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Click on your horoscope sign below to read your weekly horoscope for Monday April 15, 2019. Get your free weekly horoscope and Tarot reading by Saturday of every week. A general weekly forecast for all signs also follows at the bottom of this page.

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Weekly Horoscope April 15, 2019

Monday April 15

  • 06:13 am – Moon enters Virgo
  • 07:14 pm – Venus square Jupiter is ideal for having fun but not so good for working hard. You should be feeling happy, optimistic, generous and very sociable. Problems will arise if you need to attend to more serious matters in which a responsible or conservative attitude is needed. This is generally a good time for socializing and making new friends. Care must be taken, however, not to lower your standards if dating as this could lead to wrong choices or embarrassing situations.

Wednesday April 17

  • 02:00 am – Mercury enters Aries
  • 07:21 am – Moon enters Libra
Weekly Horoscope

Full Moon April 2019

Friday April 19

  • 07:12 am – Full Moon at 29 ♎ 06 is opposite Uranus. This means your need for change, excitement or freedom could make you restless and impulsive. Unexpected events and unpredictable behavior could add much tension to close relationships. The full moon also highlights relationship imbalances involving emotional support and love. Asteroid Hybris conjunct the full moon calls for compassion and humility to replace overconfidence and arrogance.
  • 08:40 am – Moon enters Scorpio

Saturday April 20

  • 04:55 am – Sun enters Taurus
  • 12:10 pm – Venus enters Aries

Sunday April 21

  • 11:59 am – Moon enters Sagittarius

Weekly Horoscope April 8, 2019

Monday April 8

  • 05:14 pm – Moon enters Gemini

Wednesday April 10

  • 11:31 pm – Moon enters Cancer
  • 02:12 am – Venus conjunct Neptune 17 ♓ 44 brings the potential for new romance or more compassion and spiritual bonding in an existing relationship. However, this transit also comes with the risk of disappointment if you have not been accepting the harsh realities of a negative relationship.
  • 04:46 am – Sun square Saturn presents tests and challenges which can lead to pessimism and even depression. Your ego may suffer because it is so difficult to get your own way and reach your goals. You may feel restricted or weighed down by certain duties and responsibilities.
  • 01:00 pm – Jupiter Retrograde 24 ♐ 21 is a time of philosophical and spiritual introspection and reflection, involving growth, happiness and success. This year the main theme of Jupiter retrograde is romance and intimate relationships.
  • 05:45 pm – Mercury sextile Pluto adds depth and intensity to your thinking and conversations. More serious or mysterious topics will take up your attention so this is a good time for study and research. The probing and penetrating nature of your mind can uncover secrets and plots.

Friday April 12

  • 00:17 am – Mercury square Jupiter creates high hopes for the future which makes this a good day or two to make plans while you have this positive and broad outlook. Jupiter is a fortunate planet, so this does mean that the potential tests and challenges of the square aspect are reduced somewhat.
  • 11:07 am – Venus sextile Saturn increases your need for companionship. You want to feel loved and valued by someone but it must be serious and true love. With an existing partner you will look for reassurance or more commitment, but will also be dutiful about making them happy and content.
  • 03:05 pm – 1st Quarter Moon 22 ♋ 35 opposite Pluto causes inner turmoil and relationship drama. Your feelings can intensify to such an extreme level that you can no longer control your own reactions and behavior. You may experience dramatic mood swings, feeling strong and sexy one moment then nose dive into depression.
Weekly Horoscope

1st Quarter Moon April 2019

Saturday April 13

  • 03:50 am – Moon enters Leo
  • 04:06 am – Sun square Pluto increases your need to be in control, but can also lead to ego conflicts with other powerful people or authority figures. A crisis or conflict with someone makes for an intense experience which can lead to extreme or destructive behavior.

Sunday April 14

  • 09:40 am – Sun trine Jupiter is about the best of all solar transits. You should be feeling on top of the world and enjoy warm and friendly relationships with everyone. You should use your high spirits, enthusiasm and self-confidence to make the most of any good fortune.
  • 07:51 pm – Venus sextile Pluto deepens your love to an intense level. Companionship becomes more important as you feel a longing to share love with someone special. If single you may become obsessed with someone and not be able to get them out of your mind.


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