Pluto Retrograde 2020 – Fear of Death

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Pluto Retrograde 2020Pluto retrograde 2020 starts on April 25 at 25° Capricorn and ends on October 4 at 22° Capricorn. The major influence on Pluto retrograde this year is Jupiter conjunct Pluto. This increases the fear of death from the coronavirus pandemic. It means exponential growth, extreme laws, and much suffering.

Pluto retrograde 2020 is a test of faith. Generosity, kindness, and spiritual evolution will help you come through this distressing period in better shape than most.

More detail about Pluto retrograde 2020 follows some general information at Pluto retrograde in transit. Information about Pluto retrograde in the natal chart can be found at the end of this article.

Transiting Pluto Retrograde Meaning

Pluto retrograde in transit is a regular cycle lasting five months every year, during the opposition to the Sun. As with all outer planets, it causes less concern than the rarer inner planet retrogrades. Transiting Pluto retrograde is a time of reflection about power and control in your life.

If people have controlled or manipulating you then now is the time to let them go. If you have been too controlling of others or situations then it is time to let go. This is not a time for power tripping but a time for elimination. Fated events and repeating themes will reinforce which of your controlling habits, compulsions, addictions, or prejudices must be eliminated.

If you have been too smothering and controlling in a relationship, holding on too tight, then you may be forced to let go. If obsessive or compulsive behavior involving food or drugs has taken hold of your life, then events may force a turnaround. The more intense your destructive behavior, the more extreme the detoxification or withdrawal stage will be, such as going cold turkey.

Perhaps suspicion, secrecy, racism, gambling, or porn are taking control and holding you back from spiritual evolution. Trust in your spirit guides and think of the extremes your ancestors endured to have their genes expressed in you. Destroying things that have control over you will increase your spiritual power and lead to personal mastery.

Pluto Retrograde 2020

Pluto retrograde 2020 starts on April 25 at 24°59′ Capricorn and ends on October 4 at 22°29′ Capricorn. Jupiter conjunct Pluto is the strongest influence on Pluto stationary retrograde. It is also the strongest influence on Pluto during the whole retrograde period because this major alignment lasts from April to November 2020.

Pluto Retrograde 2020

Pluto Retrograde 2020

Jupiter conjunct Pluto transit makes you focused and driven. Its most positive manifestation is extremely good fortune, generosity, transformational change, and spiritual evolution. Business success, wealth, travel, a promotion at work, or a better career are just some of the possibilities.

But this Jupiter Pluto conjunction is square Mercury which increases fear of death and can cause extreme, ruthless, self-righteous, and obsessive thoughts and words. So the negative Jupiter-Pluto manifestations of selfishness, greed, jealousy, nationalism, racism, persecution, victimization, and revenge are more likely. The square to Mercury also makes long-distance travel more challenging and nearly impossible because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Mercury square Jupiter-Pluto is also linked to the respiratory problems associated with the coronavirus because Mercury rules the lungs. Jupiter rules growth and expansion while Pluto rules viruses, pandemics, the masses, global events, and death. Mercury also rules hands and the square aspect makes it easier for the disease to spread because many will be careless about washing their hands and touching their face.

Pluto retrograde 2020 will coincide with mass death from the exponential growth of a highly contagious disease. Pluto retrograde 2020 square Mercury makes it harder to make sense of the loss, suffering, and grief. It may test your faith and make it harder to believe or understand that death is a transition.

Jupiter conjunct Pluto retrograde square Mercury will also see extreme powers used by governments and corporations to exert control of freedom of movement, education, social life, and in some places also freedom of speech. Pluto retrograde 2020 comes with secrecy, lies, propaganda, and paranoia. So get your information from multiple trusted sources and do no spread misinformation on social media.

The best way to handle the effects of Pluto retrograde 2020 is to act morally and ethically. Being kind and generous will help you evolve spiritually. And that will increase your chance of material growth, happiness, and success, even during the retrograde phase. It will certainly make it easier to rebuild after Pluto stations direct on October 4, 2020.

Pluto Retrograde Dates
  • 2019, April 24 to October 3 – 23°09′ to 20°38′ Capricorn
  • 2020, April 25 to October 4 – 24°59′ to 22°29′ Capricorn
  • 2021, April 27 to October 6 – 26°48′ to 24°18′ Capricorn

Natal Pluto Retrograde

Pluto retrograde natal is more common than inner planet retrogrades such as Mercury and Venus. About 40% of people have Pluto retrograde in their birth chart so it’s less feared and less harmful than having an inner planet retrograde. That being said, natal Pluto retrograde still has karmic repercussions and a noticeable influence.

With natal Pluto retrograde, you may have difficulty transforming your life due to fear of letting go. The internalization process of retrogrades can slow you bringing your intense drives and needs to the surface. You will probably have difficulty expressing your personal power and influence.

