Osama bin Laden Horoscope

Osama bin Laden Horoscope

Thanks to some collaboration with Facebook friends, we have come up with the death horoscope for Osama bin Laden. The location was the city Abbottabad, Pakistan. The operation started on the 2nd of May 2011 at 1:00 am [1] and was completed in 38 minutes [2]. So the chart below is set for 1:38 am, using the exact coördinates of the compound where Osama bin laden was killed [3].

The time looks good because the Ascendant of matches that of Barack Obama. The Vertex is also conjunct Obama’s Vertex, and the Part of Fortune is conjunct Obama’s Chiron. I’m not going to go into conspiracy theories about the body, or whether Osama bin laden was behind the September 11 attacks. On its own, this event is hugely significant regardless of how and why we got to this point in history. It was meant to be this way. The Vertex on Barack Obama’s Vertex says this was his destiny. He reaps the rewards, the January solar eclipse was trine his Vertex.

Mars is conjunct Jupiter in this event chart. This is an “action transit, initiative, boldness, courage and aggression will be strong”. With Venus opposite Saturn that pumped up aggressive energy needed to be channeled into “conservative, well planned projects”. Obama did well opting for the commando operation instead of bombing the place. Saturn delays and patience paid off.

Osama bin Laden Horoscope

Osama bin Laden Death Horoscope

For the last few months I have been seeing astrological signs of a new spiritual leader on the horizon. One reason is because Chiron is has been conjunct the fixed star Fomalhaut. Chiron is the healer/teacher and is associated with the prophets like Christ and Muhammad. The chart below shows Chiron highlighted by the Part of Fortune, another spiritual influence. Both are on the fixed star Fomalhaut, one of the four royal stars of ancient Persia. It is associated with the archangel Gabriel, which Dr. Eric Morse believes “must now be said to challenge or actually supplant, with a new stage in human spiritual evolution, the supremacy of the more ‘medical’ Archangel of the Leonine era.” The “medical” archangel he mentions is Raphael, the fixed star Regulus, now directly opposed by Neptune.

The death of Osama bin Laden opens up space for the emergence of a new figure head for the Islāmic world. This is what Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has been referring to as the 12th Imam [4]. Revolutions and weakening of pro Western regimes in the Arab world provide fertile grounds for the rise of a new spiritual leader.

Another recent sign pointing to a new spiritual leader is the activation of the fixed star Kurdah, at 24 degrees Aries in the constellation of Cepheus, the King. Kurdah is not the brightest star in Cepheus but it is notable being opposite the two most fortunate stars in the heavens, Spica and Arcturus. Anne Wright has found that this star is associated with kings and rulers, and their assassinations [6]. The Moon in the chart below is conjunct the fixed star Kurdah. Mercury stationed retrograde on this star a month earlier. Now in direct motion, Mercury hits this star again on May 11 with a conjunction of Venus and Jupiter.

1. “Helicopter hovering above Abbottabad at 1AM” BBC
2. “The forces finished in 38 minutes” Politico
3. 34°10’09” N, 73°14’33” E GeoHack
4. Dr Eric Morse, The Living Stars, p.56.
5. The 12th Imam. Why a Nuclear Iran is Terrifying
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136 thoughts on “Osama bin Laden Horoscope

  1. Osama was entitled to a Fair Trial.

    His family was entitled to his body for a funeral.

    What has happened is disgusting.

    As yet: no accountablity for invasion of Afganistan, Iraq…Next on the list is Libya and maybe Pakistan?
    Extermination of Muslims.

    Regards Barb

    • Hi stranger, I don’t think “fair trial” and “Guantanamo Bay” make sense in the same sentence.

      • he didnt say guantanamo bay and fair trial in the same sentence

    • Barb is wrong. Radical Muslims want to kill everyone who is not Muslim. You can thank a serviceman/woman for the freedom to speak as you please, drive a car, walk alongside a man who is not your relative, etc. Iran still has public stonings. Bin Laden did not deserve anything you mentioned. The people who died in 9/11 events deserved a burial. It’s war and the rules are different, this is not a police officer knocking on a door for a domestic violence call where the perp may be unarmed.

  2. What of all the talk of this ‘new spiritual leader’ being the Anti-Christ? A wolf in sheep’s clothing? I am not Christian or religious.

  3. Hi Angela, most prophesies I have read mention the Christ and the Anti-Christ coming back together, like a final showdown. Even the 12th Imam prophesies have this feature.

    • Correct Jamie…and it will happen soon.

      I havn’t yet worked out were “Lilith” is in all of this….something to do with “seed”, ie.: (is her “seed” the “bad seed”? or the “good seed”…? Marina might be able to help here).

      I was directed “by those above” (in flying space ships) to look up “Songs of Solomon” in the bible…it’s all about “twin flames”….and the “seed”.
      Basically twin flames “reunite” to produce a new type of human being… androgoynous.
      Twin flames are sooooo important in all of this…I didn’t even realise it till lately…it’s from the beginning of creation…Adam & Eve, Jesus & Mary…etc….thats why there is like 8 chapters in “Songs of Solomon” about twin flames….and when you read Geneses it’s all about the “seed”…”serpent seed” up against “Eve’s seed”…and the “bloodline”…
      no wonder the Catholic Church is so anti-women…and they backed Hitler…and why astrology is talking about the “rise of femine power”…
      “sacred feminine”…”sacred union”…

      When William & Kate got married I was shocked when the clergyman said, spomething like : “When you realise what God created you for…you will set the world on FIRE” (not sure exact words, will have to check, think I have the first sentance wrong)…BUT, had just come across (on internet) that twin flames are mentioned in Revelations, as “fire”. (Have to look into it more).
      Maybe Kate & William is more to do with breeding than romance? (Am aware of David Icke and his opinion of royal family)

      Have been going thru SO much…not been blogging..can’t cope…and today, to top it…have feeling that Melbourne nay be hit with an earthqauake…
      Gotta go …Kind Regards Barb

      • Twin flames, pillars etc = Birkeland currents i.e electric events. Djed pillars of ancient Egypt, biblical pillars of fire etc etc lightning struck tower and so on. Don’t think W and K have anything to do with bigger events. Unless they really are lizards, as Icke suggests. ALthough my daughter was at boarding school with her cousin and he certainly wasn’t a reptile! Very nice boy actually! My friend who was propositioned by Icke had a different opinion!!!

        There is a lot of mention of space ships or Vimanas in the Vedas – likewise many cultures speak of lightning, pillars, towers etc

        Actually Barb, having read your post again I’d recommend some red wine! Actually quite a lot.

      • Hello Barb: sorry your not well. My 12th is full to brimming being tauras and Aries and partly gemini. I can remember worse times though one event a couple days ago was pretty bad. Anyways, when I had cancer 1999, I met new people in group therapy and for some totally unknown reason I started calling them the flames. She was a beautiful woman, teacher, loyal to her baggage handler husband who really was the one didn’t look well. She died. I recovered fully. So, interesting your imput on the flames. Be strong.

      • Isn’t that the way – good versus bad. I was talking to my British immigrant Canadian neighbour yesterday, whose father went away somewhere and when he got back a German had his job, he did something which then he had to flee with his family for a long while.
        This time it occured to me that the British and French massacured the Native Indians wholesale too. Righteous. We must go beyond……………

        • THe Romans conquered the Brits, the Brits had an empire etc etc. This is the Earth in Lesson.

    • Jamie I am certain completely absolutely completely that the antichrist has been among us for a long time…more than a hundred years…same person tho…he is able to move from host to host. Trimondi have given an indication…I can fill in the bits they missed but won’t do in forum.
      It is the same person who owned and managed George Bush in his atrocity against Iraq.
      All those kalachakra sand mandalas that were going around the world pretending to be for peace but actually intended to bring destruction…yes a couple of them were constructed in the trade towers before it happened.

  4. yes in Islam there is concept of one Imam Mehdi or with other name, he will rise as a strong Muslim leader and will make very vast strong Islamic kingdom and there will be inshallah rise of Islam again and Muslims will not be oppressed and hated creature as they r in western dominated world. Jesus will born again and will die like normal man and there wud be one antichrist who will fight everybody who is good and believe in God.

    • Thanks for that Proudmum. I read somewhere in this prophesy that the Christ would be on the side of Islam this time around.

      • To be honest people only remember those who died in 9/11, they forget people in palestine,Bosnia,Kashmir,Iraq,Pakistan,Afghanistan etc becuz of US support to Israel, US puppet regimes everywhere, US greediness to take control of whole Muslim resources especially oil, to repress muslims everywhere. If u have read Israel cables in wikileaks archive, Israel and US unveiled their plans to take control of Muslim countries and to have puppet regimes everywhere. Osama Bin Laden really didnt want to kill innocents , he was with US and taliban with US as well, US trained them but US wants to use everybody like toilet paper.I request all world to study US policies. Jihad is against US and Zionist policies but if u will suppress, it will more come out.
        Jamie, my questions are
        1. Is Pakistan next in line of war?
        2. where will this spiritual leader belong to ? I mean his birth place . 2012 is called DoomsDay Year for a reason. Will he appear in 2012?
        Muslims also have a right to live with peace and to their will.

