Weekly Horoscope and Tarot

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Click on your horoscope sign below to read your weekly horoscope for Monday, August 19, 2019. Get your free weekly horoscope and Tarot reading by Saturday of every week. A general weekly forecast for all signs also follows at the bottom of this page.

Weekly Horoscope Signs

Weekly Horoscope August 19, 2019

Monday, August 19

  • 10:46 am – Jupiter semisextile Saturn from July 5 to August 19 brings subtle but steady growth. Patience, perseverance and a strong work ethic bring cautious expansion.

Wednesday, August 21

  • 00:36 am – Moon enters Taurus.
  • 04:26 am – Mercury quincunx Saturn from Tuesday to Thursday brings the potentional for negative thoughts that may be hard to get rid of. Suspicion and cynicism are possible if you always look at the worst-case scenario.
  • 05:05 am – Venus enters Virgo until September 14.
  • 06:04 am – Mercury trine Jupiter from Tuesday to Thursday brings optimism and good news. This is a good time for research, study, socializing and making plans

Thursday, August 22

  • 10:25 pm – Mercury quincunx Neptune from Wednesday to Friday suggests your rational thought processes may become influenced by your imagination and sensitivity in ways that are difficult to understand.

Friday, August 23

  • 06:01 am – Sun enters Virgo until September 23.
  • 10:33 am – Moon enters Gemini.
  • 10:55 am – 3rd Quarter Moon at 00 ♊ 11 until August 30. Conjunct fixed star Alcyone at 00 ♊ 15.
Weekly Horoscope

3rd Quarter Moon August 2019

Saturday, August 24

  • 01:04 pm – Venus conjunct Mars at 04 ♍ 07 from Wednesday to next Teusday increases your desire for intimate relations. Driven by an intense need for sexual satisfaction, you can become very direct in your search for a mating partner.
  • 02:13 pm – Mercury quincunx Pluto from Friday to Sunday brings serious, dark and intense thoughts. You could be accused of things you did not do or at the very least, make people become suspicious of you.

Sunday, August 25

  • 05:05 pm – Moon enters Cancer.

Weekly Horoscope August 12, 2019

Tuesday, August 13

  • 11:35 am – Moon enters Aquarius

Wednesday, August 14

  • 02:07 am – Sun conjunct Venus at 21 ♌ 11 from August 6 to 21 brings love, peace, harmony, and beauty, with a focus on your love relationships, creativity, and finances. This pleasant, affectionate, charming and sociable influence is a good omen for friendships and romance.
  • 02:07 am – Venus quincunx Pluto
  • 02:07 am – Sun quincunx Pluto from Monday to Friday represents a is a turning point in this weekly horoscope that can be felt like a mini-crisis or threat. You may feel a buildup of pressure to an intense level that results in neurotic, obsessive or destructive behavior. An event or person may trigger this tipping point by taking away your personal power.

Thursday, August 15

  • 08:29 am – Full Moon at 22 ♒ 24 is opposite Venus. While your need for love and affection grows stronger, any underlying relationship tension is likely to worsen, increasing stress levels and causing drama. Patience, understanding, and unconditional love are needed over the coming two weeks.
  • 11:49 pm – Moon enters Pisces
Weekly Horoscope

Full Moon August 2019 Astrology

Friday August 16

  • 01:07 pm – Mercury square Uranus from Thursday to Saturday brings excitement and change to your weekly horoscope which can cause upsets and nervous tension. You may receive shocking news or experience something unexpected that forces you to change plans.

Sunday, August 18

  • 01:18 am – Mars enters Virgo
  • 12:32 pm – Moon enters Aries