January 31 lunar eclipse complements themes found in the January 5 solar eclipse to form an eclipse phase which lasts to the total solar eclipse on July 2, 2019.

Lunar Eclipse January 2019 Astrology

The total lunar eclipse on 21 January 2019 at 00°51′ Leo is conjunct some small fixed stars that are not used in astrology. Moon square Uranus is the major influence which makes this a challenging lunar eclipse. Looking at the chart below you will see that Mercury is nearly six degrees from the Sun. This is too wide an orb to have much of an influence on this lunar eclipse but Mercury square Uranus will, at just over three and a half degrees orb.

Lunar Eclipse Square Uranus

Moon square Uranus causes rapid mood swings and impulsive reactions. You may feel jumpy and have little patience for anything requiring commitment or focus. If anyone tries to tie you down or forced you to do something you are likely to rebel. Your normal routines may become boring and you could be easily distracted by anything new and shiny. You may have trouble relaxing because of an unsettling feeling or anticipation of something new just around the corner.

This is not a good eclipse for making sudden changes, especially in close relationships. New encounters may meet your need for a thrill but would cause a great deal of upset to your life and have a negative effect on loved ones. You may experience emotional outbursts from friends or family that would need extra patience and sensitivity.

Lunar Eclipse January 2019 Astrology

Lunar Eclipse January 2019

Mercury Square Uranus

Mercury square Uranus can cause nervous tension because of the unsettling feeling mentioned above. You may receive shocking news or experience something unexpected that forces you to change plans. The normal tempo of life increases and you may have an unsettling feeling of always having to catch up. This is not a good eclipse for making plans or attending to detailed paperwork due to lack of concentration. Mishaps are likely in your communications whether in person, in writing or on the internet where misunderstandings could lead to arguments.

On the positive side, you have an increased ability to view things through a different perspective, which can lead to original ideas and breakthroughs. Chance encounters with others are possible, but most new friendships will probably be short-lived. Think twice before making bold statements, and double-check and travel plans. Avoid making spontaneous decisions or agreeing to things on the spur of the moment. So remaining flexible and open-minded is key to dealing with any unexpected events, from your car breaking down to printer jams.

Lunar Eclipse Fixed Stars

Pi Puppis at 00°35′ Leo Sign is a star in the Poop Deck of the Ship Argo Navis. The star has the traditional name Ahadi, which is derived from Arabic for “having much promise”. [1] Argo Constellation gives a strong mind and spirit, prosperity in trade and voyages but is also associated with drowning. [2] It is correlative of events concerning the sea and shipping and of rivers and springs. [3]

The strongest stellar influence comes from the major fixed star Altair at 02°02′ Aquarius Sign. This bright pale yellow star in the neck of the Eagle gives a bold, confident, valiant, unyielding, ambitious and liberal nature, great and sudden but ephemeral wealth and a position of command. Altair conjunct Sun gives public honor, notoriety, favors from superiors, many friends and some envious ones who cause trouble through writings, some ill-health and losses, and danger of bites from venomous animals. [2]


Lunar Eclipse January 2019 is opposite Mercury and square Uranus. This signals unexpected events and news that are likely to cause anxiety and uncertainty about the future. So keeping an open mind and staying calm and patient is key to dealing with this erratic and unpredictable energy. Otherwise, impulsive reactions, rapid mood swing and miscommunication could cause panic and chaos.

Although the fixed star conjunct the Sun does not moderate this erratic energy, it does offer help by giving confidence and courage. Self-control and patience will counter a tendency to overreact and argue when faced with stressful situations. So take small steps and be adaptable.

“A pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity, an optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty.” ∼ Winston Churchill

Lunar Eclipse January 2019 Map

Lunar Eclipse January 2019 Map

Lunar Eclipse January 2019 Map

If Lunar Eclipse January 2019 directly impacts your horoscope decan you can read about its effect in your monthly horoscope. For more detail about how it affects your natal chart see Full Moon Transits.

Lunar Eclipse January 2019 Times and Dates

  • Los Angeles – January 20, 9:16 pm
  • New York – January 21, 12:16 am
  • London – January 21, 5:16 am
  • Delhi – January 21, 10:46 am
  • Sydney – January 21, 4:16 pm


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77 thoughts on “Lunar Eclipse 21 January 2019 – Change and Opportunity

  1. HI,
    I am Virgo – born on 26th aug, at 3:55 am in Chandigarh (India). I was asked to leave the job end Dec and we are having discussions since then. Can you advise if I can regain this position through Jan 21st eclipse please?

  2. My natal Jupiter (R) is 7 degrees Aquarius in the 11th house. How will this affect me?

  3. Check out the 21 Jan 2019 Supermoon transits for the Founding of the US chart for 30 Apr 1789 at 2:45pm ET. I have never seen such a challenging chart for the US.

    • Lunar eclipse Moon is conjunct (1789, March 4 constitution) Uranus🇺🇸1degLeo16. So the aspect is Uranus square Uranus transit, “a new magnetic person enters the life”

      • The asteroid Gault 6478 fits The New Electric:
        Gault: 18degAqu43, conj asteroid Child 4580: 18degAqu46, conj Pluto: 18degAqu02

  4. eclipse was in my 6th house. our division’s manager just announced today that he’s leaving the division to lead another. sounds about right. new manager means new “rules and regulations” which means changes to my daily work routines – hopefully not much.

