Pluto Opposite Sun Transit

Pluto Opposite Sun

Pluto opposite Sun transit is likely to dramatically increase your need to take control over your life and of the lives of people around you. Pluto here intensifies your willpower and ego to the extent that you find yourself acting out of character, becoming almost ruthless in trying to achieve your personal goals.

You may be motivated by what you believe are good intentions. Still, Pluto’s extreme nature and the opposition’s antagonistic nature can lead to such behavior as obsessions, compulsions, jealousy, revenge, domination, and even megalomania and violence.

If you exhibit any of those more negative manifestations of Pluto, you will face strong opposition in personal and professional relationships, intense power struggles and conflict. There is a problematic polarity to balance out here because there is also the possibility that if you take the meek approach, you will be trampled by others on power trips, who will try to dominate you. Above all, Pluto is transforming your life now.

It is through confrontation, and power struggles that this soul evolution takes place. You are learning to wield your power within relationships and find the balance between standing up for your rights and not imposing your will onto others. Finding a happy medium will involve giving and taking, going through periods of retreat rather than periods of attack. The very nature of Pluto means that you may swing from one extreme to the other in the process of finding that balance between your rights and those of others.

Pluto Opposite Sun Transit Dates

Sign and DecanFromTo
Cancer Decan 2January 2013December 2018
Cancer Decan 3February 2018November 2024
Leo Decan 1March 2023November 2030
Leo Decan 2March 2029September 2037
Leo Decan 3February 2036January 2044
Virgo Decan 1March 2043December 2051
Virgo Decan 2April 2050January 2060
Virgo Decan 3April 2058February 2068

83 thoughts on “Pluto Opposite Sun Transit

  1. when I have this transit, Pluto was also conjunct my midheaven. there was no megalomania, but there was workaholic and extreme ambition that made me work as hard as I could in getting ahead in education, and career.

  2. Will experience this next year (at least exactly). Experience Pluto conjuct my Moon now. Glad to hear there are some positives to the Opposition to Sun.

    • Mark, there are definitely positives. Being a Cancerian – and if you’re anything like me you’ll be the same – you will protect yourself with a shell. If that shell’s too thick, as mine was, the transit will sort it out. I now see the few challenging things that happened to me as Pluto’s way of both forcing me to shed a few layers of my too-protective shell and simultaneously toughening up the one that remained. There are people who now do a bit of a double-take at some of the things I say but I take that as a compliment because I wouldn’t have said them before! Pluto was in my 8th house whilst it was opposing my Sun – it’s just on its way out – so the effects were intensified.

      • Thanks for responding, Jan!

        Yes, I’m an 8Can Sun and a 7Cap Moon in my 10th. I think I may be feeling Pluto already and the protective shell metaphor sounds accurate. I just had my photo taken for the first time in years and I feel like I am facing the real me. It’s been both good/healthy and tough…looking at yourself and not deluding yourself.

        I also know that I have a tendency to be meek…I just feel like taking full responsibility now for how I come across to people. And making any changes that I need to be my best self.

        • Mark … Pluto going through your 10th … that seems very appropriate for having the photo taken. Recording the emerging new public image. It sounds like you’re not only facing “the real you”, you’re also ready to show that to the rest of the world. Others will be seeing this happening, too – no hiding what’s transiting in the 10th! Those used to meekness may be getting a bit of a shock and that’s how it should be! Pluto is leaving my 8th, going into my 9th and it’s expressing for me by having writing published, much of it philosophical argument on taboo subjects!

  3. This has without doubt been one of the most potent transits of my life so far. My father passed away (at the age of 84, no surprise but a deeply profound and moving experience as I was there when it happened). I seemed to be on the receiving end of power struggles and have definitely experience positive changes in how I demonstrate my own power (I had been very meek!) I do feel like I’ve shed a protective skin or 3!

    • Thanks Jan. I had a similar transformation with Pluto square my Sun. Was meek, not any more!

  4. I’m an 11Can Sun 0Cap moon in the 8th house. When pluto hit my moon my Mom died and I had to deal with powerful emotions and face familysibling issues that I previously didn’t want to deal with. (moon opposes my merc/venus in Gem in the 2nd)
    As pluto approaches opposition to my Sun I can’t help but think my 97 yr old Dad will pass, again forcing me to “speak up for myself” (3rd house Sun)and learn to deal with family confrontation that I try to avoid at all costs. This will be difficult but necessary and hopefully ultimately empowering.

    • Kim, thinking of you with this transit. These are real rites of passage, and well done both for admitting that you hadn’t wanted to deal with the family issues that emerged with Pluto/Moon, and for how you’re viewing what’s emerging for you. “Difficult and necessary and hopefully ultimately empowering” seems perfect Pluto language.

  5. What would happen having a trine sun by birth (also with Venus) and being a cancer ascendant (9, 14). Pluto is transinting my 6th house, capricorn (9th) and will conjunct my descendant. Dealing with Pluto is no game at all!

    Kind regards and thankyou!


    • Pluto on your DC is sure going to have an affect on relationships. I was just thinking about this last night and want to write it up after I get the 2012 horoscopes done.

