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Asteroid Pallas Astrology Wonder WomanAsteroid Pallas was the second of the asteroids discovered, coming after asteroid Ceres the mother. Pallas is the maiden, named after Pallas Athena, goddess of wisdom, courage, just warfare, strategy and skill. Modern astrologers have linked her to these things but also creative intelligence, political nous, pattern recognition and the relationship between father and daughter. Like her modern day manifestation Wonder Woman her father was Zeus. She is “a feminine character with all the strength of Superman plus all the allure of a good and beautiful woman. She is as “beautiful as Aphrodite, wise as Athena, stronger than Hercules, and swifter than Hermes.” [1]

Asteroid Pallas Warrior Queen

Pallas Athena was the goddess of courage and just warfare, and we see this in the discovery chart with Jupiter conjunct Saturn opposite Mars. Here is the balance she is trying to find. Deliberating to find the truth before passing judgement and taking action. She is defensive by nature and will use her creative and strategic intelligence to avoid violence, but when all else fails she will take action, as Medusa knows only too well. The courage is not only shown by Mars, but also Jupiter (from her father) because Jupiter in the Heart of the Lion, on the royal and brave star Regulus. With Jupiter in particular it gives success, fame and honor, “especially of a military nature”.

Asteroid Pallas and Creative Intelligence

In the chart shown below, asteroid Pallas is in a stellium with Uranus, Ceres and the South Node, all aligned with fixed stars in the constellation Crater. The Cup gives intelligence and eminence, a gift, something precious carried by an individual to pass down the generations of the family. So here we get the main theme of Pallas Athena first described by Demetra George, “she represents the principle of creative intelligence”. [2] Asteroid Pallas in the constellation of intellect, made creative and intuitive by Uranus, and passed down through the genes (South Node) of the mother. Demetra also links asteroid Pallas with the Midheaven as she “symbolizes one’s ambitions and ones visible, socially useful accomplishments.” So the eminence from constellation Crater fits very well.

Asteroid Pallas Astrology Chart

Asteroid Pallas was discovered by Heinrich Wilhelm Olbers on the night of March 28, 1802. I could not find an exact time for the discovery and have set the chart for 11 pm, so will not pay attention to the Ascendant of Midheaven.

Asteroid Pallas Astrology Chart

Asteroid Pallas Astrology Chart

Strategic Thinking

While the stellium with the asteroid in her discovery chart shows intuitive, creative, feminine intelligence, we have to look elsewhere for the theme of strategic intelligence which other astrologers have found. This is more logical, left side of the brain, masculine intelligence. Eric Francis puts it really well saying that Pallas Athena “represents political and negotiating skills, having been transformed into a kind of modern lawyer-like warrior”. [3] Pallas Athena is a warrior but shows diplomacy and tact, more defensive by nature but will go in for the kill if that is required. We find this in the discovery chart with Mercury which does rule the rational intellect. Mercury conjunct Pluto delves very deeply to uncover the truth. A profound thinker and powerful communicator, and with Pluto we also get the political theme.

The constellation Pegasus also plays an important role in this strategic ability. The Sun, Mercury, Pluto and North Node are all on stars in the Winged Horse. The Sun is on the star Algenib, which according to Elsbeth Ebertin gives a “Penetrating mind and a strong will, as well as determination. An impressive way of speaking and a gift for oratory. In conjunction with the Sun, it will make for a fighting spirit and a love of learning.” The North Node is on the star Markab which Ebertin says influences the “spiritual and mental nature, to give a good head for figures, intellectual alertness, mental powers in general and last but not least, the ability to further propaganda activity”.

Michael O’Reilly has done some excellent research on the role of Pallas Athena in political astrology, “A prominently placed Pallas can make one exceptionally skilled as a political strategist”. [4] He goes on to investigate the charts of Henry Kissinger and Caroline Kennedy and mentions a link to tactical vision and pattern recognition.

Pattern Recognition

Michael is not the only astrologer to show that asteroid Pallas is associated with pattern recognition. Christina the Oxford Astrologer [5] rightly notes that pattern recognition is a key component of astrology, so she went through some charts of astrologers and concluded that asteroid Pallas really is the goddess of pattern. A little further investigation makes this case absolutely rested. Asteroid Pallas conjunctions under two degrees orb:

Stephen Arroyo (MC), Nick Campion (Mars and POF), Nicholas Culpeper (DC), Roy C. Firebrace (Mercury), Axel Harvey (AC), Jeffrey Kishner (Moon), Alan Leo (POF), Rick Levine (Uranus), George Llewellyn (IC), Susan Miller (MC), Jamie Partridge (Mercury), John Partridge (Saturn), Lucy Pond (Moon), Sepharial (Venus), Robert Schmidt (Sun), Noel Tyl (North Node), Joanne Wickenburg (Sun, Venus and Saturn).

