Cancer HoroscopeNovember 2014 Cancer horoscope with decans for a more accurate forecast. If you are on a cusp, use the free horoscope to find your decan.

Cancer Decan 1 born Jun 21 to Jul 1.
Cancer Decan 2 born Jul 2 to 12.
Cancer Decan 3 born Jul 13 to 22.

Decan 1 Cancer Horoscope November 2014

The Sun is trine your decan from October 23 to November 3, and the October 23 solar eclipse amplified this usually care-free transit. Normally I would say that the eclipse will prolong the good effects, such as harmonious relationships and less tress than usual. However, a Mars transit occurring at the same time will cause some irritation at the very least.

Mars opposite your decan lasts from October 24 to November 9. This causes anger and frustration, sometimes even outright conflict. There is a good chance however, that Mars sextile Neptune from October 29 to November 5 will add more mutual understanding and empathy to relationships. This is the first of two activations for your altruistic Neptune transit.

Mercury trine your decan from November 8 to 15 will settle your agitation down nicely. It brings clarity of thought and excellent communication skills. You can expect more polite conversation now as the aggressive Mars influence has passed. Mercury trine Neptune on November 11 and 12 is ideal for escapism like books or movies to loosen any remaining tension.

Decan 2 Cancer Horoscope November 2014

Things are looking up after a horrid run of transits in October. There is one challenging Mars transit to deal with and that will not be easy, but overall a much happier looking November horoscope. The Sun trine your decan from November 2 to 12 will greatly reduce stress levels and allow you to get back on track. Sun sextile Pluto from November 2 to 5 will give you an edge in any competitive environment, especially in your career.

The November 6 full moon supports harmonious relationships, especially with your partner and family. At the same time, Venus is trine your decan from November 1 to 9. This favors more intimacy in love relationships. Venus sextile Pluto from October 31 to November 3 will intensify feelings of love. A new relationship started now will be karmic in nature and have a compulsive element to it.

The problem child this month is Mars opposite your decan from November 8 to 22. This increases frustration and resentment. It will be very difficult not to be quick to anger and blow a fuse. The most critical time to stay out of trouble is from November 8 to 15.

Mars conjunct Pluto from November 8 to 12 activates your Pluto opposition, which can lead to uncontrolled rage. Mars square Uranus from November 10 to 15 activates your Uranus square, which could lead to sudden outbursts and dangerous behavior.

Thankfully, in the latter part of the Mars transit, tension is relieved by Mercury trine your decan from November 14 to 22. This allows you to get things off your chest, expressing to others what has been upsetting you. The best time for doing this is during Mercury sextile Mars from November 19 to 23. You will still be direct in manner but this will not make others unsettled like before.

Decan 3 Cancer Horoscope November 2014

You have a better run of things this month than in October, when the theme was holding ground. In the middle of November, you can turn this around and make some big advances. Mercury square your decan from November 1 to 9 holds back your progress for another week. Your thinking and judgement are not up to scratch at the moment so hold tight and stick to routine if you can.

The favorable conditions begin with Venus trine your decan from November 8 to 17. You should notice more harmony entering your relationships. You will begin to unwind, leaving behind the tension of the last 5 or 6 weeks. Venus conjunct Saturn from November 11 to 14 is good if you are seeking to cement a relationship. A new romance entered into now will have longevity.

The Sun trine your decan from November 11 to 22 is the best of the transits this month. Fewer obstacles to success and increased confidence allows you to reach your goals. From November 16 to 20, the Sun conjunct Saturn activates your Saturn transit. Time to step up to the plate and show your leaderships qualities. The November 22 new moon will extend this productive period up to the December 22 new moon.

Mars is opposite your decan from November 21 to December 5. This is a challenging one because of impatience, anger and resentment. The edges will be smoothed off all these however, as this aggressive influence falls within the harmonious moon phase. Not only that, but during this period you have Mercury trine your decan from November 21 to 28.

Unlike the start of the month, your judgement is now an asset, so attend to business ad close deals. Mercury is sextile Mars from November 19 to 23. This is the time to state your case and convince others. Mercury is conjunct Saturn from November 24 to 26. This is the time to close the deal and sign on the dotted line.

16 thoughts on “Cancer Horoscope November 2014

  1. As a decan 2 cancer I felt Jupiter in my sign for the past three weeks but, thats it. Now apparently in June things are going to go back to how they were. Its very unfortunate seeing as how this was supposed to be one of the most auspicious times of my life. Good things happened but, I had to nearly break my back for these things to occur.

    • Hi Tia, I hope you dont mind my commenting in reply, as obviously you are here on this site for Jamie’s expertise in his area of astrology, yet I felt it good to suggest that as a Cancerian, you are naturally aware of the cycles of which the moon, nature etc work. There are cycles within cycles within a process within a process. Cycles always bring one back to the beginning at the end of the cycle, the cycle has taken you through it and now you are back at the beginning it is perhaps time to apply anything you learned emotionally particularly yet also truth faith and philosophy thanks to Jupiter’s influence that as this cycle begins again it doesnt “have to” go as it did before, you have the benefit of foresight, from hindsight, if you choose to change the cycle from a seemingly endless vicious one, into and ever growing productive one? Just sharing what I have learned to understand through experiences and it is challenging as “the mother” (cancer) has been disregarded in the process for a long time only ever blamed for what is wrong with it without being valued for what is good about it equally? I hope this cycle (cancer/mother/moon/emotions) is good and a blessing to you for the universal process (sag/truth/jupiter/freedom and faith) and it is possible if you nurture and nourish what you learned to be truth from the cycle now ended?

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