Full Moon March 2014

Full Moon March 2014 Astrology

Full Moon March 2014

The full moon on Sunday the 16th of March 2014, falls at 26 degrees of the zodiac sign Virgo. This full moon will most strongly affect decan 3 of most signs, which you can read about in the March 2014 monthly horoscope. As with all full moons, this one lasts for two weeks and complements the previous new moon. The theme of the March 1 New Moon was the healing of wounds, especially those involving love relationships. This was because on the same day as that previous new moon, Mars turned retrograde, the planet of anger in a confronting aspect to Venus, the planet of love.

Full Moon March 2014 Astrology

Full Moon March 2014 Astrology

Full Moon March 2014 Astrology

The frustration, anger or jealousy of this current new moon cycle has to find some resolution from this full moon. You can see in the full moon horoscope that Mars does make aspects involving the full moon, so this is the starting point for working through the anger or resentment.

Mars makes of helpful aspect to Asteroid Pallas, the asteroid of creative intelligence, but also strategic warfare. Asteroid Pallas gives courage and wisdom, so Mars sextile Pallas suggests the channeling of any anger into well thought-out tactics, aimed at finding peaceful solutions.

That is not to say that aggression should be avoided, because both Mars and asteroid Pallas urge us to stand up for our rights and fight for just causes. The sextile aspect allows for the use of more forceful measures, but in a tactful way to produce the desired results.

The green aspect lines from Mars and Pallas to the Sun are quincunxes. These are aspects of tension and karmic adjustment, and together for a Yod aspect pattern. So now the aggressive yet positive energy of Mars sextile Pallas, focuses on the Sun like a laser beam. The Sun represent our ego, pride and goals. These things are energized by this Yod aspect pattern, vibrating at a high energy which need to be released in some way.

A Yod aspect pattern represents a destined task, which we feel just has to be accomplished. With this full moon, as time goes on over the next two weeks, we will feel more restless and eager to resolve this tense buildup of aggressive energy. Sometimes with a yod, the pressure buildup becomes so intense, that it explodes in a destructive manner. What we have here, is the full moon creating a Boomerang Yod. These types of Yods are more complex and potentially dangerous, yet they do offer a much needed pressure release valve.

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The Sun is the action point of this Yod, where the aggression builds up in the ego. Now instead of expressing anger through an inflated ego in a damaging way, this highly charged energy can bounce over to the Moon, the reaction point of this Yod.

So there is no need to worry about losing face, or looking weak by exposing your softer inner side. You can share you emotional and sensitive side thanks to this full moon. Any heated passions, broken hearts, or whatever has been developing over the past two weeks, can now be let out of your body so you can relieve the tension and heal yourself and others.

This March 2014 full moon at 26 degrees Virgo is on a magical star, helping find peace and happiness by purifying the toxic buildup of negative feelings in relationships. The fixed star Labrum is the brightest star in constellation Crater, the Cup, or Holy Grail. This is a peace-loving star and it sublimates the ego. It gives “riches in disgrace and purifies to salvation“. This is a time for full moon magic as the star Labrum is known for giving psychic powers. This prophetic ability is an excellent addition to the Mars and asteroid Pallas influence, of creative intelligence and strong desire to beat the odds. Full moon magic to compliment the new moon healing.

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5 thoughts on “Full Moon March 2014

  1. Thank you Jamie, this helps A LOT! I recognise that this is the natural timing that many of us are priviieged to be here for and the destruction potential triggered thanks to pluto in Cap to remove what limits the power surges by Uranus in Aries all being kept real, ethical and contained until the perfect karmic timing by Saturns play in all of this are amazing if one doesnt get too caught up in the negativity also a potential at this time.

    This full moon is on the mid point between natal mars (26Leo) and ascendant (26Libra), which mars is on again with the assistance of Pallas, which is also squaring natal Saturn at 28Cap, which was recently the station rx point for my chart ruler Venus.

    As mentioned before, I am aware that the coming cardinal cross has Mars conjunct my natal Moon/Poseidon conjunction and “know” it matters that I am prepared and have done my best through this process. At the same time, my stellium in 10th house Leo is being fed some “easy” energy via easy aspects to some significant natal placements. Thus it has me in awe.

    I communicated with someone I trust who is has trained somewhat in astrology, yet “reads” charts intuitively, mentioning my respect being triggered for the coming cardinal cross and its potential both pro and con to see if she was able to offer guidance. She asked me to send her a copy of my chart, including any of the asteroids I have been drawn to use myself, including a few not so used ones, which I did and she came back with having been drawn to March 29 where my chart is lit up like a christmas tree in a good way in fact possibly indicating that this is able to be the “most fortuitous day of my life” which will fall at the very end of this full moon’s influence, thus I have more forsight to potential if I work with this energy as it builds to be able to help others even more than I have done, which has now triggered a huge wave of enthusiasm and hope, much bigger than the fear of the negative potential.

    I am very grateful to you and others who give this information without charge as I am one who does so also and enjoy being in good company (not trying to fluff ego here, I am genuine), plus the build up to and confrontation by the past cardinal crosses rendered me not in a position to be able to “pay for guidance” myself, I have faith that all I need will be given including the “need to know” and it has been. Thank you.

  2. In my chart, the Sun at March’s Full Moon is conjunct my IC and natal Pallas, shooting an arrow into the sky at the Moon in the Midheaven. Looks good to me career-wise, considering I have Pallas/IC in a natal Yod with the Sun sextile Pluto above. Such interesting synchros in astrology!

    Thanks for your explanation of this interesting Full Moon Yod, Jamie.

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