Grand Cross 2014

Grand Cross 2014

Grand Cross 2014 Moon Phases

The November 2013 Solar Eclipse – Fear of the looming chaos, debts have to be paid, wrongdoers punished. Opus Dei, economic rationalism, xenophobia, fear mongering, religious fundamentalism, nationalism and neo fascists. Sacrifice, hardship and suffering. Strict discipline and tough decisions, great urgency to take control, set boundaries, slash budgets and maintain social order. Lies and deception to cover up the real motivations, spiritual warfare. Printing money is a desperate measure that will fail. Brain-washing, institutionalized and highly organised persecution.

The March 30 New Moon – Dangerous and explosive, strong need to break free from routine and tradition, rebel against authority. The Vatican, buildup of frustration, anger and resentment, aggravation of current crises.

The April 15 Lunar Eclipse – Justice through power, belligerent and quarrelsome. A protector, the entity has chosen in itself to return to the earth for a definite mission.

April 22 Quarter Moon on the fixed star Altair – Bold, valiant, ambitious, guilty of bloodshed, a strange or ancient discovery, friends become enemies.

Aspects of Grand Cross 2014

Grand Cross 2014

Grand Cross 2014

Uranus square Pluto – Radical social, economic and political upheaval. Debt crises, out of control weather patterns and increasing tension between nations and races, racism, homophobia, nationalism.

Jupiter opposite Pluto – Intense drive to conquer, extreme philosophies, righteous beliefs, powerful and influential, ruthless and fanatical, lust for power, enemies threatened.

Jupiter square Uranus – Sudden change in fortunes, impatience, disruption, erratic behavior, dangerous ideas and schemes, cult leaders.

Mars square Pluto – Power struggles and confrontations, aggressive actions, military assaults, ruthless, jealous, underhand, subversive, threats, intimidation, powerful enemies.

Mars opposite Uranus – Resentment, impulsiveness, disruption, rebellion, dangerous, surprise attacks, outburst of anger, explosive.

Mars square Jupiter – Energy and initiative, risk-taking, coarse and tactless, impulsive, rash actions, courage, adversaries, provocation, accidents, injuries, exhaustion.

Fixed Star of Grand Cross April 2014

Pluto on the fixed star Nunki – Religion, foreign affairs, long-distance travel, ships and planes.

Uranus on the fixed star Alderamin – Rulers, judges, cruel and severe trials, death of rulers, shot in the head, hanging, decapitation, crucifixion or impalement, assassination,

Jupiter on the fixed star Sirius – Passion and resentment, renown, custodian, guardian, journeys.

Mars on the fixed star Algorab – Craftiness, greediness, revenge, selfishness, lying, aggressiveness, rebellion, terrorism, military assaults.

Jupiter was on Sirius when Cleopatra’s father died. The solar eclipse that day was on Alderamin. It marked the end of the ancient line of the Pharaohs, the end of the greatest dynastic kingdom in history.

The T-square of Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto lasts all of April, peaking on the 22nd and 23rd of April 2014. Any restlessness and anxiety cause by Uranus is going to be exacerbated and exaggerated by Jupiter. It is going to be dramatically intensified out of all proportion by Pluto, leading to some sort of crisis.

The resulting rebellious actions in defiance of societal standards and traditions, will be most provocative, explosive and potentially threatening to a large number of people. The ability to compromise is hampered by an inability to relate to both enemies and allies at an emotionally mature nature.

On the 22nd and 23rd of April 2014, Mars moves over the fixed star Algorab completing the Cardinal Grand Cross 2014. Sacrifice and suffering.

Grand Cross 2014 Countries

Afghanistan has Vertex on Algorab, Jupiter on Sirius.
China has Mercury and Neptune on Algorab.
Egypt has Vertex on Algorab.
France has the Sun and Mercury on Algorab, Part of Fortune on Sirius.
Greece has Ascendant and Saturn on Sirius.
Iraq has Part of Fortune on Sirius.
Libya has Saturn on Algorab, Uranus on Sirius.
North Korea has Neptune on Algorab.
Syria has Ascendant on Algorab, Midheaven on Sirius.
Ukraine has Uranus and North Node on Nunki, South Node on Sirius, MC on Alderamin, IC on Algorab
The Vatican has Uranus on Alderamin

Grand Cross 2014 Leaders

Tony Abbott has MC on Sirius.
Pope Francis I has AC on Sirius.
Queen Elizabeth II has Pluto on Sirius.
Vladimir Putin has Sun on Algorab.

