AustralopithecusAbout 2001, my esoteric astrologer, Maggie Kerr, referred me for a past life regression. It was done using meditation, not hypnosis. During the regression, I saw images and felt strong feelings. I felt my body, and I was hairy. We drank from the waterhole, but I was scared because there was a monster in there. We ate raw meat because there was no fire. My group was small, and we all took responsibility for the kids. We did not speak, so we communicated by looking into each other’s eyes.

I got a sense that there was a problem. I saw three men coming from over the rocky hills. They were coming because one of the girls had just had her first period. It was like a special time for the women. I don’t know if the girl was mine, but I felt responsible for her. I was about 20 years old and I think I may have been the leader of the group. One of the men had raped the girl. I did not see it, but the next image I saw was the eyes of the man looking at me as I bashed his head with a lump of wood and killed him. In his eyes, I saw terror and realized that they were the eyes of my brother in this life.

I then saw members of my group looking at me in disbelief. Especially the girl. I saw in her eyes that I had to leave and also recognized those eyes as those of a girl I was close to in this life at the time of this regression. I got confirmation from others in the group that I was banished. I spent the rest of that life living on my own in a cave away from my group. I saw a painting on the cave wall of dots within an outline like a tear-shape. When I was ready to die, I crawled up the back of the cave and went peacefully. I went up in the sky and saw bright lights like fireworks but stationary. There were blues, oranges and greens. I saw the faces of my mother and her mother from this life. I had to choose one of them to go to.

A couple of years later, I was reading a National Geographic about evolution. It got me started on researching that life in the regression. Based on the timelines for the use of fire, and the development of the voice box, I worked out I was Australopithecus africanus. As you can see in my horoscope below, Saturn is rather strong. It shows that there is a lot of karma from the past about taking responsibility for my family.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this. I haven’t experienced what you did, but I have had some striking dreams. It’s always such a comfort to *know* there is more, not to merely have faith, but to *know.*

  2. Hi, Jamie and Marina. This is quite an interesting article! I love stories about history like these.

    So, um, I’ve never been hypnotized. I have meditated, but what’s brought back certain memories intensely for me has been dreaming.

    I still remember dreaming about being imprisoned in what was mostly a dark cell. With the exception of a little window overhead, there was no light in there. I was a maiden, with long, straight dark hair, and wore what appeared to be a white medieval or Pagan dress in the dream. It looked like the picture on the left, but the bottom of the sleeves were loose and a little puffy.

    The walls in the prison cell were made of stone, shiny, damp and gray. I remember pleading to be released. It felt like I was being imprisoned for no real reason because there was a sense of desperation coming forth…

    Sometime after that, I went for a reading with a really, really good Tarot/Spiritual reader in NY. She said that I was around during the time of the witch tribulations. Not sure if this is true, but it would make some amount of sense.

  3. I love that pic Deb. Memories of witch persecution seems to be common for people with interests like ours. Just in the 200 years up to 1700 AD in Europe, up to 100,000 witches were executied, so many more would have been imprisoned and tortured.

    In 60 AD a large proportion of the British Celtic druids and priestesses were slaughtered by the Romans. As the knowledge was handed down using words not writing, I think the current revival of these crafts is helped by the internet where we can share what we remember.

  4. Thanks for sharing. This was fascinating to read, and it was a very violent past life memory. I guess we must have all had some pretty horrifying things happen to us at some point in many of our lives. It is sad that the rest of your past life was spent in isolation.

    Great Post.

  5. Thanks Julie, I think I’ve had long enough now to get over the sadness, but to be honest there are things in this live that have resembled that feeling, and they in some way relate to that time and the people involved. That regression was a real life changer and brought up difficult issues but I’m so thankful for it because I feel it has led to a rapid evolution of my soul.

    • I tried regression once and didn’t bothered with it again. I was dancing in a military ball somewhere in Europe, around Napoleon Bonaparte’s time. I was trying to capture the whole facial futures of my dance partner but all I could ever make out was his profile, as if my gaze was locked up to his chin only. When I dreamed of that scene a few years after that regression, I made a point to do some little research. I searched the uniforms worn by the soldiers that night. Until I get to the exact year and event. Anyway, nothing earth-shattering registered in my consciousness with this knowledge.

      One past life experience that had me gutted to the core was when I had the dream of going up and down an old Spanish villa, touching the wooden texture of the balustre with my hand, smelling a very distinct antiseptic smell on the wooden floor, and the soft breeze coming through the windows…it was all tactile. I was desperately searching for my young lover, the father of my unborn child. The feeling of desolation, utter rejection was so intense. I woke up sobbing with that same familiar feeling, like time dissolved in between, and I was that young girl again. And the man whose face I never saw in this dream, was a friend at the time when I had that dream. I phoned him and I forgave him. He was confused. I told him that if he begins to remember, I already forgave him and that he’s free to go. I think I cried the whole day that day, I never had such personal grief that compares to what I had felt in that dream.

      • In that regression session, I was also made to progress into time. I didn’t know if it was ethical or not. Anyway at some point, I saw a family having a picnic along the river bank, while a rocket was launched nearby. The clear waters reflect the rocket vividly.

        Then I was made to move further along…just going into colorful circles like a tunnel..then I reached an empty space where I don’t see myself, I felt very light and I can see all the distant stars surrounding me. Strange enough that it didn’t feel frightening. Then I noticed a large metallic object and I was slowly drifting towards one of its columns. It’s color was metallic silver and that huge thing hums! I was describing it as I got nearer. Then I was snapped out of it. I was very annoyed for having been stopped at that moment, but the man who assisted me told me that it was too dangerous.