  6. Hello everybody, Pluto will oppose my Sun starting January next year. Pluto will is transiting my 2nd house and my natal sun is in the 8th, how would this opposition manifest itself in relationship to the houses? I know 8th house is about death, money, sex, regeneration, but confused as to what to expect and the areas it would manifest itself. thank you

    • Hello Lana,

      I have exactly the same transit but in reverse to yours. My sun is cancer 9 in second house; pluto is opposing it in my natal 8th and just finished trining my 6 taurus moon for a year.

      What I have lived up to now:
      I have been stripped bare from a 20 year job (8 months now without income). Thanks to my second house sun squared to saturn and my taurus ascendant, I have been living on savings.

      My 5 year relationship with my boyfriend ended after helping him out monetarilly for all those years (my neptune conjunct DC). Now I am totally vulnerable and he is not around to support me. Somebody else is supporting him now.

      I guess the pluto transit wants to enpower us to become self reliant and self sufficient. I have proven to overcome this materialistically (up till now until my savings deplete) but, emotionally, I am consistently attached to the past and an illusion of a deceitful relationship that was meant to be ( My ascendant conjunct his north node) to enpower me emotionally (not achieved it yet) and get me out of this attachment rut to an illusion.

      I have no definite direction at this point. I will follow up with you as the transit develops. I noticed it will start retrograde motion at 8 degrees, not sure if this affects a 9 degree sun.

      Good luch

      • Hi Litza,
        funny how you mention a deceitful relationship that ended. I went through one too, about a year ago, mine was short lived, and i’m happy i got out quick. We had the same aspect as you guys, my ascendant conjunct his north node. Well at the time, i was under impression that we had this mysterious connection and intense relationship that nobody could understand. Needless to say, it was not a healthy one. Once somebody opened my eyes that the guy is a sociopath, it was very easy for me to see things differently, to shut the door to my past. I realized it was all based on lies, mind games and brain washing. Yours sounds that way, especially if you said you supported him financially, sounds like a guy who kept making excuses as to why he can’t work. Forgive me if i’m wrong.

        As far as the transit, i’m a bit scared, don’t know where it will hit me, wondering that. i guess your lesson was about financial stability and independence. mine would be concerning the 8th house which is a pluto house anyway so who knows what will happen. Maybe it will make me the little cancer less shy and more aggressive to go after what i want. Since my sun is conjunct north node, pluto will oppose the node as well, so no idea what that will do. It’s supposed to be at 3 degrees at the start of the year since my sun is at 10 degrees.
        stay strong and shut the door to your past,

  7. my birthdate is 27 june 1983,and time is 3:30pm I want to knw hw is 2012 year for me n i hv one son n his age is 4 years n i want to go for second baby i will get or not?hw many children i wil hv

  8. Hi Jamie, i am little shaken, i used a a more settled life and all these changes are kind of scaring me. I am born on 27.06.1984 @ 11.55pm and would like to know a basic overview as to how this is going to affect me. I am facing problems @ home as well as on the work front and i dont think i can handle any more than this.

  9. Hey, i am a cancerian woman, 28 june. I am at the end of the transit pluto opposite my sun. I read about the transit and felt very scared at first. Now at the end i have to say i am grateful. It s like i have a different look on relations now and i so strongly beleive ia m going to meet the right one for me. Earlier , i am still working on it, i had a great lack of uncertainty about myself. When i met a guy, i did everything for him, i had no borders, until it always collapsed and i remain alone. I thought i am so strong why dont they love me. I had a relationship for 9 years with a married man.I ended it 3 years ago. Last year i fell in love with a man, and he didn’t want me. at a certain moment, i came sick and i cried and cried, i even couldn’t get out of my bed, alwaysasking myself : why doesn’t he love me? i went very deep in myself. it took me several months to come over it. I came tot the conclusion that i didn’t love myself.I asked myself, why don’t you love yourself? Because somebody, my father, didn’t love you? Don’t mess with yourself, you’re smart, goodlooking, very strong, you are fine the way just you are, and when you feel unloved, then cry and nurture yourself. I’ve read books about relationships and now i understand i attracted the wrong men. The married man was good for me because he couldn’t refuse me, so i was safe. I didn’t had him, so he couldn’t reject me. So that was easy. But when you have pain in yourself, you have to deal with it. Through the man whom i loved and didn’t love me back, i felt pain, hidden very deep in myself, and it came out. Now i am working on the pain and i feel so much better, i feel i am becoming stronger , more loving and compassionate and most of all i really feel for myself i am worth to be loved. I always thought nobody wanted me. I still have a bit of a way to go, but i am so happy, i finally understand. And i am certain i will meet and love the rigth man for me. So i would say, don’t be afraid of a pluto oppsoite sun transit. I was very scared because i thought it would do me wrong, but i feel myself worthly for love now, so i gained a lot.

  10. i am having a very difficult time right now My partner of 20 years says i am very unloving and nolonger wants to be with me he has gone out every weekend and through the week for over 10 years while i sat in to see to our 11 year old son .Now he wants to sell the house which is breaking my heart, i gave up on him long ago after christmas and new year sat alone with a baby plus every weekend When you are a cancerian your home is every thing, i know i have big changes coming but i cant bare to go through with it all. i know i have been a fool for many years, and not had a life but my son and home is everyhing to me and will kill me to lose the home i love so much .

