Pluto Retrograde

Pluto Retrograde 2015Pluto retrograde 2016 starts on April 18 at 17° Capricorn and ends on September 26 at 15° Capricorn. Before I talk about Pluto retrograde 2016 in detail, you will find a description of Pluto retrograde in the natal chart followed by the general meaning of Pluto retrograde in transit.

Pluto retrograde 2016 should be a positive experience overall. A powerful grand trine configuration gives the communication skills and acute perception to expose any buried and unresolved issues holding you back. Many of these repressed feelings will relate to your love life or finances.

When Mercury retrograde begins on April 28 until Jupiter direct on May 9, there will be five retrograde planets for the first time in ten years. Resolving karmic issues can result in a massive transformation and evolution of your soul this year.

Pluto Retrograde Meaning

Pluto retrograde in the natal chart is more common than inner planet retrogrades such as Mercury and Venus. About 40% of people have Pluto retrograde in their birth chart so it is less feared and less detrimental than having an inner planet retrograde. That being said, Pluto retrograde natal still has karmic repercussions and a definite influence.

With natal Pluto retrograde you may have difficulty transforming your life due to fear of letting go. The internalization process of retrogrades can slow you bringing your intense drives and needs to the surface. You will probably have difficulty expressing your personal power and influence.

A fear of being controlled or of taking control can stem from past life experiences involving abuse of power or being overly controlled. Which side of the ledger, whether victim or abuser, will be shown through aspects to your Pluto and any fixed star conjunctions.

Depending on the particular past life conditions, you may have a fear of death, poverty, manipulation, torture, imprisonment, being committed to a mental institution, exile or betrayal. Power and control issues may also involve the psychic realms, sex and inheritance.

For such reasons you can be very intense on the inside, secretive or a control freak. Past life conditioning can repeat, especially while young, in the form of compulsions, phobias, isolation or mistrust of family. You may develop strong psychic power as a result of internalizing your powerful drives and desire for power and success. Hiding you true desire for power and influence can lead to suspicion.

Pluto retrograde in your natal chart subjects you to many fated events which are aimed at bringing your deepest and darkest fears to the surface. A repeating theme of particular experiences will continue until you learn to safely express your inner power and intensity.

Pluto retrograde in transit is a regular cycle lasting five months every year, during the opposition to the Sun. As with all outer planets, it causes less concern than the rarer inner planet retrogrades.

Transiting Pluto retrograde is a time of reflection about power and control in your life. If people have been controlling or manipulating you then now is the time to let them go. If you have been too controlling of others or situations then it is time to let go. This is not a time for power tripping but a time for elimination. Fated events and repeating themes will reinforce which of your controlling habits, compulsions, addictions or prejudices must be eliminated.

If you have been too smothering and controlling in a relationship, holding on too tight, then you may be forced to let go. If obsessive or compulsive behavior involving food or drugs has taken hold of your life, then events may force a turn around. The more intense your destructive behavior, the more extreme the detoxing or withdrawal stage will be, such as going cold turkey.

Perhaps suspicion, secrecy, racism, gambling or porn are taking control and holding you back from spiritual evolution. Trust in your spirit guides and think of the extremes your ancestors endured to have their genes expressed in you. Destroying things which have control over you will increase your spiritual power and lead to personal mastery.

Pluto Retrograde 2016

Pluto retrograde lasts from April 18 to September 26, 2016, spanning 3 degrees of the zodiac from 14°55′ to 17°29′ Capricorn. The chart below shows a challenging aspect to Venus suggesting power and control issues involving love and money. Saturn retrograde 2016 also has a major focus on addressing some previous or current disappointments involving your love life or financial situation.

Venus square Pluto can have a profound effect on your love life. Power and control issues may arise in existing relationships. Simmering tension may come to the surface as some manipulative behavior like jealousy or possessiveness. At the root of such behaviors would be a deeply buried fear or insecurity about not feeling loved or valued. Of course, it may be you who is subject to such behaviors from a partner.

