Pluto Retrograde 2015 – Soul Evolution

Pluto Retrograde 2015Pluto Retrograde starts on 16 April 2015 at 15 degrees Capricorn, and stations direct on 25 September 2015 at 13 degrees Capricorn.

Pluto retrograde 2015 is a time of inner transformation, deep psychological, and spiritual work on the self with the aim of evolving the soul. Dark and destructive things lurking inside can be identified and eliminated. Once the garbage in the body, mind, and spirit is flushed out, then regeneration can occur.

Pluto Retrograde 2015 in the Signs

Although Pluto retrograde will most strongly affect decan 2 of the signs, the following interpretations should apply to most of us, because at 13 degrees Capricorn, Pluto is basically in the middle of the sign. Added to this, the incredibly intense grand cross and the powerful lunar eclipse will amplify the effects of the Pluto transits. More detail can be found by following the links below.

Capricorn: Pluto conjunct Sun transit represents life changing events, where you come face to face with powerful forces and strong personalities. Pluto retrograde will act to strip away the non-essentials in your life. this will make you feel rather vulnerable, often times with a feeling of desperation. Keep in mind that Pluto will only remove those things in your life which are standing in the way of your souls true path.

Cancer: Pluto opposite Sun transit dramatically increases your drive for power and control, over your own life and over the lives of other people. Without even noticing it, you may start to become more ruthless in your quest for power. What you will notice is the reactions of other people, who will become more defensive around you. This may result in ego conflicts and confrontations, as they seek to maintain the balance of power, or regain the power they once had over you.

Aries and Libra: Pluto square Sun transit will test your strength of character as you are forced to deal with challenges to you goals and to your ego. These tests and challenges during Pluto retrograde 2014, will often come in the form of ego challenges from superiors and other authority figures. Your drive to achieve your goals will become intense, but the more pushy or domineering you become in order to succeed, the greater the resistance will be.

Taurus and Virgo: Pluto trine Sun transit is the best of the long term influences in astrology. It gives a tremendously powerful ability to positively transform your life. You will notice increased personal power and influence, not only over your own life, but over the lives of those around you. The boost to your self-confidence and determination, means you can power ahead to achieve success with your personal and professional goals.

Scorpio and Pisces: Pluto sextile Sun transit increases your energy and determination to reach to your full potential. Amid the initial chaos and uncertainty of Pluto retrograde 2014, you will do better than most as you take advantage of the opportunities that fall your way. These opportunities can be taken advantage of with assistance from powerful sources, such as bosses and government agencies. Your own power and authority will grow during this time.

Gemini and Leo: Pluto quincunx Sun transit will trigger an intense desire to achieve more power and influence, yet your determination and endurance may be sporadic, swinging from periods or intense activity, to periods of negative obsessions and compulsions. The key to making the most of Pluto retrograde 2014, is to moderate your powerful urges, so you can go the distance. The goals you are trying to achieve now are long terms ones which require sustained effort.

Sagittarius and Aquarius: Pluto semi-sextile Sun transit is similar to the influence of Pluto sextile Sun, though more subtle. You are gradually increasing your power and influence, enabling you to make positive reforms in your life. Step by step, you can eliminate negative habits that have been barriers to success. This will increase your self-esteem and have a positive flow-on effect in your close relationships.


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15 thoughts on “Pluto Retrograde 2015 – Soul Evolution

  1. How timely, Jamie! Thankyou very much. I have this Persephone archetype and I´m having trouble to deeply dettach of it. So, I do think that this *goodness* of mine, should be the venom I should reléase. I should direct my energy otherwise, to meet my life´s interests, and not others. Wish me luck!

    At night, now that we all are living this nigredo-gold-alchemy path, a very strong energy came out of me. I use to *juedge* it as mean… though, maybe IT IS my saviour and not all this nonsense of being so good, specially when not all things are working fine in my life :(

    So! we are warned…! :)



    • Greetings R ~

      I did a thorough search of my natal this week, looking for degree points at 22, because the Venus-Mars-Eris-Sun-Moon Aries combo had me in a high state ! 22 Aries is the cusp of my 6th house, with Pholus at 22 Libra conjunct the 12th cusp. So a feisty square to a fatally dramatic Pholus, for one ! I’ve been mired in horribly tedious details all week, and was quite snappy a the New Moon. Also note that Lilith and Vesta are travelling together at 23 Gemini, so more pressure on this degree number. My own True-Mean Liliths are at 22 & 24 Taurus, so there was a sweetly semi & sextiled sandwich in the “roar” making ! My true Lilith opposes Jupiter at 22 Scorpio. Yes, I’ve suffered some rage against the machine this week.