    • Hey adele, you are no fool because you choosed for you son.
      At a certain moment in life you do what you do for best at that moment, it ‘s your life path.

      I had times that i thought that i would have jumped under a train. And i read books of positive thinking and listened to some good advice while thinking you are not in my shoes, i can’t stand this any longer.

      And now i am feeling better, did anything special happened except misery? 🙂 I am learning so much more and it is through the hard times you learn.

      I think you have to learn how to let go.
      You already gave up on your husband.
      Now you have to do this with your home.
      Think that your home is where your heart is.
      You can make a new living in another house, maybe a brand new start, maybe you won’t have all you need at the beginning, but you ware a cancerian, you manage.

      I bought a house 16 years that nobody wanted. With rats in the garage, a garden i couldn’t walk through. But i said : this is it, and i cried many nights that i thought : what have i done. But i din’t gave up (probably wanting to prove myself to earn the love of my father), and now it’s a cosy house, painting yellow with many flowers.

      Think about what you are going to do in your new house. Paint it in beatuiful colours, flowers.. Buy a dog, a cat
      Enjoy living simple, without a man that doesn’t love you
      You can make it
      I am sure within 2 years you will say : i am feeling fine.
      It will turn out the best for you.
      Imagine daily what life you will have. It will be better.

      And what is a home , a house without love, when you have to be there with a man that doesn’t respect you? Is that a home for you?
      It’s a lonely prison.

      It will be much better, i’ve been there also 😉

      • aw just read you comments and it was nice to take the time to reply. At the moment i cant bring myself to say sell but i know it will come lifes tough at the moment x thanks

  11. Adele – Your self esteem has been completely eroded which is totally understandable when any relationship is in the process of ending as well as having your foundation being taken away from you. Never remain in any situation where you are made to feel unworthy, powerless, unlovable, or unwanted. These are all negative forces that destroy one’s soul. I have several close Cancer family members and they are all very tenacious and willful protectors of their home and family; it is your right if this is what means the most to you. When I was 30, with a newborn son, I also had to leave my home with no savings and start all over again so that my son and I would get the wonderful opportunity to grow up in a much more loving, happier, and conflict-free environment. It opened up so much happiness for me, being single and no longer having to constantly placate a partner or need their permission for anything. I shudder to think how unhappy, powerless, and beaten down I would have been today had I not had the courage to start anew. Focus on the “you will soon be happier; he was not the right person for you.” It’s happened to just about all of us. So many others have experienced much more misery, never had a home of their own to live in, had no money or no job, had no children or other close loved ones in their lives to comfort them. Cancer is a cardinal sign (strong) and they thrive when they lead with their heart and emotions. Might be something new for you so, with goal set baby-steps, you just might amaze yourself. You deserve happiness which will radiate out to your son and greatly improve his outlook and future as well. Praise yourself on your best qualities as often as you can. Giving up on your future which would affect your son’s is not an option for anyone with a loving caring heart. Best wishes on discovering the beautiful new you.

    • Gina thanks for taking the time to write to me, i am doing my best to stay strong,even though i know its for the best i still cry everyday and seem to be fighting it, i know one day it will all be for a reason and will get there in the end. thanks adele x

  12. Hi,

    I am going through the most frustating and bad phase of my life loosing the touch between whats going on around. I am loosing touch of what i want and where I am heading and its dreadful. My birthday is 27 dec 82 and brithtime is 21:54 pm, Please help me if you can tell me what to do since this confusion is killing me from inside. I didnt wanted to marry the guy that I did since he was emotionally blackmailing me saying he will sucide since he loves me so much but our thoughts and the way we see life doesnt match and I am highly unhappy in this marriage but scared of breaking away since i will be lonely as everyone opposes me. I am in midst of struggle between breaking free and staying in.. Please advice me if you can and I am making impulsive decisions like giving up europe and my job since i want to be away from my husband . I am scared of what I am doing . I know I might end up dying coz of so much frustation and not reaching where I want to

    • Dana,

      Off the top of my head I would say you’re going through your first Saturn return. You can look that up and see what it means in general.

      Anyone who threatens to kill himself because he “loves you so much” doesn’t really love you. That’s not love. I think you probably knew that before you married him.

      There are worse things than being lonely. I think you’re finding that out right now. If people oppose your leaving this man, I’d ask why they would do that. Of course, their opposition might not have anything to do with love in any case. It could be about religious beliefs or appearances or something else altogether.

      I don’t know what’s impulsive about the decisions you’ve made lately, but I don’t think wanting to get away from your husband is unhealthy, considering the situation. Your verbal gesture of despair is telling me that you feel you might die for some reason, or at some level you’re threatening to kill yourself. That gesture tells me you feel trapped and hopeless and alone.

      I’m not going to tell you what to do. I think you know what you want; and I think you know what’s good for you, what feeds your soul. My guess is that when you nourish your soul, you won’t be lonely for long. But you have to decide that that’s what you want and act upon that sense of goodness.

