Octans Constellation Stars

Octans Constellation

Octans Constellation [Stellarium]

Octans Constellation in the deep southern sky around the south pole. Octans Constellation spans 42 degrees of the zodiac within constellations Scorpius and Sagittarius, from 19° Sagittarius Sign to 01° Aquarius Sign. It is named after the octant, a navigational instrument.
19 ♐ 00δ4.311°00′
01 ♑ 51σPolaris Australis5.451°00′
16 ♑ 58α5.131°00′
18 ♑ 00β4.131°00′
18 ♑ 13ε5.091°00′
19 ♑ 11γ15.101°00′
19 ♑ 40ν3.761°10′
00 ♒ 04θ4.781°00′

Octans Constellation Astrology

In astrology, Octans the Octant is said to give a scientific mind marred by ill-regulated passions, psychic disturbances and discord. [1]


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