Reticulum Constellation Stars

Reticulum Constellation

Reticulum Constellation [Stellarium]

Reticulum Constellation in the southern sky borders the constellations Dorado, Horologium and Hydrus. It represents the reticle, a net of cross-hairs at the focus of a telescope eyepiece used to measure star positions. Reticulum Constellation spans 27 degrees of the zodiac within Pisces Constellation, from 24° Pisces Sign to 21° Aries Sign.
25 ♓ 22κKappa Ret4.71°00′
29 ♓ 39βBeta Ret3.81°10′
05 ♈ 14γGamma Reti4.51°00′
07 ♈ 19δDelta Ret4.61°00′
07 ♈ 47αAlpha Ret3.31°30′
09 ♈ 08ιIota Ret5.01°00′
19 ♈ 53εEpsilon Ret4.41°00′

Reticulum Constellation Astrology

In astrology, Reticulum gives a restricted life, self-absorption, tenacity, selfishness and emotion. [1]

Riculum Rhomboidalis, the Rhomboidal Net, is generally supposed to be of La Caille’s formation as a memorial of the reticle which he used in making his celebrated southern observations; but it was first drawn by Isaak Habrecht, of Strassburg, as the Rhombus, and so probably only adopted by its reputed inventor. It lies north of Hydrus and the Greater Cloud, containing thirty-four stars from 3.3 to 7th magnitudes. It is the French Réticule or Rhombe, the German Rhomboidische Netz, and the Italian Reticolo. [2]


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  1. Beta Reticuli’s zodiacal degree seems to be mistaken here! ⚠️
    Yohan Midhelf says on his book that this star is situated on the 2nd pada of Purva Bhadrapada nakshatra and the website Constellation of Words confirms it by saying that this star is situated on degree 21 of tropical Pisces (Neptune’s actual transiting place by the way, which could perfectly explain such mess).

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