New love is possible now and it could seem like instant attraction. However, you must also realize that such an infatuation may lead to an abusive or even violent attachment. Obsessions involving sugary foods may be masking a deeper problem.

Pluto Retrograde 2016

Pluto Retrograde 2016

The blue lines in the chart above form a grand trine aspect pattern. A grand trine is a fortunate configuration showing natural talent and creative potential. However, without some motivation from challenging aspects, the potentials may never be realized.

Venus square Pluto provides the disruptive energy needed to activate the grand trine. For harmony to be achieved, the imbalance of Moon quincunx Venus must be addressed.

Moon quincunx Venus is another indicator of health issues caused by too much sugar in the diet, like obesity and diabetes. This may be related to the other main imbalance which involves love. The amount of love you receive is out of balance with the amount of love you give. It could also be that finances or values are causing relationship friction.

Of course, you don’t have to be in a love relationship to feel the effects of these challenging Venus aspects. In this case, Pluto retrograde 2016 may involve improving self-love in preparation for dating. The aspects below of the grand trine will give clues on how to correct these imbalances.

Moon trine Mercury lets you see things clearly. Your feeling, intuitive side is balanced with your rational thought processes to give acute perceptive skills. You can read others easily and quickly assess any situation. Your are in touch with your own feelings to give sound judgement and decision-making skills.

Moon trine Pluto increases your emotional sensitivity and psychic perception. You will feel things more powerfully and are likely to be transformed by your intense emotional reactions. Someone is likely to move you deeply and have a strong influence on your life. Intense emotional connections may result in new relationships.

Mercury trine Pluto is ideal for asking for favors and talking people into things. Your brain is very powerful under this influence and it gives the power of penetration at the mental level. Just as you can have a profound influence on others, you may meet someone who deeply affects you through some idea, plan, or it could be the beginning of a karmic friendship or successful partnership.

The grand trine can be used to deeply probe your inner psychology to find buried treasure. You can identify and expose your outdated and unhealthy fears, obsession and prejudices.

Clearing out the garbage of your mind will uncover some subconscious issues associates with your love life. You may find some repressed anger or resentment, even rage, that was never processed from a previous relationship. Mars retrograde will be linked to this as it starts only one day before Pluto retrograde 2016.

With Jupiter retrograde too, and Mercury retrograde from April 28, there will be 5 retrograde planets for the first time in 10 years. A whole lot of karma can be sorted out through many fated events. Although the influences of these retrograde planets are interwoven, the ultimate transformation comes through Pluto retrograde which is the evolution of your soul.

Pluto Retrograde Dates

16 April to 25 September 2015
18 April to 26 September 2016
20 April to 28 September 2017
13° to 15° Capricorn
15° to 17° Capricorn
17° to 19° Capricorn

65 thoughts on “Pluto Retrograde

  1. Oh noes – Pluto will be into the orb of a square with my natal moon again!
    Gaawd, will it never end?!!!
    My Moon is already in a natal battle (square) with Mars, and Pluto does not make this easier. However, I’ve pulled some punches in this regard since 2013, so at least I will be prepared. I guess now will be the time for truly healing the themes that Pluto in 12th house has been touching during his transit in this dark gloomy place. My moon however, will have to recover. But hey – with a placement in the 8th house, isn’t the Phoenix theme all about death and rebirth?! 😉

    • I usually stick to one degree orb for transits and progressions. Thanks for your feedback on the retrogrades.

    • Ladylala I’m hearing you bigtime!! Pluto has been in my 12th house preparing to cross my ascendant which is at 18 degrees Capricorn and then just as its getting close it turns retrograde at 17 degrees 😢😪😣😩😫😖 all the while squaring my natal Pluto in libra.
      To say I have transformed would be a huge understatement. I do not even recognise that girl I used to be. Sometimes I miss her, how much fun she used to be and how social she was how trusting and generousbut there’s no going back now, my current self has been to the fires of hell and back and those exact things were the reason for the trip

      • Hi Rachel,

        Your comment strike a nerve within me too. Especially about the girls we used to be – things were so much “easier” that time, wasn’t it? This immense and deep loneliness I can feel from time to time is excruciating. Betrayed by friends, betryed by ex partner (who shagged my best friend even before he kicked me out) – all this was the metal on the pedal that sparked a deep transformation in the deep.

