Solar EclipseThe Solar Eclipse, May 9, 2013, is at 19 degrees Taurus. Just like a new moon, a solar eclipse represents a time of new beginnings, a new cycle. While a new moon cycle is one month, an eclipse cycle lasts over five months. The conscious Sun and the subconscious Moon are in unison which gives balance and focus. The Moon passing in front of the Sun resets our focus, like rebooting a computer. There is an influx of new energy to help us re-orientate and move ahead on the new cycle.

This May 2013 Solar Eclipse comes during a time of great tension and change because the Uranus Pluto squares are nearing climax. So balance and focus is needed now more than ever. Aspects to this eclipse will allow us to remain centered and focus on adjusting to dramatic changes occurring.

Solar Eclipse May 2013 Astrology

Our world is changing rapidly, forcing us to adapt. Evolution does not happen gradually, it occurs in leaps. Uranus square Pluto indicates we are experiencing one of these evolutionary leaps now. Technological advances have brought benefits but also many challenges. With Ceres opposite Pluto for this eclipse, these challenges we have to adapt to, involve the environment and food. We are bring poisoned by pollution, radiation, plastics and other new chemicals. We don’t know the long term effects of genetically modifies plants and animals.

Comet ISON with Ceres is another sign that poisoning of the environment and our crops is a major issue to deal with for the months ahead. We cannot undo the changes which technology has brought. We have to adapt and look to technology and science for help. We can use old methods too, like herbs or spiritual work, but that will not be enough. Throughout our evolutionary history, we have never had to deal which such pressures, the new toxins, or even the rapid, exponential rate of change.

There are indications in the discovery chart that comet ISON may result in some kind of contamination. Comets have been linked to the the introduction of viruses which affect plants and animals, thus impacting future evolution. However we are not sure yet if comet ISON is going to hold together, and when it does come close to earth, there will be the eclipses in October and November to consider.

Uranus square Pluto is forcing spiritual evolution, but it is most important to deal with the physical impact on our bodies so we remain centered. One without the other often leads to a disconnect, confusion or imbalance. The inner transformation we are going though shown by Pluto retrograde is health related too. Our bodies are under a lot of stress and pressure now, changes in diet and therapies are needed to keep up with the pace, to help us evolve.

Jupiter sextile asteroid Hygeia means our bodies can grow healthy. A positive attitude, eagerness to learn more about how our physical health impacts on our emotional and spiritual happiness. Self belief and faith to overcome addictions, to take more care of ourselves. This directly impacts the solar eclipse because of the green lines, the semi sextiles. These aspects represent learning, gathering information.

solar-eclipse-may-2013The aspect pattern with the eclipse, Hygeia and Jupiter is called and Eye, or Information Figure. “inquisitiveness and alertness produces a state of concentrated attention…and assimilates more than any other figures” [1]. Learning about our health is a major theme for this eclipse, the focus of reaching equilibrium evolving through this new cycle of adapting to change. We can focus inward and get in tune with our bodies, feel the vibration changes we are experiences.

One drawback with the Eye aspect pattern is that so much information comes in, it is difficult to discriminate and make sense of it all. This is especially important with our health, because there have been so many new developments lately. There are conflicting opinions, miracle cures, and the distrust between the fields of natural and modern medicine. All of this fueled by ease of access to endless information in the Internet.

Coming to our aid to make sense of it all is Mercury and asteroid Pallas, both conjunct the solar eclipse. Mercury rules the rational intellect, and Pallas is also cerebral, skilled at weighing up both sides and making and intuitive, informed and wise decision. This gives us the opportunity find the right information from doctors and other healers, but also from our own research.

Mind and body, conscious and subconscious come together at the eclipse. Mercury and Pallas give greater perceptive skills and intuition to this state of balance and inner focus. We should intuitively feel what our bodies need. The result should be wisdom and the courage to make positive changes so our bodies can grow and get healthier. That will allow us to move ahead and keep up with the changing conditions and goes hand in hand with the May 25 lunar eclipse.

May 2013 Solar Eclipse Times

Los Angeles California USA, Vancouver Canada – 17:28 PDT, Thu 9th.
New York and Florida USA, Toronto Canada – 20:28 EDT, Thu 9th.
London UK – 01:28 BST, Fri 10th.
New Delhi India – 05:58 IST, Fri 10th.
Bangkok Thailand – 07:28 ICT, Fri 10th.
Sydney Australia – 10:28 AEST, Fri 10th.

1. Aspect Pattern Astrology, Bruno Huber, p.194.

6 thoughts on “Solar Eclipse May 2013

  1. just sharing some of my understandings that have helped me to overcome serious health threats relating to the article.
    Metaphysically, our emotions are magnetic energy and psychicly it is a “like attracts like” process, thus we are able to be safe from diseases, infections, pollution, radiation etc, , so long as the emotions are clear at all levels of the emotional mindset. Which pluto in cap, helps to get to the controlling limited structure of conscious thoughts out of the way and assist in the “no more denial” for true healing potential with neptune in pisces, thus the potential for humanity not just individual is huge if willing to go on into the depths, which saturn in scorpio is trying to block any avoidance of in order for the discovering,of ones own emotional mind infection, pollution, parasites etc in the emotional pit bottom. One is able to achieve this hard work with courage and faith also indicated by those outer planetary transpersonal energies to help. This is all very asteroid Hygiea who I have in 1st house scorpio. As for radiation, well as I said the emotions are magnetic energy, the thoughts are electrical energy, our spirit is NUCLEAR energy and as we know nuclear energy can cause cancer and it can cure cancer, it depends on what blocks its flow through the mind set (both emotions and thouight).

    Hope this helps, I am sharing due to experience with it, not just theory and hope that something may inspirie others to find their own way to heal and enjoy this humble beautiful life.

    • in fact my natal Hygiea is at 19 scorp 27, thus she is very important in my sharing with as many as possible at this time, not just with the clients and students who have already crossed my path. Really hope it helps, as we are in huge change times and it may seem fearful to many, the potential however is huge in a good way, equally.

  2. The Solar Eclipse in 19’31 Taurus
    conjunct my Mars/Ceres midpoint in 19’55 Taurus
    oppose my Mercury in 18’21 Scorpio
    oppose my Venus in 21’47 Scorpio
    oppose my Mercury/Venus midpoint in 20’03 Scorpio

    I also want to point out that the Solar Eclipse will be aligned with the Mercury Nodes, Mars Nodes (both geocentric,heliocentric)
    significant Mercurial,Martian energy
    collective too (Heliocentric)

    The Eclipse will occur on the day of the exact Sun-Earth-Mars Node alignment and the day after the Sun-Earth-Mercury Node alignment< !–googleon: index>

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