        • Palestinians enjoy 100% support from the Islamic world. There is also a proportion of people in the West who support the plight of the Palestinian, most remain silent though for fear of being labeled anti semitic.

          I’m still piecing together everything at the moment, the picture gets a little clearer day by day. But my instinct is that Pakistan will not see the worst of the violence going around. Maybe because you play cricket over there. If the US gets out of Afghanistan then there should be less motivation for Pakistani’s to get angry.

          As for when and where for this spiritual leader, not sure, but I have a feeling they are already on the scene.

          • Regarding to statements from various US officials, it doesnt look that they r ready to withdraw all of this show in Pak-Af region. They intend to do hard against Pak,please read EdTamplin 2011 world prediction in which he predicted that in end of year US will enter Pakistan for war.
            In Islam there is idea that Imam Mehdi will appear on scene at age of 40 around. I dont see any significant Muslim leaders right now.

    • it goes like this –

      In Sunni and Shia eschatology, the Mahdi (Arabic: English: Guided One) is the prophesied redeemer of Islam who will stay on Earth for seven, nine or nineteen years (according to various interpretations) before the Day of Judgment (yawm al-qiyamah / literally, the Day of Resurrection) and, alongside Jesus, will rid the world of wrongdoing, injustice and tyranny.
      In Shia Islam, the belief in the Mahdi is a “powerful and central religious idea” and closely related to the Twelfth Imam, Muhammad al-Mahdi, whose return from occultation is deemed analogous with the coming of the Mahdi.

      • Ma, basic mother-syllable of Indo-European languages, worshipped in itself as the fundamental name of the Goddess. Referred to as Mah, the primitive Iranian Moon-goddess, Arabs called her Qis-Mah, meaning Fate. She was responsible for giving birth to a series of Messiahs, each called the Mahdi, born of “the Virgin Paradise” (Pairidaeza), who embodied the spirit of the Moon-goddess on earth.

  5. Osama had Algol conjunct Mars…

    With Mars:
    the native will be a murderer who will come to an untimely end. The same is caused by Algol angular or with the hyleg. [Robson*, p.124.]

    Also – his natal Jupiter is on a star Zavijava. This was the star Einstein used during the solar eclipse of Sept. 21st 1922, which fell close to it, to determine the speed of light in space.

    “Zavijava probably derives from Al Zawiyah which among other things mean a small Mosque, subsidiary to a larger one nearby. Since such a Mosque is very much a symbol of authority in its locality, as a parish church is in other communities, the idea conveyed here is of someone holding a position of command, but subject to a higher command behind them. Al Araf (another name for this star) ‘Those who Send Forth’ (others to carry out their orders), or ‘Those who are Sent Forth …’ The planetary simile (Mercury-Mars) suggests one who has the intelligence and energy to be sent forth and not need a higher authority to lead”. [The Living Stars, Dr Eric Morse.

    Three planets in Pisces, Mercury conjunct Venus, Sun trine Moon in Cancer and Neptune in Scorpio it seems fitting that he sleeps with the fishes…

    • How you going Adam? Glad to hear you’re back into astro blogging after your interesting journeys. Help yourself!

  6. Jamie – interested by the Sabians connected to this emergent spiritual manifestation – and in connection with Moon in the 6ºth Virgo opp Chiron at 6ºth Pisces = “an objective approach to the life-force” amongst the people balanced and reflected by/with “group responsibility” embodied through the emergent figure who is seen to have “Openess to the influx of spiritual energies” from 25 Aries + Kurdah – I take up your point re Regulus, and this seems right, but, at the precise time Mars enters Taurus, Moon will be at 27 Leo “The exalting challenge of new opportunities at the threshold of a new cycle.” I have little truck with the significance of Bin Laden’s death on a spiritual level, seeing him more as an idealogical leader, but, as for the emergence of a new spiritual figure, that Osama never really was in the eyes of the West, that would be something to take notice of…..

    • That’s a real good point about bin Laden being more of an “idealogical leader” than a spiritual leader. I think he also caused great divisions in the Islamic world so who ever stand up next will probably think about that and be able to have a more unifying influence. Interestingly, the AC in that chart has the Sabian symbol for 19-20 deg Aquarius = A Large White Dove Bearing A Message

      • Yes, remember seeing a video of a dove landing on the shoulder of Cuban leader too back in 1995. He’s Leo I think. Leo/Aquarius.

  7. w/ aries moon passing over 5 aries starting w/ uranius ending in mars and then going dark is ‘light’s going out’, last minute vanity killing, more about the killer than killed, victim quickly discarded, dark-of-the-moon is coverup, loss of interpitation, empty focus, no one knows what to make of it! there is a void here. a death w/o conclusion, closer, the very thing it was expected to bring.

  8. Hi , Jamie

    Osama bin Laden. President Barack Obama announced the death of Osama bin Laden in a televised address on May 1 at 11:35 pm EDT. To see the U.S. Sibly chart with progressions for May 1 and transits for May 1 at 7:01 pm EDT, the time when Obama was told that there was a “high probability” that bin Laden had been killed. A few aspects of interest: There is a trine from progressed Mercury to natal Mars in the seventh house of open enemies, and transiting Mercury is square progressed Jupiter in the seventh house. Obama authorized the operation on April 29, when a transiting Mars-Jupiter conjunction was sextile natal Mars and approaching a square to natal Mercury (ruler of the seventh) in the eighth house.

    • Thanks for posting that tri-wheel Dr. Good to look at them all together. Seems like you picked up Mercury – Mars – Jupiter a lot in the aspects. That makes a lot of sense, especially for the April 29 decision, planning the action.

  9. I find the timing convenient, bearing in mind Obama has promised to bring the troops home which he can now do as they have fulfilled their objective.

    Also coincided almost exactly with the collapse of the silver market price and the announcement of the extension of margin requirements for silver traders another move which will delay and prolong the slow decline of the USD.

    This does bring up the interesting issue of the future of Israel which survives, more or less, at the behest of the US alone.

    With the US in severe financial difficulties and all the changes in the Muslim world… any chance of a reading for Israel Jamie?

      • april 15, idaho, lucy silver mine, owned by Hecla, caved in trapping a miner, his brother escaped. ya think? I mean april 15, is loss of capital, a miner buried, cave-in, land slide…lot a words

    • I see, I didn’t know what was behind the fall in Silver prices. You were ahead of me on the Israel issue. Will have to look at the Israel chart in relation to the chart for the Palestinian Reconciliation Ceremony I added to the Palestine Horoscope page. Hamas and Fatah seem to have agreed to work together against Israel.

        • Darius – I’m not so certain silver is finished.
          While the correction was due, good, healthy, and here today – it may be a buying opportunity, not only for China, India, etc., all who are desperate to dump their USDs, but also for individuals who may need a few coins to buy bread & milk when their local currency turns into worthless paper. Of course, if you are a trader … the burn is on.


          What is your thinking?

          • * Gerald Celente / 5-4-11
            … Meanwhile, back in DC, the Chairman of the Fed, Public Enemy No.1, “Osama” Ben Bernanke, will mastermind the destruction of the American dollar, the US economy and the purchasing power of the American people.

            As we have been forecasting for years, gold, despite its recent pull back, is on-trend to reach $2000 per ounce (and possibly higher). And while Ben Bernanke claims that inflation is merely “transitory,” considering his penchant for printing trillions of digital dollars not worth the paper it’s not printed on, we see inflation as both entrenched and rising.


          • This is the big banks pushing the margin out because they were taking a battering.

            Personally I’ve dumped silver and gone back to gold.

            • Thank you, Darius!
              Gold is safer in any case … but difficult for personal use – like a loaf of bread – in real life.
              I like Jim Rogers:
              “Even famed former hedge fund manager-commodity investor-motorcyclist Jim Rogers, who’s owned silver for years, says he’s not buying at current prices (although he’s not predicting silver’s downfall either).”

            • paper & tangable, paper margin change brings price down, slow USD dump for awhile and gives the shorters their knickers! sends ripples of fear through commodities, gasoline futures etc

            • I don’t believe that Silver is lost at all, considering the silver I have, I bought when it was 5 dollars an ounce – considering I am a silversmith on top of a number of other things.

              Gold is popular but Silver is more dynamic in its motion, the fluctuation of the silver market says to me, this is an opportunity that won’t come back around.. so what if people get scared, I think silver is more useful in many things compared to gold. Certainly as a silver worker, I can say, silver has some fantastic qualities, and the reason silver is probably more valuable is due to the fact our history shows it was. Look in the past silver was in almost every aspect of protecting food, keeping milk from spoiling, storing food, then with the advent of aluminum foils and such, people have forgotten exactly why the silver coloured foil actually was good. It has antibacterial properties BUT does not destroy the quality of food.

              Then there are a number of medicinal applications as well as electronic applications- did you know that silver is the most electrically conductive element? The new electronics may be silver plated with palladium inside, (have you noticed that the best metal on the market IS palladium?)

