Pluto Opposite Sun Transit

Pluto Opposite Sun Transit Pluto opposite Sun transit is likely to dramatically increase your need to take control over your life and of the lives of people around you. Pluto here acts to intensify your will power and ego to the extent that you find yourself acting out of character, becoming almost ruthless in trying to achieve your personal goals.

You may be motivated by what you believe are good intentions, but the extreme nature of Pluto mixed with the antagonistic nature of the opposition can lead to such behavior as obsessions, compulsions, jealousy, revenge, domination, even megalomania and violence.

If you do exhibit any of those more negative manifestation of Pluto, then you will face strong opposition in personal and professional relationships, intense power struggles and conflict. There is a difficult polarity to balance out here, because there is also the possibility that if you take the meek approach you will be trampled by others on power trips, who will be trying to dominate you. Above all, Pluto is transforming your life now.

It is through confrontation and power struggles that this soul evolution takes place. You are learning how to wield your own power within relationships, to find the balance between standing up for your own right while not imposing your will onto others. Finding the happy medium will involve give and take, going through periods of retreat than periods of attack. The very nature of Pluto means that you may swing from one extreme to the other in the process of finding that balance between your rights and those of other.

Pluto Opposite Sun Transit Dates

Sign and Decan

Cancer Decan 1
Cancer Decan 2
Cancer Decan 3


January 2008
January 2013
February 2018


November 2013
December 2018
January 2024

73 thoughts on “Pluto Opposite Sun Transit

  1. Born 6/30/69–I lost several custody battles in court between 2008 and 2010, and I’ve not seen or heard from my young daughter in over 4 years now; then in 2010, my boyfriend/soul-mate died accidentally at the age of 45, and I found myself alone for the first time in a world full of dark individuals (whom I was shocked to find even existed, and had to deal with by myself); I’ve been living alone in my own apartment since then as well, which earlier in my “relationship-dependent” life I would have found unbearable; then in 2011, my best friend (who was just 28 years old) disappeared and only his bones were found in a canyon about 9 months after he was reported missing; and then last year, 2012, my brother-in-law passed away (at the age of 45 years as well) from sudden cardiac arrest. I hope after November 27th this year, I find someone nice to love again and do not have to experience another death for awhile! Yet, I must admit that despite these tragic events and shocking experiences, this (Pluto) transit has helped my spirit (Sun) grow tremendously! I am a completely different woman than I ever imagined I could be and it feels great, a true blessing. So, to all my fellow Crabs who have this transit on the way, just hang in there… it will all be worth it, and then some, in the end! Take good care! Love from Brigitte

  2. Dear Brigitte,
    After my daddy passed away 15 years ago, I hate when the people say “I am so sorry”, NOBODY could understand somebody if has not experienced the same pain.
    The only thing I can tell you through my life, is that all these pain you have been suffering IS NOT IN VAIN,
    only the souls that have suffered will emerge from the ashes like the phoenix and only the ones that have experienced great battle of obstacles will evolve in higher realms., you already said, “you are a completely different woman” I know what you are saying. Feel proud, feel blessed that God gave you so much strength to encounter the future, and thru this suffering you could offer to others your compassion and your wisdom… My son started this transit, I am scared but I am surrendering my soul to the universe and letting GO WITH THE FLOW. BLESSINGS FOR YOU,
    My mission in this life is service to others, I hope this could be a little comfort for you.

    • Dear Leo Piscis,
      I wish I had seen and commented on your reply/post sooner. I had to let you know (as tears ran down my face) how much your beautiful and sincere words touched my heart…YOU UNDERSTAND…and to find someone like you is still extremely rare. I cannot find any other expression for my feelings right now but to say, THANK YOU! THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH! GOD BLESSES YOU!

  3. Howdy:
    Born July 5, 1948 at 12:32am in Chicago. Astrologers disagree as to my rising. Some say Aires, and some say Taurus. Sun is 13 Cancer. Pluto is nearing opposition to Sun, and Uranus is nearing square to Sun. I have a solid career as physician, and 20 year marriage to wonderful feisty Leo with Aires Moon, and Virgo rising. 3 wonderful little girls at home. What’s coming up soon. End of April, 2014 is target. At least Jupiter will be conjunct my Sun. (I’m a wanna-be astrologer).
    Thanks so much, Marc

    • Howdy Marc..1st house 13degs Cancer Sun here sq MC Aries 13degs..novice astrologer too..I lost my Leo Sun brother to a sudden heart attack following the eclipse in April 2014 but yep thank God I had Jupiter behind my Sun..supporting me in the brother was a Decan 2 Leo Sun and had a grand was perfect.How about has yr year been so far?