      I know it’s a bit off the Pluto RX thread, but anything involving Pluto and Uranus’ transits continues to have me in a head-lock … and the reverberations are definitely spilling through my natal Aries placements = Moon, SNode, Eris, asteroid Cruinthe all from 5-10 deg.

      We’ll get through !!! Where is your Persephone ?

      ~ Moira

      • Oh, and Aries natal line-up includes Pandora at 16 and Lucifer at 20 !!! Lord, shine your ever-lovin’ light on me …

      • Hi Moira!

        I have the feeling that I should so much take attention to my Saturn, which is now transiting my 5th H., conj. Vertex. *The way I fall in love* (which is a literal fall, by the way! lol).

        My Juno is healing in conj. with my natal chiron on 8th H, where now she transits.

        Persephone, right now, Is transitting my 5th H. though she is well kept by Saturn and the NN. And Proserpina is right now -like Lucy says- on my Earth, on Libra, IC, where Earth´s NN is.

        My natal Perseph. makes a conj. with my sun and venus on my 10th H, all along with Sedna. So the mix is quite awful.

        My natal Lucifer retrograde, is on 3rd. H. Now, is transiting my 9th H. near where Neptune is. Tarot told me not to do deep introspection, and I can see why!

        I will make an opp. natal and transitting Lucifer somewhere in the near future.

        Natal Cupid is conj. my MH, all along with Athena, Eris and Chaos. And is transitting in conj. of my natal Saturn, so he just should be aware.

        Pluto retro goes from my 7th H to my 6th H. and I ´m doing lots of efforts not to depend on pluto-men-iacs. And to stand, like Proserpina now, on mi IC, to make a New Era/Earth for me…


        Hope we all are well, indeed!

        Thanks again, Jamie!


  2. Am I the only one who is enjoying all these retrogrades we had recently? Saturn R has thus far been really rewarding, Mercury R are my favorites!
    And now Pluto, which by the way conjuncts my Sun, is going retrograde and coming back again, I can’t wait to see what comes out of it!!!!

    • Mabus ~ as long as one realizes that RX zones are periods of integration, “catching back” in awareness, they can be very well managed by a reflective person. I believe if you’ve got natal planets RX in strong aspect, this sort of approach is even easier. I find them a great time for writing/journaling/creative inner-work.

      The trick with Pluto is to be prepared for shape-shifting events. with a certain trust that there’s nothing more nor less in store for you than you’re not intended to experience !

      ~ Moira

  3. Thanks Jamie, this was a very helpful post. It looks like I have more karma drama coming my way this summer…

    Thanks also to Moira for “The trick with Pluto is to be prepared for shape-shifting events. with a certain trust that there’s nothing more nor less in store for you than you’re not intended to experience !”

  4. I’m watching the news on the Texas explosion – so close to Waco too. All outer planets involved! PLuto, (destructive fertiliser) Uranus (explosion) Neptune (toxic gas). I wonder what the celestial local circumstances were for the site?

  5. Now that I’m looking back on this…. holy shit. I have Pluto in my first house, Node in Scorpio and Ascendant in Scorpio in my first house, Pluto trine Midheaven, and a bunch of other aspects. April 12 is my birthday, and was my eighteenth birthday, and it was quite a time of pain and spiritual growth. I got deported out of Venezuela and had to leave my whole family behind, I had just been through a break-up, and things were NOT good. But somehow I came out of the experience stronger…. thank you!!!

    • Pluto transits sure are powerful. I’m glad you can look back on such a traumatic experience and find some good out of it. All the best Josie.

  6. Hey, pawsome forecast. I have been worried about my nieghbour who is a Virgo with
    a Libra golden retriever and a cat. She is having serious problems with her Taurus male partner and I don’t like him because he scares the pooch. I had a dream she finally found a job and when I read what this eclipse might do for her I felt at ease. I believe she will do just fine and my furry friend the Libra pooch will be happier in days to come, thank you for the hopefull message. I wish both Virgo and Taurus well but safety for those who cannot take care of themselves is number one on the list.

  7. Will I receive less energy from Pluto Trine cuz it goes retrograde soon?

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