              Plus there is a side advantage, the side advantage is the “Crush JP Morgan buy Silver” campaign promoted by Max Keiser. I believe that he is correct about JP Morgan’s unmitigated influence over the silver market, and yet because they don’t have the actual silver but only paper, it is an opportunity to push it up in price for your own good and to protect the value of your own personal currency…

              gold is always something the countries in power tend to confiscate, there is history of gold being taken from the people in the US. I wouldn’t be too certain there would be this much power concerning something seen as not so rare such as SILVER… but silver is powerful, it is ruled by the moon and effects “the people” I believe symbolically that the influence of silver is about people power, and about home and family ideals as opposed to the ideas that surround its counterpart, gold, used by governments and royalty to influence and secure monetary treasuries, to have “power” but what power is this influence? What does gold really mean to the every day person?

              Certainly, it is beautiful, but what it mostly is is “psychological” in value and its value in history was only due to the fact that it has a certain vibration, ego and solar, a power that also influences the bodies of humans, in medicine, but that it is not as widely used in these situations as silver is… historically speaking.. but silver and gold are coming back to better status.

              There is psychology and ritual behaviours surrounding gold, but silver will always be about the ritual of the lunar areas, and these will always be the most touching to the general public.

              Actually this last Easter I found two huge silver platters I’m going to clean up, one was from the late 1800s, the other possibly from the 1940s-50s.

              The future of the new electricity seems to be based upon the speed of conductivity, and as I said, silver is the most electrically conductive element at room temp- and I get the feeling, the only thing that can save any economy is going to the future of new electronics how energy saving and how little energy they use and I suspect silver will be a part of this because its a very safe element as well. 🙂

  10. WSJ:
    Putting into action a specially designed Sensitive-Site Exploitation plan, the Navy Seals who conducted the raid carried off five computers, 10 hard drives and more than 100 storage devices, such as DVDs and removable flash drives, U.S. officials said.
    The intelligence find is a jolt to bin Laden’s network that could force its terror operatives to move into areas or initiate communications that make them more easily detectable.

    J’lem imam: Obama will soon hang
    ??(Video) Al-Aqsa Mosque imam vows to avenge killing of Osama bin Laden in Youtube video. ‘Dogs should not rejoice too much for killing lions’
    The imam then verbally attacked US President Barack Obama saying: “You personally instructed to kill Muslims. You should know that soon you’ll hang together with Bush Junior.”
    “We are a nation of billions, a good nation. We’ll teach you about politics and military ways very soon, with god’s help,” he vowed.

    • Susan: J’lem imam: Obama will soon hang
      ??(Video) Al-Aqsa Mosque imam vows to avenge killing of Osama bin Laden in Youtube video. ‘Dogs should not rejoice too much for killing lions’
      The imam then verbally attacked US President Barack Obama saying: “You personally instructed to kill Muslims. You should know that soon you’ll hang together with Bush Junior.”
      “We are a nation of billions, a good nation. We’ll teach you about politics and military ways very soon, with god’s help,” he vowed.

      This reads like an example from M. Scott Peck’s book People of the Lie. Murderousness cloaked in high moral outrage and indignation.

      Something has to go off under the Cardinal crisis. Uranus PLuto and Saturn need to have the last arm of their cross duly “balanced” or lets say the outcome will be in Cancer. One the one hand the family and other, in the bigger picture – the esoteric picture, Cancer represents the herd. So the entire herd gets sucked up in this.
      Jamie has already written about kerb and Deneb in another thread – ?? anywya, Uranus is with them now, another twist in the tail and PLuto picks up with Kaus Medius, Australis and Borealis, all stars in the Archer’s Bow. Esoterically, Sagittarius is the sign which humanises the herd. But the Archer is only half human – not the finished work!
      In the bigger picture time for everyone to realise this is one huge family squabble? And give the Archer his human legs to stand on??
      Of course there’s more than one way to skin a cat… those hind legs may have to be ripped off kicking and screaming.

    • Thanks for the info Susan. I added a plugin so you don’t have to worry about chopping the link url’s anymore. Also, the websites that were copying our posts are not a problem anymore, Google made some changed about duplicate content last month and those sites have fallen off the face of the earth.

    • Did they mention anywhere that they will treat their women and their gays well?

  11. hi. I read this site often, and learn, but lurk instead of talk. Also I read a lot of news sites too. (i suggest jamestown.org and rferl.org)

    I think Algorab relates to Pakistan. Questions are rising about Pakistan’s involvement, that the Pakistani intelligence always knew. India has been saying this forever, that the terrorism is eminating from Pakistan. The US generally ignored this, but this case is so insulting to the USA that it may be impossible to ignore any longer.

    This is relevant for the following complicated reason. Saudi Arabia and Egypt (Fatah side) are enemies with Iran and Syria (Hamas side). At Israel’s request, the USA supported the Saudi/Egypt faction. Last year, Turkey (NATO member) began shifting to Hamas/Iran side, with the Gaza flotilla. This year, Egypt began shifting to the Hamas/Iran side, with the people’s revolution and its consequences. The USA supported the people, and this scared the hell out of Saudi Arabia.

    The Saudis saw this as proof that the USA will not bail them out in a time of trouble, and have already reconsidered their alliance with the USA. The situation in Bahrain is bringing Saudia and Iran to ram horns, but not yet. Iran is cautious and internally unstable. The Saudi response has been to pull a closer alliance with Pakistan (a Chinese ally) and make a massive arms purchase from the USA. Pakistan is valuable to Saudia because it can hit Iran from the back.

    The alliances are now changing throughout the middle east. The capture of Bin Laden, whether it is fake or real, gives the USA a timely exit from the coming war of Iran and Saudi Arabia. The USA can then withdraw from everybody’s business to defend Israel and only Israel.

    btw, the word for what the al-Qaida types are looking for is Caliphate. There was a caliph up until about a hundred years ago, when world war 1 broke up the Ottoman empire (Turkey).

    • asdf; nuclear india and china, competing w/ europe over resources, libya may gain a few friends, gadaffi understands commerce and has ties w/ brazil and S. africa, both helped build water works. If we leave others will fill the void.

      hope your analysis is correct the usb kill is a finale, us withdraw

      • I think so Lucy, barack Obama will be looking at this as a good reason to exit Afghanistan.

        • jamie, although usdf made great points and you did as well, stars, religious & royal, magnificent aries stellium, pluto/capricorn grinds to dust high hopes, demanding, food, water, energy rare earth elements, neptune/pisces/taurus/sun in sextile;trine that’s oil. aries & libra are about glory, taurus/capricorn; things.

  12. Been searching a few hundred emails, but read recently about how the President of Syria is considered by some to be the ‘new’ anti-christ…
    If I find a link to the article, I will post it. But thought it was an interesting article, but did not ‘flag’ it to find again.

    • There is so much happening right now I haven’t had a chance to look at the mundane astrology of Syria or the presidents chart. You know just a year or so ago I was posting away on mundane astrology and it wasn’t getting that much interest. Things have just spiraled this last year, especially since the beginning of the year.

  13. Jamie have to compliment you on this piece. You are really developing an approach to forecasting future events. Be careful you may actually make a name for yourself.
    Find very interesting the comment that “it was meant to be this way’.
    All the best.

    • jim hoagland: Find very interesting the comment that “it was meant to be this way’.

      LIkewise. Congratulations on this comment, its philosophical and measured. Nice work Jamie! One thing we can’t dispute with astrology that whatever we find is not there by accident! Its all part of the design.

      • Cool, cheers Jim and UQW. I simply tune into what’s out there in the communal brain, made much easier with connection in the web like you guys. Will explain it more one day. Has to do with Saturn in my chart and a Yod. I just do what I’m told 🙂

  14. How many times DID they kill that man? And still no body- now for my next trick, let me stop these several different wars all around the world, after all, didn’t they just “get their man”?

    Peace anyone?

    Guess not, just another ploy, like closing down the Guantanamo detention center.. its no surprise there that they tortured people where no one could ever see..and then release photos… oh but because the regime changed, it never happened. No torture ever happened and no sexual molestations and ritual abuse never ever ever took place..

    I wonder how much of this number of years of accumulated, supposed evidence lead the US government (getting thrown out of Pakistan) to Bin Laden?

    No don’t look at Fukushima, trust your government and trust the international atomic energy agency.. its all for our own good. 😛

    * disclaimer, the owners of the web site are kind enough not to delete my crazy comments, and I’m apologetic for saying stuff that could get anyone just simply reading them into trouble..

    Ignore me, don’t get into trouble 😉

    • craziness is the new sane – everyone owns their own comments here – don’t stop, we might all go crazy

      news – we get cut and paste superficiality, the outer story – puppets with tangled strings – underneath, the unutterably entangled psychism – Dante in action – working itself through seven stages of Hell – right on course – a Divine Comedy – hubrists in dementia…….not our story

      much appreciation……AET

      • I have been biting my going-crazy tongue….
        Did anyone actually believe that totally posed Norman Rockwell photo-op …?
        And … how would so many well-dressed rich college kids ever spontaneously appear in the DC streets?
        “Speaking the Truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.”
        “Political language … is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind. “

        • Lets hold our collective tongues until Mercury goes out of the retrograde zone on May 11th???

