Venus Retrograde

Venus Retrograde 2015Venus Retrograde starts on 25 July 2015 at 0 degrees Virgo, and stations direct on 6 September 2015 at 14 degrees Leo.

Venus in retrograde motion is supposed to mean that our love lives enter a fated period where we may relive past life experiences in order to sort out karmic issues. Old friends or lovers may reappear and there may be more difficulty in giving and receiving love and affection. As Venus also rules money, it’s traditionally thought that Venus retrograde is not an ideal time for investing or buying luxury items.

To get a more accurate picture we must look in more detail to the aspects and fixed stars in relation to Venus, from when she enters the retrograde zone, to when she leaves. Venus retrograde is not as common as Mercury retrograde, and only last about six weeks every twenty months.

The Venus retrograde 2015 phase is notable for including two of the three Venus Jupiter alignments this year. This creates an abundance of hope for true love. However, a recurring Saturn influence suggests that to realize the potential of the Venus Jupiter blessings, some heavy karmic baggage must be unloaded along the way.

Venus Retrograde 2015 Dates

21 June
25 July
6 September
9 October
Venus enters retrograde zone at 14 Leo.
Venus stationary retrograde at 0 Virgo.
Venus stationary direct at 14 Leo.
Venus leaves retrograde zone at 0 Virgo.

Venus Enters Retrograde Zone

Venus is still travelling at her normal pace when she enters the retrograde zone on 21 June 2015 at 14 degrees Leo. The aspects and fixed star will give us an indication of the overall vibe for the whole retrograde cycle. With no major fixed star on Venus, it comes down to the major aspect which is Venus conjunct Jupiter. Even though the orb is over five degrees, it is fundamental in setting up this Venus retrograde story.

Not only is the Venus Jupiter alignment a wonder to look at in the evening sky,  these planets stay fairly close for nearly this whole Venus retrograde phase. As I said in the introduction to the recent article Venus Conjunct Jupiter, it is the most fortunate of the planetary alignments occurring in the second half of 2015. Because of Venus retrograde beginning on July 25, there are three exact Venus Jupiter conjunctions.

The first Venus Jupiter alignment occurs on July 1, and the second when Venus is retrograde. The final Venus Jupiter alignment is not until after Venus leaves the retrograde zone. Thus the major theme of the 2015 Venus retrograde phase is optimism, fortune and happiness in love and money.

But this is only the beginning of the story. As you can see in the chart below, Sun conjunct Mars points to some impulsive energy and Adrenalin hyping up our feelings (sextile Moon).

Moon square Saturn points to some underlying sadness and limiting factors. This aspect, especially with Saturn still retrograde, reinforces the karmic nature of this Venus retrograde phase.
Venus Retrograde 2015
The sexy Mars energy, and to a greater extent the karmic baggage of Saturn, continue to influence this story as we go on. Initially, we may anticipate exciting new love on the horizon with Venus trine Uranus and Jupiter trine Uranus.

For a day or two around July 5, Mercury sextile Venus increases social activity and opportunities to meet and greet. Good feelings and hopes for true love are still strong from the Venus Jupiter alignment.

However, heavy feelings from the past are not far below the surface, perhaps some lingering sadness or hurt about a previous relationship, or dread at being bogged down in an existing unhappy relationship. These feelings will come to the surface around July 14 with Venus square Saturn. Working through these barriers to freedom and happiness is a work in progress. There are two more of these squares once Venus has turned retrograde.

Venus Stationary Retrograde July 2015

Venus stations retrograde on 25 July 2015 at zero degrees Virgo. Venus joins the royal fixed star Regulus in the Heart of the Lion, and will also leave the retrograde zone on this star. This is a strong and sexy star but does present some problems when aligned with Venus, causing disappointments, unexpected happenings, violent attachments and trouble through love affairs.

We can expect a great deal of underling tension with the Jupiter Saturn square occurring on August 3. This major aspect is the most challenging for the rest of the year, and impacts on this Venus retrograde cycle for the later part of July and most of August 2015. In regard to the Venus retrograde love story, it creates a dilemma of whether to go forward or stay where we are.

Venus Jupiter wants to fall head over heals in love, but the square to Saturn reminds of us fears, hardship and the potential sadness and loneliness associated with separations. Saturn retrograde, as already mentioned. does stress the karmic theme, and a negative one at that. It suggests that a past relationship still has unresolved karmic issues, or that a current or new relationship involves past life connections with some heavy karma needing to be addressed.

Other Saturn hardships may involve a marked age difference, to such an extent, that it makes an actual love relationship near impossible this time around because of morals or societal standards and laws. Saturn could also be imposing limits due to distance in space and time, especially with so many people forming relationships on the Internet in this age.

Other possibilities with Venus square Saturn in the Venus retrograde phase are criticism and discouragement from parents, especially the father, or other family members. Even differences in race or culture may be an issue given Saturn’s association with ancestry and tradition. Saturn is very conservative.

