Solar Eclipse 363 AD

Solar EclipseThe Cancer New Moon Solar Eclipse in July 2009 was on the brightest star in constellation Monoceros, and so was the massive solar eclipse in 363 AD. Three news stories in the last day have sparked my interest again in the effects of the last solar eclipse. This was such an important eclipse and we haven’t seen much talk about it on the astrology blogs since it occurred back in July. The three news items were:

1. Irish Catholic Church covered up child abuse, report says.
2. German army chief quits over airstrike claims.
3. Raad Salah: Netanyahu will Try to Rebuild the Jewish Temple.

Somehow these news items are linked, I’m not sure how but I do now it is related to events which occured 1,646 years ago. Specifically one event near Baghdad just hours before the longest total solar eclipse for 4,000 years. That 363 AD eclipse occured at 05can09. The July 2009 eclipse was at 29can27. The key to understanding this link in time cannot be found using “traditional” astrological methods. We need to include precession correction when studying history through astrology. Both these dramatic eclipses were on the fixed star alpha Monoceros.

The 363 AD eclipse lasted 7m 24s. The longest between 744 BC and 2186 AD.

Last July’s eclipse lasted 6m 39s making it the longest total solar eclipse till 2150 AD.

Roman Emperor Julian died on 26 June 363 AD, the day before the dramatic eclipse. Julian was the last Pagan ruler of the Empire. He was anti Christian. Before he left Rome to conquer Persia, he ordered the rebuilding of the Temple in Jerusalem which had been destroyed by the Romans in 70 AD. The Temple was not rebuilt due to “acts of God”. There was an earthquake in Galilee. “The pagan historian Ammianus Marcellinus, a contemporary witness, reported that balls of fire erupted from the foundations, burning the workmen.” wiki: Temple in Jerusalem

Emperor Jovian succeeded Julian and restored Christianity as the official religion of the Empire. The Council of Laodicea  followed that year which renounced the Sabbath, making Sunday the Holy Day.

The link to the current plans to rebuild the temple in Jerusalem are plain to see. The links to Ireland I expect are related to the Catholic Church really gaining it’s stonghold in 363 AD. The links to Germany I am still working on, it may be related to the rise of Europa as an extension of the old Empire. What is important is that there is a link. This can be seen by looking at events which have occured over the last century when the fixed star alpha Monoceros has been activated.
At the mundane level, Monoceros may rule Germany, Ireland, Israel, equality, communications and aviation.

A lot more research needs to be done in this area of astrology. This dramatic eclipse is a good place to start because of the length and its relation to those events in 363 AD which still have such a major impact on the world today.

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  1. At this time they are doing earthquake pre run trials in BC if not Canada.
    In the schools. I’m repacking my earthquake bag. This time I’ll put stuff in those wheely things you take on buses to bring groceries home instead of that awkward back pack.

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