Saturn Conjunct Moon Transit

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Saturn Conjunct Moon TransitSaturn conjunct Moon transit is a test of your emotional strength. It is likely that your feelings will be hurt and you will probably cry. If you have been emotionally mature and responsible in the past you will still be subject to the cold hard hand of Saturn. However, you will suffer less emotional pain and bounce back quickly.

Transiting Saturn does not inhibit your emotions or make you uncaring. Saturn burdens your emotions with responsibility, guilt, shame, loss, separation, loneliness and depression. Your partner, mother, children, family in general and even your home may all somehow be involved in a cosmic conspiracy to make your life hard for a few weeks.

As an example, during my last Saturn conjunct Moon transit I broke up with my partner then was accused of domestic violence. I had to leave my home and was separated from my children. During the weeks of transiting Saturn conjunct natal Moon I did not even know if I would see my kids again. I was so depressed and alone but at some stage I realized I had to take responsibility. It was hard work to make the phone calls and talk to a lawyer.

I also had Pluto square Sun transit that year so my case is an extreme example. I eventually won full custody of my children but I always remember how sad and hopeless I felt for those three or four weeks when Saturn conjunct Moon transit was strongest. Time seemed to go so slowly.

You may feel guilty and somehow responsible for any emotional hardship you suffer. It is important that you are not hard on yourself because there are probably enough people doing that already. Bad things happen to good people. I expect this most often happens during Saturn conjunct Moon transits. There are times in life when it is OK to keep to yourself and feel sad. As the young heartbroken John Keats wrote:

A partner in your sorrow’s mysteries;
       For shade to shade will come too drowsily,
               And drown the wakeful anguish of the soul.

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  1. Dear Jamie,

    Just today, I began legal action against the group of fools who think they can extort money from me rather than fix the damage to my property that they are responsible for fixing. Then I got a bit rattled, for I recalled having noticed some days ago that Saturn is retrograding to conjunct my Moon again.(It is now 2 degrees short of it.)

    I was not too bothered about that in itself, for nothing can be significant emotional pain for me after what has already been. But I googled ‘transit Saturn conj. Moon’ anyway, thinking to make sure that it is not ominous for legal actions.

    Well, your page came up first, to my huge delight! I immediately spotted a remark of yours that I had not taken in before: ‘… even your home may all somehow be involved in a cosmic conspiracy to make your life hard for a few weeks.’ Spot on! Thank you, Jamie. Your are wonderful.

    DOB: 19 March 1944.

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