Gilles Duceppe Horoscope

Gilles Duceppe Horoscope

Gilles Duceppe

Gilles Duceppe is contesting the May 2 2011 Canadian Federal Election as leader of the Bloc Québécois Party. This minority party is to the right of the political spectrum and promotes Quebec sovereignty. In the last election Duceppe won 10% of the popular vote. What are his chances in this election according to astrology?

Canadian astrologer Axel Harvey, via Asenath Waite, has kindly supplied the birth data for Duceppe, July 22 1947, 2:00 am, Montreal. The New Moon before the election at 12 degrees Aries is trine his Pluto, more personal power and influence. Saturn will be trine his Ascendant and sextile his natal Saturn. Steady and secure, no surprises. Should safely retain his position and percentage of the vote. Also looks good for forming stable relationships with partners.

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