  13. hey, if you talk about your husband this way , than ther’s only one thing you can do. leave.
    you are 30 years old.
    do you want children? yes? but certainly not from this man.
    leave and stay alone for a while.
    you have no time to hesitate because you have to finish this relationship and get over it totally before meeting another man. and the clock ticks.
    don’t wait to long,that your children can have a young mother


  14. hey my date of birth is 30-06-1981! and i am going through HELL right now…. please tell me how to find an equilibrium!
    thank you

  15. Dob 6-30-74. Also been a rough rough road. But there is power being mined. Remember that.


  16. 22nd June birthday here and yes, very tough and challenging time, found only way to do it was to keep assessing in my heartfelt level what matters, keep looking for the silver lining of all the storm clouds, look at everything that got wiped from my life like a forest fire clearing to allow for good new growth and remaining in my own power with each attack to control, manipulate or shame me into betraying myself again as i had for most of my younger life. Its a constant of conflict between the light and dark of oneself, and would highly recommend attending counselling for anyone without a strong philosophical understanding of themself, as nearly lost the plot a couple of times and my understandings even of the psychological area is strong.

    Love and healing being sent to all those in 2nd decan about to go through it, remember we were never promised it would be easy, we were promised it would be worth it. Blessings, Debbie

  17. It’s been an interesting 8 months. I left Austin, Tx and my high school sweetheart whom I was living with for the last 3yrs.. Nov 21 2011. Moved to Mammoth Lakes CA to follow my heart and be on my own journey… My grandmother of all people set me up on a blind date Dec 31 2011 with a man whom I have fallen in love with and now June 1 signed a houselease to be his roommate for the next year. Venus has caused chao around us but not touched our relationship. I am scared for whats to happen. My bday 6/21/86 his 12/20/85. Any words of wisdom is welcome!

    • Hello Lovety,

      You have been through the worst of the Pluto opp. Sun aspect. The exact degree has been passed. I say this as someone who is a week younger than you (6/27/86 here) and went through the worst of it in mid 2011. At this time, I also broke up with my HS sweetheart. I am yet to move on and find another, I’m loving life on my own and feel like it’s necessary after having been with a man for so long (we were together seven years in total). In your situation though, Pluto is the planet of death and rebirth. I think the ‘death’ of your HS relationship has lead to the ‘rebirth’ of this new relationship.

      Do not be scared. If it’s meant to be with this man, it will be. Don’t rush it or force it. That’s just common sense advice no matter what the situation, but do not be afraid to be on your own. I see you were only single for a month. If things don’t work out, keep in mind, being alone can be difficult but is SO worth it in the long run!

      Best wishes!


    what do they want from our lives?

    Gosh!! I have been though all the ups and downs, stress in peak.
    Born 1st july 1984.

    face the worst partnership issue, it happens just like that. though i was the peace seeking being in our relationship. me or him never have any argument no misunderstanding still, with th einfluence of his mother, aunt and so on (all of his relatives) they wanted to fix him with a millianore girl for that they made him divorce me.

    since 2006 till date this one relationship is taking a toll on my Hearting poking me on the same wounds left by my husband. he started this divorce talk in 2006 then divorced me without concern in 2007. left me with his baby all alone.

    then again contact me back in 2009 and was in contact with me just over the phone till 2011 and by 2011 antoher breakup with him. same man broke my heart twice. still not over yet!!

    WHY ME??? what this universe wants from us? hurting us again and again…

    still waiting with hope some thing will change? i dont want tears just peace. why this same phase happenign again and again? saturn transist got over before 2 years isnt it? But no new light yet!

  19. Hello Angel.

    It sounds like in this situation, you aren’t claiming your power. More than likely you are LETTING this man hurt you over and over. By not allowing him back into your life each time he “pokes at the wound” you are preventing yourself from any further wounds. Nothing is going to get better with him, I hate to say it sweetie. That’s how it generally works. Use this time to learn to heal yourself and take care of YOU. Once you get a grip on this aspect, you will be more suitable for a man who doesn’t repeat this history. Block him out! Get rid of him! YOU will then be the one with the power!

    I will be having this transit begin in 2013, I am decan 2, not sure what to expect… it will be activating my neptune/sun opposition, pluto transiting my 3rd and opposing my sun in the 9th house.

  20. I’m so happy to have stumbled onto this site…Last year was the most challenging of my life! Born june 21. I still feel like I’m slogging thru, but, not quite so bad. Not that I want to hear other people going thru difficulties, pain ect…still…it’s good to not be alone.

    This article and posts are right on track for my 2011-2012. I felt like I was “over the top of the mountain” starting to make my way down the other side, so to speak.

    I feel grateful for this validation that it should be/is winding down AND that there is a reason for all of it. I felt intuitively I was facing co-dependency, power, ego issues; it seemed like a “now or never” period. Either I deal with it and change my life, really live as the person I am meant to be or die a slow death.

    The slow death of mediocrity.

    The slow death of living for others.

    The slow death of fear.

    Good luck, fellow Cancerians! Be brave enough to be your true, beautiful selves!

  21. My DOB is june23rd 1976,5:55am, chennai,tamilnadu, india. I have had issues with bosses for the past two years and this is my 3rd job in 2 years. I am currently looking for another job because of issues at work. when will things change?

