Best Horoscope Sites

1 Astrodienst4,514
2 Horoscope.com5,283
3 Astrology.com6,487
4 Ganesha Speaks8,721
5 Cafe Astrology11,857
6 Astrology Zone11,996
7 Jonathan Cainer16,218
8 Astrotheme32,156
9 Astrocenter36,364
10 Ask Oracle37,950
11 Eastrolog40,438
12 Indastro40,493
13 Daily Horoscope41,501
14 Astrostyle43,620
15 Darkstar Astrology50,445
16 Astrolis50,662
17 AstroVed53,944
18 Russell Grant58,743
19 Astrocamp58,906
20 Weekly Horoscope60,809
21 Linda Goodman62,153
22 Astrology Weekly62,674
23 Future Point66,021
24 AstroYogi71,399
25 Free Will Astrology73,179
26 Patrick Arundell73,671
27 Moonology82,427
28 The Astrology Room82,446
29 Clickastro86,971
30 Truth Star88,130
31 Mystic Medusa90,418
32 Find Your Fate90,930
33 Dr. Standley93,418
34 Astrolutely106,494
35 Astrology King107,999
 36 Michael Lutin108,115
37 Free Horoscope Astrology115,034
38 Planet Waves116,245
39 Astrolabe119,477
40 Marjorie Orr131,806
41 0800 Horoscope132,445
42 Jessica Adams138,613
43 Big Sky Astrology148,224
44 Star IQ150,605
45 Terry Nazon150,916
46 C.I.A.167,355
47 Skyscript180,633
48 The Astrologer194,375
49 AstroStar197,285
50 Sexual Astrology209,932

Best astrology sites based on Alexa website rank for May 2014. The top astrology sites on the web according to the amount of traffic the website receives, and is updated every two months.

Free daily, weekly, monthly, 2014 and best love horoscopes. If I have missed any sites which should make the best horoscope list, please let me know via the comments below.

If you know of a good astrology site offering reliable, accurate horoscopes that does not receive enough traffic to make the list, feel free to add a link in the comments section below.

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