Gemini Horoscope June 2014

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Cancer Decan 1 born Jun 21 to Jul 1.
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Decan 1 Gemini June 2014 Horoscope

Even though your birthday has passed by the start of this month, the May 28 New Moon means that you will still enjoy the benefits of the Sun in your decan until the next new moon on June 27. Confidence and enthusiasm should stay with you for up to a year because that new moon fortified your solar return chart. The first two weeks of a new moon phase are best for starting new projects, but the ideal time for you is during the Sun trine Mars from May 29 to June 2. You can count on extra sex appeal and initiative to have your desires fulfilled.

Your love life comes in for some special attention from June 23 to 30 with Venus in your decan. Coming during the waning phase of your birthday new moon, you should be feeling more receptive and ready for the extra pampering and affection Venus has in store. There may be some confusion entering your intimate relationships between June 27 to July 2 because of Venus square Neptune. This activation of your Neptune square also brings with it the possibility of deception and disappointment.

Decan 2 Gemini June 2014 Horoscope

Happy birthday with the Sun in your decan from June 1 to 10. The normal boost to confidence and general well-being gains more spark this year with Mars trine your decan from June 1 to July 7. You will find that you benefit from more energy and enthusiasm for the entire year ahead because of this positive Mars influence on your solar return chart. Sun trine Mars from May 29 to June 2 will be especially strong days, ideal for risk taking and acts of bravery.

The Sun sextile Uranus from June 3 to 9 adds a touch of the unexpected and you should be presented with some positive opportunities to advance. Excitement and anticipation due to the activation of your Uranus transit  gains more urgency with Mars opposite Uranus from June 15 to July 3. This will create a lot of tension in the air but you will benefit from changing circumstances. You will also enjoy more sexual charisma and magnetism.

Decan 3 Gemini June 2014 Horoscope
The Sun in your decan from June 11 to 20 signals a very special birthday this year because of the June 12 Full Moon. This means that for the rest of the month you will be feeling more emotional and sensitive than normal. Family matters and your home life will take up more of your time . This could be an ongoing theme for the next year as the full moon has a lasting influence in your solar return chart. Another influence of a full moon at birthday time is a greater focus on your intimate relationships.

Mercury in your decan June 17 to July 14 will make communication especially important in those areas influenced by the full moon. You can expect a big increase in the level of activity in your life with the Sun conjunct Mercury from June 18 to 22. It is possible that the hectic pace will get to you because Mercury is retrograde for the rest of the month. Nervous tension can be relieved by avoiding important decision during this time.

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  1. sandra munday says:

    Thankyou Jamie it looks like an eventful month coming up.

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    Thank you for sharing your insights with us – they are very helpful.

  3. Esteemed Jamie, according to your Decan, I’m Gemini decon 3 whereas, my Indian Horoscope made there, by our family astrologer, I’m Taurus. Which one should I refer to, please? Regards, Ranjit/

  4. krupa says:

    hi Jamie, my dob is 20/06/1985, time 1438 hours, place Nagpur, india. can you tell me when will I get married?

  5. Gemini June 2014 Horoscope posted

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    I’m already a hyper Gemini third decan, please no more nervous tension! lol

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    Aries June 2014 is still not posted. It´s of no use to get in the middle of the month….I am very sorry, but this is a very poor performance of you.

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    Hi Jamie

    Thank you for your reading. I am a little confused for decan 3 gemini…you mentioned sun in decan but at same time they will be more emotional and sensitive…I didn’t understand really how they will be impacted for the entire year? Will this be in a positive way or will there be issues throughout the month and year with family?

    Thank you

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