            • The retrograde ZONE… so the degrees at which it is when it actually went retrograde after station. This is hapw we roll with Mercury these days.

              Do keep up!

      • The weapon of lying takes effect first by generating confusion. Don’t believe a word of anything!!! Even a lentil can be programmed…

        • UQW: “…generating confusion. Don’t believe a word of anything!!!”
          Excellent advice!

          “Even a lentil can be programmed…” So it seems…. (big grin!)

    • The event chart seems to suggest that it was a very second house event.. clearly with the Moon shrinking in light, this is going to cost money rather than make it. It worries me for the already troubled US financial system.

      • The world is going quite mad …
        These days the Russian propaganda machine is actually closer to truth than western propaganda …
        If you get in a certain weird disconnected dark-humor mood – it’s hilarous!
        Otherwise … … … duck-and-cover!

    • No problems here with crazy comments. I’ve been known to ruffle some feathers on forums from time to time. Neptune transit opposite my Mars has toned things down a bit lately, actually starting to enjoy the transit I was fearing.

      • Ah! Neptuuuuuuuuuune… he creeps up on you and makes you feel all warm and swimmy and then one day you find yourself thrashing about in a storm barely able to keep your head up! I have had the Soggy One opposite my stellium for ages – and he will not have finished until he’s passed 9 Pisces. By which time I will have completely dissolved… nice!

  15. the weight is all Aries, taurus internalizes the end game, aries did the killing and projects on libra/saturn who refuses to believe, demanding truth, justice

    They think on may-day we want images of blood splattered walls, pools of blood at the foot of beds where slumber was the hour, knowing a house full of young people, where 6 were murdered and 22 shot? I am sick to my stomach.. faint.

    Do they think we want war with packistan? keep our soldiers in battle indefinitely, force them to fight w/ jihadists in Libya…threaten, humiliate, degrade, confuse and suppose we are rejoicing?

    IT was may-day, children dance in ribbions, rich remembarnce of summer yet to come, warm sun, pretty open laughter and the US gives us crime sceen photos, reinstating the draft, our youth with no opportunity, jobs, are mind-controlled into wars w/o end.

    americans are tierd of trumped up wars we want Pease, love ….they think we love death, confusion, poverty, starvation? insane

    • lucy: ” americans are tired of trumped up wars we want Please, love ….they think we love death, confusion, poverty, starvation? insane”

      Hi lucy – I was lying in bed this morning still thinking about this, your post. I am an American and I feel this … heart pain. I remember the first time I read Chalmers Johnson and I thought — Oh great. You wake up one morning to find you live in a stinkin’ empire! I don’t want to live in an empire!!!


      It seems that all the voices of reason are suffocated. This must be what the majority of Germans felt as the thugs of tyranny took over their country. The Fed Reserve is printing money faster than the Weimar Republic. And mercenary armies are building. Tragic. Scarey.

      lucy: “They think on may-day we want images of blood splattered walls, pools of blood at the foot of beds where slumber was the hour, knowing a house full of young people, where 6 were murdered and 22 shot? I am sick to my stomach.. faint.:

      I have come to believe that this kind of planned event is a mind control technique used to confuse and incapacitate people. If you allow yourself to pull back from your emotions, detach a bit, and observe how the continual violent and conflicting imagery is used in the corporate-media, you will begin to see patterns.

      Diana was a good example. Beauty and pain cancel out reflection. I’m not exactly certain how this works – but I know it does work. We are being “played” and manipulated. Everything we see on CNN, FOX, SKY, CNBC, and even BBC is orchestrated – or it doesn’t get on. Mind control.


      • Are you kidding? This includes PBS. There is a great documentary Let’s Make Money about where the super-rich hide their $trillions from being out of reach in global market. Plus how world bank just promotes slavery in “developing” nations , rigging election of canditates with big money etc… The last sentence after credits rolled that although this film was slated for PBS it could not be shown because Koch Brothers were donors to PBS. This was back in 2008.;Tell me it’s not true since then?.
        I dont get too paranoid they track us as we are not sheep-stealers. Therefore no threat to control of their prey/ the masses. The sheep think we are nuts on this site.

    • An explanation of the reason behind the may-day blood images:

      *Why the Death of the Man Who Was Not Behind 9/11 Was Announced on May 1st

      It is in times like these that a line is drawn between critical thinkers and those who get swiped by media crap-storms; Between those who understand the complexity of a situation and those who’d rather not know; Between those who comprehend the underlying motives of the elite and those who go outside chanting “USA! USA!”.

      On the evening of May 1st 2011, Barak Obama’s statement was one of triumph and celebration. He claimed that, with the death of Osama Bin Laden, “justice was served”. The media spin following the announcement was equally as celebratory: “It is a great day for America and the world”…”The biggest piece of news since 9/11?…”We’ll all remember where we were when we’ve heard this news”…The entire “event” was artificially inflated, exaggerated and glorified.

      Should the death of a man cause happiness and celebrations? Since when have we devolved into such a barbaric state? Because he perpetrated 9/11? Did he also cause the Building 7 to implode? Damn you Osama and your team of engineers!

      I’ll spare you the entire “9/11 was an inside job” speech, as I know most of this site’s readers are all too aware of it. In this case, why should we care if Ben Laden is dead or not? Is he really dead? Did he die nine years ago? Who really knows? We’re living in an era of artificial, fully staged, media-generated events. Why was Bin Laden’s death announced on the evening of May 1st? Because it was the required sacrifice of the “most magical time of the year”, which was launched with the Royal Wedding.

      images and vid-clip

      • yes susan there is a santa claus, osama was killed as a result of injuries suffered in tora-bora. One would have to produce a 6’5″ corpse, very gaunt, elderly, distinguishing nose mouth eyebrows, features change but don’t fade. tora-bora 12/17/01…look at p. placements 1 month later and planets join in a peaceful send off for osama, His chart doesnot indicate violent death, the taurus/mars square/pluto/leo is an insistance of getting his own way running his house etc…now aries/uranius is trine USB’s leo/uranius that holds a possibility of water being torturous, what ever. a month out of 12/17/01 the last authentic video surfaced, pale, missing an arm, the background staged to obscure that side, (his right).

        the death chart is all about the trigger man,(men), victim unimportant, dark-of-moon post-event-confusion…..it appears like a sucess, artificial, Obama’s generals coach him as if he commander and chief planned it! can you imagine the promises? better polls applause, instead there faces are stone! this is very difficult and obama is provocative, what lenghts will he go to…scary

        • post tora-bora bombing video a living osoma was never substantiated, the 15-17 million reward moneys secure, unless a plan to kill again! why not. GW seemed ready to announce USB demise early january 02, eery silence, then oddly similar videos at moments when ‘war fever’ subsided one with a head that seemed to float. (goes along w/ decapitation theme)

          So just like christmas the spirit of osoma lived on, and like santa he remained real, the gift that keeps on givin’! Convienent for everyone involved, the cult figure not dead, money rolls in, wives are not widows, (not a good thing in the muslin world) Still his spector appears not safe to be around, not safe to view the bloody corpes photos of the crime sceen and not politically beneficial to the killer. (who gets the 15-17mil?)

          something is wrong, why not take prisoners? If they were uber-terriorists they might have intel to help free the world. right? The prez was proud of the raid, went as planned, take no prisoners.

          Now we have obama going to ground zero, hand picked families of 9/11-ers will grace his audience. Unbelievably provocative. What’s the message prez?

      • I am compelled to make the statement, “All is fair in love and war.” Think on it.. its really ironic!

  16. AlterEgoTrip: Bin Laden leaves US bankrupt

    That was his plan all along. He drew the US into a fight in Afghanistan, AKA the Graveyard of Empires. Really sucked in, the longest war in US history.

    • Its obviously something devastating financially, and think about who made the announcement rather than the timing of the “death chart” certainly it is a decline… but I have to see the announcement chart of when it was made “public” information to really see what is going on.. before I come to some conclusion about who made the US bankrupt.

      And yes its interesting because Russia warned the US about getting involved in Afghanistan long long ago.. it seems to be a very sore spot on the globe in any case.

      • AET – techrunch.com had this on May 1st
        “If the Twitterverse is to be believed, President Obama is about to announce the death of terrorist and 9-11 mastermind Osama Bin Laden, in an impromptu announcement broadcast on Whitehouse.gov and TV this Sunday night at 10:45 EST.

        The news actually hit Twitter before the President’s broadcast; CNN’s Steve Brusk first tweeted that the briefing was National Security-related at around 7:25pm PST.

        The first credible sign of the imminent announcement of Bin Ladin’s death came from Keith Urbahn, the Chief of Staff for former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, who tweeted “I’m told by a reputable person they have killed Osama Bin Laden.” CBS news producer Jill Scott then confirmed the rumor shortly afterward with “House Intelligence committee aide confirms that Osama Bin Laden is dead. U.S. has the body.”

        Both Urbahn and Scott’s tweets were re-tweeted hundreds of times and Twitter itself experienced traffic spikes of 4,000 tweets per second (The NYT’s Brian Stelter has a more detailed account of how the news broke here).