Father Daughter Relationships

It has been said that Pallas Athena had no mother because she was born from the head of her father Zeus (Jupiter). In fact she does a mother, Metis, goddess of crafty thought and wisdom. Zeus made Metis his first wife, but he feared the prophecy that her first child, the bright-eyed maiden Athena would be “equal to her father in strength and in wise understanding”. [6] So Zeus swallowed Metis after she had conceived, but he got such a great headache that one of his friends had to chop him in the head with an axe. From the wound jumped Pallas Athena, fully grown and armed to the teeth, screaming her battle cries.

So Pallas is daddy’s little girl, and signifies a close bond between father and daughter. Demetra George bases this on Pallas being the maiden, representing the “second developmental stage in people’s lives, when they look to their fathers to provide them with the firmness and independence to leave the home and go forth into the world”. [2]

In the Asteroid Pallas astrology chart we see the girl (Venus) with the father (Sun). A beautiful and loving personality but Sun opposite Uranus makes her strongly independent which gets in the way of her desire for harmony and stability. The Sun and Venus are both on stars in the constellation Cepheus, the King which confirms the royal lineage. Venus is in fact on the brightest star in Cepheus, Alderamin, “It gives authority and a sober mind, sometimes making its natives judges or arbitrators, but exposes to cruel and severe trials.”

Asteroid Pallas AstrologyI talked earlier about the South Node in the stellium with asteroid Pallas, all in constellation Crater, and how that gave a link to genetics in the female line. As an example of this, plus the father daughter relationship theme, I will use my story. I have asteroid Pallas conjunct Mercury, as does my mom. Mercury ruling children means we both have some shared issue regarding father daughter relationships. Mum never had girls but wanted them, she was close to her father but tragically lost him just after I was born. I have three kids now, and being a single parent I rely on mom and she is passionate about being there for them.

All my kids have conjunctions to Pallas, even the boy with Jupiter. My youngest girl has Pallas conjunct North Node, and my eldest girl has Pallas with Moon and Uranus. Moon Uranus has meant some distance from her mother, so asteroid Pallas in there is so descriptive of this girls life. We obviously have a close relationship and she has to look for me not only for the firmness and independence that Demeter talked about, but also for the maternal nurturing of the Moon, as I have to play the mother role, to some extent anyway. This is where Nan comes in, sharing this role as we both have Mercury conjunct asteroid Pallas.

Find Asteroid Pallas in Your Chart

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3. Select Pallas in the “Additional objects” box.

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62 thoughts on “Asteroid Pallas Astrology

  1. pallas vs sedna in view of father -daughter

    how come the opposite story so relevant to me at the same time?

  2. I hope a late comment is ok. I have Pallas 2 minutes away from my sun in sidereal Aquarius in the 9th and I am female.

    I have a much different view of Medusa and the type of feminine energy she represents. What was she doing in Athena’s temple in the first place? If Athena is just and tactful and only goes for the kill when necessary, then what did Medusa do to cause her to act this way? I do not think that she was raped in Athena’s temple. Perhaps she betrayed Athena in some way? Had sex with another god in Athena’s temple without thinking how disrespectful that was? Then ran around crying “rape” when she was found out?

    Medusa could represent the type of woman who feels victimised and yet clueless to the part her own actions play in the enfolding drama. She may have once been innocent and wronged but as portrayed by her hideous countenance, she has allowed her sense of injusticed to turn her into a nasty, bitter old woman who has now become the threat. We all know malevolent women like that who stop you stone cold with their joy sucking being and their malicious lies. When these women are spotted, they play victim and appeal to your pity in order to immobilise your defences. Strategist Athena has armed you with a mirror, so you look at the actions, not the person and are not distracted by pity plays.

    Athena should be applauded for the courage shown in cutting out this cancer before it spreads, knowing full well that she would be accused of being a traitor to her sex by some. Just like some feministas accused the late Margaret Thatcher of not being female. I don’t know what Pallas aspects Thatcher had and regardless of whether you agreed or disagreed with her, she showed great leadership by doing what needed to be done at the time, even though it made her unpopular.

    • OMG thank you for that pithy, meaty, veracious story version of medusa and pallas athena!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are right ON, gf. Wow. Spot on. Beautiful. Perfect. Love it. I concur. All the rest. Well said. Bully. And, thank you! Wow. :))

      • Especially the pity factor of medusa, and her lack of innocence, as well as pallas’s reasons for attach. It all mirrors PERFECTLY my on situation with these energies in such a perfect technicolor way, it’s amazingly parallel a story as I live (I being pallas and dealing with this exact version of medusa). it’s simply uncanny. Thought I should share that here considering. thanks again

  3. Nice feedback Pink and Ruby. I copped a bit of flack when I first posted this because of giving Medusa a bad write up. There really is hostility between Athena and Medusa, you can still see this play out in the archetypes, in relationships.

