New Moon January 1 2014

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New Moon January 1 2014 AstrologyThe new moon on Wednesday the 1st of january 2014 is highly charged and intense. This first new moon of the new year falls at 10 degrees Capricorn in line with Mercury and Pluto, so for the next four weeks, we can expect intense debate. With this new moon also square Mars, we can expect the discussion to become more vigorous, heated to say the least.

New Moon January 1 2014The grouping so tight together, of the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Pluto is rather dramatic and intense. A new moon sets us on a new path for the next few weeks, yet within the main themes of the previous solar eclipse a few months ago. In fact this new moon on january 1, 2014, makes the communicative sextile aspect to the November 2013 solar eclipse. The theme from that previous solar eclipse was one of radical social, economic and political upheaval, as it activated Uranus square Pluto.

The new moon Sun conjunct Mercury is an omen of much communication in the weeks ahead, discussions and debate about how to deal with the looming crisis of economic disaster, immigration and nationalism. The new moon Sun conjunct Pluto deepens the debate, adding intensity, making it an international concern.

The new moon Sun square Mars gives the potential in the following weeks for threats and ultimatums, a breakdown in discussions, even violence.

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