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Scorpio Next Week Horoscope

June 24 to 30, 2024

Monday to Thursday brings clear thinking and good concentration, making this a good time for hard or detailed mental work. You could study, sit exams, or apply for a loan or a job. You can see how the smaller parts fit into the bigger picture. This is also a good time for making long-term plans and organizing anything from your kitchen drawers to a business proposal. You will be practical, efficient and thorough.

Friday to Sunday, personal interactions become more intense and exciting. You should feel more friendly and better able to express your passionate desires. Increased sexual attraction, courage and initiative make this an excellent time for dating. This is also a good time to start a new financial venture or partnership and any new competitive, physical, or creative project. You are in charge of your destiny.

Scorpio Next Week Tarot

The Nine of Pentacles is one of the suit’s most uplifting and encouraging omens. This can mean that your financial worries are over for a while and that things generally will go better than you thought possible. Enjoy this good energy, and share your wealth and happiness with others. Scorpio Next Week HoroscopeThe Nine of Pentacles points to happiness and success. This is in both the mundane and the inner realms. You will have a great deal to be proud of and hopeful about. Expect the best to happen. You’ll be in a position to help those less fortunate than yourself. Pay attention not only to your material abundance but also to your spirituality.

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