Fixed Star Asterion

Asterion at 17°42′ Virgo has an orb of 1°30′

Fixed Star Asterion

Canes Venatici Constellation [Stellarium]

Fixed star Asterion, Beta Canum Venaticorum, (labeled Chara in the image above) lies in the Hunting Dogs, Canes Venatici constellation. Asterion means Starry.

In 2006, astronomer Margaret Turnbull labeled Beta CVn as the top stellar system candidate to search for extraterrestrial life forms. [1]


13 ♍ 25
15 ♍ 42
17 ♍ 42
21 ♍ 37
23 ♍ 41

Fixed Star




Asterion Star Astrology

Fixed star Asterion has the same Saturn-Venus qualities (slovenly, very immoral, shameless, revolting, mean, sorrows in love) as Cor Caroli and Copula, which can signify great respect given to the individual for services well given. [2]

Constellation Canes Venatici

Canes Venatici gives a love of hunting and a penetrating mind, making those born under it faithful, keen, clever and fond of speculation. [3]

11th Arabic Manzil – Al Zubrah

Good for voyages, gain by merchandise, redemption of captives.

With Moon: Plant, marry but do not navigate.

26th Chinese Xiù – 張 (Zhāng) Extended Net

The name of this mansion is taken to mean “spreading”, like a net. Associated with festivities, such as after a good hunt (game collected for a feast). As it was customary to bring presents on such occasions, this mansion indicated gifts/presents.

Right conduct is rewarded. It brings harmonious relationships and rewards due to industriousness such as promotion and salary increase. Good for family reunions and acquiring new property. It also presages the sickness of the authority figure.

Asterion Star, Beta Canum Venaticorum

Asterion Star, Beta Canum Venaticorum

Asterion Star Conjunctions

Ascendant conjunct Asterion: Good-tempered, healthy, gain by industry and marriage. [3]

Jeff Bridges 0°23′, Richard Nixon 0°54′, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 1°29′

Midheaven conjunct Asterion: Improved health, fame by help of superiors. [3]

John Wayne Gacy 0°51′

Descendant conjunct Asterion: Billie Eilish 0°24′

Part of Fortune conjunct Asterion: Imelda Marcos 0°14′, Robert Downey Jr. 1°04′, Dua Lipa 1°19′.

Sun conjunct Asterion: Ivan The Terrible 0°05′

Moon conjunct Asterion: Marquis de Sade 0°24′, Jamison Twins 0°36′, John F. Kennedy 0°38′

Mercury conjunct Asterion: Robert De Niro 1°13′

Venus conjunct Asterion: Roger Federer 0°14′, Kamala Harris 0°41′

Mars conjunct Asterion: David Koresh 0°29′

Jupiter conjunct Asterion: Patch Adams 0°52′

Saturn conjunct Asterion: Charles de Gaulle 0°08′, Caitlyn Jenner 0°53′, Richard Branson 1°11′, Bernadette Brady 1°14′

Uranus conjunct Asterion: Charles Ponzi 0°34′, Pablo Picasso 0°57′, Charles II of England 1°16′

Neptune conjunct Asterion: Bill Cosby 0°07′, Woody Allen 0°08′, Bruce McLaren 1°23′

North Node conjunct Asterion: Stormy Daniels 0°11′, Cecilia Bartoli 1°24′, Sean Penn 1°29′

South Node conjunct Asterion: Conor McGregor 0°42′, William S. Burroughs 1°13′


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  • All fixed star positions are for the year 2000. Add one degree per 72 years to correct for precession.

9 thoughts on “Fixed Star Asterion

  1. Interesting. This is conjunct the sun, moon and jupiter in my natal chart, and i’d like to believe all the good qualities for sure, but is the ‘love of hunting’ metaphoric? I don’t eat other animals and have a problem with those who hunt as a ‘hobby,’ but in other aspects of life, i do go after what i want. And again hounds are protective of what they love.
    I hope this was helpful(ish) feedback.

    • His writing sounds like it is literal but i would expect that for more evolved souls it would be metaphoric. Depends of course, what if you were selected for an episode of Survivor? Could you survive in the wild by catching your own food?

    • Asterion Conjunt my Mars. I also dont eat animals. Hunting is just searching determinedly for someone or something which I feel like is my whole life purpose sometimes, add that with mercury in Sag and I be searching determinedly for far away ideas. My mind is crazy and it influences my action to the point that I go out on expeditions in the mountains and shit searching for answers to life lol

  2. Interesting! This one conjuncts my natal Jupiter and is close enough to my Juno in Virgo the sign of service 😉

  3. It is exactly on my Descendant, so am I drawn to people who show me respect? Certainly, I know I don’t suffer fools gladly!.

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