Sun Opposite Venus Transit

Sun Opposite Venus TransitSun opposite Venus transit can put a strain on love relationships because any tensions building lately will come to the surface. A difference in the expectations of each of you is likely the cause of dissatisfaction. This transit does favor sorting out any issues because you are in touch with how you feel and can express how much you love or miss someone.

It may be more challenging if you are alone at this time because there is a greater need for love and affection than usual. Compensating for loneliness by indulging in luxuries may only give short-term relief and strain finances. A better option would be contacting someone for a chat or getting out among people, even trying your hand at some creative activity.

This interpretation for Sun opposite Venus transit can also be read for a Solar Eclipse and New Moon opposite Venus.

6 thoughts on “Sun Opposite Venus Transit

  1. Oh no, this new moon is opposite my Venus … For such a good new moon should I be worried ?? Argh

  2. This transit is affecting me now, and very accurate. He was drunk(he relapsed) and seen he told someone else he’s in love with them, meanwhile I live with him at his parents. Yup, astrology is always accurate 😩😫

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