  5. Eclipse was tightly conjunct my Mercury but nothing happened that I know of. I’m a Leo with Leo rising and none of the Leo-aqua eclipses hitting my chart affected my life. I think I’m a ghost. Haha

    • Where is your North node? This point is said to guide your destiny. For instance, my nodal Axis is 18deg18’ Leo/Aqu, and the last few years have been remarkable

      • Glad to hear it. My NN is 21 Taurus. But my Sun is 17 Leo and asc is 12deg45 Leo. Nothing has clicked. But looking at the upcoming new moon, it’s conjunct my desc and conjunct solar return asc, and opposite solar return Mercury.

        • Looks to me the trigger is the Mars/Jupiter/Venus stellium in your third decan of Cancer. So about 6 months from now. The weekends Lunar Eclipse has activated Mercury and a Full blown Solomon Seal in your chart. Amazing.

          • You just made my day. I checked 6 months from now and you were spot on. Uranus will be conjunct my MC at that time. And the full moon in June will be smack on my progressed MC. Plus a couple of conjunctions to that stellium you mentioned. Progressed Moon in 10th house. Almost forgot, SA Moon conjunct that stelllum. Any more thoughts?

            • With Mercury triggered and a Uranus MC transit, a sharpened Intuition and psychic capability. Prog Moon angular 10th will hone your command of day-to-day activities, while undergoing personal resurrection during the evenings. Priorities become clearer now.

    • The NN, 21degTau is generally where you go in life, except for a period of 9 years after age 47/48 when the Nodes ‘reverse’. During this 9 year period, which you are in, Go To the South Node until age 56. When the eclipse series is over at this age, revert to following your NN

        • I was looking at the progressed Gault discovery chart today, and I believe it has prophetic value. What do you think?

          • I haven’t looked at it. You would know a lot more than me. I was asking because I’ve known for awhile that my tertiary progressed Sun will be exactly conjunct to the minute my natal Mercury in the month leading up to the lunar eclipse conjunct my Mars in Jan 2020 and that much-talked about Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Cap happening at the same time.

            • Tertiary is third level. Thanks for those details. We have harpooned the great whale Gault, and a Tertiary look seems to be in order.

  6. Gerald, I am curious, what does the “new electric” refer to? Also, just checking in to report, for what it’s worth, that this eclipse has indeed been eventful, but, I will say, so far, cautiously positive, for me… I have Natal Leo Mars at 5 degr (and a late degree Leo Sun at 22 d), with solar return Mars conjunct Lilith at 0 degr Aqua, in House X, squaring SR Ascendant and SR Uranus. I can’t give details here in this forum because my situation is shocking and to an extent is playing out in the public eye. I can confirm that this eclipse is culminating scandalous events triggered by the previous Leo-Aqua axis eclipses. Also, I really felt the positive Jupiter-Venus conjunction. Hope everyone is experiencing a fortuitous boost from that.

    • Hello HS, I came across a line in a Uranus Sq Uranus analysis “a new magnetic person comes into the life”, while looking at the USA constitution chart inspired by a post by Tom.

      Since we are looking at a country chart, the New Electric could be plausibly, the newly electrified asteroid Gault, which, in the Constitution chart, resides at 18 deg Aqu, along with asteroid Child and Pluto.

      It is conceivable that the 🇺🇸 has the technology to electrify an asteroid. The inception occurred last November. Perhaps look for further evidence the beginning of Leo 2019, when your Mars conjuncts the Sun, and the capability of a successful birth is enhanced.

  7. Provocative ideas. Maybe the “new magnetic person” is Nancy Pelosi, given the charismatic way she has come into the public eye… I still don’t know what your “new electric” means, by the way. Also, the inception of what happened last November?… I have some trouble following you. That’s certainly a wild notion about earth having technology to electrify an asteroid… I rather think we’re still more plausibly dealing with the reverse (the effects of heavenly bodies impacting earth’s magnetic fields).

      • I’m finding astrology that strongly suggest Pelosi as an Electric person, Uranus Sq Uranus, US constitution.

        Sun 5 Aries
        Gault 5 Aries

        Born during week of Child (March 26), at the vernal equinox – Annunciation

        Asteroid Child 22 Aries
        North Node 20 Libra

        • Fascinating, Gerald! Interesting Sun-Gault conjunction, but what is known about the astrology of the Gault asteroid? I don’t have any information. Do you have links?

          • I don’t have astrology links to Gault. We are creating the astrology in real time. Thanks for the NN position.

  8. My rising sign, which I’m told is my North Node, is Scorpio, my South Node, which I’m not as sure of is supposed to be Leo, so ive no idea what this new .transit, and eclipse might bring

    • Hi Chrissy, North and South Nodes are always located in polarity (i.e., directly opposite one another) so you cannot have a Scorpio-Leo nodal axis. Scorpio and Leo are in square (90 degr) relationship. Perhaps you meant that your rising sign is Scorpio, and your South Node is in Leo?

      If so, that would place your North Node in Aquarius.

      Eclipses will impact the most only when they hit an aspect in exact or tight degree (within a range of 5 to 10 degrees) to a placement in your chart. So, for example, if your South Node were at 0 degrees Leo, then you would certainly experience an impact from the eclipse at 0 degrees Leo. As for how it would play out, numerous factors, especially the House placement of the eclipse would hold key clues. Hope that helps.

  9. Gault Asteroid number 6478. 9 Jan 2019. Electric telegram sent, Gault has turned into a comet. First impacted October 2018. Thought you might all like the syncronicity of that.

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