  4. Hi there, my sun in is cancer 9th house, moon in sag 2nd house. I havn’t completely shaken this veil of ‘dissappearing into my shell’ yet and find myself a bit encapsulated in this transit, not knowing where I’m being pulled to. I feel like I really want to control things, especially relationships. and get moody if I don’t! I know that the long of it will be a great transformation (lets hope!) but I just got confused about your dates at the bottom, Jan. My opposition of pluto vs sun hasn’t finished yet, do your dates indicate that it’ll finish in 2024- and if so is this with everyone with sun in cancer? Thanks for your post anyway 🙂

  5. I am wondering what this opposition will bring for someone who is single and is not in paid employment?I have 1H Cancer Sun 13degz and MC Aries 13degs…when transiting Pluto hit my Dsc I gave birth to my 3rd baby son..but thn after 2yrs my husband of 18yrs hung warning..was very sudden..our lives changed from that moment on.Then in 2011 when tr Pluto in Cap inconjunct my 2nd house Leo Moon at 5degs I was homeless in refuge after trying to rebuild my life after the death of my husband.Prog Venus is at 11degs Libra approaching my IC being th apex of a squarr btwn my Sun and 7H tr Pluto..Im not sure what to expect..Im trying not to look to far ahead and stay in th present but its really hard when one has had so many reversals of fortune and crises occur..I am hoping to lose all the weight Ive piled on thru emotional overeating though!

  6. hello, i am a cancer second decan, and after doing some research on this topic i’m beginning to wonder if this actually effects me…in my chart, my native sun trines my native pluto, which is said to diminish some of the negative plutonian qualities throughout my life that most people without this aspect experience. how does this configure with the pluto opposite sun transit? words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated, thank you!

    • Good question Jackie. You should already enjoy a healthy power balance in most of your relationships so I would think you won’t have the same battle for control and ego challenges that this transit brings. It may be that some contest or crisi helps you refine your leadership qualities, or with using your power and influence more wisely in achieving your goals.

  7. Hello, Im a Cancer Sun/Capricorn Rising/Scorpio Moon**VERY PLUTONIAN**At the new moon 12/10/15 I mustered up the courage to “do the right thing” & report a good friend for threatening to let her ex BF die & saying she hopes he dies (we work in law enforcement). I reported her. She of course denied it, said she was joking(how tf do you joke about death?). She sends me a msg saying she doesnt hate me for what I did & that she really respects me & learned alot from me. The following day she retalliates by telling my superiors that I talk crap about them & gives them screenshots of text msgs of me gossiping/venting about my boss & some old coworkers (nothing to do w/ her death threats of course). This of course pisses off my superiors & Im immediately placed on administrative leave pending an internal affairs investigation! (FOR STUPID MSGS ON MY PRIVATE CELL!!!)I have been interrogated 3x so far. Stuck @ home. Im on a rollercoaster of emotions. It feels surreal. Three ppl I considered “good friends” supplied memos saying I talk crap about ppl @ work(AM I IN A PARALLEL UNIVERSE?! WHO DOESNT VENT? GOSSIP?) My work performance is stellar. Im the best @ my division. Im praying I can still salvage my career. Honestly all I can do is pray & wait. Its been over 3 wks. Im really hoping this new moon 1/9/16 brings me out of this nightmare that came out of left field. Anyone have any insight? Advice? Hhhhhheeeelllpppp!!!!

    • This is exactly the kind of thing I expected with Pluto on the fixed star Vega, the Grand Inquisition. With this position, so much depends of what blend of the stars Sirius and Canopus are on your Sun. 14 and 15 degrees Cancer.

  8. How would I find that out? Could you help me with that? My birthtime is 21:00 7/9/73 Laredo,TX,USA. Thank you for any assistance you can provide. I really appreciate it. Being stuck in limbo is the worst part.

  9. How long does the effect last for a certain person? My birthday is July 11 1988, and over at Cafe Astrology, if I look at the “Your Stars Today” report for my birthday, the challenging aspect of Pluto opposite Sun just showed up there recently, but it doesn’t say when this aspect will end for me. I take it that it’s a more specific time frame for each person than the broad timeframes given here for each decan. I’d just really like to know how long I can expect this challenging aspect to last. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

    • Good question Andrew. I use a one degree orb for transits and that is what determines the duration. But I get your Sun to be about 18° Cancer and Pluto today is only 16°23′ Capricorn. You will probably be feeling it already but remember Pluto turns retrograde in April at 17°29′ Capricorn. Direct late September 14°55′ Capricorn.

