Neptune Retrograde 2017 Pandemic

Neptune Retrograde 2017Neptune retrograde 2017 starts on 16 June 2017 at 16° Pisces and ends on 22 November 2017 at 11° Pisces.

Neptune retrograde 2017 aligns closely with the Moon to make this an especially sensitive time. As well as feeling more emotional and romantic, you may also feel suspicious of others and extremely vulnerable. Any alignment of the Moon with Neptune increases the risk of infection and illness. The stationing of Neptune retrograde is just one more astrological reason that increases this risk of health problems.

I expect that during Neptune retrograde 2017 there will be an increase in infectious diseases as a result of epidemics or possibly a pandemic affecting millions of people. More detail on Neptune retrograde 2017 follows definitions of natal Neptune retrograde and transiting Neptune retrograde below.

Neptune Retrograde Meaning

Neptune retrograde in the natal chart is more common than inner planet retrogrades such as Mercury and Venus. About 40% of people have Neptune retrograde in their birth chart so it is less feared and less harmful than having a retrograde inner planet. That being said, Neptune retrograde natal still has karmic repercussions and a definite influence on soul growth due to the spiritual nature of the planet.

Natal Neptune retrograde suggests that some area of life is so painful that you prefer to escape this reality through your own imagined dream world. It is likely that this tendency to avoid pain through illusion is strongly rooted in a tragic past life experience such as torture, where your only option to escape physical pain was to transcend from a physical to a more spiritual plane of existence.

This earlier experience of spiritual pain relief was probably so intense and overwhelming that it became imprinted in your soul memory, in the DNA of every cell in your body. Past life crises like illness, false accusation and victimization will often be repeated to a lesser extent early in your life. You may notice you are the of subject to gossip, scandal or slander.

I associate religious persecution with Neptune retrograde. Throughout history, the Roman Catholic Church alone has accused, tortured, burned, drowned and massacred countless millions of pagans, Protestants, Muslims and many other innocents.

No matter the reasons, you come into this life with some justified fears and anxieties. Although not exactly as real or extreme now, certain experiences will trigger those more painful memories. Your natural reaction is to get rid of the pain by accessing that higher spiritual dimension. The quicker the better and you probably don’t care whether it is through meditation, prayer, your imagination or drugs.

The release of pain relieving hormones in your brain is addictive so you could easily resort to escapism more often and for less critical reasons over time. You may use illness to gain sympathy or to avoid the harsh realities of life. Perhaps you are more subject to confusion and deception than most, or have a tendency to become involved in intrigues and scandals.

False accusation and victimization will exacerbate your fears and anxieties around groups of people or certain people. Other karmic issues associated with Neptune retrograde in your chart could include misdiagnosed or mystery illnesses with the associated blame or guilt; or institutionalization for crime, mental illness or religious mania. Feeling isolated from society is common for many reasons.

Neptune retrograde is likely to play some role in the case of the accuser, inquisitor or torturer. However, I expect that Saturn retrograde guilt and Pluto retrograde misuse of power would play bigger roles in these stories.

Neptune retrograde in transit is a regular cycle lasting 160 days every year during the opposition to the Sun. As with all outer planets, it causes less concern than the rarer inner planet retrogrades. Neptune is retrograde 40% of the time compared to Mars at 9% and Venus at only 7% of the time.

Transiting Neptune retrograde can internalize your fears and anxieties by stripping away the illusions, dreams and false realities that have clouded your vision. The destruction of your fantasy world will show those harsh realities you sought to avoid at some stage in the past. Maybe you have kidded yourself about true love, your financial situation or your career prospects.

The further from the truth you have traveled, or the more extreme you methods of escape, the bigger the shock. The truth of your reality is often quite painful, as is often the case when addiction to drugs, alcohol, gambling or porn has been your escape. It does not have to take an intervention or withdrawal to recognize your self-deception either. This realization has always been there in your higher self, or pineal gland as represented by Neptune.

A new relationship or a critical event can trigger an old or past life memory of pain. Neptune rules self-sacrifice, victimization, false accusation, scandal and slander. Neptune retrograde can show the source of the pain from which you sought to escape. You may then feel humiliated, betrayed, scared, anxious or guilty.

The internalizing influence of retrograde motion means you may spend more time worrying about yourself and your problems. Self pity, social anxiety or depression could lead to withdrawal and loneliness.

Neptune retrograde is the ideal time for spiritual self-development. Self help books or counselling may help but other tools include meditation, Yoga, Tarot, astrology, swimming and a healthy, toxin free diet.

Phobias, hypochondria and paranoia may become more noticeable during Neptune retrograde but also easier to discuss. The world may seem boring when conspiracy theories are debunked or Armageddon is postponed indefinitely. Sometimes, however, your suspicions may in fact, be based on accurate psychic impressions. In the case of health matters especially, it is worth seeking a second opinion in case of misdiagnosis or misinterpretation of results.

