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Asteroid Merlin is named after the wizard of Authurian Legend. That story is fictional and has become more and more removed from the historical Merlin over the years. The historical Merlin was born about AD 540 somewhere around northern Wales and southern Scotland, and his name was Myrddin Wyllt.

He was the adviser to the pagan king Gwenddoleu ap Ceidio. In AD 573 Myrddin watched his king being slaughtered, along with all his troops at the hands of the Christian king Riderch I in the Battle of Arfderydd (modern day Arthuret).

From the poems in the The Black Book of Carmarthen (AD 1250) we learn that the experience of witnessing the devastating defeat of his side in this battle, the death of his king who he advised, sent Myrddin mad. Consumed by guilt, he fled into the Caledonian Forest of Scotland, to fend for himself where his only friends were the animals.

From his madness and isolation, Myrddin developed the ability to prophesy, even foretelling his own death by “falling, stabbing, and drowning”. This was fulfilled when a gang of jeering shepherds drove him off a cliff, where he was impaled on a stake left by fishermen, and died with his head below water [1]. Like other druids, Myrddin used astrology to assist in his role as adviser and prophet.

Jupiter shall abandon its preordained paths, and Venus desert its appointed circuits. The malice of the planet Saturn will pour down like rain, killing mortal men as though with a curved sickle. The twelve mansions of the stars will weep to see their inmates transgress so. [2]

Asteroid Merlin Astrology

Asteroid Merlin should therefore represent the suffering of some personal disaster which leads altered states of consciousness through drugs and or psychotic breaks. Feelings of guilt for being responsible for the disaster, not advising correctly, not foreseeing what was to come. Looking for answers and discovering truths in occult knowledge, and perfecting the skills to then master the role of adviser and prophet through some medium such as Tarot, astrology or clairvoyance..

Find Asteroid Merlin in Your Chart

1. Create your chart HERE.
2. Choose “Extended Chart Selection”.
3. In “additional asteroids or hypothetical planets”, add 2598.


1. Stobo Kirk: a guide to the building and its history. Seymour, Camilla & Randall, John. 2007, p.9.
2. – Merlin’s Prophesies.

70 thoughts on “Asteroid Merlin – Warrior Priest

  1. Whoa! Seems Merlin is conjunct my DC! (18′) It sextiles my Mercury. My words have a magical effect on people? Lol, I did get the public speaking award in high school as well as voted most likely to become famous due to my stage performance. Ah, to be on stage again… ::Pisces dream sequence::

  2. so intersting-my merlin is 1 degree from saturn in the 12th (jupiter conjuct in trans). in 08-09 I had a disaster that was unavoidable and not by my doing. I wanted to die and blamed myself-hence had a breadown, heart completely broken. many psychic visions, past life dreams..then jup hit my 2 degree jup ( 5 degree Aqu asc) and i received so many blesings and help from strangers and heavenly help. it is only now that i am doing better ..tramatixed still but better. my story is straight from your article…love astrology..blessing!

  3. Merlin is conjunct my Pisces Moon (Orb of 0 degrees, 3 minutes).

    The Merlin conjunction gives me another piece of the puzzle for why I tend to be like the hermit on the hill (or monk in the monastery). I thought my 9th house Pisces Moon is what made me want to just sit and contemplate life, but Merlin is a double whammy on that.

    I am definitely looking for answers via the occult (astrology, tarot, meditation) and have had clairvoyant flashes of insight. Perhaps that will develop more with my upcoming Uranus opposition.

  4. Hi Marina!

    I have this aspects:

    Merlin is on my 9th house, in pisces. on 10°10´. It conjuncts my Vesta. It squares my moon and my saturn (5th/6th)on sagg.

    It trines my vertex and sextiles my ceres (hope, it does something with all the opposition and quadrates ceres faces regarding the hole in my soul – I guess- opposes those forces on my 8th house -lillith, chiron and Part of Fortune- and quadrates those presences on my 5th house, at the beginning of it, in my 5th house).

    Though a very 8th house person, I don´t recall having an episode where I regret not advising, and seeing destruction. Though, I always feel that lack of communication might end in a disgrace, so I always look for communication, though I don´t find so much resonance.

    But I will still reflect. I read Vesta is hard for me to “down load” because it is in the 9th house and in pisces. Would that be the case also with Merlin, in my case?

    Now, that I remembered, I had a brother -a pisces- and he died very young. I had this guilt feeling deep inside, because one day he was playing with one of my toys, and he crashed it. As a chirotic being, I started to cry, and thought it was very unfair because it was my only entertainment, while they were swimming and having fun. And my violent father beated him so bad (I don´t cry anymore by remembering that day, but I felt so guilty, that I never said a word again to my father… so I had to suffer him, my brother, and to place limits to him… Oh!).

    He died at 27, we was an alcoholic, in the middle of having to companies, a divorce going on, a 2 year old son and 2 girlfriends… too much for him!



    • Oh! Now the picture has widened. In my solar return chart, my north node is in sag. 2nd house, opposing my Merlin on the 9th house. I should just reflect on this. Thanks! Rín.

  5. For years I followed Daykeeper,& they throw in every asteroid discovered based on weird associations…like using Pecker in Anthony Wieners chart, the US politician who was caught sending pecker pics…that is how I decided to look at Shannon. Using koch houses, I found I have Merlin/pars fortune/DC all conj Leojr(July 31, 1983) Venus, all on Zosma, and this all sextiles my Mars, and his lilith. Winter 2010 I prayed for a good looking new priest(to keep my attention during mass), and I learned he would arrive in spring 2011, and I imagined for a time that he was sent to me to be my savior from the other one. Then later I thought maybe it was I who was supposed to save him. Like Merlin, I flubbed up…I got messages of what to do from a guide, but I didnt trust it, and was too afraid to do as advised, I caused disaster, and now I am crazy and in exile!!! The bishop is named Coyne, so Daykeeper would put 14429 Coyne in…and voila, it is also conjunct Jr. Sun, and Opposite my Jupiter, loosely conj my medusa. Jr and I have neptune(conj my MC) opposite Sun/Mercury/eros(conj my IC) in our Davidson. Shannon (conjunct my vertex in Koch) is really interesting in synastry..LeoSr (Au 19, 1970). has Shannon/Pallas both on my Asc, and Leojr has Shannon/Medusa/Saturn/Pluto conj my Moon/Uranus and opposite his Juno/Moon which are conj my Sun/Venus. Jrs Pallas is on my NN. There is a 3rd guy in the mix(among others, but this one stands out) with sun/moon/mercury conj my pluto, and is Pars fortune and Coyne are in is 12th house conj my Shannon/Vx, and his Shannon/lilith are conj my Mars/Jupiter respectively. he is cycber stalking me I think. how does one determine the meaningful things without going all John Nash/a beautiful mind? how do you choose what is relevant, and what it might mean? Are there any good books or resources you can recommend?

  6. Being intrigued by Arthurian stuff, i have kept watch on this one and it really is strange, it seems to linger for ages in one place and then like magic surges forward and suddenly its moved a few houses, quite the illusionist lol!

  7. I’m stunned…..I have a son called Merlin and have never really pinned down why that name was given to him. After he was born, none of the names we’d considered for him seemed to fit, and when his dad and I were discussing it, all of a sudden the name Merlin just shot out of my mouth, as if it came from somewhere else.

    So, I just saw this and had a look at both our charts – my son and I have Merlin in exact opposition. I progressed my chart to the date of his birth and my progressed Merlin was exactly conjunct his Moon!

    • This is not at all surprising. I wish I had more time to write about asteroids like this, it’s fun!

  8. Decided to read this article again. The transiting north node is about to cross my AC so the south node will be passing over my natal Merlin on my DC. It’s interesting that Merlin seemed to be a bit of a hermit going away into hiding. I had a tarot reading once and the card for the past that came up was The Hermit. Certainly explain why I am always attracted to boys that always seem to be just on the fringe of society and those that just need help and love. ::rolls eyes::

  9. Merlin conjunct IC exact – Interesting, i left home and took many legal and illegal drugs to go into a altered state of reality and a bit of madness really which caused me to then have to return home, and over a year and a half i have nearly mastered basic astrology and the summary of astronomy, this is a wonderful definition of Merlin.

  10. I’m not as studied on Merlin…perhaps..but I see a theme of “overcoming the devil” in his symbolism. Having a demonic father, but having the fate of being baptised at birth, and walking a path of service, his downfall was caused by seeing with rose colored glasses..allowing his wish to be loved to cause him to fail to see the black hearted potential of his apprentice/love.

    I have Merlin conjunct my sun 1 deg, sextile Neptune in the first house…
    its Trine Algol, which in my father has a triple scary moon, uranus and saturn conjunction on algol…So…I feel like I can relate..
    Also I have nearly recently been killed by people that I failed to see clearly how dark their heart was…and I have had this trouble my whole life…seeing a person’s clearly that it fogs out their lower self in my perception..

    • I have never had any episode of indulging in drugs…mostly because I am so naturally psychic that I don’t need life is very magical and full of noticing the perfect web of life..
      But I also see that Merlin was painted as MAD by those who saw him in that filter..I would invite people to see if THIS is a main theme of this asteroid placement. …also..inviting real enemies to appear because of shamanic or prayer abilities. My mother thinks I am “mad” because I don’t trust the newspapers, or doctors….(this is the theme). Misunderstood because of an ability to see the truth of things that others are blind too. People think I am bewitched because I don’t age…its just the magic of not eating the poison and crap that everyone else eats…but they think I have some occult secret for looking youthful.

      I should also mention my sun, is conj Pluto , Jupiter and uranus…and Merlin..
      I feel like I should be able to light a candle with my finger or something..

  11. The only problem with this interpretation is that the asteroid’s name is Merlin not Myrddin. It’s not possible to bypass the asteroid’s baptism, which gives it its powers, by invoking another narrative which corresponds to another name.

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