        With Pluto things are just deeper and more profound – even when it works “in the dark” of the 12th house. The 12th house is the house of self undoing, of “death” before entering the light, and yes – I feel like I’m “dying”. I have difficulties attracting new friends and somehow I feel “disconnected from other people – like I’m operating on a whole different wavelenght than they are. Sometimes I actually prefer my own company instead of being with others. It’s weeeiiird!

  2. Hi Jamie! My natal Uranus is at 16 degrees cap conjunct Neptune at 17 degrees. The Pluto-Uranus squares hit me hard and it feels like the soul destroying realizations and transformations are never going to end. What types of things should I be looking out for this Pluto retrograde season? Thank you<3

    • I forgot to mention my sun is cap at 10 degrees and moon in Aries at 11, so the Pluto Uranus squares were right on top of my luminaries. Lol

    • Good question Leah. You will probably get a better idea by chatting with people your own age group who also have this going on. fixed star Vega will have an influence. Although not personal planets it will still affect you deeply because of the spiritual nature of your conjunction and as you say the “realizations” due to Uranus. I have been meaning to write about your conjunction because I get asked a lot about it. Compared to the 1940’s generation, you guys manifest the higher spiritual awareness through the Internet. I think another manifestation at the moment is the massive change in spiritual ideals affecting politics in the USA. E.g. the following of Bernie Sander by your generation. It will be a global political movement (Pluto).

  3. I have Mars R in the first house Scorpio Saturn R ,2nd hours Sagitterius and Pluto R in the 3rd house Capricorn . It seems I am one step forward 3 steps back and going any where not happy times just now .
    So many people have gone from my life .
    I was born 27/09/52 11.15 dunfermline scotland .
    Is this a hard aspect I am having

    • Hi Sandra. I see Jupiter as your only retrograde planet and it is very important in your chart as it forms the apex on one of the Yod patterns in your chart. This is the reason for your fated life, so many karmic quincunx aspects. Good luck on the horizon though with Jupiter conjunct Sun transit for a few weeks around October 3.

      • That makes complete sense to me now after I have read the information . Hopefully I will get some periods of respite in the coming years . Thank you for making it all clear now

  4. Pluto is retrograde in my 5th house that it entered not very long ago. It will square my moon within a year or so. Uranus recently passed over my moon in 8th house and about to turn retrograde back over it. Neptune has been on my DC all year and now rx back over it.i’m almost 31 and ended saturn return not long ago. I have lost so much weight, 40 pounds without even trying. I look like a completely different person within 6 months. I have had the most frieghtening and karmic year ever. I feel like i wont stop dying. It feels like the pain wont ever end. It involves a sexual transformation through an affair that has just started to end. Not because we want it to end but because the circumstances are way too difficult for me. During these transits i had to quit my job that i was excited about because of the affair and having unwanted enemies at work that had me in a constant state of anxiety. Also, out of the blue my father told me he doesnt want me in his life anymore because he disagrees with my beliefs. I feel like i’m being attacked from every angle. The enemies i have are people i have done nothing to. I am in a constant state of emotional pain. I’m worried what will happen when pluto squares my moon.i can’t take any more. I’m at a loss of what to do. Nothing seems to make me feel better. I’ve been obsessed with this guy since october last year. And he obsessed w/ me but we are both in relationships. I feel like a scumbag for doing that but i swear i couldn’t control myself around him. I lost all control when near him. That has never happened to me before. I feel like a mess all the time. These transits have beat me to a pulp beyond recognition.

