Foramen Star – Keyhole Nebula

Foramen is at 22°09′ Libra with an orb of 1°30′
Fixed Star Foramen Star Astrology

Constellation Argo Navis [Stellarium]

The Sun joins Foramen on October 15

Fixed star Foramen, Eta Carinae, is actually a stellar system containing at least two stars in Carina, The Keel of the Ship, Argo Constellation. Foramen is five million times brighter that of the Sun. Between 1837 to 1856, it brightened in an event known as the Great Eruption. The stars of Foramen are now obscured by the remnants of the Great Eruption, the Keyhole, or Homunculus Nebula.


13 ♎ 27
17 ♎ 40
22 ♎ 09
23 ♎ 50
24 ♎ 14

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Foramen Star Astrology

Foramen is of the nature of Saturn and Jupiter. It causes peril, dignity, piety, usefulness and acquisitiveness, and gives danger to the eyes. [1]

Foramen, η Carinae finds us in the hull. It is a Saturn-Jupiter, but its very variable magnitude, anything between glaring 1 and a dim 7, gives it a very Libran quality: tomorrow I will; today I won’t bother, yesterday it seemed a good idea… It is, however, close in longitude to wonderful Spica, so the appeal to take up the quest is definitely there. [2]

Foramen rules the connection of the two kidneys in the human body. [3]

Constellation Argo is the ship that carried Jason and the Argonauts in search of the Golden Fleece is today composed of the constellations Carina, Puppis, Pyxis, and Vela. In classical astrology it is correlative of events concerning the sea and shipping and of rivers and springs. It also has been said to be connected with death by drowning, especially if connected with the eighth house. Tetrabiblos asserts that its bright stars are of the nature of Saturn and Jupiter. [4]

According to Ptolemy the bright stars are like Saturn and Jupiter. Argo is said to give prosperity in trade and voyages, and strength of mind and spirit, but it has been observed to accompany cases of drowning, a notable instance being furnished by the horoscope of Shelley, where Argo occupied the 8th house and contained the Sun, Venus and Uranus. Drowning is particularly to be feared when Saturn afflicts the Moon in or from Argo. It is probably on account of this constellation that Virgo, especially the first decan, is frequently found to be connected with drowning. [1]

Star Foramen Astrology Keyhole Nebula

Keyhole Nebula – Fixed Star Foramen

Foramen Star Conjunctions

Sun conjunct Foramen: Danger of shipwreck. [1]

Jupiter conjunct Saturn conjunct Foramen: Separately, the two planets would affect only occasionally and there would be no disease connected with this. The combination, however, brings on an extreme malfunction of the entire kidney system. There is a blockage of energy here that travels up through the spine and as far as the eyes. Some persons would have the expansion of the Jupiter energy, and others would experience the Saturn energy depending on the orbiting aspects of the planets. If the Saturn energy is affected adversely, the native would experience a restriction of light to the eyes. If the Jupiter energy is adversely affected, there is too much light to the eyes. Both would cause headaches – with Saturn, tiny sharp sensations, and with Jupiter, very sudden headaches. Uranus, Saturn and Mercury orbiting this point would affect the Saturn energy, and the Sun and Venus would affect the Jupiter energy.

When Saturn energy is affecting the point, these persons should drink ½ glass of papaya juice diluted with water three times per day, and a little garlic three times per day in food. A drop of olive oil once a day would be very helpful also. When Jupiter energy is affecting this point, there would be an insufficient filtering process so that toxins enter the system. Ginger root combined with spearmint would be an excellent remedy for this problem. [3]


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* All fixed star positions are for the year 2000. Add one degree per 72 years to correct for precession.

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  1. My ASC is @ 21.34 LIB. There are no conjunctive planets to this point, but the Moon and Jupiter are conjunct and from a wide opposition from Aries, and Chiron and Mercury trine from Gemini. I have always wondered if I should consider Formen or Spica the stronger influence to this point (I think Spica is just within orb here) and generally how one would combine fixed star interpretations when planets or points are within orb of more than one. Thank you!

    • Glad you found that table useful Leigh. I think you are right about an influence from Spica rising in your chart. Very fortunate! I have it conjunct my Mercury and Venus, but opposite Saturn it takes some time to develop the goodies.

  2. Hi Jamie! That “If the Saturn energy is affected adversely, the native would experience a restriction of light to the eyes.” interesting. I had a sudden eye infection at the beginning of 2014 which took months to heal and I light was hurting. I never had that before. If I recall well at that time I had Saturn going over the IC ….could that transit trigger the effects of the star?

    • Yes it could I suppose. I always include the cardinal points for fixed stars. You can learn a lot by not forgetting to include IC and DC.

  3. Hi Jamie, my Mars is conjunct this star (in my 10th house). What is your take on that, being the only personal planet not indicated in the description!! Thanks very much.

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