Neptune Retrograde 2017

The chart below for the moment that Neptune stations retrograde shows the Moon aligned with Neptune retrograde. The Moon is the strongest influence on Neptune retrograde by far but it’s important to look at other aspects. The possibility health problems coming from Moon conjunct Neptune increases with the quincunx to Jupiter and the major fixed star that joins Neptune and the Moon.

Moon conjunct Neptune increases your emotionally sensitivity. You can sense the thoughts and feelings of others and this can make you feel very uneasy or even ill. You might pick up the wrong signal but it is better for you to be cautious because you are vulnerable to deception and scandal.

Caution is one thing but delusion is another. Dreams can turn into fantasies with a life of their own and suspicion can spiral into paranoia, guilt and such self-destructive habits as drug addiction and eating disorders.

With some conscious self-awareness you can filter out the background noise and use your sensitivity for good. While some psychic impressions may be off the mark, your compassion and empathy are genuine. You can be of great help to the victimized and outcast. The emotional comfort you offer has a healing quality. Romance is possible but remember the difference between fantasy and reality to avoid rejection and embarrassment.

Try to avoid being exposed to poisons or infectious disease. Hygiene and cleanliness is important now because of low immunity. You could be more susceptible to pathogens and the effects if drugs, alcohol and anesthetics.

Neptune Retrograde 2017

Neptune Retrograde 2017

Jupiter quincunx Neptune will test your faith or belief in someone or something. In order to grow and expand you have to dream and take risks. Now you will find the limits of what is possible in the current conditions. This is a time of give and take. To increase your wealth, prosperity or happiness, you may have put your trust in your own abilities or counted on someone else to come through for you.

You may meet with disappointment, confusion and question your faith. If so you will need to change course or compromise. The sensible thing to do now is to adapt and evolve. The opposite of evolution is extinction and evolution has been the exception throughout history.

The full moon on June  9, 2017 is the moon phase preceding Neptune retrograde 2017. I said it should trigger a rise in infectious disease, epidemics and possibly a pandemic. I also expect Neptune retrograde 2017 to increase the risk of health problems associated with infections.

The planet Neptune itself rules infections and epidemics, and the quincunx causes health imbalances. The Moon joining Neptune retrograde links possible infectious disease to the public. Confirmation of this illness theme comes through the fixed stars.

Fixed star Achernar at 15°33′ Pisces is a large star so has a strong influence on Neptune retrograde 2017. Robson says Achernar has the same influence as Jupiter this gives success in public office, beneficence, and religion. [1] Ebertin adds that it promises happiness and success by giving good morals, faithful adherence to one’s religious beliefs, or a philosophical inclination. [2]

George and Parker say that Neptune with Achernar weakens the immune system but they offer advice on how to combat this threat of infection as follows:

This configuration causes a disturbance in the immune system affecting all the glands in the body. The native is susceptible to disorders of the entire endocrine system so that diseases can develop almost anywhere in the body. The entire body is weak and they have little energy. These individuals should never take any drugs or medication of any kind as they can pick up almost any disease.

The condition can be helped to a great extent through the consumption of parsley every day at every meal including parsley tea. Parsley vitalizes and strengthens the immune system. Pomegranates are especially favorable for these individuals as well as oranges, especially the portion inside the skin, every other day. [3]

Neptune Retrograde Dates

13 June to 20 November 2016
16 June to 22 November 2017
18 June to 24 November 2018
09° to 12° Pisces
11° to 14° Pisces
13° to 16° Pisces

1. Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology, Vivian E. Robson, 1923, p.116.
2. Fixed Stars and Their Interpretation, Elsbeth Ebertin, 1971, p.77.
3. The Fixed Star Health and Behavior Imbalance, Ted George and Barbara Parker, 1985, p.164.

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  1. The Orlando nightclub shooting the day before Neptune stationed retrograde (12 June 2016, 2:02 am) had the religious persecution theme because of the terrorists link to ISIS. In this case the religious persecution of gays.

    The Mars Yod played out literally as the strong primal urge to hunt down the young and usual sources of pleasure. At the reaction point of the Yod, Mercury (29 ♉ 01) was conjunct the star of homosexuality, Alcyone at 00 ♊ 12.

    • That’s interesting. The Islamic terrorists are disgusting! They are also very sexist to women. People have the right to be what they want to be! I wish we could just get rid of all the IS off this earth! They’ve got millions of women hostage in the Middle East! Many of the IS out there are also hard core drugs users (such as heroin) and psychotic! I saw an interesting, but deeply upsetting documentary about it on the BBC. There was a guy trying to save some of the women held hostage, by them. Some of them women commit suicide, because of the horrific rape they are continually subjected to and the IS soldiers consequently threaten to feed their dead bodies to the dogs if any more of them commit suicide. I’m sorry to put such upsetting information on here, but it’s the reality of what’s going on out there. I pray for those millions of women.

        • I hate them – I want them gone off this earth! Extreme words, but I want an end to it all! I’ve had enough of innocent people being killed, raped, kidnapped and traumatised!

            • Right, you can’t. But sometimes I do get really upset about it. At times it does make me feel angry, when you hear awful stories about what’s going on in the world and the injustice. Sometimes I’ll express strong feelings in the moment when I feel strongly about something.

