Pluto Opposite Sun Transit

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Pluto Opposite Sun Transit Pluto opposite Sun transit is likely to dramatically increase your need to take control over your life and of the lives of people around you. Pluto here acts to intensify your will power and ego to the extent that you find yourself acting out of character, becoming almost ruthless in trying to achieve your personal goals.

You may be motivated by what you believe are good intentions, but the extreme nature of Pluto mixed with the antagonistic nature of the opposition can lead to such behavior as obsessions, compulsions, jealousy, revenge, domination, even megalomania and violence.

If you do exhibit any of those more negative manifestation of Pluto, then you will face strong opposition in personal and professional relationships, intense power struggles and conflict. There is a difficult polarity to balance out here, because there is also the possibility that if you take the meek approach you will be trampled by others on power trips, who will be trying to dominate you. Above all, Pluto is transforming your life now.

It is through confrontation and power struggles that this soul evolution takes place. You are learning how to wield your own power within relationships, to find the balance between standing up for your own right while not imposing your will onto others. Finding the happy medium will involve give and take, going through periods of retreat than periods of attack. The very nature of Pluto means that you may swing from one extreme to the other in the process of finding that balance between your rights and those of other.

Pluto Opposite Sun Transit Dates

Sign and Decan

Cancer Decan 1
Cancer Decan 2
Cancer Decan 3


January 2008
January 2013
February 2018


November 2013
December 2018
January 2024

80 thoughts on “Pluto Opposite Sun Transit

  1. To clarify. Transit Pluto-Oppose-Sun. This analysis you seem odd but it’s true. Most of you do not know Planetary positions depicted by common Astrology tools, they’re NOT accurate, therefore your interpretation goes wrong as well.

    You believe Pluto is opposing your Sun when actually, Uranus Square your Jupiter. In addition, Transiting Neptune is squaring your nUranus. Or Simply Pluto Oppose your Fortune.

    This set of event already happened in October on USA when Ploto (Illuminati) attempt to take over Donald Trump by fake news, deceiving the people to elect oppose party. You don’t really know what the effects of Pluto-Opposing-SUN is like, but you will see it soon From August 19, 2017 to Oct-7-2017. When Pluto opposing the USA’s SUN.

    That means Donald Trump will be removed from Power by the Illuminati tactical acts of stealing presidential seat. An assassination likely will happen. They used plausible excuse that Russian hacked US election, and set him up to injure his body and frustrating the Russian at the same time, then blamed everything on the Russian. U.S.A Election is electronic type; you know Russians cannot hack it. It is the Illuminati’s esoteric mistake, they assumed Hillary will win in 11/2016. They planed to transfer America Gold to China, and make Chinese currency as world standard money, while enslave all Americans:

    So during the up coming HOT period, Americans will fight with each other. This is what the Illuminati wanted to cause Chaos, after American people discovered Illuminati’s THEFT on American Gold and homes, Retirements, Investments on their Wall-Street multi-fraud. They want to screw Americans.

    So Puto-Opposing-Sun means Powerful dishonest Jerks walk screw you America.

    • Sounds too strange to be true, especially when Trump isn’t qualified to be President and neither is or was Hillary. We are already in slavery to China besides. They don’t need the gold to prove it. Donald Trump WILL BE REMOVED, not necessarily by assassination. We (American) needs a up-to-date manner of electing a President, including MMPI-2 pysch testing….. All federal employees should be tested PERIOD…..

      • I’m talking about you “No Rain in Hell.”
        Trump is extremely well qualified, has no personal political ambition, & 3 military generals spent 2 weeks persuading him to run ~ he did so strictly out of patriotic duty.
        Trump is the reincarnation of Emperor Nero; Putin was Julius Caesar … & both are daily demonized in the fake news controlled by the global-elite corporate vampires. As a result, most American sheeple are brainwashed against Trump.

  2. Hi Jamie, I’m reading with great interest the Pluto transits articles as I’m Pluto sufferer myself..! I’m a 2nd decan Cancer and I currently have Pluto opposing my natal Sun and Jupiter (4th in Cancer) and squaring my natal Ascendant (Aries), while Neptune opposing my natal Mars (5th in Virgo)..
    I’ ve been through rough times the last couple of years, while the last year came as a total anihilation of my career and finance (Midheaven in Capricorn) after battling with authority figures in the company I was working for. However, I’ve never stopped trying to get a new job and start all over again but without any luck and I wonder when this hell is going to end for me..!!
    I just need some hope to keep up trying because I feel whatever I do, all I find in front of me is obstacles and no result! I would really appreciate it if you could enlighten me regarding those transits, do they really affect my career status while the transits are ongoing, so at least I stop hopping that something will change before they end?? I’m a newbie in astrology and my profound interest was increased after experiencing this personal catastrophe and started filling in the gaps of the puzzle..

    Thanks and regards,

  3. I’ve had transit Pluto opposite my natal sun (22′ Cancer) this year & it’s been a healing time with good results. As it approached last year, three major physical issues. I’m grateful for my healing. I definitely realized my mortality and what I need to try to accomplish before my time is up as well as what’s most important to me.

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