Venus Retrograde

Venus Retrograde 2014

Venus retrograde lasts from the 21st of December 2013, to the 31st of January 2014. Venus retrograde motion is supposed to mean that our love lives enter a fated period. As with other retrograde planets, we may relive past life experiences in order to sort out recurring and limiting karmic issues. Old friends or lovers may reappear, and there may be more difficulty in giving and receiving love and affection.

Venus Retrograde Dates

20 November 2013: Venus enters retrograde zone at 13 Capricorn. 21 December 2013: Venus stationary retrograde at 28 Capricorn. 31 January 2014: Venus stationary direct at 13 Capricorn. 4 March 2014: Venus leaves retrograde zone at 28 Capricorn.

Venus Retrograde 2013 – It’s Complicated

To get a more accurate picture of what this Venus retrograde cycle means, we must look in detail to the aspects and fixed stars in relation to Venus, from when she enters the retrograde zone, to when she leaves. For Venus retrograde 2013, the real astrological meaning comes to life when a few important asteroids are included. So before looking at the charts, I’ll give a brief overview of the three asteroids involved in the love story.

Asteroid Psyche

Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess called Psyche. She was so adorable, that people thought she was the second coming of the goddess of Love, Venus. In fact they worshiped Psyche as a symbol of love, instead of Venus herself. Venus got jealous and made her fall in love with Cupid, only to have him leave her heart-broken. Some keywords for asteroid Psyche from Leah Whitehorse: “The fragility of love; the trials of love; the path of true love never runs smooth“. Psyche endured much worry and sadness at the hands of Venus, who wasn’t finished with her yet. The next ordeal leads us to the second important asteroid in this Venus retrograde cycle.

Asteroid Proserpina

Venus sent Psyche on a mission to the underworld. She was to obtain for Venus, a sample of the beauty of Proserpina, queen of the underworld. After many harrowing experiences, she reached Proserpina, who gives Psyche what the vengeful Venus desired. On the way back, Psyched had a little taste for herself, the fell asleep in an opium-like haze. The love story does have a happy ending though. Cupid fell in love with Psyche, he tracked her down and revived her from the comatose state and they married. It seems to me that Proserpina gave Psyche the gift of wisdom through experiencing the dark side.

Asteroid Icarus

Icarus was the lad who didn’t take the advise of his father. He flew too close to the Sun and died. The astrology of asteroid Icarus is about learning to travel between the extremes, listening to advice, and not going overboard once freedom is attained. Although this mythological character was not involved with Psyche or Proserpina, I’m sure this theme will fit into the overall story when we work through the charts.

Venus Enters Retrograde Zone November 2013

Venus Retrograde 2014Venus enters the retrograde zone at 13 degrees Capricorn on the 20th of November 2013. Venus is on the fixed star Nunki, together with Pluto and asteroid Icarus. So this complicated love story begins with great intensity and even obsession because of Pluto. The journey might take us into some dark places, involving jealousy, revenge or drugs. The heart rules the head with the star Nunki. Strong passions and sexual desire are shown with Mars sextile Jupiter in the chart. Venus opposite Lilith and Jupiter suggest we need to travel between the extremes, the same message we get from asteroid Icarus with Venus. Bridging the gap between Venus Pluto obsessions, and Jupiter Lilith taboos, is the sobering conjunction of Mercury and Saturn. Now sextiles and trines are supposed to be beneficial and harmonious, but Mercury with Saturn is can be nasty words and negative thinking. I actually think this configuration has the potential to feed more darkness and despair into this underworld love story. Saturn is on a star called Zuben Elgenubi, together associated with jealousy, temper, suffering and relationship dramas. Sun quincunx Moon says there is a karmic readjustment going on within a relations between the Moon woman and the man Sun. In same-sex relationships, between the Moon submissive and the Sun dominant partner. Sun on the star Toliman relates to envy and egotism, resulting in a spoiled relationships. Moon on the fixed star Betelgeuse makes the woman strong-willed and rebellious when restrained, or when kept down by demeaning Mercury Saturn words. The partners bring a lot of dark karmic baggage into this journey. They will experience extreme highs and lows and they work out his karma, which has built up of some time, perhaps not just in this life.

Venus Retrograde 2013

Venus Retrograde 2013Venus stations retrograde at 28 degrees Capricorn on the 21st of December 3013. Venus is even closer to asteroid Icarus now, so showing moderation and not acting on impulse is most critical now. This is emphasized by the reactionary and risky aspect of Mars opposite Uranus. The urge to lash out, to explode even, seems to manifest from bottled up emotions. We see this with the depressive Moon square Saturn. Patience is being tested, and it does revolve around the karmic relationships. Both the Moon and Saturn represent the past. Venus retrograde on December 21 is the first turning point in the cycle. Intensity and passions have been building. Venus has been travelling along in step with rash asteroid Icarus. Now emotional sadness transforms into impulsive actions. For the last few weeks, asteroids Psyche and Proserpina have been edging closer together. In another facet of this Venus retrograde turning point, the naïve little princess and the dark queen meet up for a chat, straddling the messenger of the gods, Mercury. This interaction is intense and deep, occurring in the sting of the Scorpion, dark subject matter. The lad Icarus moves out of the picture now, but the wise dark queen stays with the princess for the remainder of this journey.

Venus Direct 2014

Venus Direct 2014Venus stations direct at 13 degrees Capricorn on the 31st of January 2014. The testing emotional conditions continue with the Moon again square Saturn, like in the retrograde station chart above. We also come back the original theme of the story with Venus conjunct Pluto. Now the intense love nature of Venus Pluto applies more to self-love, self understanding and self-respect. Moon square Saturn is sadness and isolation, but also the trigger for taking responsibility for our emotions and instinctive, habitual behaviors in relationships. The triple goddess is in Pluto’s underworld. The dark queen Proserpine, the beauty queen Venus, and the maiden Psyche. These inner aspects of our own emotional black hole is where the action is now centered. Sharing the love and wisdom, soaking up the melancholy and stark realities. This is a Venus direct priestess retreat, of war-weary and emotionally worn out victims of love. It is a struggle, but all these bodies opposite Jupiter show the reason for the gathering. The aim is personal growth. Moon trine Mars makes the feminine fiercely protective and passionate about her family. Mars blood is thicker than water on the fixed star Arcturus.

Venus Leaves Retrograde Zone March 2014

Venus Retrograde 2014This love story ends with a bang. Venus lies between asteroids Psyche and Proserpina. I don’t think Venus is very popular after displaying jealousy, envy and revenge. It’s been a real struggle to keep things together, much pain and trauma shown by Sun conjunct Chiron. Everybody hurts. Moon opposite Mars  “can become dangerous to others or self-destructive. At its worst the rage can turn very bitter and vindictive.” Venus square Mars is the battle of the sexes, and inner sexual frustration. The karmic relationship has been so intense, stormy, a mixture of love and hate. “Facing constant intense triangular relationships“, and being blind-sided unfathomable emotions come with Moon square Lilith. We end the fated love story with a sacrificial grand square. To escape the emotional train wreck from the massive build up of inner tension in this grand square, let go. Leave it up to fate, leave your ego behind and surrender the wishes of the gods, of your family, of the community or collective you can serve during Venus retrograde 2014. There is so much wisdom that comes from a journey into the dark side. Emotional wisdom and maturity, oneness with the collective. Moon on the star Al Pherggives preparedness, steadiness, determination and final success.”