Pisces Horoscope October 2015

Pisces HoroscopeOctober 2015 Pisces horoscope with decans for a more accurate forecast. If you are on a cusp, use the free horoscope to find your decan.

   Pisces Decan 1 – born Feb 19 to 28.
   Pisces Decan 2 – born Feb 29 to Mar 10.
   Pisces Decan 3 – born Mar 11 to 20.

Decan 1 Pisces October 2015 Horoscope

The tests and challenges of last month continue into October 2015. However, fear and anxiety regarding your love life will eventually pass, and the picture becomes much rosier during the final week of the month.

Neptune in your decan this year can be good or bad depending on other influences that touch it. Hard aspect from Venus and Mars early this month will bring out its deceptive and weakening effect. A nicer influence later in the month from the full moon will bring out the more spiritual and dreamy side of Neptune.

Saturn square your decan until December 25 is unfortunately only very challenging in nature. You can make advances under its influence but you must work very hard and remain patient and determined. Hard aspect from Venus and Mars this month point to increased frustration and potential disappointment in love relationships.

Mars opposite your decan from September 24 to October 12 may already have you feeling agitated and angry. You have to choose your battles carefully now, and perhaps a tactical retreat is better in the long run. All types of relationships can be strained at the moment but especially in close love partnerships.

Mars opposite Neptune from October 5 to 8 can bring discouragement, weakness, and feelings of inadequacy. This is a low point in your energy regarding sexuality and competitiveness. Self deception and being deceived by others are more likely now. Your desire for all things fanciful does not match up with reality at this time. Your expectations in your career and sex life could be out of touch with reality.

Venus opposite your decan from October 7 to 20 does increase activity in the love and relationship department, and you will feel like indulging in pleasure more than going to work. Relationships problems will occur if you lower your standards. You could also be inclined to push too hard, resulting in disappointment from unrequited love.

Venus square Saturn from October 9 to 12 can add stress to intimate relationships due to negative feelings, distance or other relationships problems. Basically, you are not so fun to be around these few days. It is common under this influence to feel lonely and depressed. Money can also be tight with  so avoid a tendency toward wasting money and other resources.

Venus opposite Neptune from October 15 to 18 has the potential to cause problems with relationships and finances. You are more likely under this confusing and deceptive influence to fall victim to predators who seek to take advantage of your caring and accepting nature. Over idealization or gullibility can lead to embarrassment or disappointment in love, or financial losses that would all have a detrimental effect on your self-esteem.

Sun trine your decan from October 23 to November 3 brings to an end that most difficult of testing times. You can look forward to greater harmony and ease, especially in your relationships. Confidence and enthusiasm will return, allowing you to get back to focusing on your needs and goals.

The October 27 Full Moon lasts until November 11 and places an emphasis on harmony in relationships. This full moon itself is excellent for turning your dreams into reality, and this applies to you more than anyone else with Neptune so strong. Emotional sensitivity is enhanced, and you will enjoy a supportive and nourishing home and family life.

Sun trine Neptune from October 29 to November 1  increases your sensitivity to your environment and your empathy for others. Importantly, you may realize that achieving your goals and dreams is of prime importance, before you can be of help to others. Like the full moon, it will help to manifest your hopes and dreams for the future.

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Decan 2 Pisces October 2015 Horoscope

The September 13 solar eclipse heralded the start of a more challenging phase of life over the next six month. The theme of healing broken hearts really comes into play this month with difficult transits from Venus and Mars, the planets of love and sex.

Jupiter opposite your decan from September 23 to November 26 will exaggerate any relationships issues this month. It will be important to moderate your behavior as it gives a tendency toward excess and extravagance. Try not to over-estimate your abilities or your resources like money.

Pluto sextile your decan this year will thankfully help greatly in transforming any obsessive or compulsive behaviors. You can draw on a steely determination and inner power to turn difficult situations into opportunities for success.

Jupiter trine Pluto all month climaxes on October 11. This greatly increases your power and influence. You have the opportunity to use this power to positively transform your own life, your environment, and the lives of other people. The biggest gains during this period come from maintaining high morals, and not acting selfishly. Gains will still comes by always putting yourself above others.

Mars opposite your decan from October 10 to 28 presents a challenge you have to overcome in order to achieve a certain goal or simply to be yourself. Anger and frustration are likely as other people stand in your way or directly oppose your will. This is a difficult time to fully achieve what you want, but you can win if your objectives are noble not threatening to other people.

Mars trine Pluto from October 14 to 17 gives a surge of goal-directed energy, making you very ambitious but sometimes push. Sexual relations will especially benefit from your increased passions if you don’t come on too strong. You will be wielding much power and influence so it is important to use your power wisely. New romance is very possible now and would itself bring a big transformation in your life.

Mars conjunct Jupiter from October 15 to 22 will drastically increase you passionate desires but also any aggressive tendencies. To see your desires fulfilled, you must moderate your energy and try to be less assertive or dominating. Be careful about taking risks or provoking your competition. Your enemies will be very strong under this influence.

Venus opposite your decan from October 19 to 30 does increase activity in the love and relationship department, and you will feel like indulging in pleasure more than going to work. Relationships problems will occur if you lower your standards. You could also be inclined to push too hard, resulting in disappointment from unrequited love.

Venus trine Pluto from October 22 to 24 will intensify your need for love but also your tendency toward self-indulgence. By thinking and caring more about someone else, it is possible to undergo a positive transformation in your love life.