  22. I hate, hate, HATE this transit! I have been living this transit since I was 16, and life is hell! I quit high school, had serious illness in 2008, had tons of physical fights with family and bounced from home to home in 2009, met my boyfriend in 2010, and we fight all the freakin’ time… I have contemplated leaving him sooo many times! I got my first job in January 2011, and hated it. Started my second job in October 2011, and hated it as well, I quit March 2012 (bitchy co-workers). I also started/quit college in 201l (pluto opposite sun in 9th house), and moved again in January 2012. My life has been VERY unstable… I am soooo glad this transit according to my natal planets vs. transiting planets says this ends on January 25, 2013 🙂

  23. Unfortunately you do not cover in any of your aspect analysis that famous ‘major-minor’ inconjunct which I find is just as powerful as
    the traditional transits. I am experiencing Pluto transiting a Sun/Pluto
    conjunction in my natal chart that is as power challenging as any one
    can imagine! Attempts to dominated me (which I find humorous with Sun
    Conjunct Pluto both in Leo in my natal chart and Mars square Mercury
    in Gemini and Virgo respectively!)have proven quite unpleasant to any
    of a number of individuals who have gravely misread my laid back Cancer
    ascendant personality!

    Are there any more Leos out there with Sun conjunct Pluto in Leo tearing
    up ass?

    Chicago, Illinois

  24. What a transit this was and yep can relate to alot of your description, I am now officially no longer a walk over or people pleaser keeping the peace on my way to martyrddom, yet it was genunely humbling at the same time, peaceful warrior, might be a good description. Nice to be on the other side with you good folk 🙂

    • Good to hear Debbie. The Pluto square did a similar thing for me a few years back. Taught me how to be more ruthless, but I’m still a nice person 🙂

  25. Hello- June 30, 1978 birthday here and I just found this site, and I just have to say Thank Goodness this is almost over!! Worst 5 yrs of my life, but at the same time, wow the lessons I have learned along this journey!! Lost everything in my life except my children, went from having my own beautiful 3 bedroom house and everything I thought I wanted in life to now living in a Domestic Violence shelter and rebuilding my life again from the beginning. Never thought life would be so hard, but through it all I kept my determination and dignity and refused to give up!! Please tell me what’s next- what to expect after Nov 2013, any good news?

    • Hi Stephanie
      I was born June 25 1957. Oh my lost my house animals furniture clothes but not my dignity. Oh my I have learnt to stand up for myself.
      Hope this transit is over.

  26. Born 6/30/69–I lost several custody battles in court between 2008 and 2010, and I’ve not seen or heard from my young daughter in over 4 years now; then in 2010, my boyfriend/soul-mate died accidentally at the age of 45, and I found myself alone for the first time in a world full of dark individuals (whom I was shocked to find even existed, and had to deal with by myself); I’ve been living alone in my own apartment since then as well, which earlier in my “relationship-dependent” life I would have found unbearable; then in 2011, my best friend (who was just 28 years old) disappeared and only his bones were found in a canyon about 9 months after he was reported missing; and then last year, 2012, my brother-in-law passed away (at the age of 45 years as well) from sudden cardiac arrest. I hope after November 27th this year, I find someone nice to love again and do not have to experience another death for awhile! Yet, I must admit that despite these tragic events and shocking experiences, this (Pluto) transit has helped my spirit (Sun) grow tremendously! I am a completely different woman than I ever imagined I could be and it feels great, a true blessing. So, to all my fellow Crabs who have this transit on the way, just hang in there… it will all be worth it, and then some, in the end! Take good care! Love from Brigitte

  27. Dear Brigitte,
    After my daddy passed away 15 years ago, I hate when the people say “I am so sorry”, NOBODY could understand somebody if has not experienced the same pain.
    The only thing I can tell you through my life, is that all these pain you have been suffering IS NOT IN VAIN,
    only the souls that have suffered will emerge from the ashes like the phoenix and only the ones that have experienced great battle of obstacles will evolve in higher realms., you already said, “you are a completely different woman” I know what you are saying. Feel proud, feel blessed that God gave you so much strength to encounter the future, and thru this suffering you could offer to others your compassion and your wisdom… My son started this transit, I am scared but I am surrendering my soul to the universe and letting GO WITH THE FLOW. BLESSINGS FOR YOU,
    My mission in this life is service to others, I hope this could be a little comfort for you.

    • Dear Leo Piscis,
      I wish I had seen and commented on your reply/post sooner. I had to let you know (as tears ran down my face) how much your beautiful and sincere words touched my heart…YOU UNDERSTAND…and to find someone like you is still extremely rare. I cannot find any other expression for my feelings right now but to say, THANK YOU! THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH! GOD BLESSES YOU!

