Mars Square Sun Transit

Mars Square Sun TransitMars square Sun transit builds energy inside and a strong desire to assert yourself aggressively. This energy creates tension and frustration, leading to temper outbursts if you don’t get your way. Difficulties in all relationships, especially love relationships, can occur at this time if you force your desires onto other people. They will react just as strongly, test your will, and challenge what you are trying to achieve.

The best way to handle this trying time is to see things from the other person’s perspective and give a little ground. You may have to reach some compromise and ease off a bit. Once this Mars square Sun transit has passed, you will be better able to go after your desires without the arguments and all the tension. Exercise, sport and sex are good ways to release this irritating build-up of hot Mars energy.

14 thoughts on “Mars Square Sun Transit

  1. Over the past several weeks, almost everything I touch which is electrical, breaks. Is there a reason, can you tell me why? Is there anything I can do to stop this? I am a 1st period Gemini.

    • That sounds like something to do with Uranus, ruler of electricity. Perhaps Uranus is transiting your Mars or Mercury.

  2. Decant 3 Leo here, It’s May 27th, 2013. Mars is squaring my sun from the 3rd house. My shock broke on my car. So far I have managed to pissed off two mechanic types. I had a bizarre 12 hour sleep on the weekend. Woke up and felt like Frankenstein. Arms and legs seemed to be in my way all day. Chipped my tooth by biting down on my fork instead of the food I was suppose to be eating. Yesterday was ready to tear a strip off my siblings during my mothers birthday party but managed to stop myself. Today has started out with me having a flip out on salad, which just happened to be near by. I can’t pinpoint the reason. Just general frustration. Was trying to figure out if I should go to the gym or the spa to calm down… but maybe sex is the answer! Excellent description of the transit Jamie… thanks for the tips on how to handle it!

  3. Mars squares are my nightmare, both ways: When transiting planets square my natal mars or when is mars transiting who activates by square any of my personal planets.

  4. Plz let me know about sadesati because its malefic affect was unforgetable its was in tauras sign just few years it possible in astrology?

  5. I have this in my natal chart. I learnt to deal and constructively use the sun square mars energy into running. Its kinda a sportsy and masculine aspect

  6. Just want to THANK YOU for all the good and Hard work you do … I truthfully appreciate that !

  7. Today I have this aspect and it was the first day I started getting up earlier to write in preparation for writing on a long trip. Later in the day I will be starting gym for the first time (provided free by my partner). Seeing this, I wondered if there was a Mars aspect. This year I also have Jupiter in the 6th house (health and discipline). So far everything looks very positive. I don’t like the idea this can be related to accidents (and heart attacks?) so I’ll be taking it easy in the gym. I subscribe to the idea in the comments that it is best to act out the best possibilities for an aspect, so gym is perfect.

  8. In a few days time I will have double dose of this. Transiting mars will be squaring natal sun and transiting sun will be squaring my natal mars.

  9. I’ve had this transit since September and my final pass will be next month and I haven’t felt this aggressive energy at all… lucky me 🤷‍♀️☺️

    • Hi Joyce. It can depend on how your Sun is aspected and if it is conjunct a major fixed star. And also how you naturally channel fiery energy, like into hard work or creativity.

  10. Oh dear. I didn’t listen to my own advice. This transit coincided with a house inspection from my landlord’s real-estate agent. She made me so angry opening doors without knocking, waking people up, and invading my personal space. I lost my temper and said “get out my my f….ing house”. Now we have 2 weeks to find somewhere else to live 🙁

    • Fear of Homelessness, Neptune @ Pisces. 2nd House Age of Aquarius. I have… umm, maybe I dont have, that Taurus quality mojo.

      An anecdote: The Inspector tends to be a military type, my guess Jamie, a hardnose. He or she may be incentivized for a cut or all of your damage deposit. I had an experience 20 years ago where the inspector was very harsh, but i was posting on line about G7 Summit near Kananaskis, AB, and so i chalked it up as an extended police belligerence, or failure on my part to not rise to the occasion, March down Main St c’mon, we want video! They knew I lost my job managing a Production moved to China, and maybe they thought I would do The Funky Dodo Bird dance?

      Alternatively, your dilemna could very well be a chapter called “I Have a Right to be Angry”

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