November 11 2011

November 11 2011 is believed to be important from the numerological point of view and there is stuff floating around the net about crop circles, ascension and the Book of Revelations. There is even a Hollywood movie coming out on that day called 11:11:11. I checked out the astrology for this date and it’s actually rather impressive so I thought it was worth writing about. It will be interesting to see if others think there is some special significance to this date and if that can be linked to the planetary aspects and fixed star influences.

The most significant aspect I believe is Mars opposite Neptune and Chiron. This only occurs about every 160 years but this time it is extra special because Mars is conjunct the Royal fixed star Regulus, which incidentally is entering the sign of Virgo about now. You can see in the chart below that Chiron is also exactly stationary on this day. Mars opposite Neptune and Chiron sounds painful, wounding in a spiritual sense.

November 11 2011 Horoscope

The fixed star Regulus is a potent military star and is Mars-like in nature, associated with violence, people with important roles, downfall and even assassinations, especially with Mars. The planets associated with assassination are Mars, Uranus and Neptune, and they are all in aspect to each other in this chart. The nation of Israel has Mars on Regulus, so does Benjamin Netanyahu, David Cameron and the late Diana Princess of Wales.

Two more extremely powerful stars are activated by Saturn, which lays between Arcturus and Spica, said to be the two most fortunate stars in the sky. There is a belief that Spica marks the beginning and the end of the zodiac, as represented by the Sphinx at Giza. The head of Virgo and the body of Leo. In Christian astrology, the story of the stars begins with Spica. Edgar Cayce viewed Arcturus as “that which may be called the center of this universe, through which individuals pass and at which period there comes the choice of the individual as to whether it is to return to complete there”.

Another of the Royal stars is also activated by the Mercury Venus conjunction on the fixed star Antares, the Heart of the Scorpion. Itself a military star and associated with a “violent character and is credited with being significant for a violent death”. I had a bit of fun and set this chart for 11:11 am Universal Time (London). Hi Ho we get the Moon on the fixed star Algol, the demon star associated with violence and decapitation. There is a religious/spiritual theme which comes from Chiron with Neptune, as Neptune rules spirituality and Chiron is the healer/teacher. I think if I were a spiritual or religious leader, or any sort of leader I’d be ducking for cover on this day.

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  1. G.W. says:

    RE: “There is no way of knowing how many privately owned bunkers there are in the United States… A new breed of survivalist is wealthy, educated, and plans to ride out 2012 in style.”

    This is true; and, certainly ‘our’ (Yeah, right. Not!!) gov’t has stocked such facilities to ensure ‘our’ C.O.G. (Continuity og Gov’t) for said D.C. elites should such transpire… BUT, they have NO Way of knowing what Mother Nature may throw at them/us! E.g., yesterday they was 5.6 Mag. quake in Oklahoma, of all places (not exactly the Pacific’s ‘Ring of Fire’!, although I expect the letter to become edgy, as well by next Summer…too soon for my liking!). And if they can control all of such w/ their H.A.A.R.P. facilities/ilk, that will be a most impressive show indeed. But, methinks it will not be a “Zardoz” future, but more a “Soylent Green” one… unless We the 99% prevail.

    • Uberqueenofwands says:

      Anyone can build a bunker if they think they need one. In England during WW2 they were standard, called Anderson shelters.
      Everyone makes choices what to believe and how to act.
      Personally I wouldn’t want to survive a great eart disaster. My 3D body is an illusion. I could go up a level.

  2. Busy Person says:

    I have been seeing 11’s since 9/11/01. Through a lot of quiet thought, I really believe we are in the “end times.” I have tried to talk to my family, but they all think I am nuts. Don’t know what else to do.

  3. Jamie says:

    George Papandreou seems to be an early victim of Mars on Regulus. Silvio Berlusconi might be next in line for the political knife in the back. Interesting this is in two of the ancient superpower countries.