  28. Howdy:
    Born July 5, 1948 at 12:32am in Chicago. Astrologers disagree as to my rising. Some say Aires, and some say Taurus. Sun is 13 Cancer. Pluto is nearing opposition to Sun, and Uranus is nearing square to Sun. I have a solid career as physician, and 20 year marriage to wonderful feisty Leo with Aires Moon, and Virgo rising. 3 wonderful little girls at home. What’s coming up soon. End of April, 2014 is target. At least Jupiter will be conjunct my Sun. (I’m a wanna-be astrologer).
    Thanks so much, Marc

    • Howdy Marc..1st house 13degs Cancer Sun here sq MC Aries 13degs..novice astrologer too..I lost my Leo Sun brother to a sudden heart attack following the eclipse in April 2014 but yep thank God I had Jupiter behind my Sun..supporting me in the brother was a Decan 2 Leo Sun and had a grand was perfect.How about has yr year been so far?

  29. Hi there, my sun in is cancer 9th house, moon in sag 2nd house. I havn’t completely shaken this veil of ‘dissappearing into my shell’ yet and find myself a bit encapsulated in this transit, not knowing where I’m being pulled to. I feel like I really want to control things, especially relationships. and get moody if I don’t! I know that the long of it will be a great transformation (lets hope!) but I just got confused about your dates at the bottom, Jan. My opposition of pluto vs sun hasn’t finished yet, do your dates indicate that it’ll finish in 2024- and if so is this with everyone with sun in cancer? Thanks for your post anyway 🙂

  30. I am wondering what this opposition will bring for someone who is single and is not in paid employment?I have 1H Cancer Sun 13degz and MC Aries 13degs…when transiting Pluto hit my Dsc I gave birth to my 3rd baby son..but thn after 2yrs my husband of 18yrs hung warning..was very sudden..our lives changed from that moment on.Then in 2011 when tr Pluto in Cap inconjunct my 2nd house Leo Moon at 5degs I was homeless in refuge after trying to rebuild my life after the death of my husband.Prog Venus is at 11degs Libra approaching my IC being th apex of a squarr btwn my Sun and 7H tr Pluto..Im not sure what to expect..Im trying not to look to far ahead and stay in th present but its really hard when one has had so many reversals of fortune and crises occur..I am hoping to lose all the weight Ive piled on thru emotional overeating though!

  31. hello, i am a cancer second decan, and after doing some research on this topic i’m beginning to wonder if this actually effects me…in my chart, my native sun trines my native pluto, which is said to diminish some of the negative plutonian qualities throughout my life that most people without this aspect experience. how does this configure with the pluto opposite sun transit? words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated, thank you!

    • Good question Jackie. You should already enjoy a healthy power balance in most of your relationships so I would think you won’t have the same battle for control and ego challenges that this transit brings. It may be that some contest or crisi helps you refine your leadership qualities, or with using your power and influence more wisely in achieving your goals.

  32. Hello, Im a Cancer Sun/Capricorn Rising/Scorpio Moon**VERY PLUTONIAN**At the new moon 12/10/15 I mustered up the courage to “do the right thing” & report a good friend for threatening to let her ex BF die & saying she hopes he dies (we work in law enforcement). I reported her. She of course denied it, said she was joking(how tf do you joke about death?). She sends me a msg saying she doesnt hate me for what I did & that she really respects me & learned alot from me. The following day she retalliates by telling my superiors that I talk crap about them & gives them screenshots of text msgs of me gossiping/venting about my boss & some old coworkers (nothing to do w/ her death threats of course). This of course pisses off my superiors & Im immediately placed on administrative leave pending an internal affairs investigation! (FOR STUPID MSGS ON MY PRIVATE CELL!!!)I have been interrogated 3x so far. Stuck @ home. Im on a rollercoaster of emotions. It feels surreal. Three ppl I considered “good friends” supplied memos saying I talk crap about ppl @ work(AM I IN A PARALLEL UNIVERSE?! WHO DOESNT VENT? GOSSIP?) My work performance is stellar. Im the best @ my division. Im praying I can still salvage my career. Honestly all I can do is pray & wait. Its been over 3 wks. Im really hoping this new moon 1/9/16 brings me out of this nightmare that came out of left field. Anyone have any insight? Advice? Hhhhhheeeelllpppp!!!!

    • This is exactly the kind of thing I expected with Pluto on the fixed star Vega, the Grand Inquisition. With this position, so much depends of what blend of the stars Sirius and Canopus are on your Sun. 14 and 15 degrees Cancer.

  33. How would I find that out? Could you help me with that? My birthtime is 21:00 7/9/73 Laredo,TX,USA. Thank you for any assistance you can provide. I really appreciate it. Being stuck in limbo is the worst part.

  34. How long does the effect last for a certain person? My birthday is July 11 1988, and over at Cafe Astrology, if I look at the “Your Stars Today” report for my birthday, the challenging aspect of Pluto opposite Sun just showed up there recently, but it doesn’t say when this aspect will end for me. I take it that it’s a more specific time frame for each person than the broad timeframes given here for each decan. I’d just really like to know how long I can expect this challenging aspect to last. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

    • Good question Andrew. I use a one degree orb for transits and that is what determines the duration. But I get your Sun to be about 18° Cancer and Pluto today is only 16°23′ Capricorn. You will probably be feeling it already but remember Pluto turns retrograde in April at 17°29′ Capricorn. Direct late September 14°55′ Capricorn.

