Uranus Opposite Uranus Transit

Uranus Opposite Uranus TransitUranus opposite Uranus transit, also called the Uranus opposition, is a major transition in your life that comes in your early forties. This mid-life crisis can feel like you have to catch up on things you forgot to do, or on goals, you have not achieved. A sense of urgency can lead to unexpected behavior and rapid changes in relationships or employment.

If you feel older than you are, or that your life has become boring, you may seek to spice up your life with some excitement or hang around younger people. For example, some men experiencing Uranus opposite Uranus transit suddenly leave their wives for younger women or buy red convertibles. Sometimes they clothe themselves in revealing spandex of bright colors and ride racing bicycles around town in packs, before congregating in highly visible cafes early in the morning.

However, if you are satisfied that you have lived life to the fullest and tried lots of different things, you will not experience so much unexpected change and upset. Now is the time to process all the adventures and experiences in your life.

You are at a turning point where instead of doing all those exciting things, you begin to express yourself in new ways through your creativity, career or personality. Higher self-awareness gives you the confidence to live as you truly wish, true to your own eccentricities and not by what you think society expects.

19 thoughts on “Uranus Opposite Uranus Transit

  1. Love you Jamie….!
    Is there a date for this transit?
    “Uranus Opposite Uranus Transit”
    Feels very strong.Which sign will feel this most?
    5 stellum Aquarius wonders.

      • Just had mine nine minutes ago😊 im 44. Uranus will soon enter my second house any comment what that will bring? 2nd house cusp is 5.48 taurus.

  2. PS.
    Sun Moon Mercury Venus Jupiter in Aquarius.Scorpio Asc.Saturn i Virgo
    Is there a hope for me?
    When will I have some peace?
    Never in my lifetime it seems.

  3. Yep. , Uranus has been scraping back anx forth over my mars (opp Uranus) for the past year or so. And I’m still standing! Without blowing out. Just very, very glad it’s over now. And happy with the new chapter 🙂

  4. My Uranus opp natal Uranus (8th h) led me into the world of astrology and psychology….answered so many questions for me ….😊

  5. Incredible…I was thinking about this exact transit today, because I’m right now expecting the Ura trine Ura… Thanks for this valuable post, Jamie!

  6. I remember my 42nd solar return because there was an ALMOST audible voice in my head that said: “Is this all there is?”.
    There was a feeling that my life was over, but that didn’t last long. Shortly after the feeling came a huge influx of energy and I ended up doing and experiencing and relishing a wide diversity of things. It was if this transit was a wake-up call, making me realise that my life was far from over, but that time WAS passing… It took a little while for the more optimistic POV to click in, though.
    There were a few reality checks too because Saturn was widely conjunct Uranus and these two planets did a sort of dance with each other for quite a while. Neptune was often in the mix as well. I recall one particular reality check (don’t laugh now!!): I faced the fact that I would never own a Ferrari, would probably never even get to drive one.
    Your comments on chasing youth was interesting to me! Without deliberately following this path, I found that most of the new friends I made were younger than I was. I didn’t drop any old friends, though, but dragged them along on my adventures.
    It wasn’t easy, but it sure was exciting.

  7. I’ll be 42 this year and I have a habit of looking forward in my transits and have noticed this reoccurring for about 1.5 years. It scared me up until I read your description of it. Thank you. I also have Uranus conjunction mercury at the sametime and for the same length so this I Believe is when my mental and cognitive juices will be rolling at their finest and highest. Thanks, Jamie!

  8. I get to have this transit twice due to Uranus doing a retro back from now until Dec. 2020. Last Dec. I was laid off. What happens when you have the transit twice?

  9. Usually if something happens on the first pass, the retrograde pass gives you an opportunity to work on whatever needs work; in this case maybe that would look like focusing more on your personal life, say, or acquiring new job skills or education, or deciding to look for work that’s better aligned with your lifestyle or long-term goals or is in some way more satisfying. Then when the planet makes a third and final direct pass, it often either offers a nice nudge along your revisioned path or lets you know you haven’t done the necessary self-work by putting another challenge in the path. This being Uranus, though, developments for better or worse are likely to be sudden and unpredictable. You can look to the other aspects transiting Uranus makes to your natal and progressed charts for clues to what might help or hinder you, and look to the houses involved to see what areas of life it might affect, also to what’s happening with the ruler of your natal Uranus.

  10. i’m turning 41 early next year and although transit Taurus Uranus is still many orbs away from opposing my natal Scorpio Uranus but I’m already feeling its opposition. Covid 19 serves as the transit Uranus to me since its on my 2nd house opposing my 8th house natal Uranus. No wonder I feel so empty and financially I’m struggling. Not sure if I get it right, can anyone explain how this works opposing my 8th house Uranus.

  11. I’m turning 44 in couple weeks time and I will have this transit in the end of April and to complete a package in the end of March I will have Saturn – Saturn opposition. Seems exiting year for me 🤔

  12. Dear Jamie, how long does this transit last please? Mine U to U will start in June 2024, Taurus 24°41′, in the 9 House. The website doesn’t say how long it will last. I cannot find any website that explains the time length of transits to the natal chart. Could please tell me? Thank you.

  13. Mine was exact June 15th and I found myself vacationing at a house on the sea that I have seen in my mind’s eye many times before. It’s for sale and currently beyond my means but I just feel it will be mine in a year’s time or less. As a 29 Aquarius moon, I’m definitely in that category of people who lived the first half of my life full tilt, so I’m shifting into deeper peace now. Discovered I have a preternatural ability for oil painting that emerged last summer. Thanks Jamie!

  14. Hi thanks for your post. I found the part about the men in spandex very funny! I feel like i might experience this twice as uranus will enter by transit my gemini sun in 2025 and my sun is opposing my moon where my natal uranus is. Is this possible? I’m in for two mid life crises? To be fair my whole life has felt like a crisis so nothing new there 🙂

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