        In my head I was kind of disillusioned…was that nirvana? That huge piece of metal? If I’m eventually going home to settle inside a metal cage then being here on earth right now where life is pulsating around me is the only reality that I wish to consider. What year is that, you ask? At least another 200 years from now.

        So I can’t be bothered with the Mayans, the Egyptians and the best mathematicians in the world dead or alive. My only concern is the next person. And an adequate supply of clean sheets and towels. My life is in the here and now.

        As the movie title goes – eat, pray, love. Why make it more complicated than that?

  6. KK: I phoned him and I forgave him. He was confused.

    From my experience it is better to keep these things to ourselves. Forgiving them is important but they don’t really have to know about it. it’s more for us to move on.

  7. My most beautiful dream was from under the sea; the sun shining through the bright green water. This peaceful feeling of the vibrant touch of my friend on my left side – a colorful shining fish; like me and part of me, the two of us floating slowly in the quiet movements of the sea. I have never forgotten the feelings from that dream, I carry it with me always.

  8. Going through some of the hidden gems of this site and this is definitely one of them! Jamie, what a great article and story. Thank you for sharing it. Needless to say, I could go on and on about all the potential past life experiences (and maybe future?) i’ve had in my dreams. I, oddly enough, go to see a psychic today that specializes in things akin to this topic of learning about the past to freely move into the future. This article has made me even more excited and slightly nervous to hear what I’ll learn, but all in the name of healing right? 🙂

  9. Very interesting and I underwent regression therapy and all indications are that indeed I was in a past life chronicler astrologer,

  10. Jamie,
    Have you read a book – Voices of the First Day: Awakening in the Aboriginal Dreamtime by Robert Lawlor? its an extraordinary record of Aboriginal culture.
    You could also explore the ever ongoing work of Dolores Cannon on past life stuff. I think its very important not to judge oneself/others from the standards of now (so as not to fall into guilt scenarios) and just see what comes up as a record. After all there is no guarantee any memory is correct, and the imagination can supply pictures to fit the demand.
    In Jungian psychology, the imagery of the shadow, when first addressed is classically an ape like creature, an unseen murderous character, thief etc which over time needs dialogue with the dreamer to be integrated.
    My own recent forays into past life stuff – I had a reading with a specialist 4 months ago – brought up a nun, who is now a guide. She was very well described, and I had actually dreamed about her in great detail two years ago. I am very happy on my own, went to a convent school, studied in an ashram, practice meditation etc
    Another guide was “formless” but presented “himself” as an Egyptian high priest. When I was 14 (44 years ago) I had an incredible “dream” (seemed more than that) and an extraordinary man with a tall staff wearing a white “toga” appeared to me and told me he would always be present. He had dark reddish skin but most remarkable ws his head and face which were half made of a sort of liquid silver, almost too bright to look at. I woke up and drew him ( I was/am a good enough artist) and kept the drawing.
    One other re-gress presented a market place in an ancient “middle east” scenario where “I” could see out but I was invisible to everyone else except for a huge blanket which covered my “presence” The blanket was very pale soft coral/pink.
    This was in 1987. It was only a few years ago while studying Sufi that I learned the earliest record of Sufi wisdom (predates Islam) was spread through people known as “the blanket wearers” – very little is known about them other than a blanket was all they possessed.
    The recent reading brought up a life in Paris of an 1800s artist – full of colour and expression…
    They all seem to be there in my today life! But I think its important not to over identify with “past life” stuff but to see in terms of elements rather than deeds to get the wisdom and make it useful in the now.
    You’ve got some hair raising transits ahead… but Jupiter will transit your stellium too in time – get thee to a guru! A strong MALE guru. N node is inconj your moon… challenged by Uranus now. Blindspots/or obvious awkwardness around lunar issues? Mum’s not the word!!!

    • Oh sorry – forgot to say that all my “elements” are represented in my chart – almost everything in Leo but in the 12th – ashram life, convent, priests etc but art and colour loom huge too! It all works in mysterious ways!

    • put that dreamtime book on my wishlist. so much moon stuff going on for me now. pluto trine, north node sextile, uranus quincunx, jupiter sextile. similar for you with that prophetic AC. Same rising star each incarnation would explain your past, and the last lunar eclipse on IC recent activation.

      surrendering to fate, lunar eclipses at 25 aries and libra will test me out for the next year. pre natal lunar is between my mercury and venus.

      i do actually confide in a number of older male mentors and know what you mean.

      • prophetic indeed – am having so many uncanny synchronicities – about 3 per day and deja vus of deja vus…! SO weird. Note to self.. do lottery this weekend…

  11. I had two experiences under regression which was similar to yours Jamie ~~~ in the first I was a man wading through water, with many reeds ~~~~ very soon there was a Japanese man with a huge weapon ~~~ curved shape, cant remember the name, with which he was going to cut off my head !! Terrified, I switched lives !!!! ~~~~~ the one I switched to, I was a young man, living in Canada (I felt it ws Canada), as a hermit, looked down at my feet and they were with hairy shoes ~~~ I lived in a hut and there were people nearbye, but I was on my own, by a lake. Completely idyllic. I went through to my death and there I was, in the same hut by the same lake, all the trees around, dying peacefully. A dream of a life. In this life, I was always rather afraid of the Japanese, not in a racial way, just aware of a fear and never felt an affinity with them. and I have always longed to go to Canada ~~~~ become more solitary as I grow older. I can still see these visions vividly. I have many dreams in an everyday way, and some of very specific andremembered clearly….thank you for this thread..:)

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