    • Wow, this seems like a lot more than just Pluto retrograde. It seems that Neptune retrograde on your DC is the main culprit at the moment. Have you read that article? Sounds like you are being persecuted.

      • I read it and now i am in shock by how accurate your description is when comparing it to my situation. I feel the religious persecution coming up strongly. I would be the Pagan and my dad the Roman Catholic. Neptune on my 11 degrees DC right now and i am in a complete state of shock about my life. I’m also feeling the love crisis and financial problems too. The veil has lifted and i can’t believe my eyes. Incredibly unbelievable.

  5. Hello
    You haven’t explained anywhere on your site about Pluto opposite Ascendant transit and Pluto square Saturn transit. How would u interpret both these transit which are due in 2017 for me.

    • No I’m only about one third of the way through writing all the aspects and transits I want to. You would be best to google search them because the standard interpretation are out there.

  6. Hi Jamie

    Its me again. I am really struggling right now. Feeling extremely persecuted and humiliated – also fed up of being unable to protect myself from outward and inner turmoil. I don’t know if its Saturn square Neptune or Pluto retrograde, but I really feel these might be my last days on earth. The urge to stop living is extremely bad all of a sudden, I have been fighting it since last year Oct 2015, did SO MUCH INNER WORK to try and be more positive, to find inner strength, to let the Ego die and let true consciousness emerge, but my latest backslide started beginning of August and today I am having immense difficulty breathing and eating – I feel a very strong pull to allow myself to exit this Life as I cannot seem to escape the intense emotional torture that is my Life. At this moment I am wishing I was a drug addict, at least I wouldn’t be in such mental agony! I honestly don’t know how I am going to survive even till the New Moon on Sep 30. I truly think this year might be the end of me. I have been hanging on for many months hoping to make it till Dec when I know things will be better, but I am not sure I will. I am also tired of feeling broken and damaged and I feel guilty being this depressed person and not having any dignity left. Please help – I have lost faith in therapy and medicines, nothing is helping me, and I feel my trapped life of chronic ill health with emotionally abusive family will be the end of me, I have been brave for nine years trying to get strong enough to move out and away from abusive family but I have been thwarted at every turn – i am utterly broken after a decade of having to face emotional and psychological abuse just to physically survive and be at the family’s mercy – they are all powerful narcissists. I think my venus square Pluto will finally defeat me now – I just cannot seem to find the way to self love and acceptance in this current situation – and there is no hope of moving out with such debilitating and confining health problems.

    I have done my best to see what is possible but the growing realisation that I have the perfect storm of Emotional weakness, physical ill health, zero financial and physical independence and a lousy set of planets that cannot seem to tolerate this confined and failed life are too powerful to break through. I feel I am being punished for being a bad soul in past lives – if so I have paid my dues and I only want to be at peace . How do I survive this time? I truly am fighting to stay alive and my post here is a last ditch effort. I honestly don’t know how to wake up tomorrow and face even one more day feeling like this.

    Thank you for all your help this year. I really did try my hardest to work on myself with help from my birth chart. I am sorry to bother you with my problems but I don’t know who to turn to for hope anymore. Everyone around me is fed up of me and I can’t help but feel the problem is me and I will continue to suffer if I live. Sobbing now as I feel I am not going to make it.

    a very desperate and on the edge Jas

      • Hi Jas,
        So sorry to read what you’ve been going through.
        My twin brother and I were born on Feb 22, 1970, and have been facing saturn sq sun + saturn sq venus since 2015.
        I can so relate to you when you say your family is abusive: our family is also abusive (particularly our mother), and my brother is divorcing from his manipulative wife (she doesnt even care about her children, above all her litlle girl / she’s jealous of her own litlle girl!?).
        I don’t know if this can help you, but when Pluto was sextile our Sun in 2009, I started a particular therapy: EMDR (Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing)
        I highly recommend you to do the same: it’s changed my life for the better.
        Since that time, I’ve been able to get rid of my family and “friends” who used to take me for granted, and healed from past abused experiences.
        I’ve been able to stand up for my rights and even won a trial against my father in law in 2010.
        At the beginning I didn’t recognize me and thought I could’nt let go bc of my values (family first), but it’s really great (my family and I don’t share the same values/vision etc…so why should I stay with them?)
        My best friends are still there, those who are nice, compassionate and have my interests at heart.
        Try this new journey to discover your new self – get rid of your past and let your new you shine out.
        Wishing you all the very best.