Fear of being controlled or of taking control can stem from past life experiences involving abuse of power or being overly controlled. Which side of the ledger, whether victim or abuser, is shown through aspects to your Pluto and any fixed star conjunctions.

Depending on the particular past life conditions, you may have a fear of death, poverty, manipulation, torture, imprisonment, being committed to a mental institution, exile, or betrayal. Power and control issues may also involve psychic realms, sex, and inheritance.

For such reasons, you can be very intense on the inside, secretive, or a control freak. Past life conditioning can repeat, especially while young, in the form of compulsions, phobias, isolation, or mistrust of family. You may develop strong psychic power as a result of internalizing your powerful drives and wish for power and success. Hiding your true desire for power and influence can lead to suspicion.

Pluto retrograde in your natal chart subjects you to many fated events that are aimed at bringing your deepest and darkest fears to the surface. A repeating theme of particular experiences will continue until you learn to safely express your inner power and intensity.

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  1. This is very weird but I feel changed in a VERY good way with what’s supposed to be a terrible transit w/ transit Pluto squaring my Pluto /Moon conjunction. How is this possible?? I’ve given up alcohol, become vegetarian and in general feel very solid inside. 2/16/79 7:55pm in CA

    • Alcohol is under a Neptune influence. When it was square Saturn a few years ago we had the peak in the opiode crisis. Saturn and Neptune are now sextile. Planets sextile are said to Work Well Together.

  2. That’s probably why Lisa .Your already transforming to a more healthy energy 👍

  3. I want to start a business and also my heart is pulled to Aries but I feel they can be very manipulative so I’m settling with someone who financially is helping but my heart is not fully in. What should I do?

    • First of all i’m really curious to know what led you to that conclusion cause i mean it’s not like if i were some kind of professional astrologer but as far as i know Scorpions are the ones who all this time got “the fame” of being the great manipulators of the zodiac, not Aries, since Aries people tends to be the most straightforwards in any type of subject, i guess?!
      Anyway, since i rlly dont know your current situation, the most useful advice that comes to mind so i can give it to you is that money can buy you a lot of things in this life (sure it does) but keep in mind that the wheel of fortune is always turning around and so those who now may seem kinda of “financially gorgeous”, by the end of the day, may reveal to be not so interesting as you once thought they would be and then, there’s only one question for you to answer, which is: even so, will you still maintain your votes? not only in health but also in disease?! that’s a hard question (ikr), but u have to be sure that this person worths it all so you can choose her without any major doubts. (of course, assuming we’re talking of some romantic-matrimonial-relationship type of deal)

    • Aries is manipulative?
      How is falling in love with money and not with the money-maker not manipulation on your side?

  4. Chrystia Freeland”s “PLUTOCRATS, The Rise of the New Global Super-Rich and the Fall of Everyone Else” published 2012, Doubleday.

    page 248

    DENNIS GARTMAN, (11 + 11), defends the 1%.

    page 249

    “You might say that the American Plutocracy is experiencing its John Galt moment. Libertarians (and run of the mill high school nerds) will recall that Galt is the Plutocratic hero of Ayn Rand’s 1957 novel ‘Atlas Shrugged’. Tired of being dragged down by the parasitic, envious, and less talented lower classes, Galt and his fellow capatalists revolt, retreating to “Galt’s Gulch”, a refuge in the Rocky Mountains. There, they pass their days in secluded splendor, while the rest of the world, bereft of their genius and hard work, collapses.”

    • The fall of everyone else is not the fault of the super rich.
      1% rich, 99% gullible.

      • im sure Chrystia Freeland appreciates your opinion on her book title. Perhaps bolster your opinion with astrology, for instance, Eris square Pluto, the ‘survival of the fittest’?

      • “During… planet formation, … the combination of motion and mutual gravitational attraction caused all sorts of collisions among the plantisimals orbiting the central mass. In this treacherous environment, the rich get richer, as small plantisimals were either destroyed or absorbed into larger ones.”

        I’m just casually reading “The Prophet and the Astronomer”, by Marcelo Geiser, published 2001, pg 102, and come across this remarkable expression ‘Rich get Richer’, to describe planet formation.

        It took many years to figure out, and a fortuitous Pluto Rx, yet here it is: Human population growth, and by its extension, the Concentration of Wealth into a tiny litter, is but a model of Plantisimal Accretion (fetal development), within the womb of Jupiter.

  5. The Pluto / moon conjunction might relate with something regarding your mother , maybe some friction there with the transiting Pluto in square.