        The President’s monumental news comes poignantly enough on the 8th anniversary of George Bush’s “Mission Accomplished” ceremony. Well it looks like the mission was finally accomplished. Unsurprisingly, “Osama Bin Laden” is now a Twitter trending topic.

        What’s amazing is that the news is already out before the President has even spoken.

        Update: The White House keeps pushing back the announcement, but CNN and the New York Times have just confirmed that Bin Laden was killed, with CNN adding the detail that the event took place in a mansion outside of Islamabad, Pakistan.

        Update 2: The President has confirmed that Bin Laden was killed in an operation today in the city of Abbottabad, Pakistan (not Islamabad), after a firefight executed by a small team of US Human Ops troops.”

        Keith Urbahn’s tweet emerged at 7.24pm PST Sun 1st May – thats the unofficial breaking news time……..

  17. barb: Correct Jamie…and it will happen soon.

    I havn’t yet worked out were “Lilith” is in all of this….something to do with “seed”, ie.: (is her “seed” the “bad seed”?or the “good seed”…? Marina might be able to help here).

    Marina just got back to London a few hours ago so I’ll try and add something. Lilith in transit needs some research but I have been keeping an eye on her lately. I think it is dark and serious and may well have something to do with the very deep religious/spiritual themes you mentioned. Lilith is trine MC in that chart above. Interesting that his women sacrificed themselves for him. Religious calling or duty.

    • Hi chana, I think so. Whether he died the other day or the other year, he’s gone, this is at least the symbolic end.

    • My thoughts exactly. We haven’t seen Bin Laden on the news for along while. I’m still very jetlagged so I havent looked at the synastry between “Death chart” and Bin Laden. But its interesting the Obama connections. So why play this story now? The Andromeda myth has been featured through this Mercury retro with Cepheus, Andromeda and even Cetus the sea monster. Bin Ladens death happened at the tail end of the Saturn Algorab Moon, I always think these Moons give one more blast just before the next one. Maybe Obama is Andromeda, rescued from the sea monster (Bin Laden/terrorists/bogeymen) and is now unchained from the heavy financial burden of Afghanistan. Whatever happens, at first glance it’s a vote winner for him, but at what cost?
      I see this Chiron being about sacrifice and martyrdom. Although Rob said Bin laden is the ideological leader, doesn’t his death in this way, while he was still quite young and pretty, now spiritualize him? Makes him an icon, someone to worship and die for. Works for popstars/princesses!

      • Yeh Marina – the consequences are where the story will open out – Osama Bin Laden was always the potential martyr, and now, as you rightly suggest, he is the raised to the level of icon, even at the most subliminal level, because death seals the image within the psyche and the manner of death marks that image with meaning, no matter the idealogies involved – suffering is suffering and death is death – who is dealing the most of either, ongoing, according to the policy of which idealogical impulse – Obama cannot escape the mark now, no matter how much justification he pads his bulletproof arguments with – the gloating bon homie with which he is seeking to court his predecesors company is in plain sight – baton passed, mission accomplished – this is not a national issue, its personal and heartless to-boot – such is life at the pointy end of the pyramid, emitting its cold diamond cutting precision of ‘execution’ – we pay our politicians with taxes of their devising to play these games with impunity – and so, if we too strip back the subjectives, spiritualities and ideologies and look at the stats, which ‘head’ has the greatest tally of scalps……any wonder Egypt is brokering Hamas and Fatah – someone asked me today, “how many times have we seen this?’…well, the ships are breaking their moorings – new currents are flowing – which way will the tide turn?! When Neptune and Chiron go retro, a day apart, will the wound begin to come home……

    • I just had a rather esoteric thought – The power of people such as Osama etc i.e iconic figures, does not originate in his form (this of course applies to everyone) so when they pass, and the vehicle is no longer intact, the energy field still exists and people tap into it the way they do ascended masters, deities, Princes Diana and Mickey Mouse. So it doesnt really matter when he died. As Jamie says, its the symbolic end. This is the salient bit.
      I was looking at images of him yesterday and it struck me how man of his pictures he looked like Jesus, as we know the Piscean age image.
      Regardless of his guilt/innocence whatever, he is a PIscean Icon of sacrifice, struggle and general waling on water-ness to many.
      He will attain the same status as Elvis – i.e there will be sightings… and people will feed into and feed off his energy field.
      Some people might take this further and hail him as a shape shifting Lizard with an agenda who has returned to Dulce Base…

  18. asdf: Egypt began shifting to the Hamas/Iran side.

    Thanks for the well thought out comments, really valuable here. You made concise and logical sense of the “complicated reason”.

    This move in Egypt toward Hamas you mentioned, I think related to the Caliphate you summed up with. Hamas was formed by the Muslim Brotherhood. Now, just in the last hours, Egypt brokered the deal between Hamas and Fatah. It’s all becoming clearer, thanks.

  19. The signing at the Palestinian Reconciliation Ceremony took place in the last hour. I added the chart to the Palestine Horoscope page. Mars conjunct the fixed star Kurdah.

  20. Maybe Jesus’s second coming has him back as a Muslin.

    Last time he was here as a Jew.

    Maybe the anti-christ knows this…hence all the propaganda/invasion/killings of Muslims.


    • The Bahá’í Moojan Momen considers the following beliefs in relation to the Mahdi are shared by Sunni and Shia Muslims alike:[3]
      The Mahdi will be a descendant of Muhammad of the line of Fatimah, He will be descendent by one side (by one of the parents) by Hassan and by another by Hussain.
      He will have the same name as Muhammad.
      He will be a fore-runner to Jesus’ Islamic Rule.
      His coming will be accompanied by the raising of a Black Standard.
      His coming will be accompanied by the appearance of the Masih ad-Dajjal (Antichrist).
      There will be a lunar and solar eclipse within the same month of Ramadan.
      A star with a luminous tail will rise from the East before the coming of the Mahdi.
      He will establish the Caliphate.

      He will fill the world with justice and fairness at a time when the world will be filled with oppression, which is war and calamities.
      He will have a broad forehead, a prominent nose, and a natural mascara will ring his eyes.
      His face shall shine upon the surface of the Moon.[6]
      The name of the Mahdi’s representative will begin with the first-letter of a prophet’s name and a verse of the Qur’an: ? (English: Y).[6]

  21. Osama Bin Laden died years ago……this is all staged……for reasons which are about to unfold….

  22. very convenient,isn’t it?- that OBL was ‘buried at sea” eh? No body, no DNA, no PROOF of ANYTHIG, left, eh? I too say 9-11 was an “inside” job…TOO MUCH LIKE A MOVIE, among other things!

    And one question I ALWAYS ask is “Cui bono?” [Who benefits?] Well, hmmm, the gov’t succeeded in scaring the American people with the “Muslim” boogyman so much that they WILLINGLY SIGNED AWAY ALL THEIR “rights”…just wait; we have not yet seen the consequences of this action on the part of the people of North America! I have a terrible feeling that that was PRECISELY why 9-11 was “staged”! “We the people” have now ‘set the stage’ for TYRANNY; can anyone say “hoist with our own petard”?

    I also read somewhere that one of the symbols of the “antichrist’ is that of the TWO PILLARS…and gee, WHO is it that has an agenda against the “antichrist” AND the Muslims (“the Saracen”), eh? Yup, the VATICAN. Also, nearly ALL the high officialdom of the US (AND Canada) is composed of BORN-AGAINS. Theocracy, here we come!

  23. 1st I just want to remind people of the Moon’s that have been in the background of all this. From April 18ths Full Moon “Saturn is still on Algorab the crow, this will get triggered by Mars now, so sneaky plans brewing at the Hubble Bubble New Moon may well get served up for dinner at this Full Moon. Four and twenty charred blackbirds. Mmmmm nice… Perhaps burnt then because we still have Lilith conjunct Uranus, so the witching theme continues, along with the danger of being struck by one of Uranus’s thunderbolts. Frazzled Crow anyone?”

    The Us has zapped quite a few important “terrorists/crows” including Gaddaffis son also in the past week or so. This is just going to create more beady eyes for eyes.

    Saturn on Algorab has certainly resulted in the mother of all stories coming out. The plan to “kill” Bin Laden physically or symbolically has been brewing since the New Moon on April the 3rd. This has Obama written all over it hasn’t it? even to the point of the symbolism of Obama being part Negro. “Image; A Raven, snake or negro dressed in black. It makes the wearer angry, bold, courageous and a backbiter, gives bad dreams, the power  of summoning or driving away evil spirits and protection from wind and the malice of men and devils”[1]
    In summary I think this Moon is a powerful time for making magic.”

    The powers that be have conjured up some magic indeed. I’m gobsmacked at how the US thinks it can just throw Bin Ladens body into the sea and think the Arab world will just accept it. What supreme arrogance!! I also just think they are laughing their heads of at us all. How we will accept bare faced lies, smoke and mirrors. Even the whole “fake” Birth certificate story. I think it’s interesting Jamie you looked at Osamas death chart with OBamas birth chart and not his own birthchart. Why was that? Even the names, bit like Osama is Obamas evil twin. The opposites are the same. bla bla. I have jet lag so let me indulge in mad ramblings..