    • You didn’t always give Medusa a bad write up. Your words from

      “Medusa was innocent and naive. Her fate was to suffer at the hands of the Gods. Poseidon raped her, then Athena mutated her into an ugly monster. Perseus slew the monster, transforming Medusa, liberating her through another mutation into Pegasus and Chrysaor. The fixed star Algol, as Medusa, represents evolution through a series of mutations. This evolution of Medusa is reflected in humanity. We were innocent and naive, then…..”

      You give examples of some mundane events, Eugenics, research into DNA, genome project etc then…

      “It started out innocent and beautiful. The Gods mutated it into something ghastly. It has evolved into something powerful and beautiful which puts our destiny in our own hands”

      Your last sentence could be talking about Persephone. We all go through a ghastly phase (The Underworld) after being wronged, it’s HUMAN. But we forgive and evolve, not all Medusa’s stay monsters as your rightly point out..

  4. I am planning to add more to this post at some stage, with reference to the Warrior Queen Boudica. Her world turned to crap once her dad had died. She also lost the guidance of the father archetype when the Romans slaughtered the druids on Anglesey. She went on the rampage immediately after that extermination in 61 AD, or even perhaps in a last ditch effort to draw the legion away from the druids.

  5. I really do like this post and look forward to the Warrior Queen Boudica update when you have time, Jamie. My mother’s birth time is not known to me, but our charts correspond to what you have explained. My mother idolized her father, who was an alcoholic and unexpectedly died when she was sixteen, just a few years after her mother had died. Mom had a stellium of Chiron, Neptune and Pallas square Saturn. I have guessed the birth time based on comments from her sister which may or may not be right of course, and with the birth time she proposed for Mom, the Moon is conjunct the Chiron/Neptune/Pallas stellium. Then as for me, I work with my father, who has been a guide and a support to me for my own success. I have a Pallas stellium with Sun and Venus in the sixth house. His Pallas is in my 8th house, and the work that has bound us together relates to toxins in the environment.

  6. Thanks for this Jamie, I have Pallas conjunct Juno in 5th, thus no support in fact both my parents were brilliant role models, of what not to be and do lol! Grateful anyway 🙂 I do however currently have transit Pallas conjunct my nth Node, so this helped me to understand it a little, excellent as always!

  7. Wondering if you might be able to interpret a Pallas Yod? Pallas Athene at 9 degrees in Aquarius in 2nd house is the apex. The legs of the yod are Moon in 9th house Virgo, and Mars is 7th house Cancer. My vertex is the activation point in 8th house Leo (Opposite Pallas). All aspects are at less than a 1 degree orb. My Pallas also forms a Grand Trine with Jupiter and Part of Fortune. I haven’t been able to find much information on Pallas involved in yods, let alone very much information on yods.

    • You are striving to achieve the best qualities of Pallas, or that you already do. You might have significant karmic relationship with Pallas-like people.

  8. WhAt would 24 degrees Virgo 4t Ouse PaIIAs conunt Psyce mean? It is aIso my Neptune Venus midpoint… I am a performing artist.

  9. I wonder what does it mean to have Pallas in 12th house? 12th house is not known for patterns right?

  10. Oh, I also have a wide Pallas NN conjunction and an exact trine to Jupiter. I like the description of courage and creativity. 🙂

  11. I am a big fan of your work! I have Pallas in the 10th House conjunct my Sun, Uranus, Mercury and Ceres all in Scorpio. I am a daddy’s girl and our relationship is very much like Zeus and Athena’s, but I am a very strong and independent and powerful woman. I am a Scorpio but Libra dominant as well which means highly diplomatic and I like to avoid conflict. I will utilize my creative intelligence to avoid conflict but if need be, I will annihilate whatever obstacle is in front of me. My Regulus is at 29 deg Leo, within .01 of my 29 deg Leo Saturn.

  12. I loved this article. I noticed this coming year Solar Return Pluto falls on my Pallas in the 5th, now I am positive it talks about creativity and birthing new projects (which my head is bursting with right now) rather than a love affair (I am escaping one and don’t mean to get entangled in another nowhere in my near future). In fact I see this Pallas also as the warrior in me rising to get out of an oppressive relationship, even if I have a small child.

  13. I have my mercury Conjunct Pallas as well as sun oppodite Uranus. I was close to my dad but lost him last year to heart related issues. He was only 66😭. But my sun is overall well aspected 💖So having this aspect confirms the relationship between he and I?

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