Saturn Conjunct Moon Transit

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Saturn Conjunct Moon TransitSaturn conjunct Moon transit is a test of your emotional strength. It is likely that your feelings will be hurt and you will probably cry. If you have been emotionally mature and responsible in the past you will still be subject to the cold hard hand of Saturn. However, you will suffer less emotional pain and bounce back quickly.

Transiting Saturn does not inhibit your emotions or make you uncaring. Saturn burdens your emotions with responsibility, guilt, shame, loss, separation, loneliness and depression. Your partner, mother, children, family in general and even your home may all somehow be involved in a cosmic conspiracy to make your life hard for a few weeks.

As an example, during my last Saturn conjunct Moon transit I broke up with my partner then was accused of domestic violence. I had to leave my home and was separated from my children. During the weeks of transiting Saturn conjunct natal Moon I did not even know if I would see my kids again. I was so depressed and alone but at some stage I realized I had to take responsibility. It was hard work to make the phone calls and talk to a lawyer.

I also had Pluto square Sun transit that year so my case is an extreme example. I eventually won full custody of my children but I always remember how sad and hopeless I felt for those three or four weeks when Saturn conjunct Moon transit was strongest. Time seemed to go so slowly.

You may feel guilty and somehow responsible for any emotional hardship you suffer. It is important that you are not hard on yourself because there are probably enough people doing that already. Bad things happen to good people. I expect this most often happens during Saturn conjunct Moon transits. There are times in life when it is OK to keep to yourself and feel sad. As the young heartbroken John Keats wrote:

A partner in your sorrow’s mysteries;
       For shade to shade will come too drowsily,
               And drown the wakeful anguish of the soul.

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  1. I currently have the same transits as you had the extreme case, Jamie. Pluto transit square my sun and natal Saturn conjunct transit moon. My boyfriend who ghosted me ten months ago came back to ask for forgiveness, only to tell me that he is bound to marry as his parents asked of him and he did not want to disappoint them. I took this in a very mature manner and I am very proud of myself, but it still very hard. I feel so lonely and empty even if bounced back very fast.

  2. i am here because i want to read what the full moon pisces transit means for me. the moon is transiting my first house now and about to fall on my saturn at 0° pisces and I just cant stop crying

  3. This full moon is conjunct my natal Venus In my 2nd house. Saturn Pluto and mars in my first. This is a breakthrough time. You gotta to feel it to heal it. You’re not alone. It’s a blessing in disguise so to speak right now. Mars goes direct Monday just hold on. I too couldn’t stop crying earlier. Had a major meltdown over a painful karmic lesson I thought I’d mostly healed and have been working on so long very long. Extreme psychological projections and triggers are there to free you and are at their peak. It’s another layer to breakdown all that’s restricting you from accessing the true love all around you that the universe is showering you with and that you are. Be open to receive the blessings of this magical Pisces full moon. I hope this helps.

  4. Oh, heck! I’m sitting here crying like an idiot about family crises, etc. Transit Saturn is soon to conjunct my Moon. But I’ve no family left. Even a crisis or conspiracy would be good, if I could have them back, or even just one of them. It’s probably impossible for me to feel more lonely, unloved, etc. So what can this Saturn-to-Moon bring me? (DOB 19 March 1944)

    • I would be a part of your family Sophie. I live off of crises, and right now I cannot even get one from another nor conjure one up myself, and even so, not big enough to get myself out of my own self-isolated place/space right now. But today I read that it is all due to Saturn and Pluto being “all up in my ass” (in my 7th house astrologically speaking:) AND their awful (yet transformative and all-good!) aspects to my natal Sun will not be over until 2020! My advice is focus on your long-term transits if you are looking for the “big answers” and to the Moon for a daily bit of whatever. You are ALIVE and wow! check that out and go with the flow, up and down, and know that it ain’t over ’til its over, and that I (GOD) LOVES YOU!

      • Thank you, Brigitte, for your kind advice — and for the giggle about your 7th House. Things are in the same place for me!:) Oddly, the Moon is the fulcrum of my yod (Saturn and Jupiter base), and Saturn is sitting right on it. I seem to have acquired a sort of yogi mentality: I look upon it pan-faced, and I don’t give a hoot. I wonder if I made my way here knowingly, to collect your and Jamie’s sympathy? Thank you. Love you both. xxx

      • Hi Brigitte ! Lots of transformation going on in your house of partners.This is a long transit. Saturns transit will last about 5 yrs if you don’t have a partner it could mean. pickings may be slim during this time.You will run into more older and sober types at this time.Trasformation in regards to.authority and authority figures.Things won’t seem so barren once Saturn moves out.♍😄

    • Lots of Pisces , lots of self sacrifice.
      Pisces are the sweethearts of the zodiac.Venus is exalted in pisces , because it’s not corporeal love .Its spiritual love , the way love should be.In other signs its love of attachment to something tangible. In Pisces Its unconditional love. Its the love of Jesus Christ.The universal love that our creator wants us to have for all things and all people.
      You have Pluto conjunct your n.node.In Leo.
      Being a. strong pisces you would be very sensitive to this type of energy.Pluto among other things rules the 8th house and all its meanings.It gives power over large groups of people when conjunct the n.node.This is the combining of 2 vortices
      I would say its not too much of a stretch that you probably have some psychic ability..
      These are some things that jump out at me.
      If your moon is in Capricorn you have a hard moon , but it’s a tough moon , tough as nails.You will get through this ok Have faith and never underestimate the power of prayer !