  10. Hi imbalance second Decan cancer and my life is pure hell I was fired on a job by a ruthless boss my intimate relationships are a disaster. My mother is a Capricorn we fight all the time my son is a libra and he’s become very aggressive with me my sun is cancer my rising is Aries and my moon is libra please tell me what’s happening I’m losing my mind sometimes I feel like I’m gonna lose my brain SERIOUSLY

    • Hi Tanisha, sure sounds like this transit. What is your date and time and place of birth? Pluto may also be aspecting your Moon and Ascendant. You also would have had hard Uranus aspects not so long ago.

  11. Hi
    I’m still learning all this works.
    Is my pluto opposite my sun now ?
    And for how long.years I will struggle
    07/10/1973 @7:21pm Monterey park ca.

    Thank you so much for any input. What’s going on
    What this affect causes?

    • Not yet, from March 2017 to November 2018. Expect plenty of change because in your natal chart you have Sun square Uranus. It is actually the strongest aspect in your chart at under half a degree orb.

  12. HELLO jamie sir i wanna ask something … IF SOMEONE GET MARRIED IN THERE PLUTO TRANsITS WILL THIS MARRIAGE WORKS ???… i mean will i attract partners who are dark secrative plutonic aggrasive just like pluto energy or KARMIC RELATIONSHIPS???if i try to get married or try to find bf ????

    i have really busy 7 house with mars satrun cunj and pluto there too ….7 house planets also tell us nature of our spouse or chracterstics …sorry if im wrong … im 34 now unmarried starun delays my marriage …this year is going really hard im really afraid to hurt again so i make my self lonely because i dont want anyone to talk to me aggrasively and i really hate that too i dont wanna talk bad to people in my furstration so i stop meeting to my friends and relatives all day im sitting in my room i dont know how i can change my life or go with a flow but some how i stop trying to fight with this energy which is really bad i guess before that ill never loose hope ill try again and again but my fighting spirit gone now… i hope all those people who are facing this transit now and in future never feel this way as i feel now a days … fighting spirit is really IMP and going with a follow too and i guess im really bad in these things which makes things more worse for me 🙁

    10 july 1982
    time 23:30
    karachi pakistan is my birth details sir …

    i wish ill get something positive aspect in all hard aspects which i have till next year dec 2017 which gives my hope and courage back to face things ….

    • For marriage you need to look at the 7th house cusp, the Descendant (DC) only, not the 7th House in general. Moon and Venus will also have something to say about such an intimate relationships.

      DC square Mercury means you must overcome some communication issues with him

      DC sextile Uranus means you both need a certain amount of freedom but this is a good thing. You want a nerd or eccentric or scientist or astrologer. Someone foreign or from f\different background, Find him on the Internet or an unusual way of meeting.

      Dc conjunct Vertex means you need to learn all you can about The Vertex Axis in Relationships.

      • thank you so much Jamie sir for explaining everything and sharing this VERTEX article with me …you are absolutely right sir i always drawn to foreign people and wanna go abroad after marriage i hope ill find someone who lives abroad ….

        Sir “synastry chart”is use for compatibility check … but sir how can we check if that person gets partner of his choice or LOVE MARRIAGE … in western country mostly people do choice marriage or love marriage but some countries parents choose partners for there children…

        sir i wanna do LOVE MARRIAGE is there any chance ???how can i check that in my chart with the help of Western astrology System ???

        i met my bf in 2003 sep on the road when i was coming from college that was sudden encounter after 3 months he went to abroad for studies and than job so we were in touch on internet and when he comeback we meet but in feb 2016 he stop talking to me and till now there is no contact … as you said i met my life partner in unusuall circumstances our relationship is secrative too because iam not able to tell my parents because of social issues i stil hope that he will comeback and contact me …he was family man for him parents mean alot and family also … aggrasive egostic he is very much rich also but i dont know why he just need more and more money he is well educated also …he is engineer and his dad has property buisness ..ahhh i hope he come back to me …

        is there any chance sir that he will comeback and married to me ???thats why i try to learn things to understand circumstances ….

        T H A N K S For Your Time Sir ! ! !

        • This is a good question but very hard to answer. I am not sure you can tell the difference by using astrology anyway.

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