    Now we are at the Neutered New Moon. I changed it from “Liberate Venus” which was a compromise because I wanted to name it something gory to go with the fact there was a castration theme. (Jamie didn’t like it, we’ll he wouldn’t would he 😉 )
    Anyway, the Medusa myth was in there and we have had the beheading haven’t we? So America has slayed the “monster”. What Heros. They think they have neutered this Arabian Tom Cat. But in their GI, Gee wizz, macho-ness they have underestimated the power of the Guru. The unattainable and saintly is far more seductive then big fat dangling bollocks!

    • WHat is ACTUALLY REAL in the world of Neptune in Scorpio?
      Call me old fashioned, but I like the thought of a big pair of dangling bollocks and the wand to go with it!!!

    • Welcome back to ‘Blighty’ Marina – and you are right on it again – the Moons really are playing out themic roles in the ongoing story and with this ‘action’ taking place on a ‘Neutered Moon’ it will be worth keeping in mind the degrees of the key players, especially those wielding blades (you know who) in the coming months (did anyone notice Ceres current position in relation to Osama’s natal at time of ‘death’…..?) – one thing is certain, neutered is not neutral

      this whole series of Moons, going back nearly a year, all looks like a big build up to me, like a coiling spring, and there is definitely a ‘cut-off’ point, a point of no return, here aided and abeted by the Aries stellia, now disembling and heading for renewed complexity – what can we expect to manifest when Saturn goes direct shortly after Neptune and Chiron go retro in one month? – looks like thats a field change for manifestation of karma laid down through these Moons and it signals the ‘shit hitting the fan’ scenario as Uranus square Pluto begins to tighten towards first square – big dynamics and extreme with it…..and with the 3 eclipses coming up, this is going to set the scene even further for a long play out (how many strands are going to be playing out simultaneously here?)

      the coming Full Moon is going to fall on Osama’s Mars+Algol and will tie into the Sibly too – FM on the 17th May will square US Moon, Jupiter will square US Vertex/Pluto – look out for escalation, backlash – could this see the emergent ‘spiritual leader’; I think this more likely next month, if at all in the near future, tho, a little bird says this one will be very careful to get the timing right and wait?! – the eclipsed FM in Gemini next month will conjunct the nodes – a golden opportunity for such! – timing is everything and, in the longer run, Saturn’s degree at this ‘Neutered’ NM will be triggered by Mars transiting that degree over a period of months in 2013-4 in T with Pluto and Uranus – what is laid down now will be rent assunder or utilise these energies for big change in the long run – its all a matter of time, and it does look very radical…..no looking back now

      • Would we expect anything other than radical under the Uranus Aries PLuto Capricorn square? If not actually Yellowstone, things of that proportion!

        Mars/Algol in Taurus at time of June 15th total lunar eclipse at 25 Sagittarius. Mars is moving towards a square with Neptune. This eclipse is conjunct the Moon’s nodes, close to the Galactic Centre at 27 Sagittarius.It is quintile Saturn. Mars/Algol will be quincunx this eclipse. Have not done other fixed stars yet. 25 Sag connects with the national charts of quite a few countries: Australia, Mali, Iran, Paraguay, China, Antigua, Colombia, Brunei, Chile, Namibia, and one degree off the Mars of Cambodia (!), Laos, and Vietnam.

        June 1st partial solar eclipse in Gemini very close to Aldebaran, which entered Gemini in 1286AD at the height of the Crusades. It is the Watcher of the East, the Archangel Michael…..It is trine Saturn in Libra. Pluto squares Saturn from 6 Capricorn. Wide quincunx to the eclipse. Lovely lovely! Quite military, connections with law and perceived justice etc.

        So perhaps some good old fashioned historical retribution for those pesky old crusades… so many eyes for so many eyes… now completely cross eyed but being red in tooth and nail will relish the fireworks…

        Batten down the hatches!

        • mmmm……not sure I’m sharing your enthusiasm for the tooth and claw sentiment, or the fireworks, especially as 17th FM is on my Asc/DC and me old progressed Sun is conj Alderbaran (which is actually quite out there, half the prob….) – feeling it, like in 10 different dimensions at the same time – and did I mention karma, oh boy…..been getting hit by the big guns for a long time now and current Uranus trine natal Uranus into next year looks like sustained ‘WHAT!?!’……could use a break……perhaps a holiday on my home planet – ah, yes, the Uranus express highway to the stars…..please excuse the unusual nature of future communications 😉

          • rob … directions to the Home planet from the old-bat on the block … bypass progressed anythings, ephemeral transitz, silly asteroids, and other pesky doo-dahs … flying at warp speed … zoom past all stars & temporal illusory galaxies … head for the Heart Chakra using the amazing beyond-brain focus mechanism … destination universal Bliss/ANANDA consciousness … in the Heart … Freedom … Home … I’m headed there myself ….

            • a challenge = Osama’s natal chart showns no particular aspects of significance at time of raid
              ……ja oder nein!? Chancelor Merkel need not answer….

              crumbs, anyone would think its all designed to make it seem as though something more important than an out of control nuclear plant meltdown is happening, as though the chest beating Emperors of d’mocsy are kings of the jungle, as though BP is a feint blip on the outer fringes of the disarster radar, as if Syria is having a picnic, as if the beatification of JP2 was a good reason for Mugabe to get religious, as if, as if, as if…….

              …..puts up ‘do not disturb’ sign and sneaks out the backdoor…..(see’ya thur Su)…..pshhhhiiiiooooouuuuu

            • Put it in its context of history Robster – I mean worse things have happened… anyway, there is not death. Chill.

        • UQW: “Would we expect anything other than radical under the Uranus Aries PLuto Capricorn square? If not actually Yellowstone, things of that proportion!”

          Couldn’t help a giggle at “If not actually Yellowstone!”
          And also rob’s “…holiday on my home planet!”
          Nice 4am (for me) humor…

  24. rob: a challenge = Osama’s natal chart showns no particular aspects of significance at time of raid……ja oder nein!? Chancelor Merkel need not answer….

    What is it that you are saying? Are you saying this probably?, possibly?, likely? indicates Osama was not killed during the raid?

    • Hi Jane – well, I would like to hear what others have to say – we do not have a birth time for ObL but we do have a date and place 10th March 1957 Jiddah, SAr – ok, yes, I’ve looked at the event chart against his natal and am intrigued by what I found – in an earlier comment Marina mentioned that Jamie had not compared the event to the natal charts, but, its worth doing as, yes, it raises questions – hope thats not too cryptic, just don’t want to prime an answer…..for comparison, and to put the cat amongst the pigeons, the chart of the Tora Bora event against natal chart is worth a look…..

    • ……just to give a little more context on this – one of the central questions around bin Laden is the secrecy and foxiness that surrounds the whole story, the way the US gov and Osama have been playing off against each other over the years, and with this announcment it begs the question – if astrology can point to any answers or increase the probabilities about whether this is just another scam, that he was actually already dead, or otherwise, they must surely be worth knowing – there are too many questionable elements within this op and how its being ‘presented’ going unanswered, especially from the US gov side (the media is another matter), and its a strand that this thread could develop – perhaps not….?

      • Thank you for your response Rob. I’m keen to see you and other astrologers intelligently explore this further … so please do. I would be most grateful. Many people are questioning whether BL did die only recently in the alleged raid. Given this has come on the back of Obama’s birth certificate saga, the questioning is not a surprise. Surely the stars can shed some light on this.

      • Rob, given Osama BL had Sun Lilith Venus Venus conjunct in Pisces, Cancer Moon Sextile Scorpio Neptune and Gemini rising, woudn’t the hide and seek picture fit him? Gemini is a tricky little sign! left hand doesn’t want the right hand to know what its doing… I have observed Gemini in action this way – it is capable of real treachery on one side while masking itself with moral superiority on the other.

        I was always intrigued by him! And going into Icke terrotory now – not my style at all but if ever there was a candidate for a reptile based humanoid/alien – as per Dulce Base – then Osama could fit the bill!

        I wonder, when the body was dumped in the sea, if it just swam silently away…

        • Yeh, if we go with a midday birth time we get Gemini rising natal for Osama – I’ve played with this and it fits best, perhaps too well, but, within the 24 hrs possible for the BT the Moon swings through 15º from 26 Gemini to 9 Cancer – Cancer Moon fits well with Neptune trine in Scorpio – gives him a propensity for keeping his soul hidden behind a protective veil, a pervasive behind the scenes presence and inner charisma, and this would be fairly representative if his Moon is 1st house. My preference however is to stick pretty much with the aspects alone here…..