  35. Hi imbalance second Decan cancer and my life is pure hell I was fired on a job by a ruthless boss my intimate relationships are a disaster. My mother is a Capricorn we fight all the time my son is a libra and he’s become very aggressive with me my sun is cancer my rising is Aries and my moon is libra please tell me what’s happening I’m losing my mind sometimes I feel like I’m gonna lose my brain SERIOUSLY

    • Hi Tanisha, sure sounds like this transit. What is your date and time and place of birth? Pluto may also be aspecting your Moon and Ascendant. You also would have had hard Uranus aspects not so long ago.

  36. Hi
    I’m still learning all this works.
    Is my pluto opposite my sun now ?
    And for how long.years I will struggle
    07/10/1973 @7:21pm Monterey park ca.

    Thank you so much for any input. What’s going on
    What this affect causes?

    • Not yet, from March 2017 to November 2018. Expect plenty of change because in your natal chart you have Sun square Uranus. It is actually the strongest aspect in your chart at under half a degree orb.

  37. HELLO jamie sir i wanna ask something … IF SOMEONE GET MARRIED IN THERE PLUTO TRANsITS WILL THIS MARRIAGE WORKS ???… i mean will i attract partners who are dark secrative plutonic aggrasive just like pluto energy or KARMIC RELATIONSHIPS???if i try to get married or try to find bf ????

    i have really busy 7 house with mars satrun cunj and pluto there too ….7 house planets also tell us nature of our spouse or chracterstics …sorry if im wrong … im 34 now unmarried starun delays my marriage …this year is going really hard im really afraid to hurt again so i make my self lonely because i dont want anyone to talk to me aggrasively and i really hate that too i dont wanna talk bad to people in my furstration so i stop meeting to my friends and relatives all day im sitting in my room i dont know how i can change my life or go with a flow but some how i stop trying to fight with this energy which is really bad i guess before that ill never loose hope ill try again and again but my fighting spirit gone now… i hope all those people who are facing this transit now and in future never feel this way as i feel now a days … fighting spirit is really IMP and going with a follow too and i guess im really bad in these things which makes things more worse for me 🙁

    10 july 1982
    time 23:30
    karachi pakistan is my birth details sir …

    i wish ill get something positive aspect in all hard aspects which i have till next year dec 2017 which gives my hope and courage back to face things ….

    • For marriage you need to look at the 7th house cusp, the Descendant (DC) only, not the 7th House in general. Moon and Venus will also have something to say about such an intimate relationships.

      DC square Mercury means you must overcome some communication issues with him

      DC sextile Uranus means you both need a certain amount of freedom but this is a good thing. You want a nerd or eccentric or scientist or astrologer. Someone foreign or from f\different background, Find him on the Internet or an unusual way of meeting.

      Dc conjunct Vertex means you need to learn all you can about The Vertex Axis in Relationships.

      • thank you so much Jamie sir for explaining everything and sharing this VERTEX article with me …you are absolutely right sir i always drawn to foreign people and wanna go abroad after marriage i hope ill find someone who lives abroad ….

        Sir “synastry chart”is use for compatibility check … but sir how can we check if that person gets partner of his choice or LOVE MARRIAGE … in western country mostly people do choice marriage or love marriage but some countries parents choose partners for there children…

        sir i wanna do LOVE MARRIAGE is there any chance ???how can i check that in my chart with the help of Western astrology System ???

        i met my bf in 2003 sep on the road when i was coming from college that was sudden encounter after 3 months he went to abroad for studies and than job so we were in touch on internet and when he comeback we meet but in feb 2016 he stop talking to me and till now there is no contact … as you said i met my life partner in unusuall circumstances our relationship is secrative too because iam not able to tell my parents because of social issues i stil hope that he will comeback and contact me …he was family man for him parents mean alot and family also … aggrasive egostic he is very much rich also but i dont know why he just need more and more money he is well educated also …he is engineer and his dad has property buisness ..ahhh i hope he come back to me …

        is there any chance sir that he will comeback and married to me ???thats why i try to learn things to understand circumstances ….

        T H A N K S For Your Time Sir ! ! !

        • This is a good question but very hard to answer. I am not sure you can tell the difference by using astrology anyway.

  38. Transit Pluto-Oppose-Sun. This analysis you seem odd but it’s true. Most of you do not know Planetary positions depicted by common Astrology tools, they’re NOT accurate, therefore your interpretation goes wrong as well.

    You believe Pluto is opposing your Sun when actually, Uranus Square your Jupiter. In addition, Transiting Neptune is squaring your nUranus. Or Simply Pluto Oppose your Fortune.

    This set of event already happened in October on USA when Ploto (Illuminati) attempt to take over Donald Trump by fake news, deceiving the people to elect oppose party. You don’t really know what the effects of Pluto-Opposing-SUN is like, but you will see it soon From August 19, 2017 to Oct-7-2017. When Pluto opposing the USA’s SUN.

    That means Donald Trump will be removed from Power by the Illuminati tactical act of stealing presidential seat. An assassination likely will happen. They will use plausible excuse that Russian hacked US election, and set him up so they to injure his body and frustrate the Russian then blamed everything on the Russian. In truth, election is not electronic; you know Russians cannot hack it. It is the Illmuniti’s esoteric mistake, after assuming Hillary will win in 11/2016. They planed to transfer America Gold to China, and make Chinese currency as world standard money:
    It will not work. That is why the Chinese tend to be confuse to stay with Russia or U.S.A.Inc.

