Joan of Arc Horoscope

Joan of Arc HoroscopeI am posting the Joan of Arc horoscope because I have been researching the blood moon tetrad lunar eclipses in 2014/2015. Tetrad eclipses are four consecutive total lunar eclipses, very rare events with the last ones occurring nearly 600 years ago in 1428/1429. It was during this previous tetrad eclipse cycle that Joan of Arc heard the voice of God, and gained everlasting hero status at the Siege of Orléans. It seems that tetrad eclipses signal the rise to power of some prophet or agent of change.

I am happy with the birth data I found at Astro Databank, who sourced Ed Steinbrecher for the time of 5:41 am, January 6, 1412. This places the Midheaven at 19 Libra on the same degree as the first lunar eclipse in 1428/1429. It places her Moon at 9 Libra on the same degree as the third lunar eclipse in 1428/1429.

The rising star is Acumen in the Sting of the Scorpio, which gives a “sharp mind and a perception well above average as though, perhaps ‘blind’ to what we see and take for granted, they see what we do not, at levels where eyesight does not reach.”  The Midheaven conjunct Chiron explains the maverick style of her calling.

Joan of Arc Horoscope

Joan of Arc Horoscope

Her Ascendant representing her soul, and her Midheaven representing her calling, work in harmony via the sextile aspect. This powerful spirit channels down to Saturn vis quincunx aspects to form a Yod aspect pattern, the Finger of God. This is the first of two Yods in her chart, which represent a special mission assigned by God, a destined task which the soul relentlessly tries to complete. The action point of the Yod is Saturn, a duty, determination, hard work and hardship. Saturn on the fixed star Algol explains her violent death by judicial sentence.

Mercury opposite Neptune explain the hearing of voices, and her conflict with religion. Mercury on the fixed star Facies made her thoughts focused and driven, relentless and ruthless, her words inspirational. Yet in the end, this aspect manifested as betrayal and treachery.

Source data for Joan of Arc Horoscope: Astrology: Joan of Arc, Ed Steinbrecher: “her hour is not exactly known; it is said she was born at the hour when roosters sang, sunrise.”

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  1. Jamie, does your astro software account for the difference between the Julian & Gregorian calendars? Or is her DOB based on Steinbrecher’s calculation of where her birthdate would fall according to today’s Gregorian calendar?

    Also, interesting to hear about the tetrad lunar eclipses – are they really that rare? Because the NASA website I was referencing in a quick search had tables that seemed to indicate they were more common. Perhaps I misread? If so, this is quite a big deal! Many thanks for a very interesting post!

    • Yes, the chart is right Denise, same date as on her wiki page too. The link in the source notes goes to this chart for Joan of Arc. Not sure what you were looking at on the NASA eclipse page, but a tetrad is four total lunar eclipses in a row (with the solar eclipses in between).

  2. Have we had the tetrad eclipses or are they still coming? i only ask as we have seemed to have noticeably had a few and if they are still coming are you doing to post on it, it sounds fascinating! It is also interesting the “special mission assigned by god” I hadn’t connected this to my chart and yet in the first psychic reading I ever had when I was 16 (not astrology) she told me I am from the 5th dimension with 2 missions from god (which I kinda took with a pinch of salt as although I was already “in training” with my natural occult gifts, it sounded a bit over the top to a 16 year old lol!) and until now hadn’t connected that with the 2 yods I have in my chart, one with Saturn at the apex, one with Jupt/IC conjunction at the apex and I can see where I have not been able to do anything except “stay the course” in the 3 yod influences with Saturn at the base, the Jupiter one is obvious too, yet more free flowing when its activated? Anyway, i will accept that explains my stubborness (saturn) to not betray myself no matter what “the system” threatens lol!

  3. PS I also have a quincunx (not yod) from my Leo MC to my Pisces Chiron, which I guess indicates the self healing involved to have fined tuned my gifts which produce healing as an aside to the process to others as well, quite fascinating, I had read your post on yods, this however has given quite a lightbulb moment (not that i think I am in the league of St Joan) it just makes more sense than before and when so much of my life is occult having something from one of the scientific areas of occult helps alot, thank you!

  4. I wont keep going on, on your site, however I am suddenly seeing more and more of my chart indicators from this article and even some of the fixed star (the few I know) influences too, what a morning, wake up Debbie, yep ok ok, I am lol!

  5. This should be taken with a grain of salt, for lack of reliable sources. Following up on Denise’s comment, it appears that Joan’s date of birth could correspond to the 15th of January 1413, and not the 6th/15th of January 1412. A more rigorous analysis would be necessary to decide the likeliest date of birth as we understand it today. There’s an interesting explanation on this website

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