          What made me sit up and take notice is that at the precise time of the Geronimo op the Moon was conjunct Mars + Jupiter and this exact quinx his North Node – this looks like a fatal blow, an influx of invasive energy that threatens his soul – I also suspect that his vertex is very close to Neptune, which is quinx by transiting Uranus at this time – it can be made t look closer to compelling – a BT near midday would also give Osama MC conjunct Venus+Mercury quinx by event Saturn and IC trined by event Sun – it could be that he actually was cornered and vulnerable, trapped in his own ‘castle’ and his deepest refuge penetrated – this becomes more intriguing when we look at the nature of the Sun’s position at the op time

          Something unusual in Osama’s chart is not only Mars conjunct Algol, but, asteroid Lilith is conjunct Alderbaran sextile Eris in Aries – we know of Alderbaran’s potential to bring both positive and negative influence, both inspirational and possibly delusional, but, with ast Lilith this looks like a dangerous set up – natal Eris is conjunct Algenib which Robson says gives ” notoriety, dishonor, violence, misfortune, and denotes the naked and poor professional beggar” – being in the wing of Pegasus, Osama would be lifted by Eris’ reactive influence, perhaps a contrived interpretation that never the less fits the bill, and sext ast Lilith makes him a potentially very dangerous individual if crossed, being bound to a missionary zeal through Pegasus influence – the point is that at the event time the Sun would be vitually on the mid-point of these two – for me they count a lot towards the unpredictability and darker side of his errant and reactive instigation of violence – this is driven home by natal BM Lilith squaring his nodes, again activated by sextile at the event time by the Moon, Mars+Jupiter combo – BM Lilith is conjunct Nashira, a fixed star with the reputation that “It causes overcoming by evil, which is turned to success, and gives danger from beasts.” [Robson] – if indeed he has a first house Moon in Cancer these influences may make him prone to projecting his own darkness onto others….its a moot point, but one that the event chart brings home to roost, literally…..

          this is to just feed in a leader really, no conclusions, but, it gives me the inclination to take the op as it is being presented as reality after the fact – the pressure and exact timing on those nodal tie-ins are too close to overlook, but, I pull back from saying that this shows his death, as it happened – more a case of ‘this works for the op to look convincing’ – it is the Tora Bora attempt on his life that squeezes more juice out of the myth – anyone care to take a look…..

          • seal team 6 was in hurry-mode, pressure of oldmoon, get the job done energies, unlit sky benefits, ‘in cover of darkness’…when did the 26 y/o become his wife? she authenticated from the hospital, shot in the leg. Ato tora-bora she was 16, did she know him then? when did they marry. And what of the other’wives’ the mother of the 12 y/o who saw her father shot, 12 pre-dates tora-bora have the older wives vanished? not that I blame them as our military is not merciful, event reveberates in the NM blind-spot. shocking

  25. Marina’s reference to the Moon’s background influence on current events got me thinking about the esoteric-hidden-occult energies that are reflected off the Moon onto Earth and into our psychic apparatus.

    The original remote viewer Ingo Swan saw some very interesting activities on the back of the Moon when he was asked by a rather secret government agency to have a look for them. David Icke has gone further and is off on his adventure of the Moon Matrix as a control factor here in human consciousness.

    This link takes one to a quite good article on the Sanskrit texts understanding of the Moon and its influence.


    However, it requests that the reader not copy & post bits.
    So, here is my summation:

    The Pursusha Sukta (hymn 10.90 of the Rigveda) says that the Moon is born of the mind of the Cosmic Being, the Virat Purusha. Metaphysically speaking, our Moon is controlled by the Cosmic Mind. Our individual minds are portions, aspects, fragments of the greater Cosmic Mind and thus we ‘feel’ controlled by the Moon.

    In the human body there are subtle ‘astral’ channels called NADIS – through which, in traditional Indian medicine and spiritual science, the energies of the subtle body are said to flow. The two most important NADIS are the IDA or the energy of the Moon on the left side; and the PINGALA or the energy of the Sun on the right. These subtle body channels “control all the processes of the physical chemistry and metabolism as well as how the mind works.”

    Not to dive too deeply into the Sanskrit view, but more from your own feelings and experiences reading charts – any ideas on how moonlight and more importantly, the invisible energies being reflected off our Moon work. What is this energy coming from the Moon and the stars? And maybe there are some who have knowledge of Vedic astrology in this matter.

    VAYU Purana, Part I, Chapter 53 – Arrangement of Luminaries
    73. There are crores (1000s) of constellations and as many stars too.
    75. The stars occupy their own abodes. These luminaries are the abodes of pious persons.
    76. The abodes are created by the Self-born Deity at the beginning of the Kalpa. They stay up to the dissolution of all living beings.
    77. These are the abodes of the deities in all Manvantaras. These deities identify themselves with these abodes and stay till the final dissolution.
    78. The abodes of those who have gone have vanished.
    79. In this Manvantara, the planets reside in aerial cars.

    • a few thoughts based on the Rig Veda…

      When we examine the influence of the Moon on our planet and our psychic apparatus, the subtle body (puryastaka), we also look at the Sun. For it is the always-in-motion, ever-changing relationships between Earth, Moon, and Sun that govern tides in water and our consciousness.

      The Rig Veda (the Shyam Ghosh 2002 translation) contains profound insights into the nature of light from the Sun caught by and reflected on the Moon. This ancient Sanskrit text says that our Sun is only ‘one visible spark (star) among trillions of visible and invisible sparks’ of that vast Cosmic Radiation that pervades the universe.

      This radiation is called SURYA and even though this Sanskrit word has been confused with our Sun – Ghosh says that SURYA refers to the radiation ‘that constantly emits from the core of the universe.’ The Seers (Rishis) who saw into the inner workings of creation ‘considered the Sun as a minor manifestation of that vast radiation.’

      We are floating in an ocean of invisible electromagnetic waves of cosmic energy. ‘This radiation affects the human mind imperceptibly … the Rishi speaks of the emergence of this radiation in the vast beyond and then influencing the forces of Reason (Mitra) and Discrimination (Varuna) in the human mind.’

      The Sanskrit word CAKRUH implies cycling, whirling. The chakras in our bodies are spinning spheres just like the heavenly bodies. The word AGNI, which is often translated as fire, comes from the root AG meaning to move tortuously, curling. Ghosh sees Agni as a cosmic ‘thunderbolt’ in space –– zigzagging thunderbolts with heat, light, sound, and motion enfolded within.

      Our Sun and Moon are temporal appearances, aggregate forms of the infinite energies that abound in the ubiquitous plenum – just as each of us is a portion of the Oneness that permeates and pervades the All. The heavenly bodies and our bodies take on the “appearance” of separation in Time/Space so that we may play here. As astrologers we read the invisible-to-the-five-senses forces based on the ancient art – the source of which no one knows – our intuitions and conclusions from cumulative readings.

      • Hi Susan,
        A diferent perspective of the moon – Esoteric Ruler of Virgo
        Planet of the Fourth Ray : ~Harmony Through Conflict~ there’s a relevant theme.

        The vast majority of humanity is still quite fully focused on the life of the personality. Attachments to one?s biological karma, instinctual emotional responsiveness, patterns of early family conditioning and conformistic sociological behaviour (all lunar influenced) are still very strongly integrated into the mass consciousness {Cancer}

        From the ~soul centred~ esoteric perspective, the Moon has no essential life value. It is a storehouse for the past – especially that past which is characterised by outworn and discarded astral images and desires. Although our attunement with the essential wholeness of life is steadily growing, a number of us are still struggling with the relationship between our soul awareness and our involvement with our physical, mental, and especially our emotional lives. This is the ~cross~ that we bear, is it not? And it is this ~cross~, and the sacrifices and re-orientations that it requires, which lead us more assuredly to a place of greater consciousness. As we move towards the fixed cross we are moving through the illusion of the Moon, trying to perceive beyond the maya of pre-conditional forms of body, mind and emotions, and into the reality that is Love/Wisdom.

        When an individual has learned how to detach himself from the magnetism of his lunar past, one of three planets can be substituted for the Moon?s placement and traditional function in the natal chart: Vulcan, Uranus or Neptune. The Moon is then said to ~veil~ that planet?s effects.

        When a person is leaving the Mutable Cross and is about to mount the Fixed, the effects of Vulcan are very noticeable. Vulcan rules that process which ~breaks the chains~ to form.. As the ~Blacksmith of the Gods~ Vulcan forges new tools for the expression of consciousness. Past patterns of behaviour are dissolved in favour of a growing awareness, which leads ultimately to detachment from the desires and compulsion of form.

        When the Moon veils Uranus, the individual becomes a vehicle for the birthing of new archetypes of human consciousness. One is freed from the past – Uranus the ~revolutionary~ has seen to that. A new focus for form , one more appropriate to the current evolutionary stage of life, appears.. when the energies or Uranus are substituted for the position of the Moon in the natal chart, the individual consciously acts as part of a group effort working to bring in these new archetypes for the betterment of humanity.

        – whole article on esoteric moon here – /www.netcomuk.co.uk/~lzmagnus/moon.html

        Alice Bailey – Esoteric Astrology – says the” Moon is a dead form, it has no emanation at all, that is why the moon is spoken of in ancient times as “veiling either Vulcan or Uranus….. let them (astrologers) work with Vulcan when dealiong with the average man and Uranus when dealing with the highly developed man. They would find some interesting and convincing results emanate.”

        Apparently it was a spent force even before Lemuria having spent all its energy bringing life in material form to Earth.