    So during the up coming HOT period, the American people will fight with each other. This is what the Illuminati wanted to cause Chaos, after American people discovered Illuminati’s THEFT on American Gold and homes, Retirements, Investments on their Wall-Street multi-fraud.

  39. To clarify. Transit Pluto-Oppose-Sun. This analysis you seem odd but it’s true. Most of you do not know Planetary positions depicted by common Astrology tools, they’re NOT accurate, therefore your interpretation goes wrong as well.

    You believe Pluto is opposing your Sun when actually, Uranus Square your Jupiter. In addition, Transiting Neptune is squaring your nUranus. Or Simply Pluto Oppose your Fortune.

    This set of event already happened in October on USA when Ploto (Illuminati) attempt to take over Donald Trump by fake news, deceiving the people to elect oppose party. You don’t really know what the effects of Pluto-Opposing-SUN is like, but you will see it soon From August 19, 2017 to Oct-7-2017. When Pluto opposing the USA’s SUN.

    That means Donald Trump will be removed from Power by the Illuminati tactical acts of stealing presidential seat. An assassination likely will happen. They used plausible excuse that Russian hacked US election, and set him up to injure his body and frustrating the Russian at the same time, then blamed everything on the Russian. U.S.A Election is electronic type; you know Russians cannot hack it. It is the Illuminati’s esoteric mistake, they assumed Hillary will win in 11/2016. They planed to transfer America Gold to China, and make Chinese currency as world standard money, while enslave all Americans:

    So during the up coming HOT period, Americans will fight with each other. This is what the Illuminati wanted to cause Chaos, after American people discovered Illuminati’s THEFT on American Gold and homes, Retirements, Investments on their Wall-Street multi-fraud. They want to screw Americans.

    So Puto-Opposing-Sun means Powerful dishonest Jerks walk screw you America.

    • Sounds too strange to be true, especially when Trump isn’t qualified to be President and neither is or was Hillary. We are already in slavery to China besides. They don’t need the gold to prove it. Donald Trump WILL BE REMOVED, not necessarily by assassination. We (American) needs a up-to-date manner of electing a President, including MMPI-2 pysch testing….. All federal employees should be tested PERIOD…..

      • I’m talking about you “No Rain in Hell.”
        Trump is extremely well qualified, has no personal political ambition, & 3 military generals spent 2 weeks persuading him to run ~ he did so strictly out of patriotic duty.
        Trump is the reincarnation of Emperor Nero; Putin was Julius Caesar … & both are daily demonized in the fake news controlled by the global-elite corporate vampires. As a result, most American sheeple are brainwashed against Trump.

  40. Hi Jamie, I’m reading with great interest the Pluto transits articles as I’m Pluto sufferer myself..! I’m a 2nd decan Cancer and I currently have Pluto opposing my natal Sun and Jupiter (4th in Cancer) and squaring my natal Ascendant (Aries), while Neptune opposing my natal Mars (5th in Virgo)..
    I’ ve been through rough times the last couple of years, while the last year came as a total anihilation of my career and finance (Midheaven in Capricorn) after battling with authority figures in the company I was working for. However, I’ve never stopped trying to get a new job and start all over again but without any luck and I wonder when this hell is going to end for me..!!
    I just need some hope to keep up trying because I feel whatever I do, all I find in front of me is obstacles and no result! I would really appreciate it if you could enlighten me regarding those transits, do they really affect my career status while the transits are ongoing, so at least I stop hopping that something will change before they end?? I’m a newbie in astrology and my profound interest was increased after experiencing this personal catastrophe and started filling in the gaps of the puzzle..

    Thanks and regards,

  41. I’ve had transit Pluto opposite my natal sun (22′ Cancer) this year & it’s been a healing time with good results. As it approached last year, three major physical issues. I’m grateful for my healing. I definitely realized my mortality and what I need to try to accomplish before my time is up as well as what’s most important to me.

  42. Hey all, I too really appreciate this article and comment thread. I found nothing else like it online – what a blessing. 🙂 I will be going through this in a number of years while my progressed Sun is conjuncting my South Node in my 12th house, and Neptune is conjuncting my Mars and trining my Sun. I’m honestly pretty nervous about it. For me, Pluto will be transiting my 5th house while opposing my Sun in Leo in my 11th. Any thoughts are much appreciated!! <3

  43. Pluto is going opposite on my sun (21/7/73 @ 11:45pm NZ) and I’m a bit in disbelief things could be worse for a while longer. I’m highly cardinal with sun/mercury cancer and moon/ascendant /mars/chiron all Aries and midheavean in Capricorn. I woke up in my Saturn return, had major changes with Uranus transiting Aries and lost everything when Pluto entered Capricorn.
    For the last few years I’ve been learning how degraded the human race is, that most people are hellbent on devolving. I have just unattached from my family, seeing the truth in who they are, and the micro/macro means I am now unattached to the fate of the human race.
    Things are about to get harsh so buckle in for the ride.

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