        • Why Doug, thank you! I suppose I shall get through this. I’ve got through so much already. Tough as old boots. I’ve no ambition to get anywhere in this world. But here I am, suddenly finding that three of you have reached out to me. I am beautifully surprised and grateful. God bless.

          • Thank you for your reply Sophie !
            Pisces is the most spiritual sign of the zodiac so ; ‘ faith ‘is a keyword with your sign.They are the least comfortable in their ‘ earthly ‘ skin.
            Don’t worry there are many many people like u. You’re not alone.Let the goodness and the charity of your heart be your guide.Miricles can truly happen for Pisces if they sincerely pray.♍🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟👍

  5. Hello Jamie! I have the transit Saturn conj Natal Moon now. I was really touched about your experience with it . Today was probably the beginning. It looked like my baby grand either had a crack in the sounding board or a crack in the frame. In either case the instrument would be a write-off. These instruments are for musicians like the own child. It has made 2 large overseas moves, had a complete overhaul quite a few years ago. In other words, it and myself have experienced dramatic situations. In 2022 it will be a 100 years old. After an agonizing weekend (and also a kinda “luv” disappointment) the damage was found not to be so great as to have start all over again.

    • I was born with moon conjunct Saturn in Scorpio. ( 3 degree orb. ) So I have a lifetime of it.
      I was never one to cry very much.if someone took something from me I would find something else better.I think I’m creative enough to dodge the emotional attachments to things and people( like the saying : ” you can’t take it with you ” anyway. I don’t like the’ blather ‘ of emotional drama .I view it as distracting to progress ; a set back.
      I’d say it manifests in me as emotional self control.I get more upset by what I call the little things that I think people get upset about.
      When I feel the blues I immerse myself in the things I love.I might pick up my guitar.Maybe that’s it ! everyone should learn to play guitar ( hehe “) ” and if you dont let things bother u so much , it probably wouldnt bother u so much. ” you see I just tricked u into a ‘ double reversey ‘!! ♍😄 have a good day : )

    • I guess there are different ways to look for release.
      I have to admit the ending of the movie Stan and Ollie ‘ jerked’ a few tears from my eyes , listening to some good ‘ gypsy jazz ‘also helps.
      I think they have some of the best guitar and violin players on earth.they play by ear and instinct.listening to great music is one type of therapy I use
      Don’t get me wrong.I do cry at times if the spirit moves me.

  6. Dear Jamie,

    Just today, I began legal action against the group of fools who think they can extort money from me rather than fix the damage to my property that they are responsible for fixing. Then I got a bit rattled, for I recalled having noticed some days ago that Saturn is retrograding to conjunct my Moon again.(It is now 2 degrees short of it.)

    I was not too bothered about that in itself, for nothing can be significant emotional pain for me after what has already been. But I googled ‘transit Saturn conj. Moon’ anyway, thinking to make sure that it is not ominous for legal actions.

    Well, your page came up first, to my huge delight! I immediately spotted a remark of yours that I had not taken in before: ‘… even your home may all somehow be involved in a cosmic conspiracy to make your life hard for a few weeks.’ Spot on! Thank you, Jamie. Your are wonderful.

    DOB: 19 March 1944.

    • On the contrary, the feelings are even more intense when Saturn touches the natal moon. Good luck on the final pass!

  7. I have Pluto Square Sun natal, and Saturn passed over my moon 3 times this year (because of Rx) so I’m really feeling a bit of everything 😭

  8. Thank you very much. Very insightful. Aside from the transit, I was born with Saturn conjunct the Moon, so I am familiar with the energies.

  9. hi jamie and others who see this! i’m writing this during saturn conjunct my moon exact, and its been felt deeply and intensely for almost a month now. not only is this happening, but it coincides with me entering my first saturn return. so its a pretty heavy year ahead (all this transpiring in my 8th house). but i’m learning to embrace things, good and bad, and as they happen. i thought i kinda prepared myself for this to happen, but when the time does come you are still never prepared! haha. i was wondering, as someone who has moon (capricorn) conjunct saturn (aquarius) in their natal, does the saturn conjunct moon transit have any of the same effects?

  10. My natal moon is 2.53 in Aquarius in the first house. Saturn has just moved into Aquarius currently 0’51 degrees. I lost my job beginning of March 2020. I’m very worried! Any comments regarding this?

  11. I have moon at 2.43 Aquarius 12th haus – Saturn is now at 0; feeling the loneliness (isolation), self-criticalness, and past regrets. Sitting alone in the silence of solitude though has its benefits. The art of listening is becoming more and more important and beneficial to do.

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