        Susan: The Sanskrit word CAKRUH implies cycling, whirling. The chakras in our bodies are spinning spheres just like the heavenly bodies. The word AGNI, which is often translated as fire, comes from the root AG meaning to move tortuously, curling. Ghosh sees Agni as a cosmic ‘thunderbolt’ in space –– zigzagging thunderbolts with heat, light, sound, and motion enfolded within.

        /www.youtube.com/watch?v=tIbUK3c9zak – if you have time, Susan, or haven’t already seen it, watch this – it actually explains what the Thunderbolt in space – Agni, was.

        The Sanskrit word – Vajra – was a thunderbolt. This is the Vajra weapon of the gods. Actually a bol tof lightning – but of cosmic proportions.

        • UQW – Thank you! I was hoping for some sharing of esoteric knowledge.
          “From the ~soul centred~ esoteric perspective, the Moon has no essential life value. It is a storehouse for the past – especially that past which is characterised by outworn and discarded astral images and desires.”
          This sounds right to me.
          The complexities of the astral planes are slippery slopes indeed!

          I thought you might get a kick out the the Thunderbolts connection.
          You are of course right about VAJRA.
          And the Rig Veda is written in a much older Sanskrit than any of the other texts. It was orally transmitted through the previous cycles of time. Which explains why there are so few translations – too hard! – and most of them useless. The translators would need to get into a similar consciousness as the original Seers – a tough order in the Kali Yuga.

          This one however IMO is wonderful: RGVEDA for the Layman – Translated with Commentary by Shyam Ghosh

          So the word for thunderbolt in the Rig Veda is POTRAM, from the root PU meaning to ‘cleanse, purify’. I felt your stellium would approve of this definition.
          Thank you for your excellent insights.

          • As ever brilliant work fellow anorak! THanks so much for link to alt translation. I have always struggled with the hymnal aspect of the Vedas! But realise that once a milestone for humanity is recieved, it has to become formalised into a rote like drill, often learned but not understood!
            So herewith a wondrous quote –

            ‘The…Rishi [Seer]…expounds the attributes of MARUT, the silent particle of sound. He traces the origin of Maruts to Rudra [the god who later became Shiva], the highly concentrate sound that first burst out of the primordial atom… the Rishi [Seer] affirms the existence of such electromagnetic sound particles in space. It is these particles [ether] which, when obstructed by material objects, rattle those and produce vibrations analogous to consciousness.’

            In the beginning was the word (sound) … and the word was God!

            BTW Thunderbolts are at a seminar /conf18.worldnpa.org/ NAtural Philosophy Alliance 18th Conference in Maryland in July. I’m sure its going to provide some great illuminations. Stay tuned.

  26. Over at the astro.com forum, a guy called Valik rectified Osama bin Laden’s chart, I’ll add it here. In July 2009 he predicted that “Its death will come 03.05.2011” European date format = May 3 2011. A stunning and genuine prediction, the admin over there checked and the post had not been edited.


  27. Stirring the pot….
    …responsible and credible academics and journalists see the direct connection between September 11,2001 and where we are today… and where we are headed as a planet. 
    This is because it is not possible to accurately understand or respond to Collapse without “seeing” all the criminality that led to it. Moreover, it is not possible to effectively deal with Collapse until the criminal behavior has been identified, addressed, and effectively terminated. Otherwise, the human race is left to confront Collapse as it is now; on an ad hoc basis, without any participation of sincere, honest and focused governmental bodies.

    I am a molecular biologist and I’ve built a lucrative career in human genetics. I have run one of the world’s largest and most productive DNA genotyping facilities and now I am helping to build the global market for clinical whole human genome sequencing for the world’s largest human genome sequencing facility. I have worked with the absolute best genome scientists from the military, academia, medicine, and industry from around the world.

    I know DNA. And, one thing I know about DNA is that you cannot, repeat CANNOT: take a tissue sample from a shot-in-the-noggin-dead-guy in a north central Pakistan special forces op, extract the DNA, prepare the DNA for assay, test the DNA, curate the raw DNA sequence data, assemble the reads or QC the genotype, compare the tested DNA to a reference, and make a positive identity determination…. all in 12 hours- let alone transport the tissue samples all the places they’d need to have gone in order to get this done.

    In an embarrassing climb-down, Barack Obama’s press secretary, Jay Carney, admitted that the previous version of events — which came mostly from the chief US counter-terrorism adviser, John Brennan — had been put out “with great haste”.

    Even the Pentagon is staying away from the White House circus. Here’s a quote from a DoD publication. The story’s title? “The Bin Laden Information Drought”.
    No one is complaining that bin Laden is dead. But every time Washington has to change details about what happened, it damages its credibility on the whole story. And instead of continuing to feed the ravenous reporters clamoring for information, officials are starving them: The Pentagon today cancelled its regular briefing for the second day in a row, even as the White House refers some questions about the bin Laden story to the Defense Department.


  28. I won’t be sure of the death of Osama bin Laden without real evidence but…if we have had some artworks come out portraying him as Christ then I am not disagreeing.
    So far it turns out that none of the atrocities he was accused of was committed by him…all the incidents have been traced as having been done by Mossad. Osama was never on the FBI’s wanted list for the trade towers destruction.
    I think that what has happened…apart from being a Zionist attack on the Middle East…may have a more sinister meaning.
    The New World Order/Illuminati/pseudo Freemasons who appear to be more inspired by Aleister Crowley than by their ancient doctrines…ALL of whom are tools of the world dominion seeking Dalai ( tho they probably don’t realise it )
    that crew anyway….may have carried out a new crucifixion.
    For what purpose remains to be seen.
    Tolkien and C.S. Lewis were..through their Oxford connections…quite knowledgeable. Tolkien’s Silmarillion gives so many leading clues as to the identity of Morgoth/ Melkor/ Sauron who sought absolute world dominion. The one who sought the Light and, realising that he could not possess it for himself alone fell into darkness. He bound the three jewels into a crown of Iron and sought to bind all life to his will.
    C.S. Lewis gives a great description in the Last Battle…Shift the Ape who explains to the bewildered Narnians that he is really a man…who has lived for many hundreds of years and is, therefore, much wiser than anyone..and it is age that accounted for his appearance.
    As a quite open statement of who they believed was the antichrist I think they were both seeing right.
    If a new crucifixion is necessary to the dawning of a new era we have just had it.
    The next Kalachakra initiation is to be held in Washington DC between July 6 and 16th.
    Don’t anyone say they weren’t warned !

  29. I am sorry if you mediated out my last comment Jamie ( or Marina ? ) or did it just get lost…please inform !

    • No we didn’t delete it. really sorry. And this applies to everyone. We lost a lot of comments in the migration to the new server. Please repost!

      • Thank you Marina…!
        It was potentially inflammatory actually so if it self deleted I wouldn’t be really surprised Spooks everywhere !

  30. Thanks Mary (on May 10) of your comment – EXACtly what I have thought – It’s all in front of us – But so many people are blinded and cannot see,
    – But the 2012 is coming – A 35,000 thousand year cycle in humankind is now ending , and the wise men say, that now is the time make decisions and start seeing, the old structures will be broken – Despite the ruining of old models, economies, politicos and such, a lot of positive energy is now coming from The Universe, The Allmighty, for everybody to enjoy and become part of one’s awareness.

    I’m looking forward with trust and gratefulness – Not because a more or less harmless elderly man was shot in May – but because the humankind is not left alone.

    • Spica,Arcturus,Kurdah are near the cardinal points in Sidereal Zodiac

      May 12, 2011 was when Jupiter entered Sidereal Aries.
      Nov 23, 2011 was when Saturn entered Sidereal Libra.

      • Yes…it is
        I have been reading Cyril Fagan’s books and other Western Sidereal Astrogical material.

        It is based on using Spica as the fiducial star.
        That would have the Tropical and Sidereal Zodiac in exact alignment at 221 A.D. Using the Fagan-Bradley zodiac option for Solar Fire, I checked both zodiac charts for the Vernal Equinox. It was pretty much the same horoscope, but just a few minutes difference in time.

        I permanently switched to the Sidereal Zodiac, but I only use it as reference point for aspects. I am more of Cosmobiologist now.

        Jupiter entered Sidereal Aries on May 12, 2011,and so it was in alignment with Kurdah.

        Saturn entered Sidereal Libra on Nov 23, 2011, and so it was in alignment with Spica and Arcturus.

        • I still use the tropical but like you only for aspects, plus I use precession for transits. I find it is easier since we have a popular blog so everyone can relate to the charts. Have you seen my chart? These Saturn oppositions this year are being felt hard.

  31. I know there is very little written about Kurdah, but it must be significant simply being opposite Spica and Arcturus. Robson says for Cepheus in general ” It gives authority and a sober mind, sometimes making its natives judges or arbitrators, but exposes to cruel and severe trials.” From experience this is true, and Kurdah I think would be the strongest star in Cepheus even though it’s not the alpha star, again because of its relationships to Spica and Arcturus.

    I can’t remember where, but I stumbled across some reference stating that in some culture Kurdah was the “Ape God”. Makes me think that this star represents very ancient ancestry or human evolution. We could see Spica and Arcturus as futuristic, where our species is evolving toward. Kurdah then is our past. Looking back on a past life regression I had about 15 years ago, it all makes sense personally.

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