  4. Jamie says:

    Oh dear:

    “I can’t stand him. He’s a liar,” Sarkozy said of Netanyahu, according to the website.
    Obama replied, “You’re tired of him; what about me? I have to deal with him every day,” CNN

  5. uberqueenofwands says:

    Very slippery indeed! A stellium in Libra including the Moon, Mercury and Neptune, with Algorab in the middle, about to get the uranus treatment. Ah… see him fizz…!!! Natal Uranus is in Cancer 8 degrees … And a stellium in Aries – Eris, Node, Lilith, Sedna… Perhaps more of a CArdinal than a PM..
    A LIbran velvet glove with a fiery, brutal me first fist in it.

    But the POF in 12th house Scorpio, ( if you subscribe to the asc at 0 Sag…. which will have Neptune squaring it soon) may be his undoing this Scorpio month with Saturn also transiting his Sun and Moon. Mars will transit his MC next year so we won’t expect this troublesome priest to go quietly!

    The shadow of Netanyahu may well be carried by his wife / A bi of a tricky customer with a vile temper! But then she is married to a manipulative man who could sell you anything, a smooth operator with a serious military background. Its his way or the high way.
    This man must be a total mind f***k to be personally involved with. Sarkozy may have a point!

    • Jamie says:

      Worth bringing up the post on him again I think. Didn’t look at much else before except for his supposed prophetic abilities. But I remember in the comments his less desirable qualities were mentioned. I’ll add it to the popular posts in the sidebar for a while.

      • uberqueenofwands says:

        defo! i am tempted to go a little Greg Braden (fractal time) and see what echoes around BY. I’m going Holy Land, UFOs over the Dome of the Rock, Cardinal Cross, Cross of St George…
        Help! Stop me someone!!!

        Oh! And I forgot the PLuto aspect of the cross… Jews for Jesus anyone??

  6. Ateporix says:

    I’m dead ‘s November 11, 1111: I am a ghost. Ateporix was my name and I lived in Furke. King and I was on my land dominated proudly. Where you cross the river I left my body in the tomb. I want to honor because I have brought honor to my country that I no longer remember. My soul is hovering in my land, now Italy. I have things pending to be resolved. My wagon is ready to leave for the journey to the gods.

  7. This article is a refreshing view on the November 11 2011 phenomena, thanks for that.
    I hadn’t even considered the astrological aspects of this date, but I’ve been developing some thoughts regarding November 11 2011 on the numerology side.
    If you find this topic interesting, you should check this out:

  8. Ed_gemini says:

    “Mars opposite Neptune and Chiron sounds painful, wounding in a spiritual sense.”

    not very good for marriage…makes you wonder how what kind of life couples marrying today will have. In Feng Shui, today is not an auspicious day for a wedding as it indicates danger (according to a popular Feng Shui Master – Joey Yap) but is good for opening a business or moving house.

  9. Raymond Scott says:

    I did a post on 11-11-11 from a Heliocentric Perspective. I thought that it would be good at looking from the perspective of the higher self. It’s highly transneptunian dwarf planet chart. I checked asteroids too. I even included nodes. There is strong Nodal activity.

  10. Norma Jonker says:

    On 11-11-11 at 11.00am I was scheduled for a dental appointment about an hour’s drive from home. When I parked at the clinic it was closing because the town’s main water main had burst and all around was flooding. After some food I began my drive home. As I drove I was increasingly overcome by an intense weariness, but the road was narrow, winding, a car was right at my rear, and there was no room to pull over. So I lurched from side to side trying to maintain focus on the left lane. As I came to the bridge that crossed the creek at the edge of town I closed down and impacted headon with an oncoming car (yes,1.11pm). As an Aquarian, with a hostile Scorpio, I wish I’d noted the aspects for now I’ve had to re-invent myself – no car, rare public transport. But, saved, stabilized, ICU, long holiday in hospital, wonderful care. Take note of dates,eg: my DOB is 2-2-1941; my Mum’s was 11-11-1914: both = 10

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