Volans Constellation Meaning

Volans Constellation

Volans Constellation [Stellarium]

Constellation Volans (Vol) is one of the 12 southern constellations introduced in 1598 by the Dutch navigators Keyser and de Houtman. In 1603, Bayer named it Piscis Volans (Latin for Flying Fish). In 1844, Herschel shortened it Volans.

Volans represents a real fish found in tropical waters that can leap out of the water and glide through the air on wings. Sometimes, the fish landed on the decks of ships and were used for food. In the sky, the flying fish is imagined being chased by the predatory Dorado, as happens in reality. [1]

Volans spans about 60° of the zodiac from 15° Libra to 15° Scorpio. It sits above Carina Constellation, the Keel of the Ship Argo Navis (Argo Constellation).

Stars in Volans the Flying Fish

15♎1115♎52β VolK2IIIvar3.771°30′
19♎2520♎05δ VolF6II3.971°30′
20♎3621♎17α VolA5Vm4.001°20′
24♎1024♎51ε VolB6IV4.351°10′
09♏5110♏31γ2 VolG8IIIvar3.621°40′
15♏4516♏26ζ VolK0III3.931°30′
B: Bayer Designation, Sp: Spectral Class, Mag: Visible Magnitude

Volans Constellation Astrology

PISCIS VOLANS. The Flying Fish. It is said to give a quick mind, activity, emotion, imagination, and poetical or artistic ability. [2]

Constellation Volans

Volans the Flying Fish [ianridpath.com]


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  • Zodiac degrees for stars are for the year 2000, unless otherwise stated. Add one degree per 72 years to correct for precession.

13 thoughts on “Volans Constellation Meaning

  1. This is very interesting; I had never heard of this constellation before. I have my Sun, Pluto, ASC, and Black Moon Lilith all on 21° Libra, so this is of particular interest. (And I am an artist and writer – so that fits with the interpretation of the constellation). I’m intrigued to see what the eclipse brings up on my Solar Return this year. Thank you very much for sharing, as always. I have followed your blog for years and always learn so much.

  2. I am libra, Asc.24 libra, Sun 25 libra, Mercury 26 libra, and really..very artistic person, very talented for music, singing, plus painting, even writing. Thank you so much for your work, I love your style of writing and your deep observations.

  3. Thank you for writing about another interesting constellation that I was unfamiliar with! I have my natal Neptune at 15 degrees Scorpio (3’55″r). (Neptune is in opposition to Jupiter [and Saturn is opposite both Pluto and Uranus] in my natal chart; it’s been a challenging life!) So does that mean that this constellation (or certain stars in it) will impact (strengthen?) Neptune’s energy?

    • Hi Julie. Yes, this constellation can have some influence on your Neptune. But a relatively small impact because these are only minor stars and Neptune is an outer planet.

  4. Oh my!  JAMIE … That Eclipse will be almost an exact conjunction with my Ascendant at 21˚ Libra.  What should I expect?  Any Advice for me?

  5. My son has 8H Mars 20º ♎️. He’s ♎️ Sun ♋️ Moon ♓️ Asc born very artistically gifted, pen & ink, illustrations, etc. This piece was very interesting indeed! Nice to see something positive about his Mars placement for a change, lol. Kid has a few tough placements, but he perseveres! 

    Also nice to know those eclipses affecting 15º Neptune ♏️ are nearly done! I sure hope the next one sextile 20º Saturn ♒️ is at the very least benign, lol. 

  6. I am a bit concerned that this amazing flying fish has no navigation as to where it lands.  Sounds daring and come what may.

  7. My north node has been transiting 20° Libra for awhile now. Exciting times. Close to fixed star Spica as well. 🙂

  8. I really appreciate the convo or I should say bloggo above concerning Neptune as I am reshaping a new perspective. I think alot of data has come in from the collective and I was jammed up. I needed a new perspective on the outer world. The stuff going on, the cruelty probably the worst, can be daunting, but it exists. How to continue on, and not getting dragged down by all of that stuff. It’s something friends have been fighting for some time.

  9. Haha… Always wondered what other ‘things’ I need to discover that I didn’t know about myself.. born @19’19” Sun Libra total solar eclipse 1977. Singer John Mayer was a day earlier than me. My whole life… hghh. At least I didn’t end up like Brittany Murphy. I sincerely hope the world co comes to an understanding & resolve a path that corrects itself. All the imbalance is coming forth.. it’s true. Necessity is the mother of all invention.. the world has to re radicalize with new ways of thinking/ways to improve life NOT just for humans but environment. The wars, the destruction of morals, distortion of values(what should be considered as REAL-family/environment vs $$$/personal rights) is all results of what everyone expects MORE not knowing what the ultimate prize IS. Let’s DO more and STOP expecting so much more. AND NO I DON’T MEAN WORK MORE. People really need to balance. Work hard but not more. Take time to care for family if not for the environment. AS ALWAYS, thanks for posting this Jamie.

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