Floods, Plague and War

Four Horsemen of the ApocalypseI intend to post about the war in Ukraine in the next few days. Unfortunately, my town, Ballina in Australia, was flooded all last week and I had no phone or internet until Saturday. The worst floods on record, thanks to global warming. A town called Lismore about 30 minutes from here was devastated by flooding, 3.5 meters (11 feet) above the previous record.

But that pales in comparison to the war in Ukraine, with whole families being killed by missiles. It is understandable then, that some of my readers were upset about the title of the March 2 New Moon post, “A Promise of Happiness.”

I gave it that title because the new moon was conjunct Jupiter and sextile Uranus. I did mention that Mercury conjunct Saturn adds a sense of seriousness with the potential for pessimism to outweigh the optimism of Jupiter. And that Mars conjunct Pluto could lead to outbursts of rage, rape, and war.

I generally interpret moon phases at the personal level and not for world events (mundane astrology). I have been writing them for over 10 years, often about themes of love, happiness and optimism. But this is the first time I have received angry comments due to war.

There have, in fact, been many wars over the last 10 years that have killed many people. The ongoing civil war in Yemen has killed 380,000. The war in Syria has killed 600,000. And there are countless other wars over the last 10 years that killed so many. I guess the Ukraine war is different because it is in Europe.

Talk of world war III and conscription on social media has my kids worried. To them, it might feel like the Apocalypse has arrived after living through the pandemic and now record flooding. They have missed so much school, another 2 weeks because of these floods.

But there is reason for optimism. The recent Jupiter new moon sextile Uranus has coincided with the ending of many restrictions that were imposed due to the pandemic. Air travel is opening up and there is more work available.

There will always be war, natural disasters, and suffering somewhere in the world. And Mars conjunct Pluto will always bring out the worst in murderers and dictators. But that is only in a minority of cases. Most people in the world are still quite nice.

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  1. Hello Jamie, you have a wonderful site. I hope your part of the world has had better weather and that folks are healing from any trauma you’ve recently experienced.
    What’s causing the great recent and seemingly long-lasting unrest is pretty certain. The transiting current North Node was at 25Tau30 last night, orbiting backwards as usual, and is sitting right on top of Algol, the blinking binary dwarf star with the awful rep, who in the year 2000 was at 26Tau10, and you all have heard of this star’s reputation.
    I haven’t looked up the time it takes for the Node to change signs, but it appears to creep along very slowly, so, we’re still in for some fallout yet the conjunction is waning, so the worst should gradually receding, as it’s passed the actual degree occupied by Algol. The Node is moving counter-clockwise, in reverse, which is how the North Node always moves.
    The North Node is one’s karmic direction in this lifetime. Like a lighthouse, it points the way towards the life’s destiny. When we reach for and work to fulfill the Dragon’s Head, or North Node, the universe supports us and the soul’s purpose. This point shows the type of karma we’re here to bring about.
    The chart to seek an explanation of the cause of the great unrest right now is of the current transiting planets and their North Node position in the heavens, and this affect the whole world, not like a natal chart for just one person. People are feeling it everywhere.
    So taking the karmic North Node for the whole world, we have to add in the influence of the conjunction with Algol, described here: ‘Of the nature of Saturn and Jupiter. It causes misfortune, violence, decapitation, hanging, electrocution and mob violence, and gives a dogged and violent nature that causes death to the native or others. It is the most evil star in the heavens.’ [Robson, p.124.] That’s brief but it explains it.
    Algol was conjunct poor Princess Diana’s Venus, and everyone knows how her love life turned out. The bombing and war of the Ukraine and Russia is like a civil war, they were once all one country, and let’s hope it’s settled with no more harm done on either side. We must pray for peace.

  2. HI Jamie, I am just seeing this article a few weeks late, but I just wanted to say thank you for the excellent – detailed and thorough – analyses you do and how helpful it is that this wealth of information is freely accessible, especially the monthlies. I, too, have received flak from people who have gotten so worked up about this conflict that has absolutely no relation to them; the problem is that the people who think they know everything get their news from social media, which inflames emotions, when what is needed during this Pluto transition period is to be dispassionate, without being detached from reality. These people really need to concentrate on improving themselves and to stop blaming the pandemic, Russia, etc. for their own frustrations. I hope the floodwaters have receded and that you and family are doing well. Take care!

  3. Hi Jamie, I’m hoping that your kiddies are feeling better. What a very different view of the world to mine anyone under 20 has.
    There have certainly been some unusual posts here recently. I appreciate the way you’ve kept the lid on the worst of the excesses, but even so, the level of attempted bullying and all the spite and oafish rudeness is a bit much (even when one simply has to have a chuckle as yet another know-it-all thinks that the louder they shout, the righter they are…).

  4. Strange and unusual thread indeed. War and the response to it as the next stage in the ubiquitous Pandemic?

    I was reading up on asteroid Arcadia, and Mark A Holmes mentions Pan

    “Arcadia (asteroid 1020) was named for the Greek province of Arcadia, on the Peloponnese peninsula in southern Greece. Arcadia’s name is synonymous with rural beauty and tranquility; Pan, the goat-footed Greek god of livestock, was born here.

    “Astrologically, asteroid Arcadia seems to indicate having to do with the country or rural life, a tendency toward conservatism.”


    If you are surveillance oriented and see a model built at an astrology site that tackles a football size team of world problems. You’d want to cut yourself into that action? No? Front run someone else’s work. Manufacture a wedge, drive a division? You may fix up the church and lend a hand to royalty, Great. But it still isn’t enough. One must go to the Dark, and do it eyes closed.

  5. https://theconversation.com/before-epidemiologists-began-modelling-disease-it-was-the-job-of-astrologers-137895

    This article from May 19, 2020. Two years ago, and a Royal Society of London funded author hard at it, setting the stage for what had, and what was, to unfold right in front of your eyes here at astrologyking…

    May 19 2020 marks the first Full day, departure, West Coast North America. Thanks for the memories West I’m grateful to many, especially those behind the scenes.

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