Moon Conjunct Moon Transit

Moon Conjunct Moon TransitMoon conjunct Moon transit marks the beginning of a major emotional cycle. The prevailing influences in your life when this transit or moon phase occurs are likely to affect the entire cycle. At least the next month ahead for an eclipse and will most likely dominate for the next five or six months.

Your emotional attitudes, behaviors and reactions will figure more prominently in your life. It will be important not to lose your objectivity in discussions or lose your sense of perspective. However, you should not feel any particular emotions more strongly, nor should this transit make you feel particularly good or bad.

You are likely to attract things of a lunar type such as women. Your memories, maternal instincts and your need for nurturing and security will be more influential in your life. You will find yourself needing emotional reassurance from your surroundings. This means that familiar objects, people and places will be of greater significance. You may need to withdraw at times, especially from people or environments that are unfamiliar or strange.

This interpretation for Moon conjunct Moon transit can be read for a lunar eclipse or full moon conjunct Moon.

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  1. Hello Jamie! Your personal “touch” in the interpretations makes such a difference! I think you mentioned your Sun being at about 18° Capricorn. My Moon is in that degree and has been buffeted and attacked first through Uranus and now heavily with Pluto. The upcoming Saturn-Pluto-Dragons’ Head conjunction is a warning sign for me to get my financial situation cleared up. You wrote of some of the events which have changed your life. They are quite extreme. It is said that Pluto can really force you to your knees. Power plays are more quickly recognized. Retreat is not loss, it is gain. If I mentioned it in a previous comment, my family comes from Melbourne. Best wishes for 2019! carline torweihe

    • Thank you Carline. My Ascendant is 18 Capricorn. Pluto has now passed over my Ascendant for the third and final time and I feel good, but I do have Jupiter trine Ascendant. I was diagnosed with lung cancer earlier this year which had spread from a colon cancer I had removed in 2012. The operation in June 2018 was a success and now I have regular scans, But totally recovered and feeling fit and healthy.

      Pluto square Sun transit felt much much worse. My Sun in 28 Virgo. And I lived in Mount Waverley for a year when I was 16. Made great friends down there.

  2. A good natal Jupiter is a great gift, a truly saving grace,esp with the Asc.-Desc. My brother’s first house was in Mt. Waverley. The dog bit a hole in the front curtain, jumped over the 6ft fence, knocked over rubbish tins for food, found girl friends in the neighborhood. Neighbor shouting over fence, “F… Dog!” Brother then put circulars in the neighbors postboxes excusing the dog. In the meantime after living in Nth Carlton, he is in East Doncaster. Way out of town. Everything has skyrocketed in price down there. I wouldn’t know Melbourne any longer. I was in country Victoria near Bendigo at the beginning in the 60’s. Just sleepy, tired, full of flies. Sign posts out of wood. Had to keep the car windows shut in the back-asphyxiation threatened.. Dust level from car incredible. Nothing had much changed since the end of WW2. But now……. I had the Pluto/Sun opp in Libra. Now I have the approaching square already within Orb…crosses also over Dragon’s Head North and squares Venus as well. You wrote somewhere that you participated in astro-foren at the beginning? I want to do an official course where I now live but have no money for it..$5,000. It is considered as a real qualification out here. I hope the 6th of January will benefit you!

  3. Moon conjunction moon 557. I was born 0003 in Bolton Lanchashire England dec14 1956. What a crazy year since my soulmate of 35 years passed Dec20 2018. Any thoughts?

  4. Golly! My Moon is in exactly the same position as yours, Carline. So your Asc. Jamie, is conjunct both Carline’s Moon and mine! Today, the transiting Moon is conjunt our Moon, Carline, and your Asc., Jamie. And the two of you took me on a tour of a good bit of the South-Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, my hometown until 12 years ago. Thank you. That felt really good. All of this is so easy to understand in the light of your analysis, Jamie. I’m blinking back tears of happiness. Much love to both of you.

  5. July 13, 2022
    Supermoon @ 21°capricorn

    The day I was born, there was a..
    Total Full Blood Moon
    Eclipse @ 18°capricorn
    My I.C @ 11°capricorn
    ..and South Node @ 13°capricorn

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