Venus conjunct Jupiter from October 24 to 27 brings a major test in your love life. Feelings of love and affection will be running very high and it is important how you express this. Being over-confident or over generous may lead to embarrassment or regret. This transit will confirm your feelings for another either way. The same applies to how they feel about you.

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Decan 3 Pisces October 2015 Horoscope

The September 13 solar eclipse signaled the beginning of a more challenging phase of life which will stay with you until March 2016. Later this month, the tests and challenges apply to your love life and your creative expression.

You may feel like you are banging your head against a brick wall because other people just don’t make things easy for you. These other people, especially men and bosses, will be getting their backs up because they may find you coming on too strong, too egocentric.

This is a month to step back from any situation which is causing difficulty and work out why you are getting these reactions from people. You may have to tone down your self-assertion and think about what you are really trying to achieve, and if this is the best option for you.

Mars opposite your decan from October 26 to November 14 increases the amount of opposition and resistance you get from others. The harder you push yourself, or the stronger you chase your desires, the more anger and frustration you will feel. To have your desires fulfilled, you will have to take a softer, more caring approach, especially if it relates to your sex life.

Venus opposite your decan from October 29 to November 9 does increase activity in the love and relationship department, and you will feel like indulging in pleasure more than going to work. Relationships problems will occur if you lower your standards. You could also be inclined to push too hard, resulting in disappointment from unrequited love. Money may also be tight this week so avoid a tendency to spend without thinking of the consequences.

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108 thoughts on “Pisces Horoscope October 2015

  1. Pls am dating a Scorpio man born in 27th October and l am Pisces, 3rd decan . we have dated for a year now but whenever l ask him or talk about marriage he keep telling me, he is not ready but am confused whelther l should move on to another person or he is still the one for me. Can u pls help me out here, l love him and l know he also loves me but l cant really pin point what is preventing him from marring me.

  2. I am Pisces Decan 3 and have been suffering from severe depression since my birthday in March. It has been a struggle, with friendships and even family relationships in doubt. Is this going to ease up anytime soon? It has really reached a point of wearing me down.

    • Hi Greg, Sorry to hear that. I am a Pisces Decan 3 too and have suffered from depression often through the years. Try exercise (jogging or running especially) for at least 20 minutes a day, this is very useful in combatting depression. Yoga for as little as 15 minutes a day too can really help. Do try it, all the best.

  3. I am also a Pisces Decan 3 and have been lost, depressed, and anxious since before March. My relationships with family are probably beyond repair and with relationships with friends are badly damaged. Life seems so dark and, at times, just not worth it.

    • Hi Bobbie,
      As I’ve suggested to Greg,please try exercise everyday or yoga to help you with your depression and anxiety. All the best and God bless.

  4. Hi Greg and Bobbie. It’s not surprising you feel so down because you are going through a series of difficult transits lately. Remember the Sun is just one important part of your birth chart. The Moon and Ascendant (Rising) are equally important. Many people read their horoscope for their Rising and Moon decans. Moon relating to emotional and family life, Rising relates more to partnerships and self image. Use the Free Chart Maker to work out your Moon and rising decans. You will need a good idea of your time of birth, especially for the rising decan.

  5. Jamie’s right. I am a Virgo sun but to get transiting planets in the right houses I read my Rising sign, also called Ascendant. I am Rising sign Pisces 2nd decan. I find reading that more accurate.

  6. Jamie upon first glance, I was so angry because I was just talking to you in September about your dismal forecasts month after month especially for decan 1 Pisces. But as I continued to read the last few paragraphs of October, I was thankful you had something positive to say. Finally. Please do not be so negative when writing! Thank you Jamie.

  7. Ok seriously…life has been excruciating for Decan 1. Everytime I make a step forward in my career, I am knocked 4 steps back with brutal vengeance…I need a steady income, and it seems like craziness comes out of the blue with horrible luck that no one else experiences. I found love for a second, then it was ripped away. I hate feeling so hopeless and helpless. When is this terrible influence going to end???!!!??? How am I supposed to pay bills???!!!??? I read everywhere else that this is a great time for partnering, finding love, and marriage…so what’s the freaking deal? Is Decan 1 cursed?

    • Hi Carly, you are going through really tough transits and I would expect to feel confused and depressed even with Saturn and Neptune. The worst will be over before the end of the year once the Saturn transit has passed. Nearly everyone finds that Saturn square Sun is the most challenging of all transit. And it’s especially horrible with Neptune creating fears and hopelessness. So Saturn over by the end of this year and Neptune over by the end of next year. Hang in there!

  8. Sir , born on 13th March , 1971 . I am gradually becoming hopeless by insults and career block. I want to get out of it . Please guide if making some behavioural mistake which life wants to teach . More efforts I make , poor is the repsonse

    • Hi Shailendra, October is a difficult month for you, plus you would have been feeling up against the wall since the September solar eclipse.. Wait until the December 11 new moon because it is excellent for Pisces decan 3. Very good for positive thinking and communication with the Sun joining Mercury too. That new moon will keep your spirits up for a whole month.

  9. born on the cusp Feb 19th. Have made an offer on a house – wondering if this really is the right time to be doing this

  10. Hi Jamie, thank you for providing such an insightful and accurate horoscope! I’m a Pisces decan 3 and I’ve definitely experienced a lot of the stress you mentioned from people these past few weeks, especially after a breakup on September 24, a few days before the Lunar Eclipse. I was just wondering but do you think I should consider talking to my (now) ex-boyfriend on October 18th? I’m still not quite sure whether I should give up on him or just move on, especially since the breakup happened so suddenly and it was during Mercury Retrograde and a Moon Void-of-Course. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.

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