31 thoughts on “Grand Cross 2014

  1. @Jamie Funk

    “One of the first things that Nick Clegg said in parliament when Cameron was away was that the war in Afghanistan was illegal. Add this to the wiki leaks reports….”

    curious echo from Lt Gen Hamid Gul, former chief of Pakistan’s ISI in response to the wikileaks who claimed they are ‘pure fiction’, citing comparison to intelligence re Saddam’s WMDs as based on falsehood ie, for Iraq war based on false premises read illegal – the very point just firmly underlined in relation to Iraq war by Hans Blix, former UN inspector who investigated WMD basis for UK/US invasion of Iraq

    “and British soldiers being killed nearly every day, I think there will be tensions rising in the coalition.” – betcha, but, well, besides being the same old Lib Dem pitch, this also now looks like a “holier than thou” political smokescreen, which would make sense given the intell Clegg and Cameron are now privvy to having gained n.10 – useful if, for example, you wanted, down the road, to distance yourself from Mr Obama’s escalation attitude – not to mention HIS use of the wikileaks as justification for the same war etc etc – coincidence? The worms are wriggling furiously, but , the sh*t surely hasn’t hit the proverbial yet….

    is there any astrology behind this? What about the moment the leaks were released – 5:00pm EST 2010 – 07 – 25? Looks like the yod formed by Sun sextile Saturn/Mars with Neptune/Chiron at the action point AND Mercury at the reaction point – could be, amongst everything else thats bubbling away….including Sun trine Pluto, shining a searchlight into the depths….

  2. Say, interesting stuff here and across darkstarastrology as well. But, I have to ask a question. Are any astrologers really trained in economics? I don’t know much myself, but I see a huge bias in the astrology community about debt and fiat money. Some like Barbara Goldsmith are basically gold bugs. I’m just asking because I follow politics a lot, but astrology as well, and I am wondering whether there might be an issue interpreting astrological events if there’s little knowledge of the material being discussed. I mean, about your statement about “printing money is a desparate measure that will fail” in the first paragraph, are you sure that’s a correct assumption. And also, is that in reference to the United States?

    Anyway, just want to thank you for your time. Have a wonderful day. I hope we make it through these tense times with as little strife as possible.

    • Its really just common sense that printing money without gold to back it up only makes it paper. You don’t need to be an economist to understand runaway inflation which has happened too many times to countries in the past. And yes its happening all over the world.

  3. A great article , thank you .
    A black death was occurred just after 1344 , i think . / Cardinal T Square of 1344 / You’re guys recently had a big flood in England . A flood could bring out old DNA to the surface and if you eat genetically modified food too much in the past , diseases could occur ! Yes , A paper money was invented by Mongol Yuan Dynasty , but there was the strict law that no one was allowed to earn interest during the first west meets east free trade . Near Glorious Revolution a current empire was of course built on interest and worship of dead things anywhere , especially after the Nixon Shock is a mess .
    A retro Mars is a double dose ( Earth is between them ) , more effective . North node is in Libra . Justice is going to be done . A humanity has learned it’s mistakes , making it again would be hard , at least til very very long time . There is an old Mongol saying : When the last man falls , his last cannon explodes ! We might witness that , but there is no Empire ever won against the Natural Law in human history , well at least what it’s been known .
    Use Uranus , free your souls my friends . So boxed up . An English society was built on Machiavellian lion and fox type . Thomas Hobbes’ state of nature , idea of social contract etc . Your theorist effectively has built the box that you’re all in . When the time of polishing shoes comes , your rulers will change their stations and will just forget about you , that’s for sure .
    Good luck 9

  4. I think . The 13 degree connection is of interest in this cross. Charubel’s degrees say for 13 Aries –
    “This is a most significant degree. It denotes great native powers or abilities which, by some occult power, bring about a host of heart-rending trials for the native during his earlier days. This may be noted in a number of instances, where there is a born genius; and it has proved a puzzle to the philosopher. The qestion has been asked again and again, “Why should such persons be the subjects of such trials?” The answer I give Is that by virtue of pre-natal conditions, combined with the natal, the psychic nature of that person being more open to outside influence than the ordinary, there is a rush of the unfavourable and malignant powers to that sphere, with the object of extinguishing that luminary, or otherwise bringing on a total eclipse.
    13-14 deg Aries Sun rising in the south-east quarter of the heavens, a little further south than that point which the Sun occupies at the winter solstice. This person will prove a true Solar man, destined to rule or command. Let such an one ever look towards the south-east of the place of his birth for success in all matters of a worldly nature.

    Scroll through for the same degree in other relevant signs.

  5. I have The Sun at 13-14 Aries . I am a true Solar Man and I was destined to rule . Descendant of Gengkhis Khan . We shall rise !

  6. Thanks Jamie . We have concluded that Putin has the Batu’s soul . In other word , he is the Batu Khan .

  7. These times are so unstable. I encounter neurotic, unhappy, distressed, deranged people everywhere I go. This is the norm now. I witness very competitive types or very defeated types.

  8. Quite interesting! Thanks. Im am looking at it with Vedic astrology glasses.

  9. Perfect Divine Order prevails – no goof-ups or mistakes!

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