Mercury Opposite Venus Transit

Mercury Opposite Venus TransitMercury opposite Venus transit has a generally pleasant but mild effect. You will probably be in a relaxed and affectionate mood which is great for a quiet weekend or a lazy day watching movies. However, the normal pressures of work, relationship issues or serious matters would be harder to deal with. You would rather not have to deal with other people’s problems.

When dealing with other people, your relaxed attitude may work against you. Others may feel you are not listening or just not interested. So a passive attitude can lead to disagreement or conflict, which you try to avoid. In this case, it is important not to give too much ground just to shut them up because you might agree to something you later regret.

This is a good time for light-hearted fun and sharing tender moments with a lover. Socializing should be enjoyable so long as you don’t have to organize anything or take on too much responsibility. This is not a good time for important meetings, negotiations or business dealings. Serious relationship problems would be particularly difficult to resolve in your current frame of mind.

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