Pisces 2013 Horoscope

Pisces 2013 HoroscopePisces horoscope 2013 with decans for a more accurate forecast. If you are on a cusp, use the free horoscope to find your decan.

   Pisces Decan 1 – born Feb 19 to 28.
   Pisces Decan 2 – born Feb 29 to Mar 10.
   Pisces Decan 3 – born Mar 11 to 20.

Decan 1 Pisces 2013 Horoscope

The November 2012 lunar eclipse was square your decan which puts some pressure on your relationships and can make you feel emotional stressed. The effects of this lunar eclipse will last till late April but the most challenging time will be up till late March 2013 when you also get a Jupiter square. This will tend to amplify any emotional tension and exaggerate your reactions. Jupiter does give you the opportunity to grow emotionally and spiritually during this time, and this will come through engaging in relationships, thinking of the other person and not by being selfish. The critical period here is from March 8 to 17 with Mercury retrograde passing through your decan. You will need to take extra care not to complicate any emotional drama by speaking without thinking. It would be better not to make any grand promises or commit yourself at this time. This is because rushed or muddled thinking may cloud your judgement and the Jupiter transit is associated with over estimation

The lunar eclipse on 25 April 2013 is trine your decan which will bring back the much-needed harmony to your relationships and make you feel more relaxed and emotionally balanced. This reprieve lasts for one month only because there are consecutive lunar eclipses in this cycle, The May 25 Lunar Eclipse is square you decan so the spotlight does return to the differences that you have with other people. You will handle this one better because you have the extremely fortunate Jupiter trine from mid June to mid August 2013. This will more than compensate for the tense eclipse and boost your confidence and bring much joy to your life. There will be a much friendlier atmosphere allowing growth and good times to be had with partners, friends and family. Luck is on your side!

For those born February 19 to 24 only, a Neptune conjunction this year is sending you on a most enlightening spiritual journey, sparking your interest in the metaphysical, the occult or religion. You may find that you care less about the material things in life which once meant so much to you. This Neptune transit in combination with the eclipses this year, with the focus on relationships, means that you may face more confusion or deception in this area, but it also offers the possibility of reaching a higher level in existing relationships, or meeting some new with whom you make a very spiritual, soul mate type of bond.

Pisces born February 25 to 27 only, you have a Saturn trine from late April to mid September 2013. This is a very stabilizing influence giving patience and determination. You will be keen to work hard on your goals and can expect to make some grand achievements, take on more responsibility and gain more respect and recognition. The combination of very favorable Jupiter and Saturn transit from mid June to mid September should see the most significant success stories. New relationships should be wonderful and could definitely be long-term commitments bringing much joy. Other manifestation could be renovating or moving to a better home, or landing a better job or getting a promotion.

Just for those born February 28 and 29 only, you still have the Pluto sextile from last year, and this continues to the end of 2013. This is a very significant transit giving you greater personal power and  influence, and such a strong will and determination to make a big, life-changing transformation. The optimum times for manifesting your new vision is during April and again in the last three weeks of September 2013 with the Saturn trine. This makes the gains concrete and lasting, it gives your new personal power even more authority and you can take a leading role and act as a mentor for others. This period of your life is setting up a solid foundation for many years of prosperity.

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Decan 2 Pisces 2013 Horoscope

Early this year there are a few small bumps in the road but nothing to freak out about, and from then on it turns most excellent. The first bump comes from Mercury retrograde in your decan from February 23 to March 8. During this time you may feel mentally challenged by the pace of activity and influx of communication. It would be better to avoid making important decisions, major purchases or entering into negotiations for this couple of weeks. Wait a bit longer for those most excellent transits. The next hurdle is not to high because the Jupiter square from mid March to mid May 2013 is the easiest of the challenging square aspects to handle. You will likely feel more selfish and want to spoil yourself, and you can have some fun now but do need to show some restraint as this transit is associated with overspending, gluttony and overestimation of your capabilities.

The goodies start with an energizing sextile aspect from the May 9 Solar Eclipse. The confidence, optimism and extra support from friends and family from this eclipse will last into November. Even then, the solar eclipse on 3 November 2013 is trine your decan so the promising conditions will continue into next year. You will find is much easier to express your true identity and to see your goals realized. An especially lucky period comes with a Jupiter trine from early August to late October 2013. This is excellent for travel, studies, financial investments, new relationships, improved existing relationships. Basically anything you desire during this time should come relatively easy, but don’t just sit back and let it come to you. If you put a little effort in the rewards will be so much greater.

For Pisces born on March 1 and 2 only, you start getting the powerful and transforming Pluto sextile this year. Your ability to make positive changes in your life is greatly increased and you will feel more powerful and influential over other people and over the conditions of your own life. With a Saturn trine from the beginning of the year till early April, then again for October 2013, your increased determination and intense drive will make your transformation very substantial and lasting. You should achieve some grand things this year, can take the lead, impress others and take on more responsibility. Promotions, increased wealth, and deeper, more meaning relationships are on offer.

For those born March 3 to 10 only, you get the foundation building Saturn trine from late October till the end of December 2013. This is a hard-working time but you should relish the opportunity to reap the rewards. You may be given more responsibility or be looked to for guidance. You will have great determination and focus to achieve your goals, and those achievement will be lasting and earn your respect and recognition.

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Decan 3 Pisces 2013 Horoscope

You guys have a good year ahead and should start 2013 feeling confident and optimistic because the November 2012 solar eclipse made the fortunate trine to your decan. This not only brings a feeling of balance and well-being, but also brings more harmony to all your relationships. It will be easier to get ahead in life an achieve your goals because this eclipse reduces stress, helps eliminate any obstacles in your path, and also brings assistance from those people who have some authority like bosses, teachers or parents. Don’t be afraid to promote yourself and feel proud because others will appreciate your very positive attitude and it will help you advance.

That eclipse lasts up till the next one which is the May 9 Solar Eclipse. The sextile aspect from this one is a lot like the trine earlier, but a bit more energizing so you will have even more initiative and determination to start new projects, meet new people, and get the most of life. Your urge to get more stuff, make more money, and have more fun will be heightened with Jupiter square your decan from early May to the end of June 2013. You can make progress and succeed under this influence, but there are a few catches. You will need to show some restraint because excessive pride or overestimation of your capabilities could you see you squander any opportunities. It would be better during this time to focus on fewer projects and conserve your resources.

Jupiter trine your decan from mid October to the end of November 2013 means full stream ahead. This is one of the most fortunate transits of all and in combination with the positive eclipse is means that you surely have luck on your side. Good things will be attracted to you, from money, to nicer possessions, and genuinely warm and helpful people. New relationships started now should be very good for you, and there is a good chance of making new friends because you will be feeling more sociable and others will want to share in your good vibes. This is also a great time to travel or take on new studies, anything which broadens your horizons and enriches your life, both materially and spiritually.

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