Uranus Square Neptune Natal and Transit

Uranus Square Neptune TransitUranus square Neptune is a major planetary aspect shared by the generation born from 1952 to 1957. Uranus square Neptune next occurs from 2037 to 2043.

Natal Uranus Square Neptune

Uranus square Neptune natal makes you precocious, charismatic, and romantic but also over-sensitive, reactive, and attention-seeking. Sometimes your perception of yourself and the world becomes distorted. This can lead to strange ideas, sudden disappointments, or embarrassing controversies.

You may become suspicious or paranoid about certain things that others find acceptable or normal. Keeping secrets may prove difficult at times. A particular religious or spiritual upbringing may strongly influence your beliefs throughout life. But it is just as likely that you reject traditional systems and seek alternative or unusual ideologies.

Whatever the case, some system of morals or values is important to give you a sense of structure, reliability and continuity. And even if you hold conservative values you will probably have an interest in progressive ideas like anti-discrimination and humanitarian or environmental causes.

Uranus Square Neptune Transit

Uranus square Neptune transit can bring unexpected or sudden changes that test your faith. You may experience deception or disappointment and struggle to understand why. So this can be a very confusing time of life.

It is also possible that you start to become suspicious or paranoid. This is okay to an extent because you could well be more susceptible and fraud, and to charlatans or cult leaders.

However, hypochondria or believing in conspiracy theories would increase the delusional and confusing effects of this transit. For example, you could be more vulnerable to infection so hygiene, healthy eating, and visiting your doctor are important now. Vaccination could keep a young, old, or sick relative out of the hospital. But believing the anti-vax conspiracies could cost you dearly.

Your new reality may be difficult to deal with but you should not turn to strange or unproven ideas or belief systems to make sense of it. Mystical experiences, dreams, and psychic readers are likely to be unreliable. Experimenting with hallucinatory or mind-altering drugs should be avoided, especially if your grip on reality is already fragile.

Uranus Square Neptune Celebrities

F. Matthias Alexander 0°01′, Geena Davis 0°05′, Angela Merkel 0°06′, Marie Curie 0°07′, Sandra Bernhard 0°19′, Ravi Shankar 0°23′, Annie Sprinkle 0°25′, Shelley Ackerman 0°30′, Hugo Chavez 0°39′, Nathan Lane 0°42′, Kathie Lee Gifford 0°44′, John Hinckley 0°47′, Mel Gibson 0°50′, Harriet Wilson 0°51′, Hulk Hogan 0°55′, Arsenio Hall 1°01′, Louis XVII 1°02′, Chris Evert 1°03′, Althea Flynt 1°18′, Annie Lennox 1°19′, Adam Ant 1°22′, Freddie Prinze 1°23′, Denzel Washington 1°27′, Nathaniel Bar-Jonah 1°29′, John Frawley 1°41′, Bjorn Borg 1°56′, Mark David Chapman 1°58′.

Uranus Square Neptune Dates
15 July 1954
2 December 1954
11 June 1955
19 January 1956
5 May 1956
2 October 2039
31 January 2040
29 August 2040
18 March 2041
25 July 2041

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  1. Uranus {hard aspects = unexpected disasters} in hard aspect to Neptune {drugs}. The late Andy Gibb had this aspect in his birth chart {died from drugs}. Both planets mean more than just this, but just pertaining to this particular aspect and the person I’m speaking of.

  2. Pushing vaccination has just got your site taking off my go to read!!!

  3. Once again, Astrology King, you have hit the nail on the head. Not only do I have the 89 degree natal angle, those are my two ruling planets. Keep up the good work!

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