  6. Pluto Rx, Age of Aquarius chart, Jan 12, 1996.

    “12th house Pluto relates to psychic ability and karma. (Humanity) has the potential for transcendence, and are constantly seeking a higher plane. (Humanity) needs to learn to trust – and manage – intuitive powers, in order to get where “it” wants to go.”

    specifically to Pluto Rx, 12th, “wants you to moan, cry, and grieve your losses you experienced earlier in your life, or in past lifetimes”.

  7. Hi Jamie- this Pluto rx conj Jupiter will square my Venus in 23 degree Libra
    slightly square North Node in 21 degree Aries
    opposite Moon in 25 degree Cancer

    so…Happy GRAND CROSS transit!! ^^

  8. I have recently completed the so-called Dark Night of the Soul. In my case, it was about a period of 3 years. It seems that the whole planet is starting this cycle. It was the most difficult time in my life. I would never, ever want to repeat this process again. However, if you do your inner work properly, you will come out of this cycle anew, free from fears, stronger and more mature then before.
    If you feel as if a boy inside you will come out as a man. So, this darkness makes sense. However, to make sure you rip all the benefits from this person you need to get connected to your Spirit guide, otherwise, you might get easily lost in fears, illusions, and stuff. All the best!
    This is only a beginning!

  9. I’m listening to an amazing CD. The vocal and base track are unreal ,unlike anything I’ve heard before… it Cuts off with the automobile switch, abruptly , aArenda. now Iron and Wine, but before that, Enigma, very eclectic, you are in New York, along I come,, c’mon, jump out and into my canoe

  10. Jamie, my 37 year old niece wants to study the art and science of astrology. I suggested she go to a good school on line. I told her to ask you. But, I will ask for her. Any suggestions for her? I don’t her to waste her time going to some off the wall sun sign astrology class.

    • Hi Karen. I don’t know of any in particular. I learned mostly online by reading about aspects and getting practical experience in astrology forums.

  11. I have been atracted to astrology science since 2011. I loved this page especially for its depth of knowlege and professional content when comparing to others. During recent months however, I notoced that I am getting sick and tired of all the negativity and dreadful titles of transit interpretations. All those ancient fear inducing Algols, etc. World needs some positivity and not amplificvation of fears and depression these days, dont you think? Why not bring some wisdom to planet placements (like each thing is a chalenge and opportunity at he same time – the same with transits) ? Enough of scaring people please! 😉 All the best and good i vibrations to all of you!

    • 100% agree with the above comment. Write ups like this are nothing short of fear mongering narrow-mindedness using astrology as a language which falls short of exploring the depth of growth and opportunity these placements bring. No longer a reliable, balanced source for investigating aspects and transits.

      • I also agree, this interpretation disgusts me, and he includes some shaming and blames it on Mercury. Everywhere else I look about this transit talks about a change in power, including personal power, that isn’t even overly optimistic but acknowledges challenges.

        The overly negative, fearmongering Miss Cleo fortune telling is a sign of mental illness. I’m out, there are better astrology sites. This one is just run my yet another man full of blinding hatred who wants to point the finger at the average person and scream at them.

        • Develop the will power to tolerate the truth, negative or positive. Astrology predicts all kinds of events, negative and positive.

        • Oh really, you are the Virus now. We are experiencing the world’s deadliest pandemic for one hundred years so the stars and planets are hardly going to say everything is wonderful. Please tell us about the favorable aspects to Pluto retrograde. I tell it how it is. Go elsewhere for hippie rose-colored glasses.

          • Right, it is a future prediction, what is destined to happen is in god’s hands and astrology only predicts it, it is not here to solve all your problems or sugar coat the truth. These terrible events are because mankind has left path of righteousness and has crossed all limits of sins. Mother nature and God’s other children are now finally seeing some good days . So it is bad only for the sinner species.

            I remember Vedic astrologers also predicted something terrible around December 2019 as Solar eclipse happened in vedic sagittarius sign with 6 retrograde planets. At that time same foolish response came from people that why are you fear mongering, nothing gonna happen etc etc…typical ignorance, but whatever they said came true in form of Corona Virus some two or three months later as solar eclipse effect lingers for years, they said there will be earthquake and fire which also was the case in some parts of the earth.

            Two thieves were hiding with a radio from police, but the radio kept giving them news that police is nearby their area, so in fear and anger they broke they radio, but they still got was only an informer and it tells things as it is, it sugarcoating things does not solve your problems.

            So, in summary astrologer is just a messenger, the one sending the msg are god and planets. Don’t blame someone who came with a bad news, see your actions and purify your karma. that is the answer to personal and universal welfare.