    • You might be able to find something googling Saturn square North Node, yours is very tight at on 07 minutes orb. There is something dark in the past about control and violence, with that stellium of Mars, Saturn and Pluto all retrograde. Perhaps a past life regression would be useful for you. Transiting Uranus opposite your stellium will be giving flashes of insight about the past.

      • Thank you Jamie. I think I am finally losing my mind this week – Ive gone beyond my limits and Life is still relentlessly hammering me. Feeling little to no relief even after Saturn square Neptune is over. I will try and research Saturn square North node. I agree with what you say about something very dark, I’ve seen others around me suffer misfortune but no one has had as much intensity and relentlessness for this long, everyone has things turn around for them sometime while it’s just getting worse and worse – I can see I was born to suffer while never being able to achieve anything good for myself. This life really is a long prison sentence. I have had glimpses of past life memories but nothing has brought relief or hope, I’m not sure what is happening to me anymore, I am going out of control this month. Another astrologer long ago told me that only after another two and half years does she see something positive for me. Frankly I’m not sure if I’m going to make it till the end of this year – things are very very bad now. Thank you for your hell again Jamie. If there is any hope for me in the next few days to get help from the planets to feel better I’d appreciate it. I just don’t know how to carry on like this anymore. Getting difficult to eat and sleep, I am having severe breakdowns daily now. Completely defeated after the last decade and this year and I wish to lay down my sword and shield and be at peace.

        Regards, Jas

        • You need to give more time for Saturn square Neptune to lose its power. One degree orb will be September 23. It may take another week or two after that to fully disappear.

  7. These are tough transits, I have had a lot of similar experiences. Don’t give up tho, your family is the problem, not you. If you can, distance yourself. Jupiter in Libra will soon bring opportunities through meeting the right people. In the meantime, eat the rihht foods to feel better, look up alkaline foods.

  8. thank you G. I am trying hard to distract myself, emotions are totally unbearable right now. Thanks for the tip on alkaline foods, I am a big fan of lime juice and ginger, I avoid most acidic foods as they don’t suit my body (I assume due to the intense stress I have emotionally and physically from health ailments that anyway causes a build of acidic ph in my blood), the alkaline natural foods help to keep my body working better, can’t survive without them now.

    I hope you feel better soon too. I wish I had your calm attitude, I know December onwards should be easier for me but I am struggling so much this year that I wonder if I will see respite in this lifetime, it’s been hell for many years now. I wish I was less sensitive or I had a different life – even one change in my circumstances would reduce the pressure cooker Ive been stuck in! But I have to play the cards Ive been dealt I guess like anyone else. I appreciate you reaching out to me. Sending you light and thanks. Regards, Jas

  9. Hi Jamie
    This Pluto retrograde has affected me profoundly. With a broken relationship during september and hitting the rock bottom in finances, I’ve decided to quit my stable job in government due to psychological demons hitting me strong. Is it a good decision to try entrepreneurship this time around?

    • Well done for making such a brave decision. Your health must always come first or you can be no use to others. Starting about now you have great transits culminating with Jupiter conjunct Mars transit Oct 27. That is the perfect time for launching a successful venture.

      • Thanks a ton Jamie for your motivation… It’s nice to have atleast someone to appreciate the value of such decisions admist such chaos and depression…
        I really appreciate your advice … Thanks once again

  10. I have Saturn Retrograde, Uranus Retrograde, Neptune Retrograde & Pluto Retrograde. Reliving the same life differently.

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