Sun Trine Mercury Transit

Sun Trine Mercury TransitSun trine Mercury transit creates balanced thinking and easy-flowing communications. It is easy for you now to understand things, to make sense of the details of your goals and how to achieve them. You can express these thoughts and plans very well, and all interactions are favored because you are attentive, listening equally as well as you speak.

Others are more likely to go along with your plans now so this is a good time to say what you want and even expect some assistance in getting there. Short trips and business deals run smoothly and this is also a good time to relax with a book or enjoy going for a coffee or visiting friends.

This interpretation for Sun trine Mercury transit can also be read for a Solar Eclipse and New Moon trine Mercury.

4 thoughts on “Sun Trine Mercury Transit

  1. Hiiii Jamie,
    My dob is 21.08.1983.I have been enjoying my career since a few years.In september2015 I was promoted n relocated.Since april 2016 I have been facing a lot of trouble in my career specifically with my immediate boss.Disturbed mentally n depressed too.Never had any such troubles.Help me plz.

      • Thank u so much for ur help…I have been reading ur articles since a few days n find them extremely good…n they r quite relaxing giving u satisfaction tat things will get better soon…
        Can u tell me one thing more tat I m planning to change my job…Will relocation also happen…Does this mercury square neptune creating health issues also…have some kind of stomach disorder…or any problems in my married life too???
        Thanx anyways.

        • Relocation possible from mid 2017. You will have to research your chart in detail to find details about health. Fixed star conjunctions are very informative.

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