    • The depth of knowledge and professional content remains. Challenge and opportunity is present. I appreciate the delineations and understanding of myself, my own reactions that affect my environ and reminders of limitations I must overcome. I find these listings to be vital and relevant in understanding happenings and trends. I too wish the best for we the inhabitants of this planet where we have a view of the world that may be beyond our everyday Earthly understanding in expansiveness. Being aware of negative challenges reminds us that we are truly “in this” together, and that each of us have limitations, experience and influence within and without that we need to recognize and forgive, manage or let go. Another note, my grandmother used to forsee tragedies happening before the fact–for example she foresaw a friend getting hit by a bus, warned her friend, and learned later that he was indeed hit by a bus. I do not believe she enjoyed foreseeing such happenings, I know she was disturbed by it. So don’t be so quick to throw the “fearmongering” theory at people. We are able to tell the difference between manipulation and awareness eventually–with informed, critical (careful and methodical) thinking. Thank you Jamie for keeping us informed and aware–I have come to trust your readings over the years.

  12. I agree with this article. Being a Scorpio, I tend to have a close relationship with Pluto. Pluto can be some of our biggest and darkest fears. Pluto has played a very huge and important role since the beginning of the year with Saturn and Jupiter. The other is Uranus in Taurus, taking down our monetary system eventually. I think when someone sees an intense article as such, they fear to read about fear rather than making the changes needed in this death, rebirth and transformation. This is one of the best sites regarding astrology and truth. Thank you Astrology King! You’re prediction regarding the new moon on April 22 – May is spot on. I can see all around me how restless people are regarding the lockdown and the virus isn’t gone yet, they are quick to get out and on with it. I can see how this can definitely turn into a TRAGEDY. As much as we would love to see nothing but light in the world, we are going through dark times. But we can transform the darkness into light, we just each have to be responsible for ourselves during these times.

  13. Hi Jamie, thanks for the article. I had hoped for some fresh starts in my romance/love life in 2020 but the pandemic is putting paid to that, such a shame as I have been single for many years now. Who knows when this will end for all of us.
    I have positive transits all through until July, some of them include:
    Tx Pluto trine moon
    Tx Jupiter trine moon
    Venus sextile Jupiter
    Venus sextile venus
    Venus sextile sun (I have a natal triple conj in my chart: venus, sun & Jupiter in Leo)
    Venus opposite Neptune ( ?unfulfilled longing)
    Also progressed Jupiter about to go through 7th house.
    I’ve also got a stack of spicy Mars trine transits coming up mid-summer.
    Yet… no chance of meeting anyone. Not a dicky bird. Just here in my flat, on my own, like many others.
    Take care everyone & stay strong.

  14. I’m surprised some Astrology King visitors have commented this article is too dark/negative. Well, that’s life. Anyone who’s lived through a Pluto transit square or Opposite their natal Sun or Moon can say it certainly isn’t an experience to be trifled with! Imagine how many people have had this ruthless Pluto, Saturn, and now Pluto+ Jupiter squaring or opposing their planets, must be absolute hell. One of my friend’s recently had this bunch opposing his sensitive Cancer moon & venus; my goodness he’s really been through a terrible time.

  15. Why would nationalism be a negative thing? Do you want to be like Venezuela or China and be tracked and loose all our rights?

  16. Hi, this current Pluto Retrograde (and the whole Pluto-Jupiter-Saturn-Mars thing) appears to be placed in my tenth house of Capricorn. How can I find out how this placement is likely to impact me or manifest? Thank you!

  17. Pluto changes your life… you won the battle… that is exactly what Pluto stands for. Well done.
    Squares (especially of Pluto) are not always bad, they are a fight. You can win or loose.

  18. Recently, I began to study astrology at and I want to say that the retrograde period is the time that the universe gives us, so that we can figure out ourselves and correct what we consider to be violated. It is never easy to look directly into the eyes of the deepest fear; however, when Pluto is retrograde, it is simply a necessity. Moreover, all the poisonous people around you must be excluded from your life for you to succeed.

  19. I feel a complete understanding of the overall vibration or sense of feeling of Pluto that seems to leave a greater sense of what Pluto is really all about. From my own experiencing Pluto in square to Mars and Saturn completely changed my direction and life leaving old relatives and a miserable ex husband behind so I could finally breathe,. Finally. However other more disturbing squares to Pluto I found represents devious people who can be tricky if not plain dangerous, .

  20. Pluto, saturn, and now jupiter have all been squaring my natal moon for some time now. And now mars retro back over it plus lilith. The amount of darkness, decay, and despair I have been feeling inside of me and around me is extremely heavy and at times very disturbing. There is also a lot of loneliness and anxiety I have been feeling. Almost too much to bear at times. I am Aries moon at 20 degrees so I think I am at the last stretch of the pluto square but I have not felt it so intensely until this year. I wonder how I will come out of this, especially now with the way the world is. It is really hard to escape the sadness and dark energies because they seem to be everywhere I go. I pray for humanity and our souls. Keep a strong mind and kind heart because it feels like it is all we have left.

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