            • I’m with you. Political correctness and idealism can only go so far when someone is pointing a gun at you.

  2. Kudos Jamie! I remember reading this before the Orlando shooting took place, and I am really stunned at your astro predictions. Keep up the good work!

  3. Sept 11. Virgo born at 3:44pm EST.. sorry i didn’t make that clear

  4. Hello Jamie, My birthday is 5-4-1980 born at 3:23am can you tell me how all this will affect me. Thanks 🙂

  5. Hello Jamie
    I searched your site but didn’t come accross the interpretation of Neptune sextile Pluto natal aspect.
    It is not so well explained elsewhere. What is your say on this natal aspect as close as 1°?

    • Well I definitely need to write about it because so many of us have it. I would say this is an aspect of mass consciousness. Tapping into global trends and large-scale political, religious ideologies. It would be felt stronger if a personal planet were making an aspect to it, or in you case with a very strong orb. This aspect may also represent the transformation of spirituality away from the orthodox traditions.

  6. Wow, that is amazing Jamie – sounds from planets. I can see how it would be very inspiring for music written for sci fi films! I’m a lover of sci fi films! Did you like Interstellar? I’m going to bookmark that pages, with the sound of planets.

  7. 😳✨🍀✨ What i just read is a little unbeliveble for me since I recently start to get dipper in astrology. Everything you wrote is exactly what I am living …. It’s so hard. I got tired. I need time to pass faster. I can’t wait to see how this will end for me.(I am a Pisces born 16.03.1979 Bucharest Romanya , 15:20 time birth-or is it 15:40 how many times I asked my mother but still forgetting 🙂 i know my ascendent is leo.
    Off topic but still I need to tell you… I read that article about … In my love life with who i’we been with , and I’ve been a lot loved, after I was braking off with them – so strange to me than in lot of cases- the ex-es were in short time getting merried 😳. Now I found my soul mate, it’s something so full of mistiks… We’ve been through so many an still are.:.: I am so scared how this will end. I don’t want to loose him… Love you so much!!!! This is helping me so much to get throug these easier. I can tell you so many stories of what happened to me since 2015 … Only one short … I was born Christian, in 2015 I couldn’t help myself telling everybody I am an ateyist(I was really believing that) for the last month soooo many strange things/Signs happened to me that I choosed to become a muslim😳. The real Muslim is not what moooostttt of the Muslims know. Because they don’t read and everything is especially in Arabian they have no ideea about the truth😳

    • I forgot choosing “notices”☺️
      Again….. love you so much!!!! Thank you for doing this… (In the ‘Book’ is written that if you feel that you love somebody you must say it☺️ … Of course the mention there is…. I love you in the name of God. Which is one everywhere …. God in Turkish is – tanri- arabish is Allah… So I love you in the name of God.
      Be all good one to each other and with our World- terra . It also got so tired of how bad we treat it 😔🌟🍀🌟😢🙏🙏🙏

  8. Jamie I would like to ask you a generic question which is bothering most of the states on the globe.
    Don’t know whether this is the correct forum to ask but I reuest you to try and reply this as am concerned.
    What is in store for India as we are facing extreme fundamentalism from a large population of Muslims. Is there any relief in future as our people are sufferring from the hard headed people accross the borders. We have neighbours waiting to encraoch our liberty.
    What is in store Jamie? Would appreciate if u reply.

  9. hey mr.Partridge. I had a question I was wondering if you could help me with, over the past month-and-a-half, I have been experiencing lots of unexpected change very hostile relationships, betrayal, and the loss of the few male friends I had, due to conflict over a woman who definitely did not have my best interest in mind= ran through all my male friends. + Im sure my ego hasnt helped matters. My question is, is there anything you notice in my chart that would indicate to you where I would be at a turning point in my life that would subject me to these forces and unexpected changes?. Im trying to do my best and work through them as rational as possible, but it just seems to be one thing after another. Not sure if its my Neptune clouding my perception of things or what but I feel really ganged up on. And from the looks of things it doesnt look like theres any clear skies or blue sailing up ahead anytime soon. However I am trying to learn as much as possible from these events.= Thanks 10-15-80 ohio

      • Thanks for the reply sir! + Helping me put things in perspective. Oddly enough right after I posted the question to you,I noticed Lilith was conjunct my sun + Pluto,Up until that point I had not heard of her,,,So I did some homework=It really ring a bell to me. & Even. helped explain some of my your opinion because of this placement in my chart it will make me prone to these kind of Scandalous relationships? Thanks again!

  10. Hi Jamie! I feel so crushed by love life and financial struggles! Is this badly affecting me? 7-4-76 new london connecticut US at 2:38 am

  11. Extremely interesting, thank you Jamie. I know someone with Neptune and Saturn (both retrograde) conjunct in 7th house Libra, opposite 1st house Venus in Aries, really fits the bill with their reaction to relationships, like a karmic shocker, definitely the sense of something to be overcome. Wondering what the current transit of Jupiter to those natal positions at 21 Libra will manifest. Hmmm.

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