Of course, most commonly the thing holding up back the most will be sadness which often leads to depression. This can occur just as much in an existing relationship as after a separation.
Venus Retrograde 2015
There were strong desires at the beginning of the story with Sun conjunct Mars. Now at this Venus retrograde station, Mars square Uranus points to danger when taking risks. Embarking on a new relationship now seems problematic. Such heavy Saturn limitations and potential sadness, which would manifest most strongly if risks were to be taken.

The danger of acting impulsively is stressed with Uranus stationary retrograde at this time. Remember the influence of the powerful star Regulus:  unexpected happenings, violent attachments and trouble through love affairs. The involvement of Mars in these first two charts could even represent an abusive or violent relationship, in which the best time to make a break is still ahead following Mars trine Uranus when Venus turns direct on September 6

On August 4, Venus conjunct Jupiter is still a strong influence in our story so the hope and love is still there. At this stationary retrograde point however, Regulus and the challenging planetary aspects take a fair bit of the shine off. The continuing Venus Jupiter alignment is exaggerating affections and feeling of love. Saturn limitation may in fact save ourselves from entering an exciting but dangerous new love relationships at this time.

August 4 to 6 is a critical time with the Venus Jupiter alignment on the 4th, Venus square Saturn on the 5th, and Mercury conjunct Venus on the 6th. So there is this triple conjunction of Mercury, Venus retrograde and Jupiter, all square Saturn. As mentioned in the Venus conjunct Jupiter 2015 post, this is the most challenging of the three Venus Jupiter alignments. Love, faith and hope are severely tested.

Venus Stationary Direct September 2015

On 6 September 2015, Venus stations direct at 14 Leo, the same degree the journey started. This is the most promising stage of this total retrograde phase. The outlook for love actually improves during the final stages of the previous retrograde phase, with Venus retrograde conjunct Mars on September 1. This alignment is still influential in the Venus direct chart below. The Venus Mars alignment gives a powerful desire for love. It is the ultimate planetary aspect for romance as it blends affection and raw passion. This creates ideal conditions for falling in love as well as for making love.

Things look even between with no more of the Saturn barriers. Saturn is now moving in direct motion and in fact makes a positive sextile aspect to the North Node of the Moon. This lunar point is karmic in nature and points to where our soul is heading. The aspect to Saturn suggest that great strides can be made in resolving the heavy feelings of responsibility or sadness attached to prior or unhealthy relationships.

Venus Direct 2015
Saturn restrictions do return in the final stage of the retrograde cycle, so this Venus direct phase presents the best opportunity in the whole story to let go of the negative and limiting karmic ties. The process may not be totally completed, but more than enough cobwebs can be blown away to let new love enter our lives. Even the Sun trine Pluto in the Venus direct chart above points to a positive transformation of the soul.

New love because of Venus trine Uranus on September 22, and still influential in the chart above. This could well be related to the exciting anticipation at the beginning of the story, of new love on the horizon from Venus and Jupiter trine Uranus.

Even better is that the retrograde danger of Mars square Uranus is replaced with the sexy excitement of Mars trine Uranus. Taking risks is now favored, with increased self-confidence and sex appeal leading to thrilling and most stimulating exchanges.

Venus Leaves the Retrograde Zone

The journey ends on 9 October 2015 with Venus leaving the retrograde zone at zero Virgo, the same position at the retrograde station. The same star Regulus takes us back to the potential for disappointments, unexpected happenings, violent attachments and trouble through love affairs.

Venus square Saturn on October 10 comes only a day after Venus leaves the retrograde zone. In the chart below you can see the orb is only one degree in fact, very strong.

Moon conjunct Mars points to extremely strong emotions, and opposite Neptune increases the chance of disappointment when acting on emotions. Sun opposite Uranus returns us to the stationary retrograde theme of danger when taking risks.
Venus Retrograde 2015
Taking into consideration the negative impact of Regulus relating mainly to love affairs, it would appear that the risk of disappointment and danger applies mainly when the Saturn karmic links of old relationships or current unhealthy ones are not broken. Thus a one night stand while already attached comes with great risks of sadness and loneliness.

Even if such a previous relationships still had serious unfinished business, these negative karmic ties would pose an impediment to any new relationships flourishing. Therefore it is critical, that to enjoy the promise of the Venus Jupiter alignments, limiting karmic ties of old or outdated loves must be properly dealt with. It is time to realize that the relationship has run it predestined course.

There is great potential for breaking free from unpleasant karmic memories and moving forward to an exciting new relationship, no matter how long it may last.

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  1. met someone with heavy karma synastry a few days after the retrograde began and broke up twice one in september& october..does this mean it ran its course?

    • Probably Margaret, especially if there were no developments in the shadow period from Venus direct to Venus left the retrograde zone. That was the end of that cycle.

  2. You have not discussed how is it being having venus retrograde in natal chart. I have retro venus in my chart

    • Yes, I started doing that after this post. I will do one for Venus before the next retrograde March 2017.

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