Camelopardalis Constellation

Camelopardalis Constellation

Camelopardalis Constellation Stars [Stellarium]

Camelopardalis Constellation Astrology

Camelopardalis constellation, the Camel, is a northern constellation above Auriga and below Ursa Minor, between Perseus and Lynx. The brightest stars span 3 degrees of the zodiac sign Gemini. The name of the constellation is a combination of the Greek kamēlos, “camel” and pardalis, “leopard”.

Camelopardalis Stars
19 ♊ 16
20 ♊ 59
21 ♊ 16
7 Camelopardalis
α Camelopardalis
β Camelopardalis

Star positions for year 2000

It is said to confer patience, endurance, and great wisdom, and to cause its natives to become teachers or instructors of some kind. [1]

It was formed by Bartschius, who published it, in outline only, in 1614, and wrote that it represented to him the Camel that brought Rebecca to Isaac. [2]

Camelopardalids Meteor Shower

On the night of 23/24 May 2014, earth will pass though the debris of Comet 209P/LINEAR for the first time. A meteor shower in the Camelopardalis constellation will be visible between 2 to 4 am ET on Saturday. It is excepted that the Camelopardalids Meteor Shower will be an annual event with over 100 meteors per hour. [3]


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  1. As we pass through this I am experiencing all the little bits of light or “sparks” that make up what remains of the “bright spark” of my mind that was “fractured” during the Pluto opposition to my Merc at 8′ Cancer, as I have Gemini in an un-aspected 8th house, it is the “having lost my mind to regain my senses” and now putting those senses together for a good clean/clear mind. It